Herschel: Wikileaks Issues A Beatdown To The CIA

Sober commentary on the big-picture implications of Vault 7.

Orwell would puke.

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  1. “The second possibility is darker than the first.”

    And far more likely, considering that it has previously been revealed that the CIA has bought the services of our major news corporations.

    NRO quoted w/i the article:
    “If the traitor truly believed this program violated U.S. law or endangered the privacy rights of America, there are numerous legal avenues he or she could have used…”

    Except that 1 of the big reveals (already known by some) was that the CIA has the capability to assassinate you by taking control of your car. See my above link re: Michael Hastings

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Does anyone out there actually think that this “Russian Hacking” horseshit spontainously spread among those in the leftist media?!

      If you do–you are deusional.

      This whole meme was a concoction from the outset.

      The CIA powers that be leaked the information to Wikileaks with the “Russian hacker marking” (that was just revealed they can fake) on the information.

      It was done because from the fall onwards, it was known that Trump was in the lead by a good margin. This is the reason that the “Pussy Grabbing” video firestorm was manufactured–it was there all the time, with all the women with their bogus claims setup weeks ahead of the time of release.

      It was a manufactured media storm–with the goal of it embarrasing Trump soooooo much so that he would be forced to drop out and Pence take his place. The meme was actually floated pubilically by RINO’s at the time of release. But instead Trump dug in his heels, and the public saw the scam for what it was–a bogus scam.

      Sooooooooo–Obama went to Plan B in October: “It’s The Russians!” It was their intent to leak and undermine Trump’s administration (should he win–which he did thank God!) withi this “Russian collaboration” horseshit (set-up by Obama’s deep state moles in the CIA). They are still playing these cards (with the fucking senatorial fool/fuk-stain Al Franken as one of their lead talking heads) as I type this with then fuil cooperation of their collaborators in the FSM (Fake Stream Media)… and even with some wonks on Fox.

      Clap-Trap Clapper even gets on TV last weekend publically denying that he knew of any “FISA warrants” directed towards Trump and his staff…. the correct question that should have been asked was thus–did he know of any type of surveillence issued upon orders of Obama against Trump and his staff? His answer would have been different I would bet (a steak dinner upon).

      Trump needs ot take a flame thrower to the CIA and reorganize this agency from the bottom up. All the deep state wonks and zipper heads need to be tossed into a burning pit of truck tires.

  2. Herschel Smith. The man is a treasure.

  3. tangotango-03

    holy. Fucking. Shit.

    • Fine article from Judge A. Napolitano on the monster created after Nixon was almost impeached. Good background on the whole FISA and wiretapping/spying that goes on with absolutely no need for any warrants whatsoever and the “Monster” that was created right under our noses.

      All this is old hat to most here, but a good summation for others who may not be as well informed. Perhaps to print out and pass along as a primer?


  4. At least equal to guns and taxes as instigation towards the 1st American Revolution…was the corrupt legal system.

    That was thrown off and a new government was created, that over time has become far more corrupt than the British government it replaced.

    The guilty parties reside…not so much in government…but, in our mirrors.

    Not that complicated…really.

    Just stay informed, and rather than move heaven and earth to avoid it…accept the summons to trial or grand jury service and refuse to give the prosecutor what he wants…indictments for bullshit ‘crimes’, and refuse the government’s craving and lust for more convictions to feed ever more raw materials-human beings-to the Prison Industrial Complex.

    Rule of Law is THE foundation of good, without it we have…evil.

    Just look around…

    Grand and trial jury duty remains the true peaceful remedy to government corruption.

    I cannot grasp the theory that a people too indifferent/lazy to use the grand and trial jury to control the government, will, at some point, have had enough, and actually step up to do physical battle with same…

    This might have all been avoided had we followed one piece of advice:

    “It is proper to take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties. . . . The freemen of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entangled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much, soon to forget it. . . .”

    -James Madison

    Alarm bells have been ringing for well over a century, but only rarely addressed, and so we find ourselves eyeballs deep in swamp muck.

  5. Americans willl do something about this-on the weekend, if the weather is nice, and with the required permits. If there is no football on, and if all participants get FBI background checks first and don’t say anything out of

  6. lon a follower

    Two competing evil axes? Is there not just one evil?
    EVIL uses evil.

  7. Virgil Kane

    What we know is deep and mind boggling. Imagine what we don’t know.

    Every speculation about Leviathan is being vindicated. It has the goods on every member of congress and Herschel is right, it will be swept under the rug.

  8. Everything we do say or buy has been tracked for decades. Bank on it. Sadly there was quite a yawn as confirmation of this general state of affairs was revealed. If you want privacy of word you nust purge all electrinic devices from your home. We havent even touched sattelites and micro drones.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If you want privacy of word you nust purge all electrinic devices from your home. ”

      Winning like a bunch of mother-fornicators!
      – The Amish

  9. Lightninbolt

    President Trump has asked Congress to investigate the “leaks”…I don’t believe anything will come of it. Where is the outrage? Great question. Nobody is proactive anymore….only reactionary, in this case it’s hardly even reactionary! As far as O Zero going to prison….I’ll believe when I see it! And what about Hilliary? Right!

  10. “Since some of the malware is stolen from Russia, no one can ever, ever again trust the CIA when they say something like “this malware or hacking attack has a known Russian [or any other country for that matter] signature.”

    ^^Keep that shit in mind listening to the screaming drivel of the leftist fucksticks in DC claiming the Russians are behind every nefarious deed known to man.

    • It’s not just the “leftist fucksticks in DC” – Its also the Rightist Fucksticks. Thats what so many seem to miss as long as their “R” team has won, and as they lay down for another 4 year nap.

  11. An algorithm on everyone in the US. For our safety, of course.

  12. Grenadier1

    The Deep State is a three headed beast. One Diplomatic, one Covert and one Military. Its body is made of all manner of NGO’s, contractors, banks, think tanks and PAC’s. You are seeing it rise from the shadow, but you are still just getting a glimmer of its size, power and magnitude. It should be the most terrifying thing that has ever confronted the citizens of this country. That this beast is behind the curtain and nothing that we see play out on TV is “real” in the sense that it does not happen unless the beast wills it to happen.

    To quote a great man “look, I know shit is bad”.
    We knew this to be the case all along. We have been talking about this for years here at WRSA. Now its just out in your face and you know it to be true.
    Now reassure yourself that there is a way through. There is an other side of the event but its going to be an epic struggle. They will tell tales about it for decades to come.

  13. The monsters begin to show themselves. If the whole thing with Vault 7 doesn’t sicken,or convince you, then sit back and watch the next two acts. Communists thrive on one thing, and one thing only. Scripted, violent, and powerful CHAOS. The more this country is turned into a babbling, incoherent, and panicked mob, the more the Communists will become aggressive. The CIA, NSA, FBI, etc, show themselves to be a State Within A State, and going their own way, as TPTB. Of interest to all and sundry, is that the Communists/islam bunch is teaming up with TPTB, to topple Trump, and use TPTB to not only make their way back to power, and the Throne, but they will use them to liquidate the Right as a matter of course. Once they grab the levers of power, and THAT IS THEIR GOAL, the Left will proceed quickly to use the little monsters they have control of, to round up, and eliminate opposition. It ain’t gonna be the Big Monsters to worry about, but the thousands of little ones sent to knock on your door, catch you in the parking lot leaving work, or in your drive way in the morning, or at the local bar you frequent, or where ever they already KNOW you are seen at. It’s only a matter of a little time, and we don’t have much left. The Left can see the Prize, clearly. They will go full retard to get it, and no ones life matters. They will be helped immeasurably by most people sitting on the side lines, doing nothing. They have been carefully preparing the battle space for years, and a dumbed down, apathetic, and clueless public is going to be their best ally.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Kind of ironic that most of the damage being done by the panopticon is to themselves. We tin-foil hatters don’t look so mad now. Wait till geo-engineering, vaccines and Antarctica/Atlantis become household terms.

  16. Grey Ghost

    And Assange says only 1% has been released! I can’t wait for other installments… and then to see what the Deep State does, if anything, to tamp it down.

    Grey Ghost

  17. Meta data collection has always been useless for fighting crime or terror. Its like trying to find a needle in a thousand haystacks. Under oath, intelligence people have admitted they haven’t stopped one terrorist attack yet, using meta data. However, it is extremely effective in political warfare and for fascist states. At least it used to be. But with all that meta data, they still couldn’t beat Trump. That’s whats driving them the most crazy. Us crazy voters, the dirt people. Where did we come from. How come we are ignoring everything they say. They can’t extort ALL of us. Again, that’s the problem with meta data. You can only use it for selective extortion. You can’t extort all the voters. And they couldn’t extort Trump. His life was already an open book. The deep state made the mistake of getting into a mud fight with a pig. The meta data was useless at that level.