SLL: Trump & Vault 7


President Trump’s victory over the intelligence community may be a triumph or a disaster for the American people.

After Wikileak’s Vault 7 disclosures, President Trump can checkmate the intelligence agencies. Much more importantly, he will also have it in his power to be either the greatest champion of, or the greatest threat to, freedom and civil liberties America has ever had…

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These are big days we live in, folks.

A hardcopy diary of the times might not be a bad idea.



13 responses to “SLL: Trump & Vault 7

  1. We who call ourselves ‘Patriots’ did jack-shit on New Years Eve 2011 when our Bill of Rights was destroyed by the Republicans’ NDAA. We lack what it takes to remain free.

  2. The suggestion of a traditional diary (or “journaling” if it suits you) is a good one.

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  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Trump has already said that “Snowden should be executed”. He’s completely at one with the Z.O.G. (((Deep State))) on this issue. And all the others as well. So, DC dog-and-pony show continues. And it’s gotten boring. Until today, I usually listened to Limbaugh for 5-7 minutes during the warm-up phase for PT. Today I tolerated maybe 90 seconds of his trademark cuck whine about “democrats” and “liberals” before pulling the plug.

  5. Grey Ghost

    This release drives a stake through the heart of the “Russia hacked the election” meme. I think it was common knowledge that the CIA had a “hacking cell”, I just didn’t realize how LARGE and wide ranging it is. Though I should have guessed when Petraeus said some off the cuff remark about hacking the IOT.

    Grey Ghost

  6. I’ve watched the shenanigans regarding the Russian connection with amusement, but these latest revelations are mind-blowing. I watched “Enemy of the State” again a few nights ago, and everything they said is true.

    My question is simple: given the pervasiveness of technology in our everyday lives, how do we ever come back from this?

    It seems like meatspace gatherings- sans cell-phones or other electronic devices- are the new counter-culture methods to secrecy. In a cave. With no TV.

    Where the HELL do we go from here???

  7. Should we seek a pardon for the Unibomber?

  8. In reality, none of this really is a concern to 99.9% of people. You can tell, Because all of us are sitting in front of our electrical devices, clicking and typing, and mousing out our outrage and disapproval over .gov spying and hacking and snooping.. We bitch and moan about it, then turn on our shit, and start sharing our bitching and moaning with other folks who bitch and moan.
    And they still spy, and we still bitch.. and thats the circle jerk since the days of ” you’ve got mail” … This is nothing new.

    None of this is going to change until the satellites drop out of the sky, either by pissed off countries, or some natural phenomena

  9. For those who deem us doomed, observe. TPTB and so on are doing their thing, apparently unopposed, and unchallenged. That we are finished as a free people and doomed to lifetime servitude remains to be seen. We are still armed, (yes I know, Walter Mittys’ Second Amendment) a lot of us are trained, properly, if incompletely, and at the very least, we are outraged by the latest revelations of what’s been going on. Just because it hasn’t gone Wet by now ( and brother, there are a lot of ponies kicking up their heels) doesn’t mean it won’t, or never will. Discouragement and Defeatism are what the opposition want, and it’s part of their plan. Last month, I saw a football team do the Impossible. Guess they didn’t get the memo that they were already beaten. Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves.