The Government Is Still the Enemy of Freedom

Your so-called representatives are doing you dirty, as the author notes.

And none of this omnisurveillance is about protecting you.

Got a plan to do something about that?

8 responses to “The Government Is Still the Enemy of Freedom

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Quote from the piece, “A proposed North Dakota law would give drivers the green light to “accidentally” run over protesters who are blocking a public roadway.”

    He says this like it is a bad thing.

  3. Dear Peasants, we are waiting on a revolt. We would like it if you would bash each other’s skulls in while we snort coke from hookers nipples in fancy hotels. We’d like you to kill each other so that you’ll fail to notice that we your betters are cheering on the conflagration.

    All the best!
    Your Masters

  4. Do you see the size of the mitts on that old lady?

    • Shows a lifetime of hard work. This woman survived with no quarter asked nor given. There is not one of the vagina ladies that could stand up to her.

      • lastmanstanding

        🙂 …and her cat looks well cared for as well.

        I love photo’s that show true human character and survival.

  5. Grey Ghost

    I say again, you (all citizens of the USA) are no better than a SHARE CROPPER to your MASTER (all levels of govt). You will pay your master the tribute he says or have a “good time” tied to the whipping post.

    Freedom and Liberty is the hardest sell of all… especially to people who can’t even think for themselves anymore.

    Grey Ghost