Update From Based Stickman

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Net-net: No charges filed at this time.

The whole (altMedia) world is watching.

The whole world is watching.


Instawife: A Defensive Force Of Our Own At Right Events?

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  1. lon a follower

    And shall receive the reward of UN-righteousness, as they that count it pleasure to riot in the day time, Spots they are and blemishes, sporting themselves with their own deceiving while they feast with you.
    We are not to behave as the enemy.
    Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrawise blessing; knowing that ye are there unto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.
    No lie is of the Truth.

  2. lon a follower

    Alinsky rules for everyone? CONFORM or be cast out.
    What games are you playing?

  3. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    #Vault7, Based Stick Man Legal Defense, #MAGAMeetUps
    Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

  4. The poor lefties don’t even realize they’re being played in a game that could cost them their lives. I’m not sure some of the righties do either. How about we go after the politicians, banks and criminals who are destroying this country. Along the way we can hang child sex traffickers. The pot is being stirred and I ask Qui Bono? Mind you I said, Qui (not to be confused with Chaz or Sonny).

    • Shinmen Takezo

      It’s a good game…. and I know firmly believe that they are being set-up as the shock troopers who will kick-off/instigate CWII.

      This is the plan Sam–wrap your minds around it please.

      BTW–the game does not end well for they/them… nor media types, nor leftist politicians, studio executives, leftist-loud-mouth actors and actresses and other collaborators.

      Once it is put into motion this lawn mower does not run out of gas for a long time until the field has been cleared.

  5. I must say I have taken a liking to “Stickman”,needs to happen a few thousand more times and perhaps at some point we can have freedom of speech and protesters without the violence,hey,one can dream!

  6. Bad Attitude

    I’m ready. I’ve already purchased a couple dozen black face masks and several ball peen hammers. The face masks came from eBay and the local military surplus store. The hammers came from Harbor Freight.

  7. I’d suggest that stickman get a new persuader, it looks like there’s going to be a market for his skills in the near future. I think hickory or locust would be a better option though.

    • Childs t-ball bat. Drill a hole in the grip and run a good piece of rawhide through it.Goes around your wrist. Drill out the barrel of the bat,insert 12-16 oz of sand and hot glue the hole.Roll the bat in hot glue and broken glass. Now you got something.

    • Randolph Scott

      The weighted bat would be to heavy, effective but not light enough to produce the stinging lighting quick strikes that StickMan used. Hickory or locust would be spot on and produce results much better than a weighted bat. Part of what helps StickMan be so effective is the length of the stick he is using and it’s being lightweight. He is able to keep his adversary at a distance and smack the shit out of them without being in too close himself.

      We would be wise to follow StickMan’s example.

      • Here’s a practical aspect: you can bring flag or sign poles to an event (especially if there are signs or flags attached at first). You can’t bring weapons.

        Ergo, select a flag pole from some robust wood tougher than the pine dowels used by BSM.

        On the flag front, anyone want to find a vendor who can overlay BFYTW on various state flags? SAT CONG is another candidate, as is FREEDOM.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          A length of pipe, threaded and capped at both ends, and wrapped with grip tape, would make a good handle for a marching-type banner – friend on the other end would also have one.

          If, perchance, each pipe were to have a couple of pinballs in it…..well, physics is fun.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Osage orange is a good replacement for hickory tomahawk handles I was told. Should work great for a baton also.

  8. There should be 1000+ of these guys at all these events – but the “Conservatives” for the most part have been pussyfied buy the preachers, Fox News and bibles. They would rather Wait and see if someone else will be arrested for it so they can sit back (and post on twitter/facebook) and say “SEEEE They broke the LAWWWW, Dem cops did right – Support dem Cops”

    Oh and “MURIKA!”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, most “Conservatives” are guys who won’t take their own side in a fight.

      • Amen. Worse time to find out is during a violent altercation. Experience is from bad judgement. Never trust a cuck to be anything other than a coward under fire.

  9. If you guys are serious about gearing up… make your commie skull crackers out of Rattan Bamboo:


    Why Rattan Bamboo?
    1) approximately the same weight as forged steel swords from the middle ages (surprisingly lightweight)
    2) durable as hell, almost as good as hickory
    3) if Rattam breaks it doesn’t have any sharp ends or points, meaning it can’t be used by someone to stab with because IF it shatters it :brooms. That’s why they use it in caning punishments in Singapore,,,
    4) metal basket hilts can be found online that are made to fit Rattan

    • Howard E. Dennard

      Or a nice Blackthorn. Proven in battle, when the British took the blades and guns away from the Irish.

    • We used rattan bastone (sticks) in Arnis de Mano Filipino stick fighting. My school were banned from all and any tournaments; which is funny, because our system forbids public displays.

      After awhile of training the sticks begin spitting at the contact points by separating at the grains. It looks like a snake which has eaten a rat. At this point we would replace the sticks.

      The rattan needs to be fire hardened to be effective, or else they are useless.

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    I have been blogging and exorting about this subject for some years now, on this forum and many others about what is now unfolding (the militirization of the left).

    It seems that still lots of conservatives want to talk/complain this problem away–or worse yet, fall to their knees and try and “pray” it all away with the hope of Jesus floating down from the clouds with laser shooting out of his eyes and ear vaporizing all the evil ones.

    Not going to happen BTW.

    I remember one protest against illegal immigration that took place at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles in the late 90’s…. here the Mexi-rat leftists showed up with frozen cans of soda and threw them at the conservative demonstrators, severely injuring on elderly woman and wounding several others…. all the while the LAPD stood by and did nothing.

    So now it is open warfare…. and the question is now: “are you going to let them run over you?” Because this is not going to stop, even if somehow they manage to eject President Trump from office (highly unlikely).

    This violence is not going to be restricted to protest rallies and riots–I firmly believe that these commie-rats are going to get hold of voter roles/addresses and start going to the homes of registered Republicans and unleash insurgent violence.

    Keep a firearm at the ready from here out.

    At the minimum people attending conservative rallies and protests should be loaded down with bear/pepper spray, kubatons (where legal) and have a good portion of those in attendence legal CCW carriers… not to mention having some shock-troops/military veterans who will be able to pummel the living shit out of any attackers with their bare hands.

    It will in fact come to the point that LEO’s will abandon the field to save their own skins once the leftists start targeting and shooting at them as well (going to happen FYI). At this point it will devolve into open civil/race warfare in the major cities.

    • It will in fact come to the point that LEO’s will abandon the field to save their own skins once the leftists start targeting and shooting at them as well (going to happen FYI). At this point it will devolve into open civil/race warfare in the major cities.


      • I believe that’s what Vaj and Bummer were shooting for with Hands Up, Baltimore, etc. I think they got pretty close to tipping the cart in Ferguson. Dry runs maybe? Either way, it won’t be pretty. That SA post below is good read. Coming soon to an AO near you.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wouldn’t hurt to have some guys with advanced first aid experience on hand, either.

  11. Very good, Lon a follower, to point out the daily life of a Christian, and how it should be lived out in harmony and peace. However, just as in Ecclesiastes there is a time and a place for everything. A Christian does not aspire to be a sap, but a Warrior, when it’s time for one. You or I cannot stop what is coming any more than we stop the tide from coming in. Neither is Christianity a suicide pact. Deus Vult. Do you know why there are so many casualties in war, any kind of war? It starts, and is fought, in the beginning, by people who are still in shock that it has come to blows, and who can’t quite grasp the new environment. Later, it is dull and repetitive, and in the last phase, deadlier than any other phase. It’s because they understand that the killing will have to go on, until enough are killed to render the opponent unwilling to continue. Mercy arrives on the heels of Slaughter, and only because of Slaughter having been there first. It’s why Christ groaned on the Cross. Counsel for restraint, counsel for mercy, but don’t forget our opponents have no such counsel, and they intend to murder every last one of us. The Sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.

    • Randolph Scott

      We were given dominion over the earth from God. God does indeed perform miracles every day, but the control over our earth and governments he has left to us. President Donald Trump was elected by the grace of God and he is exposing the evil in our government to be exposed very clearly. President Trump is just God’s messenger, we are the channels through which God works.

      We should let our righteous anger be known and let it also be known that we will not tolerate Sharia law or any other satanic ideology or cult telling us how to worship, how to think or how to live our lives. These criminals and satanists are only as powerful as we let them be. We need to exterminate them.

      We have let this mess happen by doing nothing, standing by, by not voting, by getting along, by being complacent, by allowing criminals to hold elected offices, by being afraid to speak up, and by just being wimps.

      We have a righteous cause and as long as our anger is directed to the removal of evil our cause will remain righteous.

      Praise the LORD, for his mercy endures for ever. 2nd Chronicles 20:21

    • Shinmen Takezo

      FYI–most “modern Christianity” is in fact a “suicide pact.

      Wrap your skulls around it.

      This is the main reason why many conservatives roll up into a ball when confronted with consternation.

  12. Meanwhile the real puppet masters drink 300.00 a bottle wine, and eat lobster and crab. Your target is an isolator, useful idiots. Your addressing a symptom, not the desease.

    What is your plan to address the real threat? Those who pull the strings.

    How are you identifying them, how are you isolating them, how are you. re adjusting their attitudes.

    Hint, their will need to be blood,,to achieve successful intervention.




    • SemperFi, 0321

      Chasing squirrels thrown out by MSM is a national pastime, folks live for that shit.
      But the masses don’t want to hear who the real puppet masters are, that’s all just more conspiracy theories not covered by MSM, including their beloved Faux News.
      Even when it comes down to shooting war, folks will never go after the real enemy, but they will put them back in power, for they go with what they’re comfortable with, and that doesn’t include logical change.
      Just like here in Wyoming, they elected Cheney’s daughter in Nov., the name was familiar. One generation of crook after another, and we think folks will wise up? The level of stupid is incomprehensible.

  13. Why give the left any ammunition? As soon as we start duplicating their behavior with the big flags, face masks, and organized violence we’re going to be immediately labeled Brownshirts. Isn’t it obvious that this is exactly the kind of response they’re trying to manipulate us into?

    The protesters on the ground are handling these idiots just fine one-on-one as incidents happen. The thugs are getting the snot beaten out of them more often than not, and the people standing around watching are cheering when it happens. Outside of the Moonbat Utopias of Berkeley and San Diego, the cops are arresting the thugs for felonies and letting the protesters walk. And when the police administer beatdowns, the onlookers on their way to work are applauding.

    This isn’t Europe. We don’t have a history of tolerance for this kind of behavior. Every time they start this nonsense, they push more people towards the right. Why mess with a good thing?

    But if you see Victoria Nuland walking around handing out cookies, duck and cover.

    • We *need* “brownshirts.” What is lacking is a Party they answer to./ S//

      • And the missing Party has no platform around which to align.

      • Directly from comments at Instapundit:
        “A political party with a paramilitary arm? What could go wrong with that?”

        Snark 10
        Genius 10
        Final score 100

        • Except there is already an extant political party with multiple paramilitaries.

          A veritable gorgeous mosaic.

          • Just because the other side does it doesn’t mean that it’s the smart thing to do. See: human wave attacks on machine gun emplacements, invading Russia, sticking it in teh crazy.

            The blacks hate the hispanics. The muzzies hate the gays. Antifa hates anyone who isn’t them. The feminazis hate everyone, including themselves. They hang together because most days they hate Deplorables just a little bit more. But given a little incentive and misdirection they could be convinced to turn on each other. We saw examples of the cracks in the mortar during the election as everyone tried to shove their own victimhood to the front of the line.

            We don’t need armed thugs to counter their armed thugs. If they’ve got people wearing black and red uniforms waving big red and black flags attacking people who look like Joe Six Pack, they’re going to cost their side popular support. And they can’t afford to lose any.

            There are an awful lot of people in this country who are sitting in the middle. They are a little bit socially liberal and a little bit fiscally conservative and don’t see a lot of difference between the teams in DC wearing the red and blue jerseys. But they get PISSED when they try to go to work and these dorks are deliberately blocking the road. They get pissed when they walk by and get screamed at and spit on and called Nazis and fascists and racists. They get pissed when they see these two-bit uniformed thugs attacking everyday people who look just like themselves. When it comes time to make donations or vote, they’re going to think, “Is that really what I want to support? Do I really want to be associated with that?”

            The left’s thugs do more damage to their own cause than anything that we could come up with.

            But if we show up with our own merry little band of uniformed thugs, suddenly we look no different. We’re just another group seeking to impose our beliefs on other people by force. That’s exactly the kind of mistake that their media people can take and run with.

            There are other ways to handle threats than simply to meet violence with violence. Come on, we’re supposed to be smarter than them. You hit the enemy where he’s weakest, you don’t go after him head on. 4GW. Run him in circles. Wear him out. Make him look like an idiot to his supporters and followers. Go after logistics and communications until he’s tied in knots and can’t figure out how to get three people together at one time outside of his offices. Frustrate him so that he keeps making more mistakes and eventually gives up.

            And best of all nobody on our team get their guns taken away due to racking up felony convictions for assault with deadly weapons or attempted murder (compounded with conspiracy charges because it was ORGANIZED violence) or other nasty things like that.

            Isn’t that the smart way to play this?

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Listen, you may have to do hands on, but what about their infastructure, they ride buses to and from these events, or they drive and park at/ in a designated area identify that location, let the local patriots learn their safe space.

    Where their uniform, using their tactics, flatten tires, burn the busses borrow the buses, move the buses, anything to refocus their ideology. No wheels no getting home, exposure to lots and lots of angry people, who live their.

    Identify leadership, they WILL stand out, those cowards will be at the rear, giving direction. If your going to go hands on, please consider addressing their on site supervision.

    When your done, be smart, burn everything your wearing, including your shoes. Change your description. Dress like the indigenous folk, the locals. Mingle with them.

    know local egress routes, airports, train stations bus locations. Know their schedules. If you can ride public transportation to and from, even better.

    If your driving be sure and park at least one mile out. Their will be security containment loops. Do your homework find odd unusual routes to walk or ride a ratty old bike in.

    Don’t forget the hells angels age old saying, ” three can keep a secret, if two are dead” the less anybody knows about you, or your intent, the better.

    Lastly, phones, watches, anything that leaves a signature can not be worn, not even to the area. The police are even able to use pace makers to tracks folks now. Every medical device that sends telemetry is a ” tell”

    If your hurt, or burned the ability to self help is critical. Only a fool would go to a local hospital within a 100 miles,,with identifiable injuries.

    You will be filmed, hence the complete change of identity.

    Years ago I did a ton of ” watching” I found the most effective uniform I,could wear was to dress and act like the street people, I sometimes stunk so bad, I couldn’t stand it.

    You want complete cloaking piss your pants, walk in dog shit, carry a bedroll that reeks of everything bad. I carried a shorty in the bedroll not even the most zelious police will want anything to do with you.

    Anything that looks uniform, is uniform in that environment, your hair needs to be a dirty mess, your cloths filthy, shoes looking like their about to fall apart. ” while your shoes need to look trashed” they need to be in top shape, their your escape tools.

    Wool is your friend in the winter. Less is more, make the shit your carrying have multiple duties. Be prepared to,sit with and even eat with the street people. I’ve eaten possum over a spit fire along the railroad tracks, and I think I actually eat some skunk once. You turn food down in certain crowds, and your burned.

    Also learn to shit in the woods. Toilet paper is a luxury. It’s rare to see street people carrying a roll, unless they just boosted it from a public toilet.

    Lastly know your operational environment, know it better then the police do. Know the trails, know what’s over the hill, across the river.

    Have designated escape routes. Straight up a steep mountain thru pucker brush will generally shed most followers. Same with police dogs, they are less stable,on steep hill sides, fight down hill.

    Would be amusing to turn the press coverage from the riot, to the rioters shit burning down.

    Have a great day


  16. Anglo Saxon

    Just War theory–a Christian concept–dictates that all avenues of reconciliation be explored before blood is shed by the aggrieved.
    After that it is considered “Just” to conduct war proportionally. Not necessarily tit for tat but to bring it to a decisive end to end the suffering of the innocent.

    When this thing starts a “leader” type will surface after the phonies are kicked to the curb. But whoever is the public face of our complaint must not be allowed to negotiate anything less than total surrender by the left. That will include trials for treason by those trying to corrupt and collapse our country and the principles it was founded on.

    But for now as we wait for the “point of no return” to be reached we should concentrate on collecting the names of all our antagonists and their location in or out of the country along with their support personnel from domestic help to businesses that cater to their appetites. And let it be known that we are doing this. Just a little psych war prod for their sycophants.

  17. 1) If you’re engaging in street theater in the first place, you’re already doing it wrong.
    Things get changed in your congressman’s and councilman’s office, at his fundraising office, and at the polling booth.
    Money and influence talks, bullshit walks (at a street protest).
    2) List everything in history changed by mob street protest. I’ll wait while you comb the world for even one example.

    In case that left a mark

    3) That said, if you’re bound and determined to go full retard,

    this is how it’s done, from the bottom up:

    shin guards under pants (ideally, not visible, but there, either way)
    knee protection
    hip and tailbone pads
    hard cup
    ideally, level II or better bullet-resistant vest
    and HDPE Level III hard plates (20 pounds lighter than AR500 steel, and rifle proof)
    failing the bulletproof model, padded hard plastic chest armor:
    football or hockey stuff, and/or a moto riders back turtle plate
    sealed swim goggles (eye pro, and gas/vapor/acid protection)
    ear plugs (boat horns and whistles work both ways, kids)
    shoulder, elbow, and forearm pads
    hard-backed gloves
    an under-hoodie shell helmet (MICH, biker minimal, or homebrew cut down batting helmet, whatever)
    respirator with N100 filtration for riot gasses, in pocket/pouch
    Skip bandanas/balaclavas.
    If you’re worried about ID, you can defeat facial recognition with a much lower profile by cutting down a latex Halloween mask in flesh tones. An old man/woman mask with bigger eye holes and open mouth will do fine, and it’s a lot harder to spot from distance,in a crowd. so you won’t look like a hooligan from 50 yards to TPTB.
    Neutral earthtone outer colors is the way to go.
    Brighter colors for your under layer, in case you have to flee, changes your appearance rapidly.
    If you’re Virgil Cole from Flight Of The Intruder, make/buy your outer pants and jacket/hoodie extra baggy, cut the outer seams, and Velcro them together, for a quick-change. You can make the inside a bright color for quick removal/reversal if you think you need to become Houdini.
    And seriously consider nomex underwear if you think getting lit on fire is a thing, and you like your skin.

    Sticks and shields are rightly regarded as weapons by any cops in overwatch with two brain cells (which is not all of them).
    Carrying them is an invitation to hassle, confiscation, spray/taze/assault beatdown, and arrest. Potentially all four for the same low price.
    Padded and protected body parts are not.
    Knives, brass knuckles, etc. are dumb. See above.
    You might can get away with a flag/banner on a piece of light black pipe steel. Esp. if you paint it white, and stencil on Schedule 40 markings to make it look like plastic. Just saying.
    OC spray, (esp. Bear Spray canisters, which has a 10 yard reach out and f*** someone up range), and stun guns, OTOH, are – in most states – not so regarded. IANAL: check you state/city laws, and if legal, load up.
    Ditto for CCW: if you can carry, carry. If not, don’t.
    If you carry, have an attorney on speed dial and retainer. (Probably a good idea anyways for any event.)

    If anything goes down, for the 10,000th time:
    Do. Not. Talk. To. Cops. Ever.

    They are not your friends, and if they’d been doing their job, nothing would have happened in the first place.
    Check with your lawyer, but all they are entitled to is your name.
    Not 57 other details.
    If you aren’t driving a car, they have no right to demand ID.
    (This is why you probably shouldn’t be carrying it in the first place, because if you don’t have it – or a wallet, cellphone, etc. – they can’t search it, legally or illegally.)
    Don’t lie to them: give them your real name, and nothing else, other than “I refuse to answer further questions without an attorney present, and I’m exercising my right to remain silent at this point.” Then STFU.
    Unless you want to press for “Am I being detained? May I leave?”
    That’s your Geneva Convention legal briefing.

    You should also have designated medics, with a daypack full of first aid gear, including bottles of water for riot spray decon, and full TCCC supplies.

    You should also have designated firefighters, with the biggest small portable CO2 and dry chem extinguishers they can carry concealed in packs or on bodies. Incendiary injuries aren’t funny if aimed at you, but blowing them out by surprise always is.

    People should be in groups, with a responsible leader.
    Who should be on walkie via earpeice for tactical command and intel updates.
    Security, medical, and fire fighters should be within arm reach of that leader, within each small group, and responsible to that designated leader.
    It should go without saying that there should be P-A-C-E comm plans.
    Consider burner phones for event texting, sterilized of any outside numbers or convos – just for use on the day, in case confiscated/stolen/dropped.
    Everyone should know P-A-C-E egress plans, rally points, and a safe person to contact for pickup if/when things go to shit.
    Including a friend for pickup, an/the attorney, and a bail agent.
    Everyone should have a map to the two closest ERs.

    It’s also highly recommended that a couple of infiltrators be salted on the other side or as bystanders, charged only with hanging out and listening, plus passing on any hints of impending violence. Someone or three near the cops, and any tactical command post for same, would also be a damn good idea. Both should have the same level of contingency plans – if not more – if caught, bumped, or need to flee.

    And you should also hive high point eyes-on surveillance overwatch in as many places as possible, along with a Culper-certified ACE nearby but secure, to battletrack the entire event, on police/fire/EMS and news scanners and local broadcast media, in real time. And forward updates to you on the command net, or text.
    (Be aware that every TV and radio station has a back channel broadcast line to communicate with HQ, which is as good or better than the police nets, and you should be listening to that as well. Someone – maybe homeless looking – hanging around the broadcast vans to listen, and with both a walkie and a text/cell burner phone isn’t a bad idea either.)

    Can’t pull off that level of prep?

    Sucks to be you.
    You aren’t tall enough for this ride, and as suggested from the outset, you should probably have stayed home to begin with.

    Ignore this at your peril.
    Quite possibly in a Darwin Award-winning sort of way.
    1* isn’t just for the Blue Crew, boys and girls.

  18. The resonance of tuned hickory.

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  20. I’m amused are you suggesting I might be butt, hurt, or gone full retard, with my post. Take it or leave it, I really don’t fucking care what you think. Your an amusing fella. I read your writings, and often agree, that you don’t like mine means fuck all to me.

    This was trade craft used by me and others to see things most cops would never see. This trade craft was taught by letter agencies, back in the late 80/90s. Hiding in plain view, works.

    As for your follow up post nicely done, theirs always more then one way to skin a cat. The gladiator set up has merit, just not for me.

    My sandbox 101 has never been very good.

    Again great follow up. I appriciate it when our ” Set” shares solutions rather then continue to kick the problem down the road.