Wednesday At Stilton’s Place

Espionage and pussy hats.

What more could you want?

3 responses to “Wednesday At Stilton’s Place

  1. The citizen surveillance is pretty bad. If you want to gain your domocile back, you will be required to build a faraday shed and move all your electronics to it. Smart phones, flat screens and pcs laptops etc are ALL ON, all the time.

    To my buddies at the fusion monitoring centers I’d like to say good morning and ask if you feel good about betraying everything this nation once stood for by spying on your neighbors? They just voted out a commie mayor in my state who was pumping the sanctuary meme.

  2. Tom, a Faraday shed, or cage if you will, will NOT protect you from some one eaves dropping on your electronic commo. It can protect you from Coronal Mass Ejections from the sun, or EMP’s generated by high altitude overhead nuclear detonations (Electrical Magnetic Pulse). If you had such a safe zone to keep from being monitored, you wouldn’t be able to communicate either. Taking batteries out, or switching the power off is about the only way to shut down your surveillance. And then there’s the drones.

  3. For starters…
    1. Switchable power strips for all stationary computing devices. Also stops any power-sucking phantom loads. Scheduled operation times for your computers and router. A device that’s on when not being used is a device is giving your adversaries time to find a way in. Don’t give it to them.
    2. Camera cover removable decals, change your settings to disable along with the microphone.
    3. RF shielding pouches in assorted sized for portable devices. Don’t go cheap on this, test what you try. Also good to stop that radiation from your phone frying your brain cells. DIY RF shielded boxes on your dresser, drop in your devices and close.
    4. Buy a good EMF detector. Survey your property to see what signals or noise is around you.
    5. VPN, TOR, TAILS, monitor your traffic in and outbound of your home router, better yet buy a better router with open source firmware. I personally like Mikrotik products. Apps like Glasswire are also a good way to see your network traffic but read the privacy statements for any app you install.
    6. Multi-factor authentication on all your accounts with notifications each time there’s a login. Use strong crypto, complex different passwords for each and secure them.
    7. Offload your data from your personal devices periodically. Phones are not permanent data repositories, travel lightly and encrypt all storage cards.
    8. Stop using free Google, MS, Apple spyware. Use non-US VPN services (scrutinize the logging they do), Duckduckgo, Firefox (with extensions) Signal, Protonmail, etc are much better alternatives. With the big Tech companies “free” offerings aren’t, YOUR DATA is the product that they will benefit from while you lose more privacy.
    9. Fakebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, etc all provide info to the alphabet adversaries. Remember, if the service is “free” YOU are the product.

    I could go on and on, but we’re all responsible for controlling and truly “owning” those shiny new devices we introduce to our lives. Don’t let the glamor and catchy ad campaigns fool you.

    Do your homework, the alphabet adversaries surely have, but there are ways to fight back by hardening your data management/computing habits.

    It will get worse as tech improves, so start now and pass on your knowledge.

    As for drones, use your imagination! Signals can be hacked, props can be jammed, paintball guns are effective and there’s many diy counter drones that can take out another. Everything has an exploit.

    Be the gray man…