Z Man: Free To Not Be Around The Likes Of You

A paean to free association.

Of course, that would require “free”.

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  1. The white ethnostate, as it is being promoted by Richard Spencer currently, as sort of a distant future ideal, towards which we are dreaming, is an interesting construct. It is merely a pointer into the future “someday we’d like a place of our own”. In an amusing twist he often cites Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, that eventually resulted in the creation of modern Israel, as his inspiration. Didn’t we all love that movie Exodus? Don’t white people in North America have as much right to a homeland as the Jews in the Middle East?

    Spencer has given a couple examples of peaceful dis-aggregation or larger entities, which he terms “voluntary ethnic cleansing”. A simpler term might be ‘separation’. The nicest example that comes to mind might be the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia, where the Czechs and Slovakians decided to split their country in half, one section for each of the main ethnic groups.

    In the current multicultural united states we will never again have rights of free association. We will never even be free of obvious anti-white racial preferences in hiring or school selection.

    The South Africans turned all the reigns of power in their country over to the black majority, voluntarily, as a gesture of good will. Less than a generation later they are hunted like animals by the people they gave everything to, the blacks have elected a leader who speaks about destroying them openly. That is the road we are headed down.

    The move we give, the more we will be viewed as prey, and they more they will try to harm us, with the goal being utter impoverishment and total dispossession. Until they destroy our existence as a people. That does seem very clear, when you really sit down and think about it. That’s the desired end game in the USA of a whole lot of people.

    • So what are your solutions Jackson you have heard mine I would like to hear yours…

  2. Property Rights … that’s what have been lost.

    Well, I say “lost”; really, they have been given away. They are given away at the very second that you Register as a Voter.

    Right there, you agree that the disposition of your property will be subject to the Will of the Collective. Right there, you give up your autonomy to the Collective.

    And, don’t forget, the most intimate Properties that you own, are your life and body.

    We go round and round, examining different “abuses” … but, they are all variants of the same problem; Collectivism. You willingly endorse Collectivism, then complain at the results. It’s insanity.

    I can see no way around it … Democracy and Freedom are mutually-exclusive concepts.

    As for “libertarians” … you mean those guys who insist that you only be subject to the “most essential” tyranny?

    We’ve gotten to the stage … certainly, in England … where Property ownership is on the verge of extinction. There really isn’t anything that is not subject to confiscation at the whim of the Electorate. What terrifies me is that there is no Will to stop any of this from happening. In fact, the near-Universal demand is for still greater levels of confiscation.

    In terms of real-estate, the very best you can do is to RENT it from the State; you can never exercise ownership over it, except at the most superficial of levels.

    • POd American

      When you are forced to pay annual property tax, you have no property rights. Don’t believe me, quit paying your taxes. Your property will now officially belong to the state.

  3. The resistance to the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be fondly remembered:

    “This so-called Civil Rights Proposals, which the President has sent to Capitol Hill for enactment into law, are unconstitutional, unnecessary, unwise and extend beyond the realm of reason. This is the worst civil-rights package ever presented to the Congress and is reminiscent of the Reconstruction proposals and actions of the radical Republican Congress.” – Senator Strom Thurmond (D-SC)

    Also voting no: Barry Goldwater, Russell Long, Robert Byrd, John Tower, and Al Gore. 21 Democrats and 6 Republicans voted against the bill in the Senate.

    In modern times the only politician who has said anything remotely critical of the Act is Rand Paul, who said on the Rachel Maddow program. His point was that there were also rights lost in the passage of the bill, specifically the right to free association.

    He thereby touched on the same topic of Z-mans linked post, and showed that he, Rand, was well versed in hard Libertarian philosophy, which has been critical of the Act for many years. (In fact a large portion of the book which Barry Goldwater wrote to propel his 1964 campaign for the Presidency concerned the right of free association and its demise under the Act. The Conscience of a Conservative was the title of Goldwater’s book.)

    Rand merely touching on this, in the most tangential manner, was uniformly decried and denounced. You’d have thought Sen. Paul had suggested reinstating negro slave auctions in Congo Square in New Orleans. The hideous rug-muncher Maddow went into deep mock horror in the interview, followed by a solid week of harvesting snark from his appearance.

    So, there is no hope that we will have our rights to freely associate stood up in law again. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is probably more sacred to many Americans than the Bill of Rights.

    And don’t you forget it, YT.

    • The example in New Orleans, where the monuments to the “Civil War” (really, war of Northern aggression) are now to be removed… that is precedent for the eventual removal of teh MLK monstrosity in D.C., and the extirpation of the name from all manner of streets, edifices and schools.

      Imagine an America where “MLK Blvd” is de-linked from the social dysfunction that seems to gather in his name. An America where “Malcolm X Blvd”, “Cesar Chavez Avenue” and similar are purged from the geographic memory.

      All war is culture war (kultur kampf).

      • And I get my Frank The Cripple Memorial Public Latrine & Ginormous Urinal amongst the rubble on The Mall of the former capital.

        • POd American

          Does it make any difference which one of the statues you pee on? Just curious. I think a case could be made for renaming the Lincoln and Jefferson as Urinals.

          I propose that congress commission a monument to: Mr. Rouke and Tatoo and rename the mall “Fantasy Island.” I can see it now, amphibious drones taking off and landing on the reflecting pool as Tatoo utters those immortal words “Look Boss, the plane the plane.” It would better reflect the current state of affairs.

          • I support multiple public loos, so I am good with others.

            The FDR generation had the last clear chance, and most revered that piece of sh*t unto their last breath.

  4. Freedom OF association = freedom FROM association. it is the ultimate “Pro Choice” argument.

    Now, consider if you will the idea of Co-Op boards in New York City, that bastion of progressivism… a co op board can decline your application for a unit NO MATTER WHAT, and DOES NOT have to give you a reason for doing so. Yet, if a person refuses to rent or sell or otherwise do what a black or a ghey or whatever seeks, they be RAYCISS and will have the full weight of the FedGov and all ancilliary layers of goobermint accretions on his neck.

    Ponder that. Better yet, mention that to a prog and watch the mental gears seize. B.. Bu… But… “muh Sibbil rites!”, Muh 14th Amendment!”

    If you want a white ethnostate, follow the lead of New York City real estate, and make developments fit into Co-Operative housing law. This will result in stable, safe neighborhoods that maintain property value and thus will attract investment, both in capital and emotion.

  5. Jackson, +100, couldn’t have said it better myself. Well, I could have said it, but I would have used a lot of fucking cuss words.

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  7. I agree, we no longer have free association in this country. When the Civil Rights Legislation came down the bikeway, my parents were livid. They considered it bedrock to freely associate, hire, fire, and live next to whomever YOU wanted to-or not. But, I have another question.
    Why the boondoggle on public education and better/best schools? Why are children still being put in government education-willingly? You can live in a cheap, rather lousy neighborhood. If you keep you and yours at home and do not mix it up in the hood, you can save money and eventually get completely away. I’ve done it. I drove to the best neighborhoods to shop, I had a post office box for mail, I had a strong fence around the front & back yards, I was polite and distant to neighbors who were NOKD, and eventually I escaped all of it. Until we win CW2, you need to think outside the Bracken Cube.

    • Most people won’t do it, because the intellectual courage to think differently than the herd is not common. I estimate 1 in 100 is a freethinker, willing to consider for themselves what the moral rules should be.

  8. Simply stop paying taxes, and all these dumb government behaviors will end from lack of money.