Kit wields the clue bat with both elegance and power:

Wikileaks Just Proved Us Right, But What Now?

If it has a plug or a battery, you must assume it has been compromised.

Your contacts are depending on you.

Don’t fail them.

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  1. So I spend five years telling y’all that carrying OR OWNING any kind of E-COM device is an automatic compromise to your OPSEC and you tell me I’m full of shit BECAUSE “XYZ” will protect you, and because the great internet guru told you so. So now what do you do , since you found out that your internet “expert” doesn’t know shit from shine-ola? ONE MORE TIME! IF IT BROADCASTs ON A R.F. (WIRELESS / walky talky / cell phone/ GPS) and you HAVE IT WITH YOU. NOT USE IT. HAVE IT WITH YOU. YOU. ARE. FUCKED! ALL E-COM IS COMPROMISED. PERIOD. and nothing you do can make it safe to CARRY. You can be tracked, even with the battery out as ALL “devices” have factory RFID built in BY US LAW. Remember this: High tech cannot see low tech. But it can track everything with a chip.

  2. The author of the piece said this — “… Stop thinking you need to know everyone, you don’t need 5000 friends on Facebook and you don’t need to get into every patriot group on social media. Everyone who has direct access to you is a liability to you, on some level. Minimize your liabilities.”

    Then proceeds to list every major social media emblem at the bottom of article. No incongruity there, yes sir!

    • Well, he is online. He is telling us not to do what he is doing because he has accepted the risks of being connected to every social media. Maybe it is his cover?

    • Jack Spratt

      Considering she’s been writing about this stuff for several years, I’d guess that she made a calculated trade long ago. Some folks do that.

      Besides, like it or not, if you want people to see information, you have to put it in their face. They don’t go looking for it. This is a perfect example. You thought she was a guy, which means you’re not familiar with her work. You saw it here on WRSA, others might see it because someone hit one of those buttons. If the info gets out where it needs to go, so be it.

  3. What now? I’m building a new chicken coop for more birds. Also dry fire practice at night every other day. I built a seed starter box the other day. Stuff will get planted soon. You know your hardiness zone right? You are growing food right? It’s a lot easier to learn/do this stuff now while no one is shooting at you. The biggest “fuck you” that you can send to these commies is to become as self sufficient as you can. American Nationalist approved.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Hate to say this, but no one cares. Or most don’t care. As long as there is no direct interaction/consequence/hindrance to life style, people (that would be most) don’t care. Only and only when ‘something’ directly effects folks, do they begin to care but as history proves usually it is too late. Granted, some care but the weight of those few is not enough to make any difference. Being under surveillance? Having everything you do tracked? Until such time as there is a direct ‘consequence’ to you (or whom ever) maybe like a bus shows up in your neighborhood with an armed force then you begin to care but …………. too late …………
    Just food for thought as the train wreckage picks up speed and approaches the bottom.

  6. After the Snowden releases, I can’t imagine why anyone would think ANY of their devices were secure. The only security is to not have any devices including the TV. The TV was the first thing I dumped long ago. Still have a cell though.

    The important take away from this piece is that .gov has precisely zero moral limitations. Everything is in play.

    I wonder now if I was tracked to the rifle range yesterday afternoon whereupon I proceeded to unravel about 300 rounds of AR candy. Yeah…no doubt. I’m sure some tech slug ‘out there’ has a net out to catch every phone and device that goes onto the property. Convince me I’m wrong.

    Or how about this: Every friggen one of us that opens WRSA earns a spot on ‘the list’ and all our goings and comings are being monitored continuously.

    And finally: The MF’s doing all the monitoring and programming are… it is…..your neighbors.

  7. Grey Ghost

    I have said for over 10 years to friends and family that anything that has a chip can be “hacked” some easy some not so much. This led to me being the “tin foil hat” guy… not so much anymore.

    Looks like a few lessons in old school “tradecraft” are in order, especially for those who want to take up comms/intel as a second specialty.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Phone people always laughed at the newest and greatest and unbelieveable digital upgrade. Every time a new ESS, new router, new WhizBang Sumpthin went on line, it just made your life more readable, trackable, and useful to law enforcement. Grandma had a much better set up. Remember the rotary dial phones-like from 1930? World’s most secure set up: Step by Step equipment, as it was called. O-n-e, Z-z-z-e-e-r-r-o-o-o, etc. The equipment literally counted at every “step” on the numbers. Surveillance? You had to literally get inside the Central Office to spy. Trying to splice into a phone and listen in? The box would immediately tell on you, as the “wires” were enscounced in heavy wax covered cloth. Easy to break copper wires as it took strength to strip off the cloth. Those co’s could literally be flooded and the equipment still sent calls through. Old school is your friend, if you need to be anonymous. Typewriters and bicycles need more respect.