It’s Time For A Bluexit

Way past time, iff’n you ask me.

X-exit scoffers discount the fact that a velvet (or even the more likely “big-grit sandpaper with a lemon juice rinse thereafter”) divorce will obviate the need for the otherwise-unavoidable continental dirty war.

In the midst of the upcoming big-ass global war for resources.

Go wild, commenters.

143 responses to “It’s Time For A Bluexit

  1. Lumping entire states into the Blue regions is stupid. Take it, at the very least county by county. If you look at it that way you see is actually cities vs rural areas. Hell all three northern new england states (Maine VT and NH for those who are geographically challenged) have constitutional carry. To throw out an entire region is ignorant.

    • So true! Up here in northern Maine, you can conceal carry or open carry, no permit, and many do. You even see Amish in hunting season walking or riding down the middle of the road going to a hunt with their gun slung over their back. Nobody thinks twice about it and murder is not on anybody’s mind, just dinner. We are not at all blue! But you CAN take southern Maine!

    • There’s a lot of fellow dirt people behind enemy lines. Good people. they only want to be left alone.
      This sniveling prick who wrote that BS piece is a typical lying ass commie, doing what all these leftists scum do, accuse us dirt people of what they themselves do. it’s cultural marxism 101.

  2. Man, he does go on, don’t he? It’s cute that a guy can write ten thousand words or so of abject drivel, highlighted by his apparently complete and total ignorance of history, economics, and the simpler laws of nature. Not to mention his shocking lack of knowledge of the history of politics earlier than roughly 2000 or so.

    My succinct response (here because “New Republic” [ha!] does not allow them, for probably good reason):

    Dear Mr Baker:

    Bring it.

  3. Why should WE give up any land. Kick out those who oppose what the country was founded as (including the UN, the Fed and AIPAC) and move on – and if they resist, Hang or shoot them as criminal trespassers.

    • Do you have the political and combat power at your disposal to accomplish that task?

      • So are we even at the stages of night letters or targeted killings at the supper table yet ( I’m thinking Northern Ireland here)? Not that I’d expect CNN to be doing special broadcasts at the top of the hour, but it would have been chatted up somewhere.

        Your rhetorical is skipping a few stages boss. Not saying that I wouldn’t enjoy pulling a Prince Humperdinck and skipping to the end. There’s not enough pain yet, which means not enough involvement, at any level They don’t realize the leeches are attached because of the analgesic saliva.

        So do we run what we brung and accept the too soon penalties? Or do we wait, watch and learn a while longer, and accept the risk of the too later penalties?

        • We start building Communities LF that’s one thing that would have the greatest impact on our ability to actually improve our Liberty right now and give us the best chance when it all falls apart…But like you said there isn’t enough pain yet to even do that…

        • Well it looks as if the Libtard commies are plenty willing to skip as many steps as needed to achieve their goal – yet the “conservatives” seem to be fully content to sit on their growing asses and wait for some R to fix shit while being nice and moral.

          Maybe some steps need to be skipped before we wake up and see that there are no more steps. There will always be penalties no matter what way is chosen.

          If we are counting on the following generations to pick up the ball and set us free, we might as well sell all our gear – I’m in my 50’s and the Gen behind me is almost useless from what i’ve seen – and those behind that are laughable.

          I’m far from thinking we can just skip to the end – but WE best start doing something to get to the middle. – And it looks as if we are far from that.

        • “There’s not enough pain yet,…”


          Worse is better.

      • Deaf ears Pete they don’t want hear that…That actually might take effort and being able to work together…I don’t have much hope on that happening except maybe in small groups which will be crushed when the time is ripe…Sad That…

        • Not deaf, it’s just that my answer to CA’s question is a solid no. I have a small group, just as you describe. We go hunting around for more members right now and we’re six ways to Sunday screwed. There’s just too many fence sitters out there that don’t want to see what’s staring them in the face, and if you go and harsh their buzz there’s no telling what they’ll do, or who they’ll inform you to. Shit, it wasn’t so many years back that I found this site, simply because you could say “unspeakable” things here without getting tossed out.

          We’re (I am) still bowhunting, because that’s what works for now. As if I fucking know anything to begin with, need a SFC or a Mosbey who’s had some real experience in charge. Until I find one and like the smell I’ll just watch and learn what I can.

      • Political – No, A combat Team – No. – Just sitting here in Commie Colorado watching the same shit take place in the country since 1985 when my eyes were opened.

  4. wealthy farmer

    Many of these ‘blue’ states are IN FACT RED. They are held captive by ghettoized liberals in one or two geographically tiny enclaves.
    Kansas or Oregon, for example. Oregon is mostly red if you exclude the Willamette Valley north of Eugene. As conservative as anywhere in this country. California: all the marxists congregate in a thin strip west of the 5…The vast interior is RED. If SHTF the lefties will all be stuck on the freeways, unable to escape, the hills filled with rifles…….

    • Its why I root for Cal-Exit. The state of Jefferson would immediately appear. The blue strip along the coast would not be long for this world once the costs of importing most goods are taken into account.

  5. We agree then. Let’s do it.

    n.b. : If states can secede from the union, then counties can secede from the states.

  6. The entire premise is recockulous, but it’s trolling at the Underbridge Grand Master level.
    The subtitle should be :”Let’s you and him fight.

  7. A great article on how they engineered the nanny state!

  8. When they go please make sure they take all their diversity with them including the Muslim refugees. I am sure none of their “rich” well off blue state has anyone in them personally housing, feeding, clothing any of these needy refugees, but they will let you do it for them, because it makes them feel good.

  9. “… divorce will obviate the need for the otherwise-unavoidable continental dirty war.”

    WRONG. The Blues will just attempt an infiltration of the Reds. Has no one learned anything about the rationale and existence of the Comitern of the Soviet days? The Blues will believe their failure is the cause of the Blues capitalists ways. They will insist by whatever means that conquering the Reds is their solemn duty.

  10. I think my IQ dropped 10 points after that drivel. These same fuckers had no problem laying waste to the CSA to preserve their ‘sacred union’ , but now they want out? Haha, and they actually believe they are carrying the nation on their backs while they grow nothing and produce nothing.
    It would be funny if millions didn’t agree with this clown.

  11. Porter, over at the excellent Kaikistocracy blog pretty much nailed it:

  12. TheAlaskan

    Whoa Baker….the pot must be good in your area. Bring it. We’d (I’d) just love to peel away from y’all down under. An onshore, 1.2 billion barrels of recoverable light oil discovery on the North Slope has just been announced. Largest find of shallow, recoverable oil in thirty years.

    We’ll just keep all that oil (and gas) and stop sending it down to Cali for refining, to be shipped back us at ‘higher at the pump’ prices than y’all down below. That pisses me off.

    It would great to ‘get back” the 60% federal controlled land, locked up by Washington and all the fucking tree-huggers and ‘Presidents’ with a fucking pen, who listens to crybabies who have never even been up here.

    Fuck you Baker. Fuck all you granola-crunching, subaru-driving, tree-hugging, global-warming fearing, pajama-boy wearing, smelly fucking hippies. FUCK YOU, that’s why. Sorry…got lost in the moment.

    • Keep your oil my friend. What needs to happen is that once the exit occurs the viaducts into Southern Cal need to be turned off. I am unaware of any large city lasting without water.

  13. Michael Beaty

    Only if you let us split everything East of the Cascades off

  14. Writer/retired Lt Col. Tom Kratman has some thoughts on what needs to be done:

  15. The person who wrote the article forgot a very important thing. Where will the Bluexit get their food?

  16. I would suggest that if there was a way to flush NYC out of NY, NY would turn light red. One would have to nuke Albany as well but no great loss.