The Real Resistance

H/t Maggie’s Farm for another example of the unthinkable being thunk.

Keep thinking.

Start doing.


4 responses to “The Real Resistance

  1. For Trump to remain, he will have to become dictator. For Trump to leave, TPTB will have to form some idiot coalition to rule, which will fail, and some other personality will wind up dictator. The machine that is FedGov is broken, and the idea of Republic is a nice story, but not a functioning reality. The situation is much the same as when Napoleon seized power in France. The feudal system, antiquated trade rules and tax layers upon layers, all the things that helped bring the Bourbons down were still in place when Napoleon took over on Nov.9, 1799. He had a regiment of bayonet wielding infantry chase the National Assembly out of their meeting hall. The systems that the US operates on right now are antiquated, and layers upon layers of regulations and taxes form an almost impenetrable barrier preventing anything getting done. The Congress both hostile and impotent, the USSC overblown with their own importance, also impotent, and the vast bureaucracy lumbering along, concerned only with leftist rules and their own pensions, none of these have the energy needed to salvage the country from ruin. Not only will we have a dictator, he will be DEMANDED by the populace, sick of all the bullshit, incompetence, and corruption. Much the same as Napoleon, after seizing power, was greeted by an “Oh, well!” kind of relief and relaxation by the French, sick of the same stuff we are sick of. The People want action, they want decisive action, and they want it now. The Constitutional Republic will not die a lingering, sad death. It will be thrown away gleefully by a people betrayed, used, and abused, and ready for something better, which they also will not get. Look at the condition of our largest and proudest cities, and you will see the health of the Republic.

  2. VooDoo6Actual

    The system is broken & the sooner Americans come to grips w/ that reality the better off we will all be. The PTB are so far away from any of the real agenda planned it’s not even close. The more it grinds down the more obvious it becomes to the consciously ignorant & consciously unawake / unaware. The level of chaos that will ensure is unprecedented to anything in modern american history epochs or chronicles. In fact it already has it’s just the MSM is concealing the unprecedented events.

    What happened to all the False Flage Active Shooters in Gun Free Zones ? Did they just miraculously stop because Obozo left ?
    Risible – farcical & pathetic.

    CIA’s Creator Came to Regret It … Said the CIA Was a “Government All Its Own” Which Was Destroying Democracy…_Said_the_CIA_Was_a_%22Government_All_Its_Own%22_Which_Was_Destroying_Democracy/57231/0/38/38/Y/M.html

    Eustace Mullins – The New World Order

    Why The Rothschilds Invented Nazism – Eustace Mullins

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Grey Ghost

    So even some of the “Obama voters” are getting the fucking message that the .gov IS the problem and if things don’t change in govt to a more liberty mindset… well, all bets are off re an internal shooting war of some sort. This is not news to anyone here but it seems to be news to the obamaite writing at “wordaroundthenet”.

    Lest anyone thinks gun sales have dropped off… well, not so much:

    It seems to me that the CONservatives are a bunch of Walter Mitty’s who think they are free and voting will fix the 150yrs of increasing Lincoln Leviathan.

    Grey Ghost