Z Man: The Department Of Nice

Nice generally isn’t.

Nor is it required.

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  1. Nice: “Srange, lazy, foolish, stupid, ignorant, not knowing, to be ignorant, difficult to please, fastidious, discriminative.” Webster’s New World Dictionary, Third College Edition, 1988, page 914.

  2. The three boxes of resistance to tyranny and abuse of power:
    The ballot box
    The jury box
    The ammo box  

    The first two boxes of resistance haven’t worked.
    Resistance, true resistance to tyranny, has an evolutionary component to it.
    The funny thing, the abusers of power have created a dysfunctional environment where the first two boxes are designed to benefit them, at of course, in all things abuse of power related, at the abused’s expense.
    By doing so, they have made the 3rd box the viable option. It always has been viable. The difference here is it has become the only viable option.
    But the 1st thing about that option, it is fast becoming also the popular option with a bone in it’s teeth. Unlike the first two options, the third option does not require a majority.

    What Zman calls the city of nice, it has proven clearly, more so than before by an order of magnitude, denying the first two options to the dirt people, unlike the dirt people, has no way out of the pickle it put itself in now but to double down even harder. That is not an option, it is a matter of surviving the unintended consequences of denying all three options of resistance.
    The third box is a conundrum in that respect. It’s a pickle for everyone resisting either tyranny or liberty, because it is quickly becoming the only option for everyone resisting something because the city of nice denied the first two as viable options.
    It’s not a city of nice, it is become double down on everything not nice city.

    • “Unlike the first two options, the third option does not require a majority.”

      Must explain why I keep winning the vote unanimously. Still can’t figure out why peeps don’t want that. If one’s life is for someone else to decide, why bother?

  3. The opposite of “Nice” is “Nasty” and here’s a shining example of the latter.

    More on the fat, ugly cunt Lynne Stewart who, thankfully, has assumed room temp:


    It was a travesty of justice when the ghey mulatto went judge-shopping (and found a Klinton-appointed judge) to spring her sorry ass.

    She should have died, rotting and screaming, in a prison cell on her way to hell.

    America is now a microscopically better place today than it was yesterday.

    • Not actually. In a couple months the (((Law Schools))) will vomit thousands of newly-minted [[[Lynne Stewarts]]] out and into the (((legal system))).



      • Jimmy the Saint

        They have to pass the bar first.

      • Almost funny, since the only thing that can change the “health care crisis” is more doctors and pros, just like that. I guess most peeps prefer being ruler to ruled.

        Come to think of it, you’re an interesting exception. You’ve actually designed a whole life around being ruled. Creative.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. POd American

    Read the article and forum….someone there beat me to the punch with the comment about looking like a close relation to Michael Moore. They look like twins…. I’d bet he’s related.

  6. Style reminiscent of some of the old-school outdoor writers – very enjoyable.

    I recall once, while still working in a Nice Dep’t, encountering an Imperial Emissary (actually a gaggle, whose arrival generated much fanfare) there to do a “staffing study.” They interviewed all the nice people and, when they got to me, I let them know that my job was to use my former military skills to assist Guard & Reserve troops to be better prepared for war, which they were headed to. I was actually asked if I thought my job was needed. I replied (nicely) that it shouldn’t be; that if things called “resourcing” were running as they should I’d be quite happy to work myself out of a job.

    I never did get counselled about that (nicely or otherwise) but, coincidentally, I was never allowed to meet with any more Imperial Emissaries. THAT was nice.

  7. What an absolutely surreal article and responses. I think I woke up in bizarreville today.

  8. Whoda thunk it? Full faith and credit bwahhhhahhhhahhhahhha!!!!!!


    Make America Goldman Again!

  9. European American

    The Exhaustion Of American Liberalism – Shelby Steele

  10. In my experience, Visionaries are people that yell at me because I can’t instantly warp reality to mesh with whatever fantasy they are currently harboring.

    They’re sort of like unhinged motivational speakers that sometimes give you a paycheck.

    • LMAO as well as nodding. Your first paragraph gets an “amen.” I’m stealing that.

    • Agreed. Just perfect, but I would add “Ideologues” and “Perfectionists to tat description.

  11. I actually had a girl friend like that, once. I moved to another state. She left 20 page hand written letters at my parents house, stuck inside the screen door at night. I sent her one letter back, hinting that I was a serial killer. It worked.