Freedom Rally Fundraiser: Return To Berkeley, 15 April


From the organizer:

My name is Rich Black and I was the organizer of the March On Berkeley. I wanted to let you all know that the rumors are true and after many requests, we have decided to organize a return to Berkeley on April 15th. This movement is grassroots and funded by you, the people. Help us make it happen again. Join your fellow Patriots in victory when we go back to express our rights and our love for our President. Donald Trump said we would Make America Great Again, and that includes Berkeley. What you saw on March 4th were ordinary citizens demanding their voices be heard. We are pleased to announce a partnership with WESEARCHR to make this happen. Every dollar donated over the minimum bounty brings us closer to the option of having speakers for our event and to continue to bring this fight to the left!

This Bounty provides funds for organizer to dedicate 100 percent of his time to the development and plans for this event. In addition, this money will be used to help with travel funds for Berkeley Heroes, and equipment necessary for the next event.

This event will happen. We cannot allow ourselves to be bullied and our freedoms to be taken from us. Bring heart, support the Patriots who made their stand on March 4th, again on April 15th.

15 responses to “Freedom Rally Fundraiser: Return To Berkeley, 15 April

  1. Haven’t checked it (mostly because I already saw it coming, but be aware of the set up). Someone sent this to me….

    Regardless, don’t bite yet….

    • That’s not him.

    • Between the people that Chapman worked for (based on his LinkedIn profile) and the fact that he has not yet been charged, I’d say there’s a lot more to dig up on this story. Scroll down that LinkedIn page, and you see that he is a swamp dweller. A member of the “Obama Alumni” group? Worked for Barbara Boxer? Currently works in Washington D.C, but flew clear across the country to get arrested in a Berkeley riot?

      Ambrose Kane’s blog lays out some other good reasons why Chapman’s case might just go away quietly. And the guy in the video on that site sure looks like the guy on LinkedIn to me.

  2. But my feelings.

    BTW if anyone wants a succinct psychological breakdown of the liberal horde, try this book:

    We all know it already but a good read anyway.

    • Description for the book I linked above:

      I woke up one day and discovered I was deplorable. Well, Hillary Clinton told me so and the Crooked One is never wrong, is she? Or do I mean never right? After all, from my point of view, Clinton and her supporters are the real deplorable ones. They have ruined our country and caused it to plummet from greatness into the abyss of useless, worthless, weak, pathetic liberalism, political correctness and multiculturalism.

      The Democrats are the real deplorables. Everything they stand for is the opposite of what made America great. They don’t believe in greatness. They believe in being “nice”. They are not go-getters. They are not achievers. They are weaklings and cowards who want an easy life without any effort. They think America owes them a living. It doesn’t owe them a thing. They are scroungers, moochers and looters who believe in a Welfare State. They want something for nothing. They want to bum around all day indulging themselves.

      It’s deplorable for the deplorable Hillary Clinton to dare to criticize those Americans who still believe in American greatness.

      The Democratic Party and its supporters – all of the absurd “social justice” warriors – stand for nothing great, nothing noble and nothing glorious. They stand for weakness, failure, and cowardice. Being “nice” is not the bedrock of America achievement. It never has been and it never will be. Being “nice” is what will surely destroy us. Our enemies aren’t nice. While they’re getting harder, tougher, leaner and smarter, we’re getting softer, weaker, fatter and dumber. There can be only one winner.

      We can’t go on like this. We need strength, direction, a purpose, a mission.

      It’s time for a New America. It’s time for the rebirth of American character. It’s time to be great again.

      • and don’t forget “the democrats are the real racists”. Massuh Lincolm, after all, he done liberated the negroes from slavery.

        i’m sorry. Neo-neocon. By all means keep up the good fight to “make America great again”.

        and BTW, through the first 53 days in the Reign of the carrot-top Emperor, c. 370,000 legal/illegal non-Whites (mestizos, blacks, asiatics, muslims) have poured across the disappeared borders. And the (((culture of Death)))-instigated White die-off continues.

  3. I was deplorable way before any cucks decided to gain enough testicular fortitude to swim upstream so their team could plunder anew. I don’t need a red hat to identify which team I’m on either thanks. Look you Trumpets are waking up and I’m glad we’re swinging the pendulum a bit, but if you want me to believe our efforts are best served by cracking some cnts head with a stick then count me out for now. Your guy needs to show results and thus far the swamp is overflowing. I still don’t buy Trump as savior meme. We’ve been fooled before, I won’t be fooled again and there are millions like me. We’re pissed off that crime is the norm and pedos all go free to do as they wish. 9/11? Waco? Kelley Thomas? LaVoy? Raise the debt ceiling? Fuck no. Marines into Syria? Fuck no.

    Drain the swamp, hang the pedos.

  4. I hope America shows up. But most of the Patriots will probably wait some more. Yes not the right time or the right place as we hear over and over again by people that call themselves Colonel or Captain or Top. and others are waiting to see if trump is going to fix this country all by himself, and if he doesn’t then they can claim – “see I told you, that’s why I didn’t get behind him”.
    There was more than one founding father, they didn’t leave it up to Washington to take care of business and battle all by himself. No they each stood up and put their LIVES on the line from the beginning. How far do you let it go before you realize, It’s our responsibility to preserve this nation?! If you once again leave it up to the people in DC,…well same old story right!?
    Meanwhile brand X keeps growing, destroying and intimidating. Their uniform is skinny jeans and a bandana, early 20’s to late teens.
    I have been working at a youth indoctrination center – I mean public school district for the last eleven years as an administrator. I can tell you there are more of them being programmed everyday. I quit that place at the end of the semester, could not stand it any longer. A large segment of the students were talking socialism and communism and how bad America is. This is from one of the most prestigious high schools in the state.

    There are some Tommy Jeffersons, Samuel Adams and
    Patrick Henry’s out there, it’s time, your time. Join us.
    I am not asking you to fist fight, or verbally fight, just be there, be a warm supporting body, numbers matter. They really, really do. Just be there.

    We also need some Jonas Clarks to join us, lots of them!!!!
    Bring The Lord with you!!

    • This is from one of the most prestigious high schools in the state.
      By whose measurements?

      Join us. I am not asking you to fist fight, or verbally fight, just be there, be a warm supporting body, numbers matter. They really, really do.
      Because…reasons? The Underpants Gnome…?
      Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but…to accomplish…what, specifically?

      If you just want warm bodies, cruise over to Skid Row with empty busses, and offer free Happy Meals and 40-ouncers. Under your theory of the importance of political mass, it’s a 1:1 equivalency no matter who shows up.

      Or just maybe, Rethink the premise.

      As a starting point, if “numbers matter”*, perhaps it would have been best to have those on hand and committed before setting out on another such errand. Rather than playing with a pick-up team on the way to the playoffs.

      Sorry if that’s too radical to contemplate.

      *(“Numbers matter”:
      Said the Arab armies in 1948, 1967, and 1973.
      Said the Viet Cong in 1964.
      Said Shrillary Clinton & Co. in 2016.
      Said no army in history except Iraq in 1990,
      the Iranian Republican Guards in 1981,
      and the zombies in The Walking Dead.
      No, seriously. So how did that numbers fetish work out in each specific instance?

      So perhaps define what it is you’re trying to get, and then let’s think a bit about what actually matters to get that. Avoid describing a tautology. “Numbers”, naked and unadorned, is rarely in the top five of anything that matters, since battles stopped being mobs with sticks and rocks. In about 10,000 B.C..)

      • Jimmy the Saint

        ““Numbers matter”:
        Said the Arab armies in 1948, 1967, and 1973.
        Said the Viet Cong in 1964.
        Said Shrillary Clinton & Co. in 2016.
        Said no army in history except Iraq in 1990,
        the Iranian Republican Guards in 1981,
        and the zombies in The Walking Dead.
        No, seriously. So how did that numbers fetish work out in each specific instance?”

        Of course, there’s a counterbalance – “Numbers don’t matter”
        Said the Brits at Isandlwana
        Said the Boers
        Said the Rhodesians
        Said Custer at the Little Big Horn
        Said Fetterman
        Said the Wehrmacht
        Said the Imperial Japanese Army
        Said the Imperial Japanese Navy
        Said the Confederacy

        Skill and determination are important (as is technology), and can be decisive, but then again, “quantity has a quality all its own.” You can’t rely on numerical superiority to carry the day, but it’s foolish to discount it, too.

        • I’m not against numbers, Jimmy.
          Just not solely for their own sake.

          Nota bene the outcomes in your exemplars, and the results of said exemplars.
          Then tell me what a good round number would be to do a successful counter-protest in Berkeley.
          FWIW, the 2010 census lists the population thereabouts at 112,580,
          and the student body at Cal is another 38,204.

          So just doing napkin math, if someone has a spare 150K or so freedom-minded individuals in CA with nothing better to do on a given weekend, holding a dick-measuring contest against the tard population of Moscow-On-The-Bay would be about 4,387,602 on my list of things to do.

          Starting with the Free State project on a smaller scale: move in, vote the communists out top to bottom, and make the lefty fucktards so uncomfortable they’d flee the area, or never leave the campus.

  5. I think instead of crowdfunding he should raise money selling t-shirts and such on Cafe Press. “I helped burn down Berkeley and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” “Have you hugged a Deplorable today?” Calvin pissing on an Antifa logo – also available as a window sticker. Maybe the sickle and hammer – the worker’s symbol – with Arbeit Macht Frei written beneath it? I’m sure the lefties would love that one.

    Or the Antifa symbol of the three arrows inside a circle placed next to the Italian Air Force’s fascist roundel from the Mussolini period that had three rods/fasces inside a circle? Eh, that one’s probably a little too esoteric. Not enough people would get the joke.

    • Calvin pissing on an Antifa logo – also available as a window sticker
      Now that is sweet!
      Placement on every Prius sporting a coexist sticker…

    • Randolph Scott

      Kudos to you MrCatbert for suggesting to these people something constructive that could benefit their cause. It’s very evident that many of those that comment on this site would not offer support of any kind except to tell them that they are wrong. For them it is more appropriate to deride anything these Trump Supporters want to do.

  6. Can’t see any value in this whatsoever. Let the marxists stew in their own shithole. Any event to take back Beserkly is likely to fail.

    Find some other locale nearby, where the local .gov is not so hospitable towards marxists, where THEY must be bused in & not simply stroll down the street or disappear like the cockroaches they are.