TL Davis: Even If Alone

(White Russian poster: ‘The Victor”)

People are twigging to the point that there is no talking to the Reds.

It is ultimately a death match.

The Reds.

Or us.

No holds barred.

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  1. The point of rational debate or disagreement are long gone. You can’t hold a conversation with anyone about anything unless ideologies are in line. Everything is politicized and polarized.

    Anyone who claims they have friends on “both sides” is naive quite frankly.

    • Oregon Hobo

      Incorrect. I converted people when I was young and liberal, and I’m sure as hell not about to stop now with all that damage to be cleaned up. Friends, co-workers, family. …And yes, I have friends of all sorts (I might even call them “diverse”), with the understanding that “friend” doesn’t have to mean BFF. It doesn’t even necessarily mean he might not try to shoot or shank you at any given moment.

      One should be able to function equally well teleconferencing with VPs in a corporate board room, sitting on the curbside drinking beer, smoking spliffs and cracking jokes with the local gangbangers in a new city, arguing with an engineer over the true cause of this morning’s robotic controller failure, or engaging in some friendly de-escalatory conversation with the tatted-up freaked-out hyper-paranoid skinhead coming off a 3-day meth bender who just carjacked you at gunpoint while on the run from a dozen black-and-whites and a ghetto bird for murder 1, who just saw his meth buddy get taken down last night, and who doesn’t like your Bob Marley CD.

      “TURN OFF THAT GODDAMNED NIGGER MUSIC! Hey, you got any Slayer?”

      “Naw, don’t have any Slayer. I’ve got a couple of Metallica CDs in the box over there though.”

      “I don’t listen to those faggots! I only like Slayer! Aw shit, you sure there’s no Slayer in here?”

      “‘Fraid not — I only have one and it’s in the stereo back at home. Radio then? Hey maybe you’re on the news!”

      You might be surprised at the sort of information one can come by, how helpful those human connections can be in a pinch, and how useful those social skills you honed in the last unlikely encounter might be in the next one.

      Anyone who claims social interaction is pointless is naive quite frankly. I’d be dead or in prison several times over without it. Make friends, influence people.


    • For years I have said that anyone involved in “Take a Liberal to the range day” is simply teaching skills to PPL that will at some later point shoot them in the back. (maybe that was the plan all along, Lock-UP Your Guns!) This lesson was learned as early as 1922, 1944, 1945, 1950’s-90’s ad nausea and yet endlessly repeated through-out the Cold War and into today’s culture. Never hand a gun, especially a loaded gun to your enemy…and yet otherwise bright PPL do so every day because they have been told by PPL they think are their ‘Leaders’ it’s the sociable thing to do! I know USMCs that fall for this Bleep!

  2. POd American

    CA, I don’t have your email addy, would you please post this link of utter nonsense on your blog? This is the kind of crap that makes one’s blood boil (comment about “a right” to an education by illegals and backup by the masters of education)


  3. SemperFi, 0321

    I don’t understand why people would want to go and engage in street protests, knowing they may end up laying in the street with a fractured skull or blinded by mace.
    This is all just dress rehearsal for street fighting with firearms, it will not go away or get better on it’s own. They are feeling out the opposition with useful idiots, and you going and getting involved in this manner just makes you another useful idiot who will get hurt before the real shit starts. Let them expend their time, money, and energy on street protests, but do not get involved to where you end up hurt and unable to engage when it really turns nasty.
    Reminds me of all the idiots who riot after sports events, just because……..low IQ reactionaries who want an adrenaline rush, for no reason, or taking drugs in the middle of the day, because you have absolutely nothing better to do?

    • See comment just now to Aesop.

      Only thing I omitted was the utility of confidence targets/actions.

      I don’t disagree with anything you said.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I believe it was here that you posted a video of street protests, maybe 2 yrs ago? of somewhere in middle east, unarmed marchers walked up to troop barricades when suddenly troops opened fire into crowd. People laying in street at bullets snapped by. Last scene was a man being unloaded from vehicle into hospital, with his entire jaw shot off, just a gaping hole in his lower head/throat.(how do you fix that?)
        That should serve as a lesson to never go where you shouldn’t be, and never underestimate the other side, people don’t play nice no matter what mommy told you.

        • Randolph Scott

          Well pardner, if You are going to wait until all the lights turn green before you do something, then you aren’t going to do anything.

          A comment on Pamella Geller’s website.
          “If you go read some of the democommie’s press releases you will find that Pam is telling the truth. Barry has 250 offices and 32,000 paid & trained “community organizers” nationwide for the express purpose of removing President Trump, courtesy of his boss, Soros.”

          There comes a time when some people get tired of shit like this and want to do something.

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Hey, knock yourself out. And wear some form of ID, so somebody can claim the body.

    • SF O321,

      As you know those 77 grain pills pack a lot of kinectic energy ! 😊

      • But, I am really liking some Sierra 220 grain RN, 30 cal slugs loaded for 300 BLK with an AAC can. Now THAT’s some kinectic energy.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          No, my .416 Taylor has some kinetic energy, along with some hydrostatic shock. 400 gr Hornady steel jacketed FMJ or Barnes TSX at 5,000 fpe! 🙂

          • SF 0321,

            Certainly, if there is a rifleman who frequents this blog, it’s you. Then again, your screen name describes you perfectly. 😉

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Why thank you, much appreciated!
              Off to the low country today, helping out with a petroglyph class down on the PopoAgie (Poposia) River. Beautiful sunny weather in the Wind River country.
              You folks have a nice day too.

    • My thoughts exactly, this aint a LARP!

  4. People are twigging to the point that there is no talking to the Reds.
    It is ultimately a death match.
    The Reds.
    Or us.
    No holds barred.

    Which is why street theater is just the local version of the United Nations.

    If it’s a battle, train for a battle.
    Not a pep rally yell-a-thon with the fans on the other side of the stadium.
    Even those idiots know games are won on the field, not in the stands.

    I understand the urge to get between those on our side, and the thugs from the other side, which is why I wrote what I wrote the other day.

    The bigger question is, knowing how little yakking back and forth is going to affect anything that matters, if you can put X number of like-minded individuals together at one time and place,
    1) why waste it on such futile gestures?
    2) can’t you think of twenty better (smarter, more effective, and actually USEFUL) things to do with that kind of turnout?

  5. No disagreement.

    People will selfselect action at their own risk level.

    I hope.

    • CA,

      “People will selfselect action at their own risk level.”

      Now THAT should be one of your mastheads. For a month. Minimum.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      John Hunt Morgan summed it up pretty well: “Men fight as much as necessary and no more; if they are forced to fight, they will sell their lives dearly.” (Might be a paraphrase – not sure if it’s the exact quote)

  6. The Usual Suspect

    The masters of education are very intelligent, educated, sensitive,
    but they don’t feel the ground moving beneath their feet.
    We are tired of the thieves , rummaging around in our pockets.
    Thats what illegals are, thieves !

  7. Politico-ethnic cleansing?

    If the entire community of military veterans (or any sub-group) from the end of Viet Nam until today, would not provide some well needed “Politico-ethnic cleansing” on the Veterans Administration, who do you think is going to do what? I must be missing something.

  8. antiFa Reds vs. TP Trumpaholics? Intervene to protect the we-can-still-vote-our way-out-of-this Trumpaholics? I don’t think so. A punch in the face does your average Trumpaholic a lot of good: punched sufficiently, he/she will become a hardRight/race realist. And then understand that the Reds have to be killed. Not voted at and argued with.

    • 90% of Trump voters understand.

      Not our fault he’s a cuck with grandkids who sing in Hebrew to Ivanka every night.

  9. Oregon Hobo

    2 items, if you’ve got the $$ to drop:

    1) A quality pair of gauntlet style motorcycle gloves with carbon-fiber knuckles: these provide amazing finger dexterity along with the kind of protection one needs when snuggling up with pavement and vehicles at freeway speeds+. Several years ago, an acquaintance of mine tried to forearm block a pool cue, took it in a bad spot on his wrist and was in surgeries & rehab for over a year trying to put all those little bones and associated tendons back together. Gauntlets. GAUNTLETS.

    2) If you’re actually going to bring a shield, you might as well be serious about it.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      How about elbow guards? Sounds like your friend needed elbow guards more than gauntlets.
      As someone who raced dirt bikes for many yrs, and has had high speed dismounts over the handlebars on more than a few occasions, motocross crash gear will save your life! Elbows, shins, knees, hips, chest and back, there is a ton of wonderful gear available to protect your body, look thru a motocross catalog and get the best you can afford, if you INSIST on going out for some head bashing.

      • Oregon Hobo

        I’m totally in favor of elbow pads, knee pads, full-length forearm and shin guards if possible, and whatever else one can get his hands on. Hockey gear is a worthwhile angle as well. Also, it’s geared more toward the specific hazard of getting whacked with a stick. 😀

        I mentioned the two items I did simply because those were two key goodies that I hadn’t yet seen mentioned in previous discussions.

        #OREGON HOBO#

  10. Do i feel the nee to go out and do “street battle,” with OPFOR now, no….Do i see a potential need in the future, yes…

    Will i go out then, maybe, lots of variables….As any Robin Sage candidate how it went for them when they gave an absolute/black or white, answer/response to the scenarios they were put in…

    What am i doing specifically to be part of the solution, vs just bitching about the problem as my pop opined?

    First off, taking care of me and mine, to make sure we can manage most crisis, being prepared in all manner of ways, all covertly as possible, as a suburban prepper can be.

    I also encourage and assist others who show seriousness of intent and willingness to do the things they need to do to become more self sufficient/prepared, not just for UN para’s/meteors/et al; but normal everyday SHTF moments like illness, job loss, etc.

    i stay physically fit by doing various workouts from muay thai/krav/boxing, to yoga to walking and hiking, try to eat well, stay on top of my health, and stay mentally strong by reading, gathering knowledge, and then sharing what i can, with whom i can, when i can.

    We are active in our community, i’m an unofficial block captain on neighborhood watch, and try to look out for our neighbors when warranted. local, local local is what i always here, and we are actively doing it.

    I’m a geek at heart, was a Comms (72E) guy in the ARMY, so naturally i delve into amateur radio, and have built quite the little commo toc in my home, all covert.

    I routinely monitor vhf/uhf/hf and various le/flea comms. I participate in various field training exercises and am always helping to get others involved, for the hobby aspect, and emcomm piece too.

    I also implement various intel gathering methods, ala Culper and the writing from Garand & Lawson, Failure of Civility…I create IPB’s and implement other tactics/techniques, have 4×6 index on neighbors who may be naughty or nice, color code them too.

    I network in meatspace with like minded folks and we work together to form MAG/QRF’s to assist one another if need be, and agreed to provide aid/shelter safe houses, to those in times of crisis if need be.

    Latest example was the riots we had because some ‘hood rat thought he could pull a pistol on a cop, and not get shot for it, the city exploded, and some of my friends were inadvertently caught up in the festivities, so they hit the agreed upon safe houses until things quieted down and they could travel safely home.

    All the while i, and several others, monitored the activities, battle tracking the riots, times, locations, etc. We were in active comms the entire time and keeping friends updated.

    Some of my like minded neighbors & I went on DEFCON 4, went over neighborhood protection plans, steps to prevent/deter rioters/looters from entering our neighborhood. I provided local tactical commo gear, and acted as the commo toc, as my rigs allow me to communicate effectively in the outlying areas….Just a few fellow bubbas with HT’s sitting at strategic locations in their vehicles, as flankers/pickets….thankfully nothing happened, but is was a good real world FTX….

    What we DID not do, was kit up and roll into Charlotte, we avoided confrontation, let LE handle it, and watched as those idiots/unfortunates get caught up in it. One fellow almost got BBQ’d….

    Another piece i think you might not be seeing is that we may not be loud, publicly active, joining militias, etc, going to defend Bundy and the like, for we prefer to be quietly preparing, ready if “it” comes to or near us, then we respond.

    If “IT” gets to the point that things go kinetic, it will be like kicking over an ant hill, and we will come out, from everywhere, for then we have nothing to lose.

    Right now, i do, my livelihood, potential freedom, legal fees, financial impact, social impact, maybe even physical pain and suffering, all for what?
    So that i can break a stick over some dudes head? Nah..i don’t like lawsuits….

    Do i think we will reach that point, yes i do…

    I look at civil wars/collapse like Argentina/Brazil/Venezuela/Bosnia/Columbia and El Salvador as prime examples of what things can be like here and am concerned, and discuss this often with my friends, of all colors and backgrounds. We can feel it, see it in the streets, on the news, etc.

    Only a person living in total denial or under a rock would not be aware of the break down/slow boil that is happening.

    The divide is growing wider and sharper like nothing i have seen in my 52 years and i am concerned…

    I’m the guy you look at, but don’t see, i am simply doing my thing, building my team, taking care of my local group/family/tribe as best as possible.

    Just because i am not vocal (publicly) about it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

    • RedinOleVirginny

      One of the best comments I have ever read. Same here brother. Same plan different neighborhood. Drive on and good luck

    • Psyop, out of respect for you and your preps, because you are prepared and ready and thank God for folks like you and there are others, but I am just going to point out a few things here.

      We need to stop looking at each other and saying they are doing it wrong, because that is not what I would do. (For the record, I think you are doing it right) But, that is not necessarily what I would do. See how that works? You don’t get an Army of cautious troops, or reckless troops, or stupid troops, or intelligent troops, you get the whole bag. Some of the greatest feats have been accomplished by reckless troops, who didn’t know any better but to charge right in. And, you get some of the most brilliant feats by those who take a different tack, who are calculating and precise. The point is, no matter what approach one takes, you can benefit. Some of the best troops have screwed up at just the wrong time and some of the worst troops have somehow done it right just when it needed to be done.

      I can agree wholeheartedly with you and still do something completely different, because I know who I am. I know what my role is.

      You see this as a time to get ready, to shore everything up. Man, I won’t argue with that, but it is also time to engage some of these thugs. Most military commanders see a value in sending out a skirmish squad. The whole freaking army doesn’t have to go. You have to test defenses and combat readiness, not only in your force, but in the opponents force. Test resolve. These are the troops we are going to be fighting in the streets, do you really think it has no value to dispirit them? To show them that pure dedication to their cause is not good enough, that when it comes down to a determined foe they wilt and can’t handle a true adversary, that when they beat up old men and women that’s all they are is thugs, but when it comes to the real thing they don’t have the power or resources?

      Okay, we disagree. That’s not the end of the world.

      Could I lose my life over it? I suppose, but I have been in a lot of tough spots and the wounds usually heal up. Some take longer than others. Don’t discount the value of that, either, the experience of blood on your shirt and a fight still to be had. It’s easy to look at this like it’s a defensive battle, rather than a war. I’m looking at it as a war. I think (as the title suggests) it is time to play a protective role in whatever battles are out there, let them come and be prepared to engage them. We get roughed up some, but we learn their weaknesses, their tactics and share it, while hopefully not exposing our own.

      Some folks are going to agree with you and others are going to agree with me. Neither of us, or them, are wrong. These are different tactics and strategies, different visions and we had better hope we have a diversity of them, because that is what it takes. The problem with those of us who are willing to defend ourselves and our people, whatever label fits, is that there’s too much finger pointing and name-calling. I am glad to have people with your perspective and I don’t care if you are glad to have someone of mine, but it would do this whole community some good to stop letting that put barriers up and start taking advantage of each other’s perspective. To see them as different roots of the same tree, rather than different trees.

      That’s all.

      • Exactly the topic at a recent discussion, under the heading of “Agree to agree, table everything else until after the victory parade.”

        I have mentioned my take before: “You gotta be at least as smart as the Irish, who after the 1916 debacle toned down their internecine friskiness enough to concentrate on kicking the Brits out of as much of Ireland as they could get. Then you can go back to whacking each other.”

        Note the “agree to agree” formulation. It works likes this.

        American #1 says he’s going out to skin a Red university professor. American #2 says he’s going to kidney-punch the first group of Bolshie snowflakes he can find. #3 is going to work on tightening up the training and logistics of his community. #4 says she is going to continue her PSYOPS work on behalf of the cause. #5 and #6 lurk behind TOR and a VPN to read alt-media sites and use what they each learn in educating their respective children in home school.

        Americans 1-6 are individually and collectively (eek!) smart enough to see that all of these plans appear to be deconflicted on their face. Accordingly, 1-6 agree to help each other where they can, how they can, when they can — overtly and/or covertly — and then wish each other “Good hunting”.

        End state: Feds out. Commies dead. Non-Americans back to their countries of origin, BAMN. Figure the rest out.

        Agree to agree.

  11. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    The world would be a much better place if, when Dorothy pulled backed the curtain she’d have center punched the Wizard in the forehead with a 45 ACP!

  12. Imagine, leaderless, sporadic, and ineffective actions taken by a few individuals, who at least are engaged in SOMETHING, losing ultimately to the well led, funded, and trained Marxists. Why? Because if you’re going to take on a well organized and professional opponent, you should be at the very least a professional and well organized group. Unless going all Taliban on them is what you would call effective. But then again, this isn’t the same kind of fight, is it? In this case, there is overwhelming evidence of the Left holding all the cards. The power, the people, the resources, the strategy, the tactics, the support, the carefully crafted mission statement, the goals, and everything else anyone could ever want, to eventually win the Civil War, and begin slaughtering the remaining Right. We get to be the Indians, alright, and they are going to bury us alive, because we are leaderless, sporadic, and ineffective. But don’t let anyone try to pull the reins in on you, because you’re not a sucker who will submit to discipline, and leadership. Instead, we will all submit to being hanged, one at a time, because we’re so fucking smart and independent. The Left have no such qualms, and they just love using our “virtues” to kill us. Hey, if you think about it, we’re doing the Lefts job for them, being leaderless, sporadic, and ineffective.

    • Deaf Ears Brother…. People will not band together until it is forced upon them…They would rather wait so they don’t have a choice who they get stuck with…It’s the Walking Dead mentality…Sad That…

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Well said Sean,
      Most here haven’t even had basic riot control training, not even sure how many vets went thru it, but it sure gives you an idea of how to keep your group together when assaulted from all sides.
      Oh fuck it, I’m only preaching to self made experts anyway……you guys’ll figure it out OJT when common sense won’t keep you at home anymore. Go rumble for your ego.

    • Yep the Jew has a massive advantage by owning all of the world’ land, gold, silver, media, government, and fiat money. Literally all of us who are not rural farmers are at the mercy of the Jew to get a job. The Jew keeps $2M and has real property all over the world while paying the goyim peanuts to do all of the work. The goyim can barely pay rent on one home. Even farmers are at the mercy of (((banks))) and the seed (((restrictions))).

    • You overstate by orders of magnitude what they hold.
      The power? Notably NOT. In some places, yes, but the news for going on years is how much they don’t hold any power, which is why they’re all bitch-mode ranty now. They have no other options.
      The people? Nope. Bare mathematical majority, but that’s hyper-concentrated in very few places. Avoid D.C., NYFC-Boston, Frisco-L.A., and couple of Special Snowflake inner cities, and they are virtually non-existent.
      The resources? Food: Nope. Water: Nope. Energy: Nope. Transportation: Nope. The have the media. The internet is neutral. Their money is only a thing now; intrinsically, it’s high-quality toilet paper.
      Stop, my sides hurt. Their strategy is that when 15 months of bitching for Shrillary failed, to bitch louder. Let me know how that works out for them.
      The tactics: Stop, I can’t breathe. They’re going to wet themselves until we listen, and bend to their tantrums. Sh’yeah, I’ll just do what the crying baby wants. Said no parent ever.
      The support: They can barely keep their own side together, and they’re turning the squishy undecided middle against them by the incident.
      So no.
      The carefully crafted mission statement: WTF. See above.
      The goals: WTF Squared. It’s nice to dream, but real life is a bit harsher.
      They have so little their only goal is to try to accomplish by open violence what they couldn’t get by persuasion.
      That might work with rabbits, but not so much on people. Anywhere, from the dawn of time to now.
      The reason CWII is likely is that they can’t change anyone’s mind, and won’t change the subject.
      They are so bad at what they’re trying to do, if they were three times as effective, they’d be rapidly closing in on only being incompetent.
      They’re dangerous primarily because they have opposable thumbs.
      Call me when they think they can take on an NRA rally, or a NASCAR event.
      At this point, a church picnic or VFW Bowling Night would kick their asses. This is why they stay in the few places where they hold a bare advantage, and even then, it’s not turning out well.
      And if their illegal alien personnel base is impinged on, and their EBT and student loan umbilical is compromised, they’ll all have to go get real jobs, and won’t have time for street shenanigans.

      Cheer up, man.

  13. I will be facing Marxists in Kentucky next month. I hope to sanction as many as I possibly can, within the limits of the law of course. God’s law.

    The time is here.

  14. Oregon Hobo

    A few thoughts on the larger topic of street-level social engagement:

    1) Seems like a powerful bonding experience for a group anticipating future hardship, as well as an effective way to sort out the talkers.

    “Yeah, yeah man, I’ll be there.”

    There are some things I’d rather learn in a 50-man brawl than a 50-man gunfight.

    2) I’m inclined to believe that holding events at universities does indeed make a very significant difference. Where else is one going to find such a high concentration of mushy young minds? Those kids are likely to be around for a very long time, and likely to be making decisions with a disproportionate impact on those around them. If we’re ceding this ground at the first sign of push-back, what is the alternative plan for outreach, and when the thugs show up there, what is the alternative alternative plan? This weekend, I’d like for you to set Milo Yiannopolous’ aborted De Paul University speech running on a screen somewhere nearby while you go about your day. Observe how easily it was simply shut down by a tiny handful of people while the university security (for which the organizers had been charged thousands of $$) sat on their hands.

    3) Wasn’t street-brawling between the Commies and Nazis a major component of the Weimar Republic’s political evolution? Why is it that those who weren’t ready to represent at pavement-level also turned out not to be among the serious contenders, or if you prefer, finalists, for control of the country?

    4) My recollection from history classes while growing up in Canada includes some reading and discussion Canada’s early political evolution, which involved a great deal of election-day street-level intimidation by Tory thugs back in the 1800s. Consensus was that it most certainly made for effective politics, especially before secret balloting became a thing. Who knows, maybe it was all just anti-right classroom propagandization, but I have a hard time believing it was pure fabrication.

    Back to the present, I just have a hard time seeing how a refusal to engage could not be exploited by our enemies, especially this far down on the escalation-of-force continuum. If we won’t engage now, then when?

    Realistically, you’re probably not going to have the ideal platoon-sized team the first time around… but after a few runs these things can start to coalesce, and you’ll have your seasoned spotters, fighters, videographers, maybe even someone starting up the beginnings of an operations center. Having an organized and disciplined team is great and we should strive for that, but saying anything less than perfection should just stay home is self-defeating.

    How do you think the left got to where they are now? Looks to me like they got started by showing up, making their mistakes while the stakes were relatively low, taking their casualties, licking their wounds, learning, and hardening the fuck up.

    Need motivation for your workout? Howabout the memory of getting kicked repeatedly in the ribs and teeth at the rally last weekend because you were too slow, tired too fast, and lost that spring in your step just when you needed it most?

    To be sure, there is a very real risk of providing grist for claims of moral equivalency. That’s why it’s critical to make sure one’s own side has plenty of videographers — not very difficult in this day and age. If you’re showing up on your own, coordinate with the other camera people you see, and make sure to defend them if something goes down. Have a laptop in a nearby secure location that you can use to collect photos & video from your compatriots. Bring a few blank CDs to burn and distribute. Encourage others to follow your example.

    Propaganda plays both ways, and if we’re not one of the players, then the only roles left for us are consumer or victim. There’s just no excuse for us not to seize the publicity opportunities provided by these street dramas, especially considering the weakened state of our big media enemies, who for the longest time were the standard excuse not to do anything. It’s not going to get any easier than this.

    Catch our enemies beating on some women and old folks prior to righteous dispensation of a li’l curbside justice. Give people something to cheer for. Get some meme-friendly photo material out there on the nets. …and make sure you’re capable of eating that first hit, or maybe the first several hits before you give anything back. Remember, you’re on camera. Appearance is _everything_. Roles of aggressors and defenders need to be unmistakably visible for the courts of law and of public opinion, so be ready to turn that other cheek for all to see.

    That brings us to the risk of bodily harm and imprisonment, but I think it’s fair to say that the degree of risk and severity of likely negative outcomes are both about as minimal as one could ask, especially considering what we see coming over the horizon.

    I can only speak for myself, but if we should be standing down in service to some greater strategy, I could do with quite a bit more explanation than some movie quote about full retards. Meme-posting is great for mocking and dismissing one’s enemies, but it’s a poor substitute for dialog among allies. I reckon this warrants quite a bit more discussion than our gatekeepers of operational perfection appear to believe.

    Happy trails,


    • As a person who lived through Days Of Rage awa the first Watts riots I am here to tell you that your estimate of where we are vis a vie 0 Hour is way, way off. Soros desperately wants a massive retaliation by “The Right” so he has something to hang his shingle on which is why every muslim massacre is coined “Right Wing Hatred”. The Left will disintegrate with-in two years if left alone, and if not, they will revert to open, self acknowledged, terror tactics, and that is the moment to take them and their muslim allies down BAMN and the proper PPL to do it are Asians.

      • Oregon Hobo

        Some points granted. We’ll see on the more speculative ones. I’m not so sure our enemies will repeat their mistakes for us. Maybe.

        All this reminds of something I am compelled to relate. Not sure whose argument it supports, but back in the very early Bush years, I remember seeing a photo taken in Sweden during some anti-WTO/anti-Bush riots. The photographer had taken the photo right at the end of a line of fully kitted Swedish riot cops being engaged in a medieval infantry battle by a line of Black Bloc’ers. The photograph gave an unparalleled perspective. I often wonder what happened to the photog in the seconds following, but the right-up-there intimate detail was extraordinary.

        Two things struck me:

        The Bloc’ers had clearly put some time, thought, and training into this. They were armed with bats, hockey sticks, shovel handles, dressed in football pads, hockey pads, skate pads, motorcycle helmets, whatever they could find. Quite a few had either rolls of foam rubber or partially-inflated inner tubes heavily duct-taped to their left forearms as makeshift shields. Quite a few gas masks. Light packs on just about everyone, hydration hoses on several. Their formation was tight, and disciplined.

        The Bloc’ers were also clearly on the offense. The clearly visible faces of those riot police behind their clear faceshields looked like they were watching the Martians land — fear, confusion, and astonishment as they were driven back on their heels.

        It’s one of those things one really wishes one had saved before it disappeared down the memory hole.

        #OREGON HOBO#

    • 1) Seems like a powerful bonding experience for a group anticipating future hardship, as well as an effective way to sort out the talkers.

      “Yeah, yeah man, I’ll be there.”

      There are some things I’d rather learn in a 50-man brawl than a 50-man gunfight.

      Which begs the question of why anyone with a brain would enter a 50-man brawl given a choice, but ignoring that, the first thing you’ll learn is that you’ll attract the same strata of folks with no job or anything better to do with their time from on your side of the fence, and at least 50% of the whole will be on the payroll – for The Man. It’s been, what? – five or ten minutes since Malheur…?

      If you want to see how this works out every day, look at someplace like the Red Cross:
      The paid staff are the well-intentioned functional incompetents who couldn’t get a real job for a real business to save their lives, who think they know what they’re doing because the organization tells them they do, and they control the clipboards. But the driving force is volunteers, who have actual real world skills, are usually orders of magnitude brighter and more in demand as personnel than the “professionals”, hence they’re over-commited 24/7/365, so they don’t have time for institutional games or other silly shit until it gets real.

      The second group is how you get a Cajun Navy out of thin air, and Rooftop Koreans.

  15. virtue signaling leads to testosterone driven territorial displays and add-hock rioting. Better to be a pro

  16. Oregon Hobo

    Clarification of one point from above:

    Have a CLEAN CHEAP laptop in a nearby secure location. NOT your $2500 mobile workstation/game machine containing your entire life’s worth of documents, photos, B&D porn, and that manifesto you hammered out at 2am after 12 beers.


  17. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  18. I taped my Trump sigh to a cold steel viking ax. With the long handle I can hold my sign higher.

    • Oregon Hobo


      FFS I might be starting to see what Aesop was so worried about.

      If you’re going to do step in on a protest, you need to be able to restrain yourself to a clearly justifiable escalation of force in accordance with conditions.

      Let’s start with the purposes of a hypothetical engagement. As I see it, those are:

      1) Provide security for our side’s protests and speaking events, and
      2) exploit propaganda opportunities.

      If you need an axe to accomplish item 1 against unarmed bullies, you need more PT. Regarding item 2, splitting some protestor’s skull with a (racist) viking axe will be the enemy’s propaganda victory, not ours, no matter who he was or what he was doing.

      When people watch the video afterward, they need to see you trying repeatedly to de-escalate, avoid the fight, and then finally, when forced, apply only as much force as necessary to repel the violent attack by. They are the aggressors itching for a fight and got beat down, we’re the peaceful folks who were forced to bust up a face or two in self-defense. Are you supporting that narrative, or monkey-wrenching it?

      Ok, so let’s game this out a step or two. Say for the sake of argument that you disagree with the purposes I proposed above, and your purpose is “kill a commie!” So you go out to a protest or speaking event, find some trash-talking punk roughing up anyone with a red baseball cap, you call upon your inner berserker, then you scatter his brains across the sidewalk.

      Then what?


      • I probably don’t need my Harley either, crotch rockets are faster and cheaper. Do you know what the first rule in a fight is? Never fight fair. But if your’e frying to maintain the moral high ground perhaps you should avoid the fray all together. But your’e right dog I’ma going to leave the ax at home.. I’m bringing a Rapier and just make fast small holes.

  19. the states are a fucking mess. what do you expect when you force 325 million different types to all obey arbitrary bs laws?

    who in their right senses would live there? sheesh.

    • tfat, you are correct. and we may or may not be in our right senses, that is true.
      we are, however, still here – and willing to be in the fight, regardless.
      we have not abrogated our responsibility, and ex-patriated to another country; only to turn around and then talk trash to those who decided to stand and fight. you are now a canuck, so tend to the idiots in Ottawa – you’ve got your hands full in your adopted country, certainly.
      The rest of us? One way or another, rightly or wrongly – we’ve got this.

  20. That old pesky concept of reality seems to surface.Looks you square in the eye and says,”What the fuck were you thinking?” Foremost,you cannot do anything for anyone else unless you put yourself first.It is not selfish,but practical and logical. Involving yourself in a street brawl,away game,no home field advantage.. That is stupid and selfish. The only people itching for a fight either haven’t had a large enough dose of death and destruction, or they are mentally ill.
    I have seen enough.Humans,shot,stabbed,dismembered,run over by vehicles,mangled,beat to death,chunks bit off,limbs ripped off,eviscerated, crispy critters ,decapitations and cobains.It hits home when there are children involved.
    If someone is looking for trouble,they can be accommodated with a wide variety of options..preferably on my terms. .Newtons third law is..”For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Reality.

  21. CA, here’s a start for TL. I listen to NPRs morning news show on the drive to work.(I know) It’s a “Know thy ENEMY” thing, for me. Their Rachel Martin had interviewed a bunch of conservatives in Charlotte NC before the election. Thing is, they have a monthly breakfast together. Story today was a post election re-interview. Named names, numbers, location, and frenquency of “breakfast meeting” on air. Doxxed in other words. Needless to say in the current climate, if I was one of those named, I would for sure be looking over my shoulder 24/7. Of course I would never ever talk to an NPR correspondent to begin with. Some here may know these guys. A word to the wise would certainly be in order.

  22. I was going to comment, but I don’t gaf anymore. Fix bayonets. Charge!

  23. If you’re winning and the other guy is basically defeating himself, why in the fuck would you want to change your winning tactics to go fight him on the ground of HIS choosing?

    I’m pretty sure I never ran across that particular strategem in Clausewitz.

    • T.L. Davis

      It’s not his ground. He exposes himself, we know where he will be, he doesn’t even know we exist.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Some folks never seem to understand basic rules;
      Never play a man at his own game.
      Never allow yourself to be funneled into a killing zone.
      Never be where the enemy expects you to be.
      Never recklessly expose yourself to harm.
      Etc, etc……….and yet folks just can’t wait to expose themselves to injury and break all these rules for what? Simian chest beating? Ego?

    • Stop thinking tactics and start thinking strategy. That’s why we keep getting our asses kicked by the left. We worry about winning a battle, while they focus on winning the war.

      While beating the living shit out of the leftist thugs would no doubt be cathartic, what does it actually accomplish for us? In real term goals. Not “We showed them!” or anything like that. How does it benefit us as a political entity?

      Think about it for a minute, please. Soros and his buddies deliberately imported Eurotrash agitators to goad us into escalating the violence exactly the way you guys are talking about doing. There’s a reason behind it. They want it to happen. So why do you want to play their game, when they’re currently busy losing because they’re forced to play ours?

      If the left can’t win outright, they want to destabilize the country. See: Ukraine. Under current conditions they can’t do that. They’re not in power, and the vast majority of the people wouldn’t tolerate them using 3rd World tactics here to do the job. Not under the current conditions. But if they can ratchet up the violence and turn it into a Red vs. Blue color war in the streets, then it gets easier for them to pull off dirtier jobs. The more violence, the better for them. As law and order is perceived to be breaking down, the easier it is for the population at large to approve of harsher measures being taken to restore order.

      This is the goal. It would not surprise me in the least to see them start planting ringers on OUR side to escalate things if we don’t start playing their game soon.

  24. Too many determined enemies to keep track of. Think maybe people are getting a little distracted from a grimer possibility.