CHS: The War Within The Deep State Just Broke Into Open Warfare


Polygonal full-spectrum battlespace.

Both within and without Leviathan.

8 responses to “CHS: The War Within The Deep State Just Broke Into Open Warfare

  1. Lightninbolt

    Don’t think they have President Trump’s back! Intruder or intruders at the White House today? I thought that Trump would be at his “winter White House” in Florida….is President Trump changing his weekend routines? For an ” eye opening” reason? Hope so…to route out the commie ilk! Ha….ha……

  2. I put more faith in Pravda than I do the WaPo.

  3. Dog, meet pony. In fact the ZOG Pentagon and the ZOG Intel Agencies are entirely on the same page: ceaseless wars to keep Israel on the map and oil-producers on the dollar. Culminating in the penultimate Judeo-globalist wet dream, the destruction of (White) Russia. And eventually the destruction of all the White nations and the Whites themselves.

  4. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “In effect, privacy is now contingent on the level of interest the Security State has in the private conversation/data.”

    That has always been the case. Governments now just have more effective means of monitoring the conversation/data.

  5. None of that matters. Rotterdam, Netherlands is in flames. The islamic turks rioted there tonight because they weren’t allowed to interfere in the Dutch election that are in just a few days. Nazi Erdogen is evicting the Dutch diplomats from Turkey as i type this. This is a huge international scandal. As I write this, Turks from Germany are streaming into the Netherlands to join in the riots. The election riots I predicted after the March 15 elections have started early. These riots guarantee a Wilder’s victory and his victory will bring exponential more violence in Europe. Then comes Frances election of Le Pen in 6 more weeks. The muslim immigrant violence over the next months in Europe will evaporate the deep states opposition to Trumps immigration policies. Trump will be proved right, beyond any doubt.
    My God Europe, not again.

  6. Grey Ghost

    I don’t GARA who leaks what, as long as it stops the deep state NEOCON SOBs from getting us into a war. War without end will not fix the economy of any country. History proves that out. You can have peace and prosperity or war and poverty. Take your fucking pick. CHS seems to think there are only two sides to the split… I suggest there are at least three… Progressives, Neocons (war mongers), and maybe just maybe a few patriots.

    I keep telling you that the BoR is DEAD and has been for a long time. And politicians on BOTH sides like it that way. Do I need to go through it one amendment at a time? Well, not for the folks here at WRSA but for all those people who think all is fine with Lincolns Leviathan now that Trump is elected.

    Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “War without end will not fix the economy of any country.”

      Wars of conquest will – so long as you can keep conquering more resources, you’ll be fine. The problem starts when you stop conquering.

  7. Followed the link to “Vault 7 CIA Hacking Tools Revealed” which is, in summary, an overview report.

    A careful reading of this overview is highly recommended.

    Wouldn’t be a bit surprising to conclude that the “Russian Hacking” narrative boils down to a CIA/Brennan/Obama/Clinton/Podesta created hydra.

    As much is suggested in the reading of both the article, and the overview summary.