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  1. And the typical liberal reply would be…..
    “OH, but that’s different!”

  2. I talked with someone this week who revealed his daughter had 2 abortions (she’s still in college). We’re catching up to the old Soviet Union in so many ways.

  3. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Crazy Joo!

  4. MaryfromMarin

    They have absolutely no concept of cause and effect.

    Excellent image. Kudos to the person who put it together.

  5. sorry to have to say this? Glad to say I have zero respect for
    this ditz of a woman and for her shite opinion. I never had an
    abortion. Who murders their own flesh and blood?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Who murders their own flesh and blood?”

      Psychopaths, mobsters, and those with designs on the imperial throne.

      • Agreed!

        Kim Jung’s brother just got the treatment retroactively…..

        In my eyes abortion IS murder no matter how one tries to explain it away! An unmitigated evil!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  6. The logic… it burns.

  7. That poor kid cracks my ass up every time I see his perplexed little mug in a meme.
    If he got a dime for every meme out there with his picture on it he would be rich.

  8. Virgil Kane

    The hardcore abortionists act like every woman ought to have one just for giggles. Disgusting bitches.

  9. Perhaps she should have abborted herself it would of done us all a favor

  10. William Munny

    5 decades of 1st world abortions ===>Cultural enrichment of <80 IQ thugtards, buttressed by Islamic uteruses.


  11. And how would such a ban be enforced? Oh, by guns, of course!

    • TheAlaskan

      That’s right. Those who want your guns are planing on keeping theirs.

      • TheAlaskan


      • Yes, which is the reason that they always EXEMPT THEMSELVES in their gun control laws. The ruling elite class takes from others what they keep for themselves because–ONLY YOUR ENEMY WANTS YOU DISARMED.

  12. Lightninbolt

    Yeah,see, silly “frankin-Steinem” is making the illuminati hand sign…it’s all about “all them witches” in the D.C. swamp and the world. They care nothing for human life.

    • lastmanstanding

      They (illuminati) actually care about the aborted fetuses. Rumor has it that (they believe) they need them for eternal life, so called fountain of youth bs and that fetuses are bought and sold on the black market world wide. Sick, satanic fucks.

      Everyone has seen the Pizzagate/human trafficking stories. For centuries, these practices have been carried out by cults all over the earth. Ignore this at your own peril…it is food for thought and consideration in ones overall plan for survival.

      Don’t have a specific link because there all over the web. If one talks a minute to think about it, it is not all that unbelievable…I’ll leave one to do their own research.

      Great masthead CA. Kinda setting our place up to be that way.

      • Lightninbolt

        Planned Parenthood = BAAL worship! Since the beginning of time…nothing new under the sun.

  13. POd American

    Gloria, wrong verb, should read “am.” There, I fixed it for you.

  14. This, from the well known, and one time Playboy Bunny, shit-fake, “activist”, lesbo/cunt/dipshit, who never fails in conversations to mention that she experiences menses, ( not no more, not no how) and insists on being the center of attention in every situation. What ever. Had an abortion? Why the fuck any man would stick his stuff into something like that is proof that some people have a death wish. Of course, it could have been a boar when she was drunk and passed out in the sty. Please, no inquiries as to how I might be in possession of that knowledge.

    • actually – somewhat to the disappointment of radical Judeo-feminists everywhere – (((Steinem))) got married – to a M-A-N – in late middle age. One of her own tribe. But he dropped dead a few months later. Don’t wonder why. Lately, indicating the ultimate purposes of Judeo-feminism, synchronous with the Human Extinction movement, the Steinem has stipulated: “in the future, there will be no gender”.

  15. lastmanstanding

    Yikes! (I just reread my post!) “I’m not suggesting” in any way of joining the bastards in the last half of my post ladies and gents! What I am saying is that this is what we MAY be up against!

  16. I wonder if Gloria ever thanked her own Mother for not going down that road.

    Liberal Logic. A true contradiction in terms.

    • POd American

      Seriously doubt it….don’t think she’s capable of that level of humanity.


      Word. Even in her younger days, it would have taken me more than a few cans of Miss America beer to have my way with that hatchet-faced monster. She needs to change the wording on the T-shirt to: ” I MURDERED AN INNOCENT UNBORN CHILD”. Anathema sit.

  17. Liberal = Egotistical, Loud Mouth, Self-Serving, Proud, Un-Repentent, Disrespecful, AHOLES!

  18. GLORIA. One of the finest songs by.Van Morrison.
    Gloria Steinen.”She only bitches ,when she’s breathing.”

  19. Grey Ghost

    Gloria needs to be butt stroked… and no not in that way but with the butt of a rifle to knock some common sense into her ass. So you say she’ll never change… I agree. That’s why she needs the long stroke.

    Seriously does anyone really care what this feminist says or believes?

    Grey Ghost