Female Privilege

COGDIS, courtesy of Chateau Heartiste.

Perhaps we are approaching Peak Madness.

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  1. Ironically, the socio Marxists accuse us of not being in touch with our inner being and they often say how we have internal tension. Now we have an actual scientific study that more or less shows that we are more in tune with, and more comfortable with, our natural selves than the statists. This allowed us to actually hear and interpret what Trump was saying, rather than be blinded by unnecessary bullshit. This in turn allowed us to make a lower risk decision with our vote.

  2. feminism, just another crack in the country of many where a minority, feminists; impose their will on the country. the majority of the country is too concerned with themselves; but the hardcore of groups like these use that apathy to push the country in their direction and eventually over the cliff.
    feminism, diversity, environmentalism, homosexual equality, etc. all put the country in a position where small minoirities rule it and the apathy of the majority allow it until eventually the country is a bunch of special interests groups and not a country united in the best interests and preservation of itself.
    given that and the ongoing debasement of our currency, it’s not too hard to see at some point things are going to take a real bad turn and may never turn back.

  3. COGDIS – Had to look it up to see what it was referring to. Apprarently not a military acronym after all. 🙂
    Cognitive Dissonance – the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs,
    or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. From http://www.simplypsychology.org/cognitive-dissonance.html “…we hold many cognitions about the world and ourselves; when they clash, a discrepancy is evoked, resulting in a state of tension known as cognitive dissonance. As the experience of dissonance is unpleasant, we are motivated to reduce or eliminate it, and achieve consonance (i.e. agreement).”
    In other words. If it is too uncomfortable to change core beliefs, invent a logical sounding argument to explain the evidence away. That would explain a lot.
    When we see this in other people and you are getting nowhere, all you can do is recognise their present core beliefs are too strong for them to challenge and then disengage with them and do something else.
    Over time I think many people do get hit with the clue bat enough that they gradually are able to modify or change their core beliefs to fit the real world evidence. Although we don’t all agree on everything, most people do come to the realization that some things are unpleasant to believe but are true, some things that are easily ignored or dismissed are actually valuable and important, and some things are wrong and cannot be trusted no matter who or what else other people say.
    Will give Guadalupe and Salvatore credit for conducting a good experiment. That it resulted in such an unexpected outcome is one way to know it was a good experiment. 🙂

  4. Wiener singing like a canary to save his ass?
    Could the witch vag of Benghazi actually be indicted?
    If it happens the left will come totally unglued.
    If Wiener rats out the Clinton organized crime syndicate there aren’t enough pied pipers to take care of the vermin who will be trying to make deals with the feds.
    One can only hope it turns into a cascade failure of the deep state assholes who have screwed us dirt people for so long.
    The only option if not, is rope. Lots of rope.


    • POd American

      Just wishful thinking on your part and mine. I’ll believe it when I see their dangling from a gallows, bloated and rotting bodies, with my own eyes.

    • forge,

      There are STILL 46 soetoro-obama appointed,Marxist attorneys in the DOJ. Instead of just walkin’ the bastards off the premises Sessions asked them nicely to quit. What if they don’t ?

      Making deals with the Feds ? Only if the Fed deal-makers are dedicated Trumpsters. Otherwise, Barry will be calling the shots thru his imbedded DOJ attorneys.

    • I think the rope is too “nice” of an option. We need a particularly American punishment and one that fits in with the times.

      You know those dunking birds that sit on your desk and go back and forth into a cup of water? Well imagine the entire Washington Mall lined with these big arms similar to a dunking bird. On the end of the arm – is mounted a politician. We could determine who gets mounted on the arms by a nationally televised show called “America’s Got Corrupt Politicians” where everybody gets to vote. At the bottom of the travel sits a big tub – filled with piss and shit. Entire families could take a trip to DC to take a dump into the vat so their most hated politician is literally – eating their shit every time the arm drops his (or her) corrupt ass into the tub.

      We could light them up – and run them 24×7 like a big national amusement park. C-Span could televise 24×7. Trump was talking about his own network – this would be a great lead-off show to bring in the viewers.

      The French had their iconic guillotine. The Romans had the crucifixion cross. We need something uniquely “American”.

      I’m pretty sure this would this would kill most of the people strapped on the end of the pole – it would just be nice and slow – like they deserve.

      Plus it would be entertaining as hell – and interactive for everybody.

      Strap him to the dunking arm!


    Let them keep talking. Let them keep debating. Let them keep screeching and carrying signs. Let us keep prepping and planning. And, when the time is right, doing.

  6. If we’re not through Peak Madness, then it’s never gonna happen. It’s possible we are, Trumpism being the best evidence, but in the alternative I’d strongly suggest a Plan B.

    Maybe let ’em eat cake and be as crazy as they wish. There’s still the longshot hope that the collectivists will kill each other off. It’s what they do best, after all.

    • I don’ think we’re even close to peak madness yet. Strap in and hold on – because summer is coming.

  7. It’s not about reason, facts, or morality.

    It’s about power. And that is why certain people will never be satisfied until they are standing over your corpse (and that of your loved ones).

  8. Consider that the reason things haven’t flung themselves into heavy, sharp and dangerous pieces in a whirlwind of CW2 fiasco and carnage, is because………there are so many powerful and vested interests striving mightily to prevent just that. Always ask yourself this question. Why is X not happening when you can see X happening as easily as you can see the back of your own hand? A: Mighty forces with money and power are fighting against that very possibility. B: Huge populations mean that millions of people will actively/passively drag their feet as they see the approaching shit storm to resist it, because they always avoid confrontation/politics/violence/change. Think of CW2 as a rabies infected Grizzly Bear, locked in a secure cage, of indeterminate life span, about 900 lbs, and unbelievably enraged and roaring, because some people have wandered by, and poked him with a stick. The guard shoos these people away, and the cage remains securely locked. But somehow, some one opens that cage, the beast is out, out among the school children, the mothers with newborns in strollers, the old couples using canes or wheel chairs to get around, the young lovers, the young men and women out alone, on lunch break, and people just there because they’re bored and have nothing else to do right now. Nobody wants to even see what happens next, much less imagine it. But happen it will. Because at some point, some one will push that open button, because it will be advantageous for them to do so.