GoV: Rotterdam Riots

Escalation in Europa.

Expect more.

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  1. Grey Ghost

    IF the EU holds til the end of this year I’ll be surprised. There is a storm coming to Europe and this will be the third time in modern history.

    Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There is a lot of failure/collapse built into any big organization, and the EU is doing its level best to burn through it all as fast as possible.

    • takes 2 2 tango. There’s little fight left in western Europe: London already has a raghead mayor…and now (TY, GOV, I did not know this)…Rotterdam as well. Erdogan’s “Ministers” politiking in Germany, and getting away with it and, almost, in Holland. Yeah, that’s too bad about [[[Wilders]]]. And [[[Le Pen]]]. And [[[Trump]]].

  2. Molyneux…please find this and and post this, somebody.

    Gets to the nub of the matter, especially about the EuroWeenies and, by extension, here.

    “What pisses me off about  Western Civilization” 

    Posted  on 3/11 appx 1600 PST

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    …about time the Lil Dutch Boys “plugged the gap” in the leaking Zuiderzee.

    Next step: a hot lead party for restive Team Mo. Whoops! Where’s the 2nd Amend in EEU?

  4. An eye opener for the clueless Dutch

  5. lon a follower

    Islam or freedom? Perpetual war anyone? So many will believe wiping out all of Islam by physical force is attainable and (a good idea?)
    Is this the sales pitch? Then freedom will ring throughout the ‘world.’
    Have any of you considered islam as just another false flag upon the world stage?
    Have any of you asked who would benefit from such a flag?
    “Worldly” freedom may be an illusion, and leading many into traps and temptations.
    As we know, we have been warned. Perhaps seeking direction from men is the wrong solution?
    While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought into bondage. 2 Peter 2:19
    We are told John is a companion in tribulation. Rev. 1:9 There is good reason for this. In the writings of John, revealed of Mashiak we are warned and encouraged to become set-apart from the world.
    Now, I know many will say, we are not in the days of “tribulation.” Yet how many go through tribulation Un aware.
    How many will,wash their robes white in His blood in the “great distress?
    There is a purpose for all of these worldly events, finding peace in these events is the challenge.

  6. lon a follower

    Which is more evil? A “Muslim” pedophile or a “Christian” pedophile?

    • Bad Attitude

      The muslim pedophile will gleefully cut off your head with a dull knife while singing praises to his god.

    • NorthGunner

      Both are dispicable! moslems have been raping their way across the globe for over 1400 years, the opposing monotheists have been inflicting themselves on native people’s (the Polynesians, South Sea Islanders, Hawaiians, Eskimos and other Indians) for at least a couple of centuries.

      I have absolutely no use for religious fanatics of any sort, and that includes fellow Neo Pagans (I’m referring to the ‘Dianics’ here; talk about self-hating bitchy uber feminazi’s…GRRRRRRR!!!).

      islam and it’s followers ARE an existential threat to all non-moslem people and cultures!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore, islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

  7. lon a follower

    When the plans of the “empire” state that depopulation is desired and required who then is the enemy?
    Are these plans more easily achieved when we the people (tribes) hate and fear each other or if we care and have a love for each other?
    Expose the weeds, the lies,etc. Liars are among all earthly, collectives.
    His will be done.

    • it’s White depopulation that’s planned – and being done – not Black, Brown, Yellow, Muslim. “His will” has nothing to do with it. It’s (((their))) will. White % of world population:

      1900: 30%

      2000: 8%

      2100: extinct

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Will we trade the evil we suspect for the evil exposed ?
    In all probability no, introspection is painful.