Page Six: Shia LeBoeuf Gets Trolled By Pro-Trump 4Chan Volunteers

Watch the vid at the link.

Too funny.

Sure glad distributed analysis, collection, and direct action isn’t possible without formal structure.

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  1. Amusing prank. I’m fascinated to see how “distributed analysis, collection, and direct action… without formal structure” gets strategic results./ S//

    • Not saying it’s the whole boat by any means.

      • Pepe the frog croaking in the quiet night air was priceless. The Autist saying “F*** Shia LaBoeuf” at the end could only be better if he said “BFYTW”.

        • other than yettanother overpaid (((Hollywood))) actor/actress spouting the destructive values of his Jew paymasters….WTF is a “Shia LeBoeuf” and why should we care? I never heard of this little prick until the alt-Right started using him as as yettanother of their templates.

    • I wanna know if they had permits
      To do that and when will all the goody two shoes law abiding citizens of merit condemn these acts as stooping to their level? ūüėČ

    • In dealing with volunteers, you work with what you have. Some, most, will never understand strategy. Let the logistical train start rolling.

      In this particular instance, it is part of a strategy of constant attack of Their narrative, keeping them off balance – and maybe, just maybe, instilling a little fear when they realize what can happen to them, because they can’t hide.

  2. Lmao.

    Too funny!

    Shia is confused, but don’t confuse him with a snowfkake. He’s an angry son of a bitch (and for good reason) and misguided to say the least.

    He did knock out cold big “tough guy” Tom Hardy on set. I think Tom had somthing to say to the effect that he is one scary mother fucker.

    He’s a fighter and maybe on the right side one day. Hopefully, leaving drunk and stupid behind. At least sometimes, anyways. Either way, who cares. There are much bigger deals at play.

    One thing for sure. Each day lately is more and more better than the last!



      I do not doubt your information. Can he run faster than 850 fps? In my experience, tough guys need to be observed at a distance first and evaluated. If THEY become the aggressors, then you pursue your natural right to self-defense.
      What I see with this stupid young man is just another left-wing Hollywood puke trying to maintain his credibility with the Special Snowflake SJW Hollywood producer-pedophile clique who hate The Donald and his deplorable dirt people. Maybe Tom Hardy’s mouth wrote a check his ass could not cash, or he just got too close and sucker-punched.
      Those of you out there who prefer to: “…go among the hostiles” better have plans and fall-back plans. if you must resort to self-defense in any form, remember: OFFICER, I AM SO GLAD YOU WERE HERE. THIS(THESE) PERSON(PEOPLE) TRIED TO MURDER ME. I WILL BE GLAD TO TALK TO YOU AS SOON AS I CONTACT MY ATTORNEY. Then, STFU. Or, if you prefer, you can do the deed, ala’ one-shot Paddy, and disappear.
      Your choice. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Epic – positively epic!

  4. Fabulous bit of detective work.

    I smiled the whole way through that video.

  5. Epic.

    And something that should be instructive to Shia Special Snowflake, in case they stop looking for flags, and start looking for him.

  6. Prankin’. Great practice.

    Sabotage and subversion – practical jokes taken to a ghastly extreme.

  7. Butch Cass

    So much sadness – A HasBeen Hollwerid actor and the fact the whole thing was 25L/22Retweets, the dude should just come to our side for the retweets alone and pretend to be an American, granted we dont need him but if he wants a career reboot Chuckie Hestons slot needs filled, and we will show you why you were on the wrong side, and well maybe a good razor site.

    • I can’t remember if this is his second or third reinvention. First he was a Protestant of some stripe, then he was something else, and now this. About all that’s left is to come out as Shia ThePoof.

      This is a, say again a, model for the future: Digital, analog, and meatspace collection, reconnaissance, and surveillance supporting a raid. As SFC Barry notes, getting strategic results ain’t happening without coordination subordinated to a unified message and goal. Part of the definition of raid is it can have strategic effects….

  8. OUT-standing work; great collaboration.

  9. I’m so glad I woke up in this timeline.

    • Virgil Kane

      Yes. What a great time to be living.

      That was awesome on many levels. Trolling a whiny bitch and finding that flag.

  10. lastmanstanding

    It amazes me that people even listen to these douche bags.

    Great job to those persistent patriots.

  11. KEK. The all powerful.

  12. Sometimes trollish acts become historic. I love it.

  13. Randolph Scott

    Capture the Flag at it’s finest. The video was awesome and these people really did it right.

  14. everlastingphelps

    Weaponized autism. A force that hasn’t been activated since the old Bletchley Park days.

  15. The following is what I had tried to email earlier today, as my email service refuses to recognize the email address, entirely:


    Morning, Mr. Pete (and others):

    By now, I am sure you have read all about the washed-up, special-needs scene thief, Shia LaBeouf, and the abysmal, abject failure of #HWNDU Take Three.  That stated, I hope to direct your attention to the following article posted yesterday upon ZeroHedge.com:


    This play-by-play pseudo-AAR is a tad more in-depth than what the short clip posted on PageSix.com depicts.  I bring this to your attention, simply because I believe that the basic techniques employed would make for excellent subject matter, on which to further elaborate in a future article.  After all, this caper highlights what you and others have quipped, repeatedly:

    “Every patriot is a sensor,” you state, and the above article is proof in the pudding.

    Crowdsourced intelligence: Collection,¬†analysis, dissemination, and good, old-fashioned legwork¬†AFK had managed to locate a¬†bare, lonely flagpole in a country of 9.834 million square-kilometers!¬† Mr. LaBeouf (and I type that honorific, loosely)¬†had¬†awakened¬†that morning, as would¬†an arrogant, virtue-signaling¬†egotist –¬†instantly deflated, a breakfast of crow alongside¬†that stupid cap,¬†at the¬†sober¬†sight of¬†glaring MAGA¬†and snarky Pepe¬†in thirty-six hours!¬†¬†Mind you, this selfsame message board, which had instigated this hasty, quick-match action, had deduced the location of an ISIS training camp, too,¬†and had it demolished –¬†courtesy of the Russian Federation –¬†within a week!

    This example, too, should serve us, as a satirical, cautionary reminder of the unintended¬†consequences¬†should ego and vanity¬†metastasize into one’s own OODA cycle.¬†¬†Overconfidence¬†this morning¬†will mean¬†little, if anything, by tomorrow afternoon; little, whining “Louis Stevens” just¬†discovered¬†this the hard way.

    I’ll be damned: 4Chan’s motley crew of merry autists have accomplished more¬†in¬†thirty-six hours than had the CIA in thirty years!¬† SMFH…!

    We live in the best timeline, don’t we, folks…?

    Keeping vigilant,

  16. POd American

    Don’t worry, the deep state will have a bullet proof version up and running again in Clappers basement.

  17. Shit of LeBeef – if paying attention, should know that it’s not Trump who is dividing us. More like Commies vs Patriots finally coming to a head. And the Progs are ones rioting and burning stuff. Not us. Whadda maroon.