Robb: Bannon’s Secret Weapon?

Transform, yes.


Not so much.

Velocity does not improve bad ideas.

Only their propagation.

15 responses to “Robb: Bannon’s Secret Weapon?

  1. Technology has given us the ability to make mistakes faster, and with less chance of recovering….

  2. It can’t be any worse than the current system….

    • Seems to me it’s the idea of open source consent, or withdrawal of as insurgent that probably is far more important, if it bypasses the gate keepers then in itself it changes the dynamic. In any case it’s an assault on the deep state and it’s organs. Which isn’t flexible enough to adapt rapidly enough before the next assault. They can hardly keep up with Trump and MAGA.
      I think one of the 5th column media’s jobs is to control the rate of news to give time for the deep state and it’s narratives to dominate.
      So taking that rate of assimilation and control of messaging and optics required to retain power over memes and narratives to another level, Rob’s concept is extremely disruptive.
      It’s like Trump’s brilliant use of Tweets as a weapon, but on crank. On a magnitude scale, or larger. They fail to outflank Trump every time. He just outflanks their outflank. And in short order, he owns the message and then rubs their face in it. Because they have to wage their war on Trumps terms.

      The whole thing has always been to disenfranchise the dirt people from the power of their consent and withdrawal of it, the motive power especially, of consent, in order to disarm the dirt people of our most powerful of weapons of our liberty and freedoms.
      That is why the political class has so much power to ignore us, in effect we don’t exist, because we are never heard from because that disenfranchisement.
      The ultimate in plausible deniability and narrative as a means to shut us up.

      Rob’s concept by passes all those gates of the gate keepers. Nobody can pretend an illusion the political class is the first and last word with nothing in between or on both ends from the dirt people.

      TINVOWOOT because the current system of every 4 years is a set up to control who what where and why we get to vote. There are no open source choices of issues and “candidates”. It is all rigged for control with the appearance of choice to mollify the dirt people with an illusion of choice.
      In reality it is only choice for those who have already been chosen for us.

      Trump and The Great Fuck You was a revolution against that.
      It’s why they despise us and are attempting to overthrow our first open source choice in God only knows how long.

      Rob’s idea is a really a natural forward evolution of The great Fuck You.

      They will do anything to stop it you can be sure. If they are horrified Trump sneaked past the gate keepers, you can bet a testicle they will go fucking nuclear with Rob’s open source direct connection between the dirt people and the political process.

      Personally I see it as a brilliant idea.

      The sonofabitches won’t survive it as a shadow/deep gov if it happens.

      No matter how it’s sliced, no matter every conceivable argument or nay say contrary to it, consent of the dirt people, and withdrawal of it is the most powerful weapon ever devised. Rob’s concept weaponizes it in the age of social networking. It brings a 1700’s idea of liberty, modernizes it into the 21st century instrument of freedom. It is what has been missing from our ability as Freemen to express our will as the governed in a suitable, for us, timely manner, without resorting to violent redress.

  3. After everything that the Vault 7 leak confirmed? How can anyone with two functional brain cells still believe that any system like this wouldn’t be utterly compromised months before it even goes live? Are attention spans really that short? Or are we just that low on critical thinking skills?

    We need to be going the exact opposite direction – paper and ink ballots with a hard paper trail for everything. Yes, those can be manipulated as well, but it takes orders of magnitude more effort to achieve on any kind of large scale and is much more likely to be discovered than electronic tampering.

    Besides that, we don’t live in a democracy. We live in a Constitutional republic with a representative government. And the people we elect don’t need an app to tell them when their constituents are opposed to legislation. They get phone calls and emails and conduct polls that give them a very good idea of what their constituents want them to do. They simply choose to ignore it whenever they feel like it. That’s not going to change just because it comes in via an app instead of a poll.

    It does absolutely no good to make it clear to them what we want if there are no penalties for them when they disregard the will of those who elected them – especially when there is a very clear mandate on a handful of issues like Trump got elected on. Every time there’s an election, the politicians hit us with the old Lucy pulling away the football trick. And just like Charlie Brown, we fall for it every time and we keep electing the same corrupt asshats to office over and over and over again. We let them get away with it. Until that stops, nothing will change. Until there are consequences to selling out the electorate to special interests and lobbyists, nothing will change.

    Based on historical evidence, nothing is going to change.

    • Mr C

      Exactamente …. give the Universal Intrusion by the CIA and other lesser Alphabets, this would immediately be questioned – no integrity, no validity, perpetual litigation and continued trump being played by FedJudgeAssholery

      And how can it be limited to just “Trump supporters” ?

      And forget not that the DemicanRepublicrats care not what the peasantry think …. they after all must Rule over the masses

      I like Robb, but this is vapor

      • Both you guys already have given up and quit.
        And you haven’t even tried it yet.
        Despair is a sin you know.
        It’s also how you never win.
        Shame on you that resistance is futile.
        It’s disgusting reading a fellow grown American man’s surrender to evil.

        Are you so ensured from courage you take glee in being defeatist?

        • There’s defeatism and there’s realism. And realism says that as of right now anything on the internet or cell system is going to be pwned by the opposition before the new car smell has a chance to wear off.

          If it’s plugged in or powered on, it’s compromised. Period. It’s been that way since the early 90s and only gotten worse since. If you want to pretend otherwise that’s your business, but those of us living in the real world who deal with IT know better.

          And outside of the alphabet agencies (and often inside them as well), the government is utterly incompetent at IT. We see failure after failure after failure with cost overruns in the billions any time they try to implement anything that isn’t completely trivial. Examples abound and are easy to Google, starting with the Obamacare website fiasco.

          Google government data hacked and ask yourself how much you’d trust anything that those nimrods were able to put together. And that was before we got the confirmation of the CIA’s activities in Vault 7.

  4. Virgil Kane

    “…other political parties…” Are we recognizing the Trump party is not the GOP? We should. The sooner he forms the Trump Party, the easier it will be to separate the chaff from the grain.

  5. He’s selling hi-tech Collectivism, is all.

  6. More tech is not a solution to any real problems, but nitrous oxide for accelerating them. I reckon a gallows in front of every .gov building would serve as a low-tech and remarkably effective reminder to the usurping servants who pays the bills. Sometimes old ideas work just fine.

    ”Gallows may be permanent to act as a deterrent and grim symbol of the power of high justice (the French word for gallows, potence, stems from the Latin word potentia, meaning “power”). Many old prints of European cities show such a permanent gallows erected on a prominent hill outside the walls, or more commonly near the castle or other seat of justice.”

  7. Massive fail.

    Yet another attempt to pick up a turd by the clean end.

    SO many points of failure – Robb is spending a great deal of time & effort in navel gazing.

  8. Does anyone seriously believe that we must have more slimy shitbags from Goldman Suchs in order to “drain the swamp”? Maybe the app could say:

    Voter: How many Wall Street Pukes would you like to see in our administration?

    Cho0se one:

    A-Less than zero.
    C-FYITEWRR for even asking.

  9. As it stands today, we are one tweet away from devolving into full-scale, armed combat with each other. All it would take is one tweet from the President, to the effect of “Let’s Roll” and, I suspect millions would respond. How hard would it be to hack into DJT’s Twitter account – or otherwise spoof it? Trivial.

    We need less instant gratification, not more..

  10. Grey Ghost

    Seriously… now there’s gonna be an app for that. GTFOOD. More tech is not going to solve any political problems. YOU can HOPE for that CHANGE if you want to and if it happens it ultimately is NOT going to work.

    Grey Ghost

  11. The currency of power is obedience, not gunmen. The only way government gets power is if most of the common people obey it.

    Why are you obeying what you believe to be evil laws and evil politicians?