Selfie From A Reader

Thanks to the reader who slipped this over the transom.

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  1. You know it. Kick ass MF!

  2. William Munny

    How do you get the text the right way round in a mirror selfie?

  3. Butch Cass

    Right on, keep the faith.

  4. A Good Morning chuckle! Kudos!

    • Should I take off the 1-4 and install my 6.5-20 for an OCW?
      100 or 200 yards?
      Have Hornaday 68, Sierra 69 TMK, Nosler 69 CC to test with CFE223.
      25-28 grains.
      Pressure ladder already done up to 29.5.
      28.5 primers getting flat.
      1/9 NATO 20″ HBAR
      The 68 has 0.11 jump to lands from mag length.
      Loading all mag length.
      Beautiful day here in GA.

  5. Great shirt and great rifle ! Right on buddy !

    • William Munny

      Several points:
      In the last 4 weeks we have seen a CT governor ordering his LE to not play any role in federal immigration enforcement and out here on the left coast, an OR judge helped an illegal escape from a court building.
      Jaw-dropping, in-your-face acts of sabotage and law-breaking from cloud people who break and impoverish peasants like me for breakfast, over much more mundane issues.
      This doesn’t even begin to cover the lawlessness of mayor-declared sanctuary cities.
      The dirt people are watching patiently and taking notes. I bet their notes read something like “if the law doesn’t apply to them, it doesn’t apply to me”.
      So some judge declares AR and AKs to not be covered by the 2A?! So fucking what?!! Cue 62 million dirt people farting in his general direction.
      Do you happen to know what the non-compliance rate was when EBR registration was mandated back in 2013 in CT and NY?
      Orange Julius knows he rides the tiger, and he can’t lose the people, because they are all he’s got. He’s not going to fuck it up on the gun issue.

  6. I have that same Vortex StrikeFire 2 optic, but I haven’t had a chance to test it yet. How do you like it?

  7. This guy is awesome ! If he needs a job, we have an opening.

  8. He looks polite, professional, and like he has a workable plan to kill anyone who tries to do him harm.

  9. As a side note, and for what it’s worth, would like to say that there are some decent black guys (and gals) out there. Some black people have strong Christian beliefs and do conduct themselves accordingly.

    Several of my martial arts trainers have been black men. They don’t like TNB (Typical Negro Behavior) any more than we do. Plus they suffer for it (police are on extra special alert and ready for action around physically fit fighting age black males in police citizen encounters. Not without good reason going by statistics, but the good guys are going to get the felony stop treatment for it). By thw way, two of them are divorced from crazy black women and are single, and the other two are married to white jewish women and are quite happy.

    Knowing what I know, I understand about people in groups and other factors (such as mentioned in the politically incorrect but accurate article “The Talk: Nonblack Version”) so while I am not hopelessly niave, I cannot join in with and be a member of the hate the person for their race or ethnic background or their religion crowd because of my black and jewish friends.

    However, there is one glaring exception that I do have to the love everyone first without judging them rule, and that is with Islamic / Muslim people. This is because of the submission to their authority thing and that in areas where their belief system is idominant, there is serious violence (as in gang rapes and killings) towards Christians, non-muslim women and certain other types of people. The funny thing is tthey seem to self-select away from me anyway. When we do have to interact I can guess by their body language and attitude towards me what they are thinking but cannot say. The feeling is mutual. In my dealings with them, I am polite, professional, but I always have a plan also (GEN James Mattis reference here). Some people you do have to keep at arms length and keep a wary eye on.

    Just wanted to say my bit in response to the picture above and in some comments I have read here on this site in other people’s posts that some black males on an individual basis (and they do tend to be individuals who seperate themselves from the TNB crowd) do have a lot more in common with our core beliefs than any white progressive / liberal does.

  10. A guy with a gun, so? Shirt has a edgy slogan, so? Bleh……

  11. I kind of like the shirt. Wonder what would happen (if I had one) and I wore it next trip to Wal-Mart? Not into stirring shit up but on the other hand, it might be kind of fun …… just saying …….

    • Worker,

      Such a shirt would do less harm than seeing ANOTHER 5′ tall, 250# female strutting around ChinaMart with her boxcar-wide fat ass and thunder thighs, in yoga pants !

  12. But I still support your First Amendment to whine about my Second Amendment right to keep and carry what you think I don’t need. So why aren’t you “pro choice” on that?

  13. Allen Cook

    I want that shirt!

  14. To the fellow in the photo: God bless you and your family sir.

  15. Lightninbolt

    Got internet?!

  16. Verizon probably forwarded the image to a data center in Utah before he shared it publicly.

  17. I love manliness!!!

  18. Randolph Scott

    Awesome shirt and attitude. I am going to get one and wear it. At my I age I don’t give a rats ass what anyone thinks about what I wear or my right to keep and bear arms.

  19. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    I have been saying for years we need to dial back the “racist” chatter (read honest but poorly phrased)
    Black, Yellow, and Brown Intel agents and Operators are watching…
    This is a war for Freedom.
    You either want it or you don’t. Period.
    CW2 is a Round One knock out fight. No Technicals, Rematches, or Round 2’s.
    The WHOLE WORLD needs us to win this.
    Every single person on earth(Past, Present, and Future) is counting on America’s FreeForce.
    Also, my Black Platoon Sargent saved my ass from being ripped apart by a pack of wild dogs when I jumped a wall in Sadr City in ’09.
    For some reason he transitioned from his M4 and used his M9… But whatever. I’ll take it.

    Please. This website, and our allies, are probably gonna save the world.
    Let’s act like Gentlemen, because After all, those are General Washington’s Standing Orders. And if I reca correctly, those orders still stand and noone outranks, nor ever will, General Washington.