David explains.

Reward bad behavior, get more of it.

And vice versa.

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  1. some more who shouldve aborted themselves

  2. “endorsed by the NRA”. Figures. And this is why is I ceased being a member years ago. Not that big an issue, otherwise: any White man or woman who actually abides by the (((ZOG))) gun laws deserves whatever they get.

    • Just for the record, she does not have an anti-gun history. This most recent turn toward the dark side was very sudden and unexpected. And it is JUST enough to make a difference between a barrage of pro-gun bills getting fast tracked to a gun friendly governor and those bills dying in their first committee hearing.

      Very bizarre, unless you consider that she may have been gotten to. This was rightly unexpected.

  3. swan832013

    SHIT WEASEL—- you are being to kind….

  4. Miles Long

    Shitweasel… what a great descriptive word. It’s right up there with sputum, phlegm, & scrotum. In this case they all may apply.

  5. POd American

    Does anyone really pay attention to what rating the a-hole NRA gives these POS??? They haven’t sponsored a true 2nd A in years….A ratings are given out like T-Ball trophies.

    • Well apparently her A rating was actually right on until this happened. This anti-gun turn was unexpected from her. We really thought we had a fast track for pro-gun bills, so Greg Stuebe wrote up a bunch of them and is pushing them. But Flores is getting in the way.

    • Not a peep out of the NRA when California passed its latest set of draconian gun laws. They couldn’t even get my magazine to be after I moved.

      I went to an NRA instructor’s class once. We were constantly told not to refer to firearms as “weapons.” We were even required to put a quarter in a coffee can if we “slipped.” Well one guy used his lunch break to buy a roll of quarters. When it came time for his three minute presentation, he used the word “weapon” enough times to use up the roll of quarters in three minutes., them walked out of the classroom and did not come back. It almost turned into a CPR class for the instructors.

      The only thing I spend my gun dollars on these days is guns, ammo, and other supplies. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. Why should I contribute to Wayne LaPierre’s “new Mercedes every two years” fund? Fuck the NRA.

  6. And this backstabbing reversal is surprising in what way?…..

    This is to be completely expected when dealing with the creature called “politics” and the narcissistic sociopaths that people enable into it via the act of ‘voting’. Never forget that ALL politicians are nothing more than ‘violence brokers’ and that every election is nothing more than “an auction of stolen goods”.

    If the people of Florida were really free they’d just go ahead and carry what they want when and where they want and if anyone told them they couldn’t or tried to interfere with them they’d make them wish they hadn’t! That’s REAL freedom, not begging the parasites for scraps of liberty!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty w/o a ‘ruling class’!
    NorthGunner III

    • I live in NW Florida and I have actually started doing what you’re saying. I often open carry into convenience stores and other places. I haven’t gotten even a comment yet. I suspect that at some point a LEO will hassle me, but it’s currently a misdemeanor citation, and will soon be a non-criminal $25 fine. None of that scares me.

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    NorthGunner–ya took da words right outta my mouth.

  8. So Senator Flores wants to climb the prosperity ladder, eh? Well, go to a good bra store and get those cha-cha’s up where they belong. Appearance is everything on the 6 pm news. Floridians get a little cranky when it comes to turncoats. These are the same people who ran liquor from Cuba to Miami during prohibition, let the Mob spread some cash dinero around the neighborhoods, and wrestle alligators for fun. I’d really think twice about saying one thing and doing another. Lots of boats in Florida, some to fish and some to throw stuff overboard. Ask Dexter how easy it is to hide stuff you don’t want found. It is slightly prophetic that there is an EXIT sign over you and Mom’s Demand.

    • The last republican who blocked pro-gun bills was Diaz De la Portilla, and what happened? Republicans didn’t turn out to vote for him and he lost his race in 2016. I guarantee he would have won if he had not blocked open carry.

  9. speaking of shitweasels.

    Anthony Weiner is ready to “sing like a bird” and provide damning information about Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation in return for the FBI dropping child pornography charges against him, according to sources at the agency.

  10. Always wearing the “problem glasses”

  11. Waitwaitwait…a politician who lied?
    Holy shitweasels, Batman! Next thing you know, dogs will pee on fire hydrants.

    Recall the bitch. Begin immediately.
    If you lose, do it again. And again. And again.
    Hound and harry everything she does until you catch her crooked.
    (Liars usually have multiple other moral failings; this will be the easy part.)
    When you succeed, replace her with someone who wants to give flamethrowers to pre-schoolers, and agrees that hand grenades and artillery are covered by the Second Amendment, and says so publicly.
    Otherwise the other shitweasels never learn the lesson.

    • Flores is from South Florida. She will not be recalled, but she is seriously at risk of losing her next election. That’s what happened to Diaz De la Portilla. He blocked pro-gun bills and promptly lost his seat just months later.

  12. Here is my update on gun rights bills in the Florida legislature PRIOR to the judiciary committee meeting where Flores started pontificating.

    Florida has been trying to pass open carry (OC) and campus carry (CC) for several years and was always blocked by former state senator REPUBLICAN Miguel Diaz De la Portilla. He was the chairman of the judiciary committee and refused to allow OC or CC to be heard in his meetings at all. He, a REPUBLICAN, singlehandedly blocked all pro-gun bills from proceeding.

    Voters replaced him last year with a democrat, and republicans filled his judiciary chairman seat with Greg Steube, who is the author of EIGHT pro-gun bills. Sounds like a clear path, right?

    Wrong. Anitere Flores is a REPUBLICAN member of the judiciary committee, and has decided to side with the democrats on all future pro-gun bills. She flips the judiciary committee from a 5-4 republican voting majority, to a 5-4 democrat voting majority.

    I simply do not understand why the republicans are incapable of using their large majorities to wield any significant influence. When the democrats have even a slight majority, they use it to steamroll the opposition and foist their philosophies onto the public in leaps and bounds. The republicans? Even with a large majority, they’re still left clawing for hard fought inches.

    I’ll update later. Hopefully Senator Steube can change Flores’s mind.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “I simply do not understand why the republicans are incapable of using their large majorities to wield any significant influence.”

      Simple: they don’t want to. There’s more campaign donations in promising to do stuff than in actually doing it. Once you’ve done it, you can’t get money to do it again.

  13. Grey Ghost

    I am now guessing she has made THE LIST of some folks in FLA. Too late to turn back now you dumb bitch.

    Grey Ghost

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Of course, those lists should be titled: “People Absolutely Guaranteed To Die Of Old Age And In Extreme Comfort”

  14. Matthew Wilbanks

    David hit it out of the park with this paragraph:

    “When betrayed like this, gun-owning voters are chided by party apologists that the other candidate is really, really “anti-gun,” and pressured into voting for what they’re told is the”lesser of two evils.” By accepting that cowardly excuse, they truly are wasting their vote on someone who will have no reason to ever take them seriously again, and who will properly view them as gutless fools to be used. Worse, it sets an example where other politicians will see they can get away with betrayal at no cost if defense of principle becomes perceived as too risky. It actually encourages and makes inevitable further defections.”

    This is the exact reason I refused to vote for Trump. Not because I am some evil creature called a “never trumper”, but because before he was even elected he had taken positions that were unconstitutional, immoral and in opposition to everything free men should stand for. Sure, his poking the bear of corrupt media is entertaining as hell. He will probably do a few other mildly interesting things (like signing national ccw reciprocity) but if you actually buy into MAGA then you’re simply too dumb to live.

    When you vote for the lesser of evils, politicians learn they can do anything they want as long as the other guy is still worse. Your vote is bought and paid for in perpetuity, and the currency used is the rights stolen by the other party in the last election.

    Sound like a good deal to anyone? Then why the fuck do you keep doing it?

  15. OMG … your voting didn’t work!


    I vote for the Bush Pig epithet from above. I am partial to weasels, as they play a vital role in the natural order of things. And, they kill rats.