MDT: REAL ID – 12 Years On

JC notes the issues associated with the REAL ID ongoing implementation.

Insert obligatory Greenwood snark here.

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  1. So, just get a passport (and a passport card — called “internal passport”). I carry both of mine all the time. No problems. Checkpoint (and even TSA breeze-through). Or as I am fond of saying, “Even the Maquis followed the rules.”

    States Rights? That was a dead letter before the ink dried on the parchment. One of the internal contradictions in the Constitution. The Federal Circuit Courts always trumped State’s courts.

    I remember talking to an old German woman who grew up in “Nazi” (eeeeeeK!) Germany. Asked about the Gestapo she said, “Oh, they were so polite… not like American police.”


  2. Sorry… “Checkpoint (and even TSA) breeze-through.”/ S//

  3. NorthGunner

    “Real ID??…We don’t need No stinkin ‘real ID’ parasite permission card here!!!”

    When one isn’t free between one’s one ears, how can one be free in any other sense?

    Once one attains freedom between their ears they realize that there is NO obligation to obey a parasitic ruling class, nor do the parasites or their lackeys have ANY legitimacy.

    The act of ‘voting’ doesn’t make one free; all that it and the rest of the pseudo-religious activity of ‘political action’ does is convey to the parasites that one accepts them as ‘boss and master’ and that the one who involves themselves with ‘political action’ accepts the legitimacy of a class of narcissistic sociopaths to rule over them, to initiate violence upon them and to rob and coerce them..and worse yet to inflict such things on countless others that the ‘voter’ will never see face to face.

    Totally done with that putrid bit of mental sadomasochism!


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    Yours in Armed Daily Liberty via anarchy – Fuck the parasites and their lackeys!
    NorthGunner III

  4. How is RealID meaningful when states are issuing driver’s licenses to illegals and unvetted refugees?

    • tz,

      Good and valid observation. Simple answer is they’re special and you, most likely a Judeo-Christian, tax-paying, native born Caucasian American….ARE NOT !

  5. SemperFido

    Small id card with picture that I got along with my passport CA. Much more convenient when at the Mexican border on vacation. It is an official US document for asserting your identity. Basically it is your passport in a driver’s license format.

  6. So.
    Why is this an issue?
    Are there indeed some here submitting to .gov permission to travel?
    If yes, why?

    • The answer is simple…if one wants to travel via commercial airliner, one must, in my state at least, possess what is referred to here, as a STAR form of ID…in other words, ID compliant with the REAL ID Act. The states have bowed to the federal on this, in large part.

      It is difficult indeed to assert States Rights in states whose governance is wholly unmindful, uncaring, or blatantly in lock step with federal policies. This is due, certainly, to the permanent attachment to the federal teat.

      It is also a reminder that “local local local” is not only our most effective path forward, but also necessary. Our “local local local” is a requirement, since suckling at the federal teat begins in the earliest stages of government, and has developed into a life long addiction.

      One may decline a STAR ID, with the intention of never asking permission to board a commercial airliner, resolved to travel only by private vehicle, or private jet, but at some point, we will see checkpoints on federal transportation corridors, hence we may travel the scenic routes only…but at some point, resistance either will or will not become more kinetic.

      I am of the mind that as long as I can adjust in a non-kinetic manner, I will, just so my life can continue largely unencumbered, free to see to my responsibilities largely unmolested by federal, state or local enforcement squads.

      If I was single, had no dependents, and was not engaged in my community to any extent, I would consider a more aggressive form of resistance. As it stands at this moment, far too many are far too needful of my time, attention, and resources for me to act upon my own need and desire to kick leviathan in the balls at every given opportunity.

      I resist where and how I can, no matter how “inconvenient” it makes the simplest of tasks. If I want to see my brothers, I will drive the days it takes to do so, and enjoy the time I spend avoiding interstate travel, as but one example. I will not request a STATE Issued STAR form of ID, just so I can endure molestation by the TSA.

      At some point, in the not too distant future, all of this will change…and we can look forward to defending ourselves from not only enforcement squads at all levels, but brigands, thieves, and local gang roadblocks.

      Until then, take the scenic routes, while there is still something there worth seeing.

  7. SemperFido

    I live in Florida and the whole damn State is under their borders policy. Stupid, unConstitutional but there it is.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    ” Comrade, your papers please “

  9. G*d help us. The mission is to travel somewhere in this fucked up country, and world, on occasion. Get the required paperwork, book, card, and then carry on. Please, please, please, spare us your wailing about fairness, Republic, the Constitution, Tyranny, yadda, yadda,yadda. Just Shut The Fuck Up and accomplish your damned misson, already. And yes, Jesse James, I feel the burn. Mission Accomplished.

  10. ha ha

    but it’s not the cops you have to worry about. it’s some elite in a suit.