Molyneux: Western Civ Rant

The Western institutions are, almost without exception, corrupt and impotent.

There is no .gov gang of tough guys coming to help you.

If anything, the .gov gang will be allied with the Reds and the Muzzies.

Tempus fugit.

How many shooters did you train this week?

24 responses to “Molyneux: Western Civ Rant

  1. Don’t talk to the police video is on the front page. This is the correct link to What Pisses Me Off About Western Civilization by Stefan Molyneux:

  2. Proper-job old-style Molyneux. Can’t find fault with it.

    So, for me, here is the dilemma. People tell me to “resist” and to “fight”. But, I would be helping to preserve rotten institutions. I would be helping the cause of a society which is deeply and despicably Socialist. I despise these things; why do I want to risk my own life to preserve them?

    I think it was one of the Chestertons who said that we fight FOR things, rather than against them. Something like that. Should men fight to live as livestock on a tax-farm? Is that the best we can hope for?

    I can’t find a proper direction for my energies.

    Meanwhile, watch this if you want an aneurysm. Swedish men protesting immigration, yesterday … and they are INSTANTLY swarmed by Swedish women and Swedish cops. I couldn’t watch to the end; it makes me furious.

    • So the Swedish “women” want the rape and all that comes with it then.

    • You are feeling the same thing that I have felt – and still do to some extent. As far as I am concerned – the first stage of “fixing” the problem – is that people must wake up and realize *what the problem is*. And it doesn’t have to be ALL people – it just needs to be a critical segment of the population. You will never fix the problem yourself – we will need to have some critical percentage of people in order for there to be a major change.

      Thinking about this many years ago – after spending quite a bit of time debating and arguing about where things were going in our country with friends, family , coworkers and people on internet forums – I came to the conclusion that the slow drip method was the only one that was going to work. So I just CONSTANTLY kept arguing with people – and I built a small email list of people I send out libertarian / alt right type stories to (before there was even something acknowledge as “alt-right”). I’ve probably been doing this for 15 years now. And I have to say IT DOES WORK. I have seen the attitudes change among the people I have constantly harangued with my “propoganda”.

      Part of what has helped – is BEING RIGHT. I have been forwarding stuff from – for YEARS. And in many cases this has been stuff that has been proven to be correct later – sometimes years later. I sent out stuff about the Benghazi debacle for a few days after it happened – before the bogus movie excuse took over. So years later – when the truth came out – I could go back and say ” I told you all of this YEARS ago”.

      Doing this – I have watched people clue in over time. Even some of the left leaning people that I have somewhat gently given shit to – have come around. I told a coworker before Obama’s first term – when he asked who I wanted to see get elected: ” I want Obama to get elected” – He gleefully asked why (thinking I was somehow converted) – and I replied ” Because the way I figure it Obama will lead directly to the complete collapse of liberalism in this country and destruction of the Democratic Party”. He was so pissed at the time I thought he was going to have aneurysm. But again : PROVEN RIGHT thru the passage of time.

      One thing I have seen becoming more and more prevalent in the places I travel – is a growing realization that women are directly responsible for much of what has transpired. Molyneaux touches on this quite frequently – and did again during this video. Another person I have watched quite a few videos from on Youtube – is a guy called Sandman – I recommend sitting thru a bunch of his stuff and really listening to what he has to say about female and males and the way they approach the world. The guy goes out of his way to say he’s not “political” – but he touches on exactly the same things that a lot in the alt-right touch on:

      Think about this a little – if what Sandman is correct – then the place this gets fixed is right at home – by getting control of the women and not letting them run rampant and then giving them the support structure that allows it all to happen.

      This wall was constructed one brick at a time – it could get taken apart the same way.

  3. Pure unvarnished truth.
    Thanks Ziggy Brzezinski – KissmyASSinger – CFR – Rothschild’s – Central Banks – BIS – IMF – UN et al.

    America’s 4th Turning (Strauss & Howe) aka ‘Color Revolution’ about to go Live when the Ballon goes up & Banking Cards – Bank Holidays – EFT – SNAP all get mysteriously hacked by CIA rogue cells…

    lol dumbest population on the planet bar none…

    Everybody had a plan until they get slugged in the Face.
    Me (I like this version better than Mike Tyson’s quote)

    March 15 th looks like a good kick date to watch
    (Ides of March for the Harvest)

  4. I trained two (my wife and a friend). Offered to train another but that person was honest and told me that while they fully support my rights to own and carry whatever weapons I choose in whatever manner I choose, they don’t feel like they’re mature enough or responsible enough yet to join that world. So, ok. At least they were honest. And in hindsight, they’re probably correct.

  5. So glad you’re keeping up with his posts. I watched this last night and was gonna bring it to your attn.

    Dude always hits the nail on the head.

    He also has a long one (about 38 minutes) on the late, lamented, heroic  Joe McCarthy that’s a must see.

  6. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    This is the plan carried out over the last 60 years to destroy our Nation…………..
    Cultural Marxism Explained What is Cultural Marxism?

  7. “How many shooters did you train this week?”

    I trust almost no one as everyone is a potential risk.
    Our very small tribe trains continuously – it’s just another part of the heavily wooded rural existence.

  8. ALCON,

    The man in the video blames fUSA’s ills on the welfare state. Sounds like BS to me. Why ? It is simply rhetoric. How’s that ? How did the welfare state come about ? It came about courtesy of the citizenry. Progressives, today’s communists who gave us our 1st Marxist POTUS….Woodrow Wilson. Then the commie FDR who chummed up with the murdering, communist bastard J.V. Stalin. Oh, and the ever “progressing” Amerikans went right along with giving Stalin and the commie USSR billions of dollars in Lend-Lease and assorted war aid like tons of SPAM and fleets of Studebaker 2 1/2 ton trucks.

    Fast forward 50 years to the Klintonista regime, furthering the welfare state. Then, the ultimate Marxist gets annointed…the usurping, illegal POS Barry obama hussein soetoro. soetoro-obama working 8+ years to fundamentally change Freedom & Liberty, American sovereignty into communism. Witness, the bullet-deserving dirtbags flying their hammer and sickle banners at the latest protests to the non-establishment POTUS, DJ TRUMP.

    Welfare state is not the problem. It is only a symptom of the problem. The problem is the citizenry of this former great nation. Until, good people decide to band together and terminate with prejudice, the hammer & sickle rioters, the obamas, the Klintons, the Grahams, the Pelosis, the Feinsteins, the McCains, the MSM and your local imbedded, Marxist family, friends, neighbors and local politicians….you’ll get little change for the better. The change will only be for the worse.

    Read “Reistance to Tyranny” and get a clue.

    • Molyneux was more precise in his analysis … it’s the loss of the concept of Property that has brought us here. Sure, Welfare is a symptom of that.

      There really isn’t any “private Property” left. All ownership is now under suffrance of the State. And, I might add, given up willingly.

      The Bill is falling due… what he called, “the wages of sin”.


      Dan III: You’re right. Good people are banding together but their numbers are very small. There is just too much normalcy bias at the moment. Costco and supermarkets are still full of needful things. While retail outlets are closing, folks still have enough money for Pizza Hut, Mickey D’s, cheap beer, soda pop, and their mortgaged big screens.
      Two of the biggest social/political upheavals in the last 100 years were the result of war and privation. The Bolshevik Revolution and the collapse of the Weimar Republic should be templates for all who study Amerikan culture and society to understand what really needs to take place before the Sheeple go bat s**t crazy.
      The Kool-Ade drinkers in my A/O are going to the polls on 03/14 to vote themselves a massive property tax increase to fund an already bloated, mismanaged public school system. After all, it’s: “…for the children”. The are not enough sane people to counter the bleeding hearts and their useful idiots who have engaged in a letter-writing blitz to the local daily fish wrap. Things will have to get much worse before they even begin to get better. Bleib ubrig.

  9. My wife had a dream that she thought she was in the Middle East, surrounded by Muslim men who wanted to rape her. But it wasn’t the Middle East. It was here.

    The genie is out of the bottle and neither MAGA nor this emotional patriotism crap, nor protest signs and internet meme’s is gunna stop it.

  10. Detroit III

    Darwinism at work.

    Western Instituions have failed due to their inferiority.


    • Fiction.

      White Western Institutions were conquering the world until a certain (((Tribe))) and its [[[debt-bound political class]]] inflicted the 1914-45 Catastrophe and parallel disasters. Classical music – a prime integral of White Western Civilization – 1902:


  11. The Usual Suspect

    Therein lies the conundrum, those experienced enough to recognize the
    cure for the disease of socialism/progressivism/marxism entails the
    destruction of the enablers and their power structure find themselves
    an integral part of the equation.

    We are way down the rabbit hole.

    Blaming Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton, Obama ect, ect will not
    change the problem, we are the problem.

    Too few people today have the steel willpower necessary to totally exclude
    those of the left because that means family and friends who have been
    indoctrinated by the left over the last 5 decades are included into that
    equation, they have become a self fulfilling cancerous rot.

    Until some yet to be determined action starts the caroming of civilization
    as we know it around the pool table of this nation we will continue to
    inhabit this waking dream.

  12. there will be no meaningful resistance.
    because the weak, blind, and ignorant murkins support the cops…
    to the point of permanently enslaving us all.


  13. One of Molyneaux’s better videos.

    He often comes across as rambling – this one was pretty succinct and to the point.

    Dan III – I think you missed the point if you didn’t listen to the video. Yes – he attacks the welfare state , but he does say that the welfare state IS the result of the voters taking their 40 pieces of silver and selling themselves out.

    If you didn’t get it the first time – go back and listen again. He’s NOT letting the “citizens” off the hook for the actions they have undertaken. And I also think he is ENTIRELY on point – when he directly blames women for this. Switzerland has stood in it’s same basic form for hundreds of years – and since they gave women the vote ( I don’t think it was until some time in the 1970’s) – they have also been suffering under increasing levels of Marxism and welfare statism.

    There seems to be a growing realization that women are much of the root of this problem. Don’t get me wrong – I think men in general – need to get their shit straight too. Getting into wars and killing off tens of millions of the fittest males in the society – right at the peak of their virility and child bearing years – is NOT the way to build a stable long term society and culture. I lay the blame for much of that at men’s feet. Men need to get their shit together and reject the clarion calls for war – and turn their energy towards more productive pursuits. But women also need to realize that their instincts can be immensely destructive without self awareness.

    Martin Armstrong agrees with Molyneaux – the historical record is clear. When women obtain the heights of power – societal collapse is not too far away. The real question here is – can self awareness fix the problem before the collapse occurs – or – is the only way out to stay stuck on the tracks and follow the historical path to collapse before there can be a renewal ?

    “Progressives” have been trumpeting for decades now about how we have “entered a new age of enlightenment” – at their hands of course. Now that all their bullshit is collapsing – I guess we’re going to find out whether that is even remotely true or not.

  14. Tarleton’s Quarter. Look it up and think about it. If/When shooting breaks out and the riots start, the bad people aren’t going to be thinking about the “Laws of War” so you’d best be ready to abandon your sense of right and wrong, and see the contest for what it is. THE Fight For Survival.

  15. The Christians I know are very receptive the concepts discussed on this video. I know, I’ve talked them with many about this stuff. Look, the Christians are scared. They need the strength of the warriors. So we’re back to this again. A good many folks are circling back around to morality and asking where did right and wrong go?

    Why does nobody fear what’s right anymore? Because right has become an abstraction. Molyneux has got a pretty good handle on some major tenants of God’s natural law. A lot of people, including Molyneux are bumping right up against God. We simply need to turn ask Him, he’s right there, tell him, God, we broke this shit pretty good, how do we fix it? I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again, When are y’all going to ask the Christians for help?

    You’ve already admitted that the situation not fixable by us. When are you going to pray for God to wake the American Church? When are you going to ask the Christians to help you save your civilization? At this point what have got to lose, your precious pride? Just say fuck it, go find some real Christians men (yes there are some left) and tell them you want save your country. It’s going to require some teaching on your part and some learning but we’ve done it before. Western men have saved their people before, It can be done, and it needs to be done now, but it won’t get done until right is right again and the evil of wrong is made to submit.

  16. Compromise quite often is perceived as a sign of weakness,similar to kindness.All wars are fought due to perception. Surround yourself with known associates of morals and righteous strength. Kick the shit-weasels to the curb. Negotiation skllls are necessary.