Morale Reminder

Just sayin’…

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  1. SemperFi, 0321

    Kinda what I decided too. I’m going to go and have the best time of my life, enjoy life to it’s fullest in the last quarter of my life, make up for shit I didn’t do earlier and not let the rat bastards wear me down.
    When the time comes to ruck up, I’ll be ready.


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  3. Every day is a gift.There is something to enjoy in every one.

  4. Nothing enrages a member of the (((Culture of Critique))) more than seeing someone (White) enjoying their HIGHLY IMPERFECT life. This AM, on my pre-work bike ride through the neighborhood, I saw a young White woman pulling a wagon with 4 little ones aboard. Despite the fact that the wheels squeaked and it needed some paint, a very enjoyable experience.

  5. Based on the number of really uptight, stressed out, doomsday is right around the corner type of articles I’ve seen lately here at WRS , I am REALLY surprised anyone published this one! A little hint to those who ask “how can I possibly find any enjoyment in life when everything is SO bad? Perspective and faith folks. Everyday is a gift when you wake up with a roof over your head, you had a bed to sleep on, there’s some food around and you can rustle up clean clothes! God is in control..not just your life but ALL of ours! Stop focusing on the negative, ask God for guidance, forgiveness and will free you up inside like nothing you’ve ever known.P