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9 responses to “Reality

  1. It doesn’t do any good to bitch about it if you refuse to name the Enemy./ S//

  2. Well it’s better than that actually. They can go back and use your data to manufacture any narrative they want. Any. Combine the SS (surveillance state heh) with CGI and suddenly up is down. This creates a number of filtration problems since determining veracity becomes difficult if not impossible. Meat space is all that’s left.

  3. Pray for EMP.

  4. lastmanstanding

    I guess it is a bit late to stop coming here…and a lot of other places. 🙂

  5. If you don’t have anything to hide, you have…

    Not been doing it right.

  6. All moot, if one has decided not to submit to any arrest. The power of the Deep State depends to a very great extent, on the state of mind of its victims.

    “Fear is the passion of slaves”
    — Patrick Henry

  7. All would do well to remember that a Giant, has a Giants’ weaknesses, and a Giants’ vulnerabilities, and that it always THINKS like a Giant. In my lifetime, I have beaten larger and stronger men than myself to a pulp, not because I feared their strength, but because I knew their weakness. And I wasn’t shy about using whatever was at hand.