The Empire Should Be Put On Suicide Watch

From The Saker.

Worth your time on a Sunday.

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  1. Someone here mooted a prospect which I’ve been mulling over for some time, now.

    In essence, Trump will be put into such a “corner”, that his only recourse will be to appeal directly to those who might be considered “the militia”. Either that, or else concede the last vestiges of “America” to the Socialists.

    It’s all coming to a head, globally.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    This was a great compilation of the primal fears we all harbor when
    our enlightened leaders go tilting at windmills.

  3. lastmanstanding

    After reading this I have had enough…previously listened to Catherine Austin Fitts over at usawatchdog. Last week, I posted a link of an interview with her and the Saker from his site. Also a good listen.

    Here is the bottom line brothers and sisters…local, local, local. Weed thru the bs in your local community. I consider my AO within 50 miles of home. (for now). We do business within it for the most part. 95% of our food comes from within it. Most of it from within 15 miles and I can get it way down if we need to. We have a good core neighborhood and support system.

    While we voted for Trump and hope that he is able to pull something out of his ass that will benefit us all, we are focused on our own plan and what is happening in our community and state.

  4. “I wonder if he (Trump) will ever get to act on his personal instincts.” I do, too. I fear he won’t, but pray he will.

  5. Stopped reading as soon as I saw “the viciously evil face of that 1%.”

    You don’t even have to be making half a million dollars a year to be in the 1%. The surgeon and anesthesiologist who did your hernia surgery and the self-important asshat anchor on the 6:00 news aren’t exactly the power behind the throne in DC. Hell, plenty of bloggers are making $400k a year or more, along with independently published writers and other artists. None of them have a hotline to the Offal Office or any kind of influence in Mordor-on-the-Potomac. They go to work every day and have to pay bills just like we do.

    More research and critical thinking, please.


    Good read. Could not help thinking about the decline and ultimate fall of the Roman Empire. Social, political, and economic corruption abounded. Armies became loaded with mercenaries. We are here again.

  7. the empire is more like a pile of shit.
    you flag wavers are the enemy.

    talk about bitter clingers.

    • All empires end as piles of shit. But you left, tfat, rather than stand and fight.
      On to Ottawa, to fix that fag Trudeau in your adopted homeland.
      We’ll take care of this, tfat. So, sing it:
      “O Canada!
      Our home and (adopted by tfat) native land!
      True patriot love in all thy sons command.
      With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
      The True North strong and free!
      From far and wide,
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
      God keep our land glorious and free!
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
      O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”
      Or, just hum along if you haven’t yet learned the lyrics.

  8. Saker brings up a really insightful point with immense ramifications about the political destroying the very thing that enabled them to have power.

    Destroying that illusion of voting and “representation government” of the people is self defeating. There’s a number of obvious possible things going on.
    They are a crazy group of maniacs who are blind to the consequences.
    They are being deliberate and it doesn’t matter because the alternatives are attractive in some way.
    They understand the illusion has worn out it’s usefulness and have a plan or intent, to go to the next level of dictatorship and believe they can survive the consequences.
    They are having an internal class conflict, their movers, shakers and old order are in disarray, factions are developing within the party with conflicting agenda’s.
    They are faced with developments from outside their oligarchy they are ill suited and or equipped to deal effectively with, hence the old order is crumbling under the weight of insurgent actions from a total outsider in the form of Donald Trump and his administration, along with a growing grass roots rejection, defiance and resistance of a body of dirt people that has grown into a plurality that has reached a level of preference that endows grass roots movements with undeniable power to overcome the power of real politick.

    Or they could just simply be a group of bad corrupt lowlife criminal actors, where nothing is new but the exposure of the truth that without the cover of their lickspittle handmaidens of lies and subterfuge of the fake media, the charade is over and we are looking at what they truly are, essentially wealthy criminal anarchists who game a system totally to enrich themselves at the dirt peoples expense where the only rule is there are no rules but power unto them and the rest of us can eat shit.
    Where the struggle is they have reached such a level of illegitimacy, the effort to survive that illegitimacy daily dictates and consumes every action to the exclusion of everything else.

    Or, and this is my favorite, we are looking TSHTF in the eye, where this is the consequential first true stages that are on the brink of snowballing into the EOTWAWKI.
    After all, considering how power is structured from the top down inside out the end of America politically as we know it could very well begin from the top down inside out. Seems common sense to me, as it is about power, and power of the political class is top down-inside out, us dirt people are not involved in that power structure except maybe tacitly or incidentally, we certainly have no direct personal or direct inside influence.
    But the effects of the rejection of the status quo in the form of the Great Fuck You on November 8th, is akin to the black Swan event the political class never saw coming and believed it would never have to face never mind have contingencies in place to deal with it.

    • NorthGunner

      The illusion of legitimacy for ‘gov/authority’ was all that the narcissistic sociopathic parasite/ruling class ever had going for the mask has fallen away to reveal ‘the hag of hegemony’ (to quote Kenneth Royce/Boston T. Party).

      And yes, everyone who’s elected/involved in ‘politics’ is ” a group of bad corrupt lowlife criminal actors”…politics attracts narcissistic sociopaths just like freshly deposited cow flops draw flies.

      Fascinating to see that the writer so accurately described the impending collapse of the Jurassic style leviathan that is the neo-Roman American empire..considering that it’s the fate of nations to fizzle out after about 200 years it’s a bit surprising that America is overdue at this point..and I am not happy to have to agree with the writer as I deeply love my country but not the parasite ruling class…hopefully America can undergo a ‘Phoenix like’ transformation from the bottom up that leaves the parasites well and truly gone…as the militia leader said in “Drums Along the Mohawk”, “Boy’s, We’re on our own!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • Right on. All that is really well said.
        We have always been on our own. Lot of us forgot that or laid back. But thats all right, because knowing that again, it makes one manifest in their destiny. The more of who are rediscovering that every day is a great thing.

        Daily Armed Liberty!

  9. I have always promoted the idea there is a difference between ‘America’ the land and its people from the US Govt. The observations provided in the piece don’t contradict that assessment at all. Fact I fully expect to see the US DUH collapse. (Course I could be hit by a truck tomorrow too.) The same ethos that make Germans German, French, French apply to Americans as well. So I believe the former will prevail while the latter shall fail.

    As to the war assessment the author is absolutely correct, its all insane. There are certain countries due to sheer size are probably unconquerable — Russia, China, India, Brazil and US. Especially so if there is a determined resistance long term. The logistics are of such a scale as to be insurmountable. Iran is on the borderline of that scale problem. But Iran has geographical advantages. Any sizeable land force would have to approach from the South and the Iranians know it. With time to prepare the whole approach becomes a kill zone.

  10. TheAlaskan

    Good read. My sentiments for decades. We claim “Moral Superiority” while droning women, children, men and American citizens in Yemen. We claim “Bringing Democracy” while destroying stable governments in Libya, Ukraine, and probably Syria. We claim “Nation Building” while laying ruin to the country in Iraq, Afghanistan. We are the most despised Nation on the planet. And this distinction within my lifetime. Build your shelters as part of your prepping. No guarantees it will keep you alive. I’m betting on, “What goes around, comes around.” Almost assuredly, the “Deep State” folks will see to that.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I keep trying to think that the nation as a whole is worth saving, but the more people I talk to, I come to the realization we’re surrounded by war mongering idiots. It’s OK to kill anyone that that doesn’t agree with our policy of invading them over monetary issues, such as not wanting our IMF debt forced on them, or having their gov’t overthrown for our chosen system of corruption. It’s OK to be so blind to your own gov’t you have no idea about where money and taxes come from, or what your politicians really think of you as tax slaves. I can’t take much more of the Lee Greenwood Syndrome folks (including my own siblings) or the progressives either, maybe they should just beat each other to death in the streets, and leave the mtn’s to me.

  11. From John Derbyshire at VDare. Read and weep:

    Wish that senile old cunt-hag Ginsberg would leave the bench, or far better, just die already, hopefully screaming in agony on her road straight to hell.

    Cue the Beach Boys:

    “Wouldn’t That be Nice?”

    Frank the cripple and his lesbian “wife” would have loved this decision.

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    He’s way off.
    Our cloak of exceptionalism will protect us.

  13. ..but the clock is running out fast”. No, time is up:

    *the sanctions on Russia (and Iran) remain in force. Sanctions are a form of blockade. Blockade is an Act of War.

    * Trump has now demanded that “Russia must return Crimea” to the (((Soros)))/CIA Jew-mob in Kiev

    *Trump is further tightening the screws on Iran, and his called Iran’s Lebanese Shi’a allies – Hezbollah – “terrorists”. This for defending themselves and their land against ceaseless Zionist aggression.

    *Trump will shortly be traveling to Europe to “consult with [[[Chancellor Merkel]]] on how to deal with Russia”.

    Trump is pumping US troops into Syria (against the wishes of the Assad regime) to “defeat ISIS”. Actually, the Syrian Army, ably assisted by Russia, Hezbollah, other Shia militias and some Sunni fighters (Palestinian Brigade) are now crushing Isramarica’s pet terrorists and need no “American help”. Whatever the reason for the invasion of Syria by US Imperial Stormtroopers, it has nil to do with “defeating ISIS”.

    so Trump and the (((neo-con))) Deep State are now pretty much on the same page. Given that several major neo-con crowds (Drudge, Breitbart) supported Trump even during the campaign…I suspect they always were. Dog, meet pony.

    • Trump isn’t a neocon and he isn’t in their pocket. It makes no sense that they’d run a candidate that would screw everything up when virtually the entire Dem and Rep field of candidates where their people.

      Far more likely is that Trump used back channels* to warn Putin he’d have to pretend to be aggressive to help counter the accusations he was Putin’s bitch.

      *back channels: Ivanka is shopping buddies with Putin’s mistress

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yes, it is a big game in the public eye. Act one way and do another. Have dinner with the enemy.
        But Trump has way too many globalists in his cabinet, and that makes me believe he’s also not all that he says he is. I think we will slowly be spoon fed small doses of “look what I did!” while business among the banksters continues on it’s normal pace.
        Until he goes after the FedRes/IMF cabal, he’s just another fraudster. And raising the debt limit and talking of ways to simplify taxes is right from their playbook, you don’t simplify it, you ELIMINATE IT!
        Or is he massaging the snake before he kills it?

        • Valid concerns. I cheer lead for Trump because he is the last best hope for a semi-peaceful solution. And if he is a traitor, then the greater degree to which people worship now, the more they’ll be incensed after the betrayal. Either way, it is best that people believe in him. We need either a Trump with a fanatical following, or a large number of disillusioned fanatics with no hope for a peaceful solution left.

  14. Randall Flagg

    Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Times

    Democracy–The God That Failed

  15. “So why is it that even though out of the 4 possible wars, one is a potential disaster and the 3 others are a guaranteed disaster, why is it that these are discussed as if they were potential options?!”

    Because the (((people))) behind the politicians aren’t real Americans, but rootless cosmopolitans who need a war to hide their economic crimes.

  16. at the end of the day, if you support the military police state, you are the enemy- expect to be treated as such. the flag wavers and cop suckers are a much softer target anyways… once they are gone, there will be no more support for the cops. you fucking weak and worthless bastards.