TL Davis: Waiting & Prepared

TL’s latest.

You can and should always improve your position.

Close intel gaps.

Stack more.

Enlist more.

These are the good old days.

And the lull before a terrible storm.

20 responses to “TL Davis: Waiting & Prepared

  1. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    The most important thing we can prepare is our mind!….. I am ready!

  2. actually, I recall quite a few ‘Murkans opposing the Zionist Occupation Government Enabling Act, a.k.a. the “Patriot Act” . They were, however, almost entirely on the anti-Zionist hardLeft.

  3. “A criminal corporate commonwealth, supported by a fiat dollar as global reserve currency enforced by threat of war and economic collapse, will be deaf to protest from below, its weaponized satellites aimed at populations like sunlit magnifiers at a column of ants. Currency itself would be wholly digitized. This move would be sold as a positive advance as it would provide better tax accountability and therefore fund future programs of social uplift. Rather it will be employed as a means of totalitarian financial control over populations. Their wealth will be institutionalized. The concept of withdrawal will fade along with the fiction of ownership.”

    and the flag wavers will still support the cops…

    Stockholm Syndrome.

  4. “If I had my way, ten million people would descend on Washington D.C. on April 15th and just loot the place, gut every federal office building and drag anyone with a title out into the streets.”

    Great idea.

  5. The guy in the picture is skylining and if I’m a enemy sniper, guess what happens next!

  6. Moneyshot:
    You can and should always improve your position.

    We always think of that in terms of “more”, but sometimes it means less. While I need to add more preps, ammo, PT, whatever; I also think of what I could do without, should it become a necessity. If The Festivities hit suddenly; hot & heavy, what can I make work?
    I would love to get started on a wholesale clearing of the thieves and liars in positions of authority. Just enjoying the lull before the storm.

  7. Spot on.

    Friskiness over the horizon, but no knows how far away, or how fast we’re approaching it.

    Make the most of the time.

  8. “At least now, it is unavoidable to recognize it.” <–there's a whole bunch of Red Hat wearing MAGA folk who disprove that theory. Their gang won so they are enjoying the fruits of their voted plunder. Tell me Mr. Mnuchin does not resemble a swamp creature? How about Mr. Cohn?

    New day, new crony gov. Sad that. You are correct that "the people" are no longer represented by ANYTHING in DC, however Many of them think they are now that the guy with the Red hat won. Anybody but me notice we sent Marines into Syria last week? Someone please tell me when the act of war was declared on Syria? Crickets. Jesus wept, and now we know why.

  9. Missing a few days reading and posting while some heavy duty
    field day with a white glove, I also noticed Molyneux video regarding
    welfare a few posts below for which I would have further expanded on Christian Welfare versus FORCED WELFARE. Therefore I submit
    the following audio for your discernment again:
    One Hour Stream Audio:
    One Hour Audio for download:

    Hope the links provided above get linked well without any misdirection.

    Good to be back in the loop reading more reminders and heads-ups
    from you all. Time is of the essence.

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  10. swrichmond

    +1, descendantofcavepainters. Why would you silhouette yourself like that?

  11. SemperFido

    Beautiful place, Afghanistan

  12. Every hour I spend listening to what I already understand, is an hour I won’t get back. Tough day lined up. Go to the lake work on my sailboats, enjoy the Eagles, the geese and goslings.

    Enjoy a nice lunch alone, couple ice cold IPA’s, assured to be a perfect day, nobody around to ruin fuck up my perfect day plan, By telling me their’s.

    Suns out, so am I.


  13. That Canadian shooter, has one of the new gas guns, not sure if that’s the .300 WM, or the .338 lm set up. Bitchen rifle.


  14. The Usual Suspect

    I thought the same of Viet Nam, being from an agrarian background
    I appreciated the time and effort that went into terracing.
    Beautiful country though.

  15. Oct.26, 2001. Patriot Act first signed into law. The day I recognize as the Death of the Republic. Yes, I know, 1913, FDR, all that. Just my two cents. Since they did it, and asked none of my input, I consider that I am independent of them, and their shit. Should they arrive to make any claims on me, they will find the reception warm. Not a sleeper cell. An Abscess. Green and Yellow Pus, and lots of it.

  16. I just recalled. The Patriot Act was signed a week after the anniversary of the British surrender, at Yorktown. 220 years and then that shit. I’m sure the irony of it all was lost on the feckless bastards we deign to let run our country’s business. No wonder they treat us with such little regard.

  17. TL;


  18. “improve your position”.. that guy sure needs to…
    Some really disturbing developments, with drones dropping bomblets now starting up. Drones are sure to be banned next…