Badthink: “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Someone Else’s Babies”

Why do Westerners elites believe they will survive the chaos they continue to unleash?

Pity they can’t just off themselves, rather than the whole damned civilization.

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    • Whats the source of the swedish cuck image with the pregnant belly??? That is mind blowing!!!!

      • I was left unsure if the couple made the choice because they couldn’t have a baby of their own or whether they could but decided to have a multiracial baby instead.The first scenario is strange whereas the second would be strange to the point of the absurd.

    • Randall Flagg

      “Read the small print at the bottom of this one:”

      Probably the sickest thing I read today. Maybe this week. Maybe this month. Maybe this year.

      But then again, In Vitro Fertilization has been the rage in the west for quite some time now. Guess it’s only natural that once conceiving solely through the ‘marital act’ has been dispensed, itself too blasé, one must choose sub-saharan countries to remain hip.

      • Part of a discussion this weekend was about In Vitro
        Ferilization, and from what was revealed was that now
        a days, the in vitro fertilization babies do not live too
        long – Plus BIG BUCKS into the tens of thousands per
        attempt. Heck, It was like 70 thousand per attempt, not
        to mention the red tape and lack of privacy involved from
        the alphabet soup agencies bucket brigades.

      • ” Guess it’s only natural that once conceiving solely through the ‘marital act’ has been dispensed, itself too blasé, one must choose sub-Saharan countries to remain hip.”

        As standards of living rise,many societies see a decrease in the numbers of children families have.This is mostly a conscious decision on the part of the parents,maybe more the wife than the husband.We in the west are not alone here.As for in-vitro fertilization,there are several reasons for it,including women choosing to have children latter in life while engaging in successful,competitive careers.As well,advanced technology shares responsibility here,and it is an expensive medical process,limited to those who can afford it or those with good medical coverage.
        Some countries,like Canada,and more so my Provence,Nova Scotia,have a real need for immigrants.But for immigrants,Nova Scotia would see a decline in population every year.My own town,Springhill,NS,lost it’s status as a town because of a declining tax base.Some towns are actively recruiting for immigrants,and were thankful for some of the 30,000 Syrian refugees Canada welcomed last year.The problem is,many won’t remain in small towns without their own communities.
        When I was a growing up,all my male friends were white and Anglo Saxon.As I got older,many were immigrants from Europe,eg.,Italian,Greek.We have also welcomed immigrants from the former Soviet-block countries,but with their standards of living rising from EU membership,mostly the immigrants willing to leave their countries are from India,China and Africa.

        • You can’t be serious. Let me know in five years how it has all worked out for Springhill. I bet those Moslems really contribute to your tax base, join the Rotary and make town the pearl of NS. Just like they did in Aleppo or Mogadishu or Mosul. Your turn.

          • Unfortunately we haven’t received any Syrians in town,it seems they are at a premium,though other towns and villages around us have.Our experiences must be different from yours,as for example most of our doctors here are foreign trained,including the surgeon who just a month ago performed a successful major operation on me,along with the anesthetist who seen me through the surgery.We are fortunate to have them.God knows where our own doctors are.
            Canada is mostly welcoming to immigrants,Muslim included.Toronto is one of the most multicultural and multiracial large cities in the world,and it works.So does your NYC.We have had our share of Islamic plots and attacks,and today many of the tips to police on terror suspects come from the Muslim communities,including their own families.We are not afraid of diversity here,but welcome and embrace it.But then,we welcomed your draft dodgers and war resistors,and benefited from their presence,at the same time as seeing many Canadians serving with your army in Vietnam.We may not always like or agree with your policies,but we will always have your backs,as you will ours.

            God Bless America and all who serve.

  1. Howdy All,

    1. Truth from out of the Heartland. Congress Critter Steve King is a stalwart conservative dude -wish he was still in my District.

  2. StBernardnot

    My Congressman! Damn, I’m proud of him!

    • Me too.

      King is about as good as they come in DC. I’ve had the priviledge to speak with him several times and he is a class act.

  3. “Time to be choosing sides boys. Because if you don’t your side will be chosen for you.”

  4. A comment on this and on the previous thread RE Molyneux’s video.

    Timing is everything, being to early can be just as bad as being too late. People rising up again power structures right now would only end up shot or imprisoned. Despite those who are awake being restless, this is still a war of words and ideals. The true phase of chaos will come but is not here yet. This politician shows us, just as the election of trump, that we are transitioning to a new phase yet still not a hot conflict phase.
    Bemoaning the stupid masses, while perhaps something that feels good, is pointless. The vast majority of the population will always be little more than followers, an the leaders of the next phase will not show themselves until social sentiment has changed enough that they are capable of rising. A great leader at the wrong time is just another face in the crowd.

  5. It’ll be easy to determine which side I’m on, because all you have to do to find me is follow the trail I leave of people who have been scalped. Do please remember I don’t like anyone coming up from behind me, anymore than anyone else does, and that I am old, grumpy, and patently unfair.

  6. The Usual Suspect

    All I can say about Simon is that it is pretty good work,
    if you can get it.

  7. POd American

    How about a patch with crossed indian coup sticks over a skull with the numeral 100 below that? Or a skull cap with a bar of soap in it!

  8. Why would anyone deny the racist sentiment or intent of King? For those who believe his words ring true,why not just admit that,even if it is racist in intent.Why not have the courage of your convictions?
    I do take exception to the sentiment that non-whites and/or non-Christians can’t embrace our democratic even liberal values.That is untrue,and there are examples everywhere over time and place to refute that lie/misconception.
    Change is difficult and often threatening to embrace,and the stark differences between our life and values in contrast to those in other parts of the world,i.e.,the Islamic world,are worthy of vigilance,but we should take some solace in knowing that the majority of people,including refugees,are fleeing those regimes and societies for ours.Maybe their choice of our way of life over that which they are fleeing should be welcomed if not embraced.Ironically,many young men and some women are fleeing our society for the hate and intolerance of ISIS,etc.Good riddance.

    • Randolph Scott

      the refugees and immigrants are flooding the USA because our government has been giving out every kind of benefit possible. 12 years ago .gov started subsidizing the illegal mexicans with every welfare benefit imaginable. Word got out world wide.

      There is a country in the world that will pay you 2.4 million dollars if you can find a way to get there. The government in that country does not care what you believe in, they do not care if you can do anything, they do not care if you are a criminals or a terrorist. This government will give you more than 5,000.00 worth of housing, food, clothing and MONEY every month for as long as you live all TAX FREE! You do not have to account for anything, you do not have to work and if you can find a way to collect twice or thrice no body will do anything to you.

      Would You try to get to that country?
      The country giving the welfare benefit away is the United States of America.

      • For the most part,Canada has been spared from certain excesses of illegal immigration,having only one border,the American border,to contend with.We have suffered from many que jumpers over the years,and it is unclear how much of a drain on the taxpayers certain refugee(s)/groups have been on our welfare system.I think we did well with the Vietnamese boat people ,Ugandan Asians and Hungarian refugees.I think we will do OK with the Syrians,although they face certain challenges,like language and transferring professional qualifications.They place a high priority on education for their children,as do most Asians,and I think that is a positive value they bring to Canada.I do think they will value our freedoms,and certainly their children can be expected to become thoroughly Canadian.
        Myself,I believe all countries have the right to control their borders,but have obligations as well to assist genuine refugees who are fleeing war and persecution.While I sympathize with those seeking a better life for themselves and their families,I think we are justified in limiting numbers here,and help them help themselves in their own countries.Many of the problems facing refugees are problems “made at home”,eg,war,famine,etc.,problems the west have limited resources,and maybe political will,to confront,and certainly to solve.Often all we get in return is a bloody nose.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      What “racist sentiment or intent”? It is simple fact. Take a closed society like Japan. Replace every Japanese baby with an Italian one. For exactly how long would Japan continue to look like Japan? Answer: not very.

      “but we should take some solace in knowing that the majority of people,including refugees,are fleeing those regimes and societies for ours”

      Were that actually the case, the new arrivals would be enthusiastically embracing everything that is distinctly American, but that’s not the case. You can’t really claim to be fleeing a society when you demand that the new society adopt the very mores of the society being “fled”.

      • The Japanese are in a demographic crisis,their population is aging and they don’t like immigrants,not even the Koreans.They are racist,and they are between a rock and a hard place because of it.And may I remind you that their racial arrogance led to the cruel deaths of many non Japanese foreigners,including Americans.
        I suspect that most immigrants,including Mexicans and Muslims,integrate into American culture very well.Our countries,while encouraging somewhat different aspects of integration,yours a melting pot,ours a mosaic,are mostly successful in settling immigrants of all cultures,while having the advantage and benefits of divergent cultures,etc.
        As to the disadvantage of a melting-pot culture,many cultures outside America value civility,hard work and education as much or more so than American youth.That is one reason why the IT sector values South Asians,etc.

        • Grant,

          Go worry about Ottawa and the rest of Kanuckistan, eh.

          BTW….I’m a racist and a white nationalist. Will my declaration guarantee you’ll have a cardiac and/or erectile dysfunction ? I certainly hope so.

          Oh, that “racist” crap you li,e to spew is like the clerk at the ChinaMart telling you to “Have a nice day.” It is meaningless. Same as your “racist” name calling, eh.


    • Grant,

      You assholes are everywhere, aren’t you ? “racist sentiment…of King?”

      You happen to be a sniveling Kanuck whose values are summed up in your socialist mentality along with your Trudeau II. Understand, that many of us tire of the constant abuse of the word racist. I am a “racist”. What do you want to do about it ?

      I happen to LIKE and RESPECT those the left calls “racist”. As you embrace the third world invasion of your homeland and that of fUSA, your ankle-grabbing mentality will be your demise. Hell, fucking Totonto already looks like a bazaar in Baghdad. They’re not refugees….they are invaders.

      How many “refugees” have you taken under the roof of your abode ? None. Correct ? Yet here you are with your bend-over mentality calling these moslem invaders “refugees”. Then welcoming the scum into a world of yours that will become THEIR shithole world in less than a generation.

      Fuck Kanada, eh.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    Why do the elites believe that they’ll survive? Because they’ll simply revert to Islam when the time comes.

    • wrong.

      they will stand behind the blue wall and be as safe as can be.

      that’s the reason for the militarization of the scum cops. in he end. the police state will win- it already has.

      just listen to the morons here who support the pigs…

      i will get solace when the pig lovers are their next victims.
      serves you right cop suckers.

  10. “Genocide” as used in one of the posters serves no purpose other than the most vile of racism,and is more in keeping with the real history of genocidal intent,and has much in common with Nazi posters depicting Jews in racially pure Germany.
    Having lived in Apartheid South Africa and fought in racial Rhodesia I have some sympathy for those who prefer to marry within their own race,be they European,Asian or African,and I have listened to individuals from all sides as mentioned above.That said,wherever people of different color,religion,culture,language,etc.,border,there is interacial marriage,and it does serve to further the exchange of knowledge,techology,etc.Since mankind first ventured out of Africa,migrations have been ongoing throughout time and place.Colonialism is only one example of these migrations and occupations,and come with mixed blessings to all.
    Most countries,including China and India,as well as African and Arab Peoples/nations,have been subject to migrations/influences from without,and are hardly as “pure” as some would think.
    That said,and finally,is it (so) wrong for someone with a long history of the same geneology or,for all intents and purposes,race,to prefer and advocate for same-race marriage,as for same-sex marriage? The answer has to be no,with the important and absolute proviso that no ones Human or Civil Rights be denied.That said,our society has to be vigilant in monitoring whether the above in fact or indeed denies or even compromises such Human and/or Civil Rights.From the perspective of the two divergent views,one may have to choose between the two “evils”,where the interests/good of society are best served.

    • Hey, Ron… can’t put too many skunks in your ‘melting pot’ before it goes bad…

      • “Hey, Ron… can’t put too many skunks in your ‘melting pot’ before it goes bad…”
        You have it wrong,Willy.America is the melting pot,while we are the mosaic.America expects or maybe insists that immigrants melt into their American society,whereas Canada generally is OK with immigrants keeping their own culture and traditions.Of course,both America and Canada expect immigrants to respect our laws,and even in Canada there is concern about keeping our own values,but the question is asked just exactly what are Canadian values.

        • Ron, a crucial difference – for those of us who are concerned with keeping our American values, morals, and ideals – is that what we insist on, is not “expecting” immigrants to obey our laws and assimilate – but we REQUIRE it. It is not an option, you don’t get to pick and choose. You come here to work, join with us; or don’t come here. That is the point. We don’t want to be a ‘mosaic’. We are all right – to a degree – with ‘melting pot’. Better still would be ‘crucible’. Under heat and pressure, you fit in, or are skimmed off as chaff, or slag.
          As for the rest, the thought of bringing immigrants in to shore up a declining population sickens me. It behooves us all to encourage the next generation to educate themeslves, better themselves, work diligently, be successful, and procreate.
          Some serious study, hard work – toward a goal, with marked results – and some good ol’ fashioned sex – would go quite a ways toward saving the west.
          It’s how I raised my sons, my daughter; and now my grandkids. “Be fruitful, and multiply.”
          And, thankfully, no; tfat is not a typical representative of those who visit here. We’re not even certain he’s from this planet. We do know Canada is his adopted home. And we’re certain he is an asshole. Although there is a chance he may be a pussy, as well. We could agree on ‘orifice’; I suppose.
          But the boy can type, that’s for sure.

        • Grant,

          The Amerikan “melting pot” is full. Like the British subject BogBeagle, worry about your future shithole now called Canada, and leave Amerikans to our own concerns.

          Damn, I despise your kind, eh.

    • IMO you are an IDIOT.

      with any luck your wife or daughter will be raped and murdered by the diversity.

      • “with any luck your wife or daughter will be raped and murdered by the diversity.”

        My God man,are you typical of the members on this site? I’d slap any son of mine who was so uncivil as to say this to anyone.And I would have nothing to do with any friend who said likewise.I have worked in a federal prison for over 30 years and have never heard such words from any inmate.What an asshole.

        • jesus you’re a pussy.

        • Grant,

          I’m not a particular fan of the one named tfA-t. But, he gets it right occasionally. In your case and that of your felllow leftists, he is spot on.

          Look bitch, you never worked in an AMERICAN jail have you ? The inmates in American jails would eat you for lunch. You “worked” in a Kanuck jail ? Doing what….working up front with the superintendant or in the personnel office ? Certainly, you never worked as a CO.

          “….are you typicsl of the members on this site?”

          TfA-t is, more or less, typical in that he tells it the way HE sees it. If you don’t like what you read here or elsewhere, then don’t read it. Simple, eh.

          Embrace the diversity Grant. I agree with the tfA-t….I hope your beloved moslems enjoy the sexual fruits your wife and daughters have to offer them. You, if you’re lucky, will be just another dhimmi.

          You ARE an idiot.

  11. From the article:

    “civilization not being successfully transmitted, has been shown repeatedly in post-colonial Africa… and in Detroit .”

    We can add The Philippines, Palau, Puerto Rico, and Cuba as post American colonialism and if we look at French colonies, Hati and Somalia rank right up there for being the worlds cesspools.

    On Mon, Mar 13, 2017 at 9:32 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Why do Westerners elites believe they will > survive the chaos they continue to unleash? Pity they can’t just off > themselves, rather than the whole damned civilization.” >