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  1. Swedistan…..has a nice ring to it…

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    “More Swedish couples are choosing to have multiracial children”

    Huh? More Swedes are choosing non-white partners. The resulting kids simply are multiracial – the choice has already been made well before birth.

    Not quite sure why people are so surprised that whites are being eliminated, since, as a group, we can’t even be bothered to breed at – or even near – replacement levels. Even if nobody else was doing anything, whitey would still be going the way of the dodo.

    • What are they going to do when whitey can longer pay for their social engineering? I don’t see the visitors contributing to support the social welfare programs.

  3. Those are not men. They only have the correct chromosome.

  4. Perhaps following Jim Jones was a better way to leave the world…. Sweden, from ABBA to Sunni & Sharia.

  5. Deuteronomy 7. Check it out. Before it’s too late.
    Failure to heed God’s commandments results in all the problems being experienced by Western civilizations today.
    What has been will be, there’s nothing new under the sun.

    • NorthGunner

      You’re underthinking it again hoss…but everyone is welcome to
      run off a cliff lemming like if the compulsion appeals to them.

      Follow logic, reason and plain common sense and you’ll do just fine.
      Critical thought trumps blind faith 10 for 10..except where moslems and
      similar brain damaged folk are concerned…the .308 pill is the antidote
      when they run amuck and start trying to force everyone else to follow
      their brand of insanity.

      Yours in Daily Armed Libery!
      NorthGunner III

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  7. The Great Plains

    As Haxo would say, Bracken is chasing his own tail again.

    Bracken is constantly whining about the symptoms, but completely unwilling to recognize the underlying problem/cause.

    Who destroyed Sweden’s traditional white Christian culture through pro, moral degeneracy, prostitution, trash TV, etc?

    Who guilt-tripped the Swedes into opening their borders and allowing an invasion of immigrants?

    Who brainwashed the Swedes into becoming cucks who are too afraid of being called racist to defend their own country?

    Who brainwashed the Swedes into believing that loyalty to their own race and people is a bad thing?

    Who continues every day to use control of the media and popular culture to intimidate, silence, ostracize and destroy the reputations of anyone who stands up to political correctness?

    Who has for decades, and continues today, to undermine the social cohesion and moral values and ethnic unity of all White societies, in order to divide and conquer?

    Is it a coincidence that “The Left” has become unassailable and practically invincible since 1945?

    • I hear you, but the Japanese are in even worse demographic shape and the Chinese might have the numbers but their age/sex percentages are Fubar. The 20th century fucked up the whole human race , but fingering the (((brain-washers))) is too easy.
      The break from the land is IMHO the number one catalyst in turning people into jelly-fish. That’s why this weekend I had the young ones practicing the dry-firing / quarter balancing on the barrel . Beaming smiles all-round when they mastered it. Now it’s full-retard on seeding/planting. As CA says…’local, local’
      BTW ‘multiracial’ means no race,no diversity – just one piss-colored , boring mass of mindless zombies.

    • So tell us who, stop beating around the bush. Be clear, or go away.

      • Matt, Please tell us: how is the new book coming? Thanks.

        • NorthGunner


          Forget ‘Smacko’ the haploid stormfront klown’ and his lickspittle lackeys!

          When is your new book coming out Matt? Hope it’s soon!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
          NorthGunner III

      • Probably he means the the default setting – Jews. Wish it was that simple.

      • Does this help?

        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

      • The Great Plains

        “So tell us who, stop beating around the bush. Be clear, or go away.”

        You know exactly who I’m talking about. Don’t play coy.

        I like your books quite a lot. You are a skilled author, but unfortunately you are still cucked, and I say that not to insult you but simply to state a fact.

        Are you so terrified of being called names by the establishment that you are unwilling to name the people responsible for Western civilization’s rapid and immediate decline since 1945?

        How can we effectively fight for Western civilization if we are too afraid to admit (((who))) has been for over a century undermining White people’s traditional morals, ethnic identity/solidarity, and social cohesion, in order to divide and conquer.

        Is it a mere coincidence that countries such as Japan and Taiwan and South Korea haven’t been undermined and destroyed from within?

        No, I’m pretty sure that Japan, South Korea, etc still have ethnic solidarity, a strong national identity and traditional culture and moral values because those countries have very few citizens from a certain (((ethnic group))). This (((group))) has so far been unable to infiltrate, subvert from within and divide and conquer Japan, South Korea, and similar countries.

        Similarly, countries in Eastern Europe like Hungary, where people are more aware of the subversive practices of this (((group))), still have more of their national and identity and values, because the (((group))) has to be more subtle/gradual/covert in their subversion, since the Hungarian people (for example) know what (((they))) are up to.

        You praise countries like Hungary for refusing refugees, without being honest enough to admit WHY Hungary has not been fully cucked yet.

        You criticize countries like Germany and Sweden while deliberately ignoring who has been subverting, undermining, and destroying these countries from within, as well as guilt-tripping them into being politically correct.

        You know perfectly well that this (((group))) always tries to subvert and divide White people, in order to dominate and rule.

        You know perfectly well that this (((group))) always will continue to do so.

        This truth is so obvious and blatant that everyone reading this knows exactly what group I am talking about, even though I haven’t named them.

        Since I know that you are highly intelligent, I can only conclude that you are being intellectually dishonest when you refuse to name the group behind the destruction of Western civilization.

        Even if all the symptoms, such as Marxism, Islam, BLM, antifa, moral degeneracy, magically went away overnight, do you not realize that in 50 or 100 years we will be in exactly the same situation, since the (((group))) would again begin subverting our society once they think it is safe for them to do so?

        Do you really expect people to risk their lives to fight for FREEFOR only for our children or grandchildren to be faced with the exact same situation in 50 or 100 years, because as soon as FREEFOR won, the (((group))) slowly but surely began subverting White society again, in order to divide and rule?

        Stop being intellectually dishonest.

        Are you really so cowardly that you preach a cucked, politically correct version of FREEFOR, simply because you are scared of being called an anti-semite?

        • Dude:

          How’s that “name the Jew” play working out for you?

          Ya winning?

          ‘Cuz from here, it’s a dead loser.

          Note that I am not talking about using facts to make an argument — especially unpopular arguments.

          I am talking about the play by which Team Jews-Did-It attempt to make alpha by “shaming” people into “naming the Jew”.

          Matt’s a big boy. He can stick up for himself.

          I’m talking about the arrogance of folks coming here and behaving in a way that costs them and their malignant cause the only coin of the ‘Net — credibility.

          If you want to come here and use verifiable facts to argue that a future society should be without Jews, based on that tribe’s past and performance towards non-Jews, have at it.

          But the “name the Jew” thing?

          It makes you look like a complete jerk-off.

          Comply or be gone.

          • Actually, he skirted naming the jew the whole time for whatever reason. Parentheses were useful for people who were completely uninformed but relying on it for a sekrit code is silly. And yeah, it’s going pretty well.

  8. Matt, the answer is the Jews aka The JQ, the Jewish Question, the fifth column, the people of dual citizenship, the ones that opened the gates for the Muslim invaders, the happy merchants, the schemers, the inventors of and initial propagators of marxism, communism, pornography and feminism.

    The one who say that Jesus is burning in excrement and that mother Mary was a whore.

  9. There’s a lot that isn’t being told, neither to us, nor to the Swedes themselves.

    Numerous (>two dozen, IIRC) would-be “refugee resettlement centers” there suffered acts of spontaneous combustion in the last year. Call it Swedish Lightning.

    It remains to be seen whether they have bred themselves to become Swedistan, or whether the long-dormant Viking strain will re-assert itself.
    (I would likely have started on Plan B by now, but I’m here, not there, so I have nothing to judge by nor measure them against.)

    I suspect they are not wholly merkeled yet.

  10. NorthGunner

    There’s another factor to moslem invasion that is disgusting. It’s
    their mistreatment/abuse of man’s best friend!

    “MUSLIM DOG JIHAD”…Thanks to mass Muslim immigration, coming to a neighborhood near you

    “Dead Dog Jihad”

    TENNESSEE: Are Muslims, infamous for their hatred of dogs and love of beheadings, now torturing and beheading dogs in America, too?
    Rewards being offered in decapitated dogs case | UPDATE

    If you love dogs, keep those putrid muzzrats as far away as possible.
    And if that isn’t, be ready to deal with them and their enablers/supporters in real time when and where necessary!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!

  11. Looks just like the good old USA to me.