Fred: In Search Of The Super Race


No reference to Mexico.

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  1. The wisdom of Ferd’s screen is summed in a single sentence fragment:
    …this doesn’t cunt Muslim Uighurs in Xin Jiang…

    The balance is as intelligible as if written by a blind man.

    • POd American

      I’m willing to allow one “pFreudian” slip per article. I’m either 1) surprised, or 2) not surprised that he didn’t go after or wonderful pubic school system!

  2. Darwin Is A Harsh Mistress

    That’s swell except ol’ Fred doesn’t seem to realize distributions are easily overwhelmed by population. Or perhaps, “Quantity has a quality all its own.”

    There are a billion Chinamen in China and perhaps another half billion scattered about.

    There are fewer than 240,000,000 White Americans and Whites are hardly homogeneous. The Chinese really are homogeneous. Apples to Oranges. Apples to Tangerines.

    Yankee Americans, meaning “Anglo Saxon” Americans, were self selected for gumption, personal bravery, and were drawn from the new English middle class. Quite a lot of the Mayflower company were university men. Those numbers went up with the Great Migration of Puritans that followed. Even formally uneducated Yankees were encouraged to learn enough to read the Bible for themselves and were therefore literate and actively reading.

    Compare this to the demographics of “White” Americans of Britonic and Borderer extractions, the Cavaliers and indentured servants of the South. Their bell curve is shifted considerably towards the mean.

    Fred, the devil is in the details. Fuck me if I want to keep my, humbly, distinguished family line more-or-less intact. The fact we did some amazing work over the years is beside the point. We “good enough” to survive the culling.

    • POd American

      All of these statistical numbers can be rationalized by conducting a “covariance analysis.” Oops, was that an un PC comment?

      • Darwin Is A Harsh Mistress

        As in covariance between say, Dimension “R1a/b Haplogroup Distribution” with say, Dimension “Time Preference” and Dimension “General Intelligence”?

        Yes I’d like to see that myself.

    • There are closer to 1,4 billion Chinese in China alone. Indians in India number over 1.1 billion. They represent a much greater number than the 300 million Western and Northern Europeans including the 100 million in the United States.

  3. If anything, Fred is proving the White race may in fact be inferior with his inane scribblings. When you have a nation of a billion people, and only the cream of the crop make it to this country, it’s easy for a simpleton like Fred to assume that the entire nation from which they came share the same mental capacity of their top 1%.

    To put it bluntly, if you took the top 1% of American students and sent them to another country. it would be obvious that all Americans are smart.

    I am truly disappointed in Fred. It’s obvious that he’s traded his loyalty to his country for his loyalty to Mexico. Fuck him. I hope he enjoys his rights and his freedoms in Mexico. Perhaps he can pin a column extolling and enumerating them for us. What a fucking joke.

    • Simple statistics and selection bias certainly play a role.

      I’ll make this clear for the math challenged white people among us: the top 1% of 1,000,000,000 people will always out number the top 1% of 100,000,000 people…by um… a lot bigger number. 🙂

      All joking aside my country bumpkin school produced 2 kids who scored 1600 in one year who were given immediate college scholarships and never returned. This was an anomaly never repeated before or since. The usual scores were below 1000. Go an hour away to the suburbs and very large schools churn out hundreds of kids with 1200+ like clockwork. Go 5 miles deep-fried into the city and it’s back under 1000 again.

  4. Heh. Fifty years ago, I was fairly well up in the 0.1%. (On the right, dang it!) Now I r a old’n’stupid deplorable clinger. At least I’m not an IYI. I hope.

  5. Carlos Danger

    Fred should just stay home in Mexico. He is a bit obtuse. We don’t need nor want him anymore. We have been targeted for enstpupidation through the desruction of our families. Asians have resisted that. Fred’s own father was one of those genius White ORSA sliderule devils. So was mine. Math is rote training and practice for the most part. It is a language and best learned as one. Asians are good at that. We used to be much better before the other people Fred pretends do nothing to hurt us, got control over our education system.

  6. 1) Whatever. I’m way over on the far right, according to every test I’ve ever taken. Compared to the entire country, that means I’m smarter (on paper) than 99.9% of everyone. But in a nation of 300,000,000 people, if they put us whizkids all in one football stadium, and assigned seats based on IQs, I’d be way up in the cheap seats. That and a buck gets me coffee at Denny’s. But I’m not feeling any heat from the supposed superiority of Asians.

    And my hat’s off to the guy with a middling IQ yet who can fix my A/C or rebuild a transmission without even cracking a manual, because his innate mechanical aptitude leaves me looking like a Neanderthal watching a space shuttle launch. IQ is nice for IQ-heavy things; but they are not everything, it is not the answer to life, nor helps with many of life’s problems. Frequently, just the opposite.

    2) Asians notably suck in Asian countries. Which points out that it’s far more to do with nurture than nature, and location rather than raw genetic material.
    Otherwise China, Japan, and Korea would kick the world’s ass intellectually, from home. Which has happened never, in recorded history.
    In essays decades ago, Larry Elder mentioned two groups of kids at the local public library in urban Los Angeles: the Hispanic and black kids were outside, practicing skateboard moves on the benches and breakdance moves on the sidewalk, with no parents notable anywhere within eyesight. Inside, the Asian kids were sitting at the tables, besides stacks of books, reading, doing homework, and supervised by parents in strict overwatch. Talk about a cultural divide.
    Looking at even that bare anecdotal, what a shock that L.A. Unified, the biggest and most metastasized public school district in the country, overrun with non-native English speakers born overwhelmingly to illegal aliens – mainly from Tijuana all the way to Tierra del Fuego – and who place almost zero value on education (“Your father dropped out after 5th grade, so that’s good enough for you too“), has the country’s dumbest kids on average, and also the country’s smartest Asian students.

    3) Notably, any measure of intelligence measures, essentially, recall of previously known facts.
    There is no measure (and practically, none possible) of creativity.
    This is why there was an Italian and later general European renaissance, but nothing like it in China or Japan. Because those cultures value conformity, not independence. Had Galileo been born in China, his theory being at odds with TPTB wouldn’t have forced him to recant, they’d simply have lopped off his head, and burned his works, and gone back to another 500 years of whatever the Emperor or the Buddha told them was true, because that’s how they roll since forever.
    It’s the same reason they make our TVs, cars, and electronics better than we do now (and cheaper, due to economies of endless labor supply), but notably not one item of which they’ve ever independently invented from scratch. Looking up “Asian creativity” is the internet equivalent of “French military victories”.
    They can duplicate a Michelangelo or DaVinci, even churn them out by the gross, but they have never produced one.

    As for where Mexico falls in the ways things are, the less Fred says about that, the less embarrassment he’ll suffer. By all accounts and measurements, Latin America mainly depends on the existence of Africa to keep from coming in dead last. Somebody had to say it.

    • “There is no measure (and practically, none possible) of creativity.”

      Even though I’m pretty far to the right on the bell curve, I’ve always been quite skeptical of the notion that ‘IQ is everything’, but I’ve never had a good, crisp way to express that skepticism. Now I do. Thanks.

      • How about if I simply tot up the number of things that “you” have created over a given period?

        Haven’t I then “measured your creativity”?

        Don’t I then have a hard number with which I can compare “your creative’ performance” with the performance of another man?

        Sure, you may contain a whole bunch of “unexpressed creativity” … but, that is of precisely zero value. A bit like that book I never got around to writing. I mean, creation does demand that something now exists, which heretofore, did not exist. Doesn’t it?

        • “Don’t I then have a hard number . . .”

          Even leaving aside the subjective theory of value, it is ridiculous to assume that all those enumerated “things” have equal value. So no, you just have a number you’ve pulled out of your ass.

        • For what value of “you”?
          Bubba in the swamp?
          Everyone in a given subset, divided by their whole number, for a magic mean value? {Bubba + Beethoven/2 = ??}

          Mozart was a prodigy at six. And dead at 35.
          Benjamin Franklin was productive to 84.
          DaVinci, dead at 67, left behinds notebooks of inventions (machineguns, submarines, airplanes, helicopters) he never actually built, yet exquisitely illustrated, and more advanced than man as a whole could perfect or accomplish until 400 years later.
          So when would you administer this test?
          Adolescence? Maturity? Death? 500 years after death?

          You can only tally past creativity.
          You cannot measure it as predictive of future creational abilities, exactly as I stated.
          And lacking the knowledge of how long someone will live rather crimps even the tally system.

          And you tried rather artlessly to conflate “creation” with “creativity”.
          They are not the same thing, hence our grammar and vocabulary assign them different words.

  7. That “Wall Street Follow the Money” graphic from comments a little while back is silly. Military power comes from making tanks and bombs, not from BSing people with government-religion or paper money. I would put the top of the power structure at the Exxon/GE/Monsanto level. The executives of these companies hire politicians with tiny amounts of money to say what the corporations want. All government is eaten up by regulatory capture.

  8. Fred’s post contains what is probably the most “accidentally apposite” spelling mistake that I’ve seen all week. See whether you can find it.

    I hold that such “racial” differences are present, but that they are either magnified or diminished by the over-arching culture. For example, a culture such as Islam, will not permit a mind to reach its potential … whereas the Eureopean-culture-of-old would permit precisely this.

    Contemporary European’ culture is disposed to placing the human mind into bondage. Bind the mind, bind the man. (see Islam for further details)

    • Some good points.
      Culture/genetics are synergistic. Genetics will lead to a culture consistent w/ those genetics, then that culture will further reward those who conform to it.

      Even after 200+ years in America, blacks haven’t been able to conform to our culture due to the extreme difference in our genetics, but Asians can conform w/i 2 generations. OTOH I bet whites wouldn’t survive well in equatorial conditions (which is why equatorial regions are still non-white; the Euro diaspora generally settled in areas similar to Europe)

      • I’m going with equatorial regions being non-white because no one is stupid enough to live in such an effing hot malarial hell-hole, given the abundance of hospitable temperate zones as alternatives.
        And if it were majority white, it’d be glassed in, air-conditioned, after pest eradication efforts on a biblical scale, but such would require pushing the natives there into the Arctic regions, or the hereafter, in a manner reminiscent of Genghis Khan by way of Pol Pot.

        In short, the lemon ain’t worth the squeeze.

        William of Ockham approved this message.

  9. “Something called the Alt-Right that believes the white race to be superior and wants to rid the country of of encroaching dark scum.”

    “It seems to me that the Alt-Right-HBD folk, believing in the evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest, in the genetic and therefore immutable nature of intelligence, and that IQ is an accurate measure of intelligence and therefore of Darwinian fitness, must conclude that we whites, to better the species, should stop breeding and allow the more advanced species to supplant us.”

    Citations needed. Even the most nazi-ish of the alt-right, Andrew Anglin at Daily Stormer, doesn’t say these things. We believe that culture is largely determined by race, and that mixing races together leads to disharmony. This is backed up by virtually every study you care to name. Racial superiority is subjective, racial difference is objective.

    • Look, if you’re going to force Fred to stick to verified facts, it’d mess up his tequila-sodden narrative.

  10. Crustyrusty

    “Lazy and stupid”. Lazy? For the most part, yes. Stupid? More like uneducated, and sliding downward at breakneck speed. Don’t forget culture. Asians beat conformity and performance into their kids, with shame and rejection being the reward for a “B”.

  11. Too much play time and nerds being selected for involuntary celibacy.

    My dumbest stepson has ready moved on to what may turn out to be his second baby Momma in less than a week.
    Perhaps as Whites get less intelligent they will start breeding more.
    My observations confirm it.

  12. swrichmond

    Fred has written several such pieces, if memory serves. Fred must be feeling immense pressure to say “I’m not like that”, publicly and often, living as he does as an expat. This is one reason why I would never expat; you are an outsider and always will be, no matter your protestations (I’m one of you!) to the contrary. Good luck in your new country, Fred.

    Now lets get out our broad brush and join the ganging up on the “alt-right”, which consist of what is left of the dominant culture in America finally noticing it is scheduled to execution, and resisting same.

    Fred: whites will happily compete with anyone in the workplace, as long as the workplace is constructed on merit and effort. Whites are an industrious bunch, as you say, look around you and see what we have built. The shame is that we are not quite smart enough to cast off the oligarchs who steal from us, start wars to enrich themselves, apparently engage in all sorts of sexual depravity, and so on.

    But when we finally begin to defend ourselves and our existence, and notice how the cultural elites want us bred out of existence, well you can’t blame us for that.

    • joe tentpeg


      Pity Fred, who chose to live in a country none of the Hollyweird Left swore to migrate to if Trump won.

  13. As documented in 1996 by “The Bell Curve”

  14. I’m done with Fred. He pays no attention to the soft genocide against whites taking place in America; indeed, he simply cut and ran. His amigos down south will not spare him when the genocide goes hot.

    Sorry, Fred. You used to be good.

    • Yup….
      fred is dead to me…

    • Drug use has dulled his mind. Until the USA was founded by Western and Northern Europeans no group of humans were as equal under the law or as free. Tha’s all changed now because of immigration. Thank you Emmanuel Celler.

  15. Confederate miner

    I don’t even know what he is talking about. The races remaining separated is what the people I know are talking about. Supremacy is a whole different thing. When there many African countries with average iq under 70 there is definitely no argument that it would be better for a white not breed with a black. Am I correct. We already had 6000 years of knowledge that we used without even having to think about it. Now we have to do research and discuss and debate to figure this crap out again? Lord help us.

  16. Virgil Kane

    Let me know when the Chinese or Indians invent something in this modern age that isn’t a copy or built off of an American or Western idea.

    No mention of German intelligence and innovation in the early to mid 20th century?

    How many Chinese engineers were at Oakridge in the 1940’s? How many Chinese engineers worked at NASA during the 50’s and 60’s? Chinese missile technology is American missile technology given to them by Bill Clinton. Chinese stealth technology is eight non-existent or stolen from America.

    They hand pick their brightest to send here, to learn our technology and take it back to their country. They are at least smart enough to do that, but they still lack innovation.

    • As an American veteran I’m proud we have a country built upon the innovations in our weapons that led to unparalleled force projection.

      Imagine those smoke filled rooms of the 1950s and 60s of my fellow WASPs (of Anglo Scottish descent) putting the following people to work: Jews designing the atomic weapons, ex-nazis improving our missiles, and Irish Catholic welders all putting it together while everyone ate Chinese or Mexican take out.

      Now that was world order.

      • Confederate miner

        Imagine if instead of teaming up with communist russia to completely destroy our white Christian German brothers and sisters we would have chosen the right side.

        • Someone else imagined that and wrote The Man in the High Castle. In any case there was no room in the future Reich for Christians and no other god than duh fuhrer.

          • Confederate miner


          • Confederate miner

            Is the man im high castle a movie or something right? So I guess this is what you base your reality on?

            • Confederate miner

              I can’t give any rebuttal because I have neither read or seen aforementioned. Hollywood is completely expelled from my life. I most read non fiction. Sometimes though I allow myself to read fiction but rarely. Perhaps I’ll read it and then give my thoughts.

      • Imagine those smoke filled rooms of the 1950s and 60s of my fellow WASPs (of Anglo Scottish descent) putting the following people to work: Jews designing the atomic weapons, ex-nazis improving our missiles, and Irish Catholic welders all putting it together while everyone ate Chinese or Mexican take out.

        Now that was world order.

        If we voted for masthead status, you’d have mine.


    Yeah, Fred. And those Japs are really smart. That’s why they beat us in World War II. The one thing that I have seen with the Hindus and Asians living here is they have INTACT families which emphasize scholarship and hard work. Unlike most of the Porch Monkeys and Vato Locos, these folks put their nose to the grindstone and produce more than just welfare parasites.
    Go back to your cigars and Modelo, you pathetic man. I hope you have a good, last buzz on when Los Zetas kick in your front door and light you up because your just some useless Paddy.

  18. Mark Matis

    Fred is an Only One, and therefor a Rove Republican, with all the principles, scruples, morals, and honor associated with same. Why would one expect anything else from him???

  19. Amusing, Fred’s dead!. The fact that your all pounding the keyboard tells me Fred’s not going anywhere. He might piss you off, but he’s making you think thru it.

    Anything written that gut checks, is worthy.

    See you next week, Fred.


  20. Academic achievement is one thing. Organizing a society to apply it’s knowledge is another. I’ve lived in Asia and traveled extensively in Asia, they don’t organize as well as Europeans. They seem to lack natural leadership. Much of their societies are based on honor, which leads to failure aversion and consensus seeking. But if I want to plot a course to Alpha Centauri I know where to turn.

  21. wealthy farmer

    IQ was, is and always has been the pseudo-scientific enabler of eugenics, keeping the tyrants’ glass half-full of justification for whatever murderous horror their twisted minds could imagine.
    So what is the ‘IQ’ of a chickadee? It must be immense: they live outside through the coldest weather. They forage and reproduce on cue and seemingly effortlessly (compare and contrast with ivy league graduates). If they don’t they die…

  22. Whites, through innovation, energy, intelligence, and an almost insatiable drive for excellence, built the civilized world. Whites, through a perverted guilt at the excellence that they built, along with the rise of immorality and the sloth it promotes, will oversee the destruction of all they built. Unless something changes and the whites who’s blood still runs with the Anglo-Saxon greatness of our forefathers rise up and take back what our ancestors built, our race will become irrelevant. I don’t know how we will do that, or if it is even possible, but I am a patient man and I’ll be watching and waiting for the spark….

    • Confederate miner

      Nature will win out in the end. Just preserver. Press on. As long as the people like us never give up God is on our side.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        No offense, but everyone thinks God is on their side. Nearly all turn out to be gravely mistaken.

        • Confederate miner

          Well when the ones we are fighting tend to be communist atheists, satanists etc I think it’s a pretty good chance we are on the right team.

      • i want to preserver some grape jam.

        the whites have nothing on anyone else. just look around you next time you find yourself in a ‘town”. all i ever see is white trash with dirty clothes,tattoos, rotten teeth, and beards.

        some master race,,,,

        • Confederate miner

          Well yeah this is the probkem ! You see these things and know they are not right. Isn’t this what we are actually talking about picking up arms and fighting about the destruction of our culture?

    • Confederate miner

      Oh and this rise of immorality is not something that just arose. It is being done. It is an executed plan. The white race is being destroyed intentionally. With the Internet these things are becoming known. You seeing immorality shows you are on the right path.

    • Confederate miner

      You know one thing is the Internet is great but things are gonna have to happen in meats pace. Just like some of the people commenting with same views. They intersect on the comment board then nothing. Nothing lasting. I know from the some comments that some strong bonds could be formed between some of us. We have got to move from this virtual to the real.

      • Confederate miner

        Idk. Maybe just get out more strike up more conversations with other white males.

    • Confederate miner

    • It is because we allowed the Jews in. They created the Federal Reserve Board, fathered unrepentent immigration, and created “gun control”. It is too late to turn the ship around. We need a cleansing and I’m pretty sure it’s coming. Next time, no Jews allowed.

  23. Note to Fred: Being mad at the world doesn’t get better by soaking your brain in tequila and hacking up a hairball of an angry, ill-conceived essay. Get better, old man. You have much to say that makes sense. This one missed the mark.

  24. Fred is in love with Mexico. Love it blind. Fred should stay in Mexico.

  25. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t forget those handsome, aggravated black ladies who
    did all of the heavy slide rule lifting in the early space race
    activities, according to Disney !

  26. 35 years ago, Fred was too observant, and it cost him his job at the Army Times. He pointed out what every private knew: Women are physically weaker than men. He’s grown increasingly bitter. Apparently, being right more often than not has that effect.

    • yup.

      it’s hard being right most of the time…

      it sure doesn’t lend itself to making friends.

      but who wants morons for friends anyways?

      I’ll take going it alone for 1 million dollars Alex.

      • Your a fucking piece a work Tf-at. A special kinda mojo in your noodle.
        Something tells me your gonna be fine, no matter the issue.


        • I’ll take “The Masque Of The Red Death” for 500, Alex.

          If someone doesn’t invite him over for a cask of amontillado first.

        • my biggest problem right now is a ceiling fan that took a shit 30ft up in the great room. my ladders are in one of the sheds that are buried in 8ft of snow. life’s a bitch.

          oh. and i’m getting old.

  27. My own view of racial and/or cultural differences among races is that white folks and Euro-Americans have been the most curious and innovative. It seems less about IQ and more about making things better or more useful.

    I’ve no idea if it’s racially intrinsic, but some cultures seem far more content with “That’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it will always be.”

    The Chinese invented black powder and then quit innovating. Arabic numerals started in India and not all that much use was made in those areas thereafter: No calculus, e..g.. The ancient Egyptians and later the Arabs knew a lot about medicine but pretty much hit a level and quit advancing.

    Then came “The Enlightenment” in Europe and that was followed and enlarged upon in the US. Foreigners are commonly good students and learn a lot, but essentially they’re copy-cats.

    Fred’s importance seems to be his ability to raise an issue for discussion, regardless of any right/wrong in his views. When he’s outside of the box of mainstream thinking, so much the better. All of us need to sit back and examine our own views, seems to me. I’ve never seen perfection, even when I’m shaving.

  28. My Chinese wife ended up at age 12 in a Hong Kong sweat shop because she was at the bottom of her class in school. Yet she is probably the top Oracle database programmer in our state, and once had 50 highly paid subcontractors working for her. Yet, she has trouble with mechanical tasks; I have to roll my eyes sometimes.

    My experience is that people do well when they find their niche, and work like dogs. That is what happened with her. But boiling all these diverse abilities down to one number, IQ, reminds me of the old “science” of phrenology.

    I believe people go on about race and intelligence because they can find nothing better to do. They need a new hobby. What matters is the individuals you work with or meet in the street or hire to get a job done – not averages of populations a billion strong.

    Interesting anecdote: I once worked for Sequent Computers, a company at that time that produced the most powerful computers in the world. If you walked through the software department, there was (about an equal) mix of Indians, “Asians” and “whites”. If you walked through the hardware engineering department? Virtually all “whites”, and all men too.

  29. If Fred doesn’t mind, at the end of the day, I’d like to favor my own race/tribe, and I really don’t care fuck-all what every one else does, or has accomplished. Each and every one of us, in every fashion, race, age, time, and place, have accomplishments, weaknesses, and we all fucking draw a last breath and are gone. While I’m here, is it alright if I meander with my own herd, in my own way, independent of the computer whizz kids and the slide rule controllers whose ambition is to involve themselves in every facet of my life, but is NONE OF THEIR DAMNED BUSINESS? In the end, it doesn’t amount to an ounce of owl dung, because the shit will shake out how it shakes out. I wouldn’t give you ten bucks for those math wizards, as a group. In my evaluation, they probably lack common sense, have never turned over a spadeful of earth and planted something good, fired a gun, or stayed up all night caring for a sick relative. Birds of a feather flock together. All else is confusion and stupidity. Get out of my fucking life, I don’t want or need your advice, suggestions and recommendations. Take your intellectual superiority and shove it up your ass. And I mean just what I say.

  30. When the presuppositions you base your argument off of are untrue, then the whole argument is fruit of the poisoned tree. Fred’s remarks don’t rise to the level of debating, simply because despite his ‘ubermensch’ status he is too lazy to correctly describe the alt-right. Must be this tall to ride, sorry Fred.

    Despite everyone on here being undoubtedly 3SD away from the mean, the number of IQ fairies we can fit on a pinhead matters less to me than the actually brass tacks of the situation. I’m not a savant, but this sounds an awful lot like patricians assuring themselves how superior they are to that savage Alaric as the Visigoths are not-so-lightly banging on the front gates. Whether those patricians are smarter, better educated or more cultured is true or not is irrelevant because they failed Darwin’s binary test, fit or not fit. I don’t care if it’s barely sentient 60 IQ apes (as in simians) with Charlton Heston in the lead or the Asian super people who haven’t produced a technological breakthrough since the Byzantine Empire was still a thing. The barrel of a gun, it’s efficiency in use and the will to use it is the metric that it really all boils down to. Whether you’re smart or cool or can make a really good cup of joe doesn’t matter a whole lot if you can’t keep the turf your flag and kin are on. The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must. This stuff is a distraction from the situation at hand. Fred has the luxury of hanging out with the 3rd world because he had the luxury of making his shekels in the 1st world and leveraging that economic 3SD to retire there. Forgive me if I want to keep my turf and kin the 1% of the world, debating IQ potential is a luxury those of us still on the wall don’t have the luxury of becoming distracted by.

    • Well said Brother…I wish more people would quit worrying about things that don’t make a damn bit of difference in their lives and start worrying about what we can do…But maybe that’s asking to much…Sad That…