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  1. Immigration, both legal and especially illegal are killing this country. When I was born in the USA in the 1950’s the population was about a 170 million. We had a single culture, and the few immigrants we took were the best and brightest.
    Fast forward some 60 years and our population has almost doubled, with no one bothering to assimilate or learn our ways. Instead they demand that we speak to them in their country of origin language, that we provide them shelter and welfare and a free education. We are taking in almost a million legal immigrants and another million illegal immigrants each and every year. This happened under W and Obozo. This is national suicide and it is being done to us by both sides. The left to gain votes, & the U.S. Chamber of Commerce folks wanting cheap labor. Both sides of the Uni-party are the enemies of us “dirt people”.
    Those that will not defend our border, those that will not close the gates against an advancing invasion are traitors in our midst. Before we even deal with the enemy advancing on us, we must deal with the traitors among us.

    • Randolph Scott

      It’s not so much that the illegals demand the government welfare, but that they expect it. The democrat/republican politicians, federal judges, lobbyists and bureaucrats are the ones to blame. They are the people who have made it possible for these illegals to get the government handouts. Without the free handouts everyone of these immigrants , legal and illegal, would not even be here.

      Those that enable this to happen are in fact traitors should be dealt with severely and to pay for this.

  2. That’s it in a nutshell, and she’s a mighty damned brave woman. A woman with guts, AND a brain. Kind of a rare thing, when you inspect the local leftard herds we have here. The women on the right we have here are precious jewels, and deadlier than the male. My money is on the ones with guts, and brains. They won’t let you down when the chips are down.

  3. Then, if you desire NOT to have endless cultural conflict, you MUST deport the foreigners. RIGHT?

    FUCKIN’ say it!

    • Helluva task. Europe was said to be “home” to >50 million Muslims … back in 2010. And, of course, that’s only the ones who were known about. I don’t have a contemporary figure.

      And, we do know that they’ve got a bit of fight in ’em. They won’t be rolling over for it, like those Jews did in the ’30s. That’d be my guess, anyway. Such numbers represent a problem which is not trivial.

      If LePen wins, then she will immediately step into the role of “wartime leader”, because her policies can only be construed as a declaration of war against France’s 8 million (?) Muslims. Many people will perceive France’s stance as a declaration of war against all of Islam. It could be “melee-time”.

      I can’t see any options which do not involve wide-scale civil conflict. Do you?

      Whether the Muslims remain, or whether they go, there will be blood shed.

      • since Le Pen has already made her peace with the Jews, she will – in the unlikely circumstance that she wins the French Presidency – do nothing substantial about the Muslims already in France; it’s possible she’ll – temporarily – slow the rate of ingress. IOTW, about what Trump is doing and will do in ‘Murka. Supposedly, for example, the current rate of illegal mestizo invasion has since November dropped from c. 3,000/day to c. 2,000/day. Legals of all stripes (except White) continue to pile into ‘Murka at a rate of 4,000/day. And the White die-off continues as per usual. TINVOWOOT.

  4. Grey Ghost

    She is right of course, but it remains to be seen what she will be able to do even if she is elected. Team Mo is already acting up and rioting in the Netherlands, what make you think they won’t burn France down if she is elected?

    Grey Ghost