SLL: Morons

Robert speaks to those who will not listen.

Politicals and otherwise.

Skate to where the puck will be.

Or else.

8 responses to “SLL: Morons

  1. Good one. Morons will never see the big picture, though.

  2. ha ha ha


    i’ve been saying it all along. teh murkins are the dumbest on earth.


  3. He hits one thing: Trump has shown the Left for the fools they are.

    But when Wall Street discovers, like Wile E. Coyote a bit past the edge of the precipice, that gravity works…do try to be prepared when all those puffs of smoke start tumbling down all around.

    One may turn a political tide.

    Holding back a real tsunami by standing on the shore and commanding it to retreat…not so much.

    A fact ancient kings taught their subjects by actual demonstration.

    We have a respite. It may even possibly snowball into a renewal.

    But safe higher ground is always a good foundation to build on.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Morons indeed, from the Canukistanian delegate !

  5. NorthGunner

    Yep, morons one and all!

    Of course none of this should have been wondered at. This is the result when people have been dumbed down first by ‘public schools’ and then by the enemedia courtesy of the ‘glass teat’ (just like Ed Bernays taught).

    Teach your kids at home, put a boot thru the tv (or at least turn it off/unplug it!), read some more great books and keep practicing and prepping and networking/training with good folk.

    And forget about what the ‘experts’ claim and what the herd does, just be sure to stay out of their way as they run lemming like to the edge of the cliff.

    And remember to stay out of the way as the collectivist dinosaur and it’s remoras go thru their death convulsions…that tail flailing around can be dangerous!

    Death to morons indeed!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  6. Grey Ghost

    Robert is right about one thing… the market is well overdue for a correction. Trump will probably be in office when it happens. Morons on both sides will point fingers at everyone except who is responsible. The Federal Reserve. Funny nothing about an audit with all the other “crisis” happening on all fronts from immigration to the intel community.

    Does the FedRes raise rates on the 15th and put more econ pressure on the system or do they slack off for another round of QE and inflation? My bet is they raise the rate .25 points.

    Grey Ghost

    • >>>Does the FedRes raise rates on the 15th and put more econ pressure on the system or do they slack off for another round of QE and inflation?<<<

      Both, in that order.