The Death Of Liberalism?

Via AmThinker.

Far too soon to pronounce the enemy defeated.

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  1. Detroit III

    You are delusional if you believe liberalism is in its death throes.

    Every institution-EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM- is owned lock, stock and barrel by the left.

    Unlike FREEFOR, the left fights.

    • Really?

      The Left owns the presidency?
      The House of Representatives?
      The Senate?
      The governorships?
      The statehouses?
      The military?
      Big business?
      Small business?
      City hall in most states?
      The religious denominations that are growing (vs. the ones that are depopulated husks)?

      Care to revise and amend your remarks?

      My understanding was the fact that the Leftists don’t have any of that is what sets their teeth on edge. And now their usual namecalling, counting on the right to roll over and lose gracefully, isn’t working, and their entire army is now naked, defenseless, and rightfully ridiculed from house to hedgerow to the horizon.

      The left is fighting like a possum with its head pinned at the end of a forked stick, because the entire culture is hunting them down and turning them out on the streets, to starve to death with any luck at all.
      Any further unruliness is liable to see their hides nailed to a wall, and yet they hiss and show their fangs in impotent rage as if this were impossible.

      • you had way too much kook-aid to drink.

        the left won decades ago. the so-called right is just figuring it out and trying to vote their way out of this.

        ha ha ha.

        what’s it like to work as a slave and forfeit half of your earnings to the commies? and if you don’t they send over agents to shake you down.
        you call that freedom?

        working is bad enough. giving most of your wages to the scum in dc is salt in the wound. but hey, it’s for the children right?

        • You speak of things beyond your knowledge, let alone your abilities.
          And have made plain that you prefer being an expat, with no skin in the game, amongst a people more socialist than anything in DC.

          Hie back to Gilligan’s Island.

          • oh fuck you.

            i have more $ tied up in murka than you’re loser ass will ever make.

            no skin? loser.

            • Good comeback, Potsie.
              Unfortunately, your prior tirades belie your claims now.

              But if you had so much tied up here, after cheering for 200M dead, who would that make the loser?
              You think Uncle Government’s gonna keep an eye on it for you?


          • Ha-Ha-Ha! I can always appreciate it when an asshole speaks the truth.

            I don’t know what planet some of you have been inhabiting, but I remember where we were. I am aware of where we are. And I have a pretty good idea, based on the last 58 years, where we are heading.

            Fucking dumb-asses. The frikkin “conservatives” are last weeks liberal.

            But, but, but… they’re not winning! Yeah… to much kook-aid to drink. And Donald is president:

      • The problem is that its not about Left vs Right, its about nationalist vs globalist. Many Republicans are globalists, so the actual count of who on our side controls something is harder to determine. I’d rather Joe Manchin (D) had an important position than Paul Ryan (R), for example.

        The Globalists control the education system. 70-90% of non-whites vote for the explicitly globalist party. In 2015 more non-whites were born than whites. The amount by which they do so is accelerating, and will continue to do so even if immigration was completely stopped and all illegals were booted.

        The biggest mistake the globalists/Leftists made is to not realize they have us beat in the long run, and only had to roll with the punches of a Trump presidency in order to clinch a final, ever-lasting victory over us.

  2. If you mean liberalism has been replaced by straight up communism, the yes.

  3. Liberalism is dead, but it is the (mindless) zombie apocalypse.
    You can’t reason with a zombie.

    • I just had a discussion with a friend about how Hollywood films (and other films) reflect a society’s anxieties. In the ’50s it was Godzilla, ants the size of school buses (THEM!), etc. based on the fear of the effects of radioactive fallout. These days, it’s zombies.

  4. “conservatism’s aspiration to restore wholeness and freedom”

    I’ll believe that when I see it. More like the aspiration to grab and wield the cudgel of power, just like the libs.

  5. The totalitarians will not go away without a fight and reversing the demoralization of our society will take at least one full generation – so this is but a start. Applying morality in our daily life is the best strategy, and to likewise reject and shun the immoral. Lend them no succor and, as this article asserts, it will expire of its own accord. But, again, they won’t go down without a fight. Also recognize that we in the liberty movement tend to be a happier lot by seeing beauty where the totalitarians see a threat and, as such, cast themselves as victims – spend some time in deeply conservative areas of the country and compare the general attitudes there versus the totalitarian states. Vote with your feet and your wallet.

    • Voting with your feet and your wallet doesn’t work.
      Look at California.
      Look at Colorado.
      Look where Texas is purpling up nicely.

      Cutting and running shafts your friends now, shafts your children soon, and shafts your nation in perpetuity.

      If you’re serious, stop chickenshitting your way to minority status in your own country, and contest them everywhere, and always.

      Because they can move too, and then outbreed you (on your nickel), and then outvote you, so then where will you go?

      You’re espousing a failed policy, that leads to a failed nation state.

      Rethink that, please.

      • Pretty chickenshit yourself, turning this…

        >>>Also recognize that we in the liberty movement tend to be a happier lot by seeing beauty where the totalitarians see a threat…

        into this…

        >>>Cutting and running shafts your friends now, shafts your children soon, and shafts your nation in perpetuity.

        What…you figure a happy guy doesn’t have friends or family? Is this the ol’, “Liberty means alone” bullshit? Get this first. Nobody owes you shit and your internal dissonance isn’t a claim on anyone. In this instance, YOU”RE the one who’s cutting and running, while pretending it’s for someone else. Everyone else, probably. Or everyone you like. Or who the hell knows. What’s remarkable is that you’re asserting that anyone should care..

        “Left” and “right” has a lot of people confused, obviously including you. Yes, the left still has everything because the right IS the left politically. There are only two primary political distinctions—individualism versus collectivism. Consent versus thuggery. Now here you are—calling a guy a chickenshit and a cut-and-runner because he points out that there are zillions of people–right now, in this land–who do manage to create and produce for themselves. Newsflash…a few of ’em can even defend it.

        It’s what you can’t stomach–that someone may thrive without your input or control–and so you vomit the worst names you can dream up in this context. Or don’t you pick your words carefully?

        WINNERS think about WINNING. That’s how they know what it looks like. But first it pays to know what it is.

      • “…that leads to a failed nation state.”

        “Yeah, I wanna get to a failed nation state THIS way.”

    • Randolph Scott

      Voting with your feet and wallet will lead to seceding to a cave and hope that someone does not harm you.

      The time is approaching where the evil must be physically confronted . At that time I hope that I am still able to cast my vote with strength and my weapon. If it is to the death so be it but I will not lay down, run from nor hide from evil.

  6. This line got me:

    Everyone knows that the left has failed in its governance of cities like Chicago over the past half-century. It took Trump to make people realize it.

    I’ve been arguing with people about this for at least two decades now. Mostly those arguments were with people on the “right”. My question is: Why didn’t you people realize it? Seems like a lot of so called ‘conservatives’ just had to implant their heads in their asses. They would constantly say stupid shit like ” why don’t liberals how crazy it is – the stuff they believe in?”.

    Well – we know the answer to that know – it’s perfectly clear: a great many leftists are literally crazy.

    What was your excuse?

    • The real source of the problem is that leftist leaders aren’t crazy, just selfish. Leftist societies works perfectly for their intended purpose; transferring wealth to those administering the Leftist society. Venezuela is crashing, people chasing cats through the streets for protein… but Chavez’s daughter is worth $4.2 BILLION.

  7. Farmer Brian

    As soon as he mentioned “Eckhart Tolle,” he had my interest. I knew it wasn’t going to be a typical left wing/right wing piece.

    Here’s to the slow demise of batsh*t groupthink. You can’t leave fast enough.

  8. “Democracy is the road to socialism.”
    – Karl Marx

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, you say that….
      – Zombie Muhammad

      • Also remember this:
        “DEMOCRACY: A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic – negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard for consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, anarchy.”
        -1928 The United States Army Training Manual

        Notice the year – 1928 – During/before “The New Deal”

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. ALCON,

    How does one define “conservatism” ? Is it defined by the actions of D-bags like Paul Ryan ? Or how about Peter T. King, R-NY ? Others too numerous to mention.

    We often recite “conservative” to describe oneself and our beliefs. Yet, confusion reigns when we try to define just what conservative means/is.

    • This is because conservatism has been corrupted by leftists.

      Because there is so many deviations on what defines conservatism – I have resorted to my own definition – and that is: Conservatism is made up doing things that have been proven to work over the passage of time.

      Human beings have experimented with a myriad of governmental, cultural, economic, and social conventions over the thousands of years of recorded history. Some of those things have been proven to work successfully – and some have not. The alt-right goes on and on about “Western Civilization” – but even that has been many different things.

      Things like marriage between one man and one woman – have been proven to result in a stable society – for many different reasons.

      Communism, socialism, and economies based on Keynesian economics – have all been proven to implode sooner or later and cause untold misery.

      Mixing of cultures and races – pretty much always explodes into violence and sometimes genocide.

      Governments that build up large armies – invariably use those armies to do bad things.

      War is NOT good for societal stability – unless it is PURELY in defense of that society.


      In this country (the US) – conservatism probably means something slightly different than what it would mean in France or Germany – or England. On top of all the things mentioned above – I’d say conservatism in this country means preserving as much as possible of the original founding ideals.

      Put simply – I think if you told a conservative ” here’s a tube of sunblock – read the directions and use as you see fit” – he would read the directions – see that it says “apply liberally” – and use just enough to give him the protection he felt he needed. If you gave the same directions to a liberal – they would interpret that “apply liberally” instruction to mean use up the whole damn tube by applying it to his body in a slick gooey mess – that did nothing but waste the entire tube.

      If the conservative found out that he had not put enough on the first day – he’d apply a little bit more the second day. On the second day the liberal would be completely out of sunblock and would be getting burnt to a crisp one way or another. By the third day the conservative would have the application level down – and the liberal would just be adding to his massive burn because he pissed thru the entire tube on the 1st day.

      Conservatism is a mindset IMHO.

      The problem with most modern conservatives – is that they don’t go far enough back on what they want to conserve.

    • Grey Ghost

      “American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it and always advances near its leader. The pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing for the sake of truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom.” – Robert Lewis Dabney (1820-1898).

      Even decades ago people saw through CONservatism. CONservatives have never conserved anything, but they like to think they have, and as usual they are a legend in their own minds. Besides all the CONservatives I know still believe voting will fix what ails the Lincolns Leviathan.

      As to the death of the left… don’t count them out… that is the same mistake the left made about the right… “they’ll never win another election.” Then the great fuck you happened. The left is will NEVER be finished until they are in fact DEAD via rope, lead or some other means. One thing about the LEFT… they never stop. What about Freefor?

      Grey Ghost

  10. No, not the death of liberalism, but the death of Leftist moral superiority claims.

    Which difference is YUUUUUUUUUUUUGGE.

    I don’t want liberalism to die, as classical liberalism is the basis of Western Civilization.
    But the people who push everything to the stupid range, ignoring context and favoring pretext, to enact and inflict their nihilist socialist fantasies on society, have been exposed as naught but the genocidal lunatics everyone knew them for. And ridiculed for it.

    This is why they’ve reached the point where they either conquer, or die, and are trying to gin up the courage to face that reality, one way or the other.

    The parallels now with current USA v. former USSR, from Gorby to Yeltsin, are ominous, bordering on the hilarious. The lefties now want to pull an Anti-Yeltsin coup on Trump, but without even the Soviet’s fallback of a small percentage of the armed forces to turn to and make it so. (Recall all the rants about “a coup” and “taking him out”. Like that wouldn’t trigger their eradication on an accelerated scale, via open warfare and cultural genocide against them in a brief but interesting orgy of bloodletting, in about 0.2 seconds. For cause.)

    Which isn’t even comedy, just pure farce, absent any humor.

    See the leftist rants, from media to academia to the streets, in that light.
    It’s hard not to see them as the pathetic wankers they’ve always been, only now, without even the merest shreds of reason to clothe themselves in.

    The Left is the starving, naked children of a bankrupt philosophy, and they’ve just found out their moral EBT card doesn’t work in the marketplace of ideas. (And the alternative is pulling their pants up, getting a haircut, and getting a job, like they were told to do, at least as far back as the 1950s, if not the 1920s or 1870s.)

    Which makes them simultaneously their most powerless, and their most dangerous.

    Exactly like a hungry, rabid dog.
    And treated the exact same way, down to surgical applications of high-speed projectiles.

    For the mild cases, a few applications of baseball bat to the head and teeth may suffice, but they will generally be the exceptions that prove the rule.

  11. The Great Plains

    It astonishes me that some commenters here believe that The Left, which has been planning for centuries, has magically been defeated by a self-serving opportunist from New Yawwk City.

    Even IF Trump is the great patriot that his worshippers say he is, don’t you think that The Left can simply wait Trump out and then pick up where they left off when he leaves office?

    Do you not realize that the Immigration Act of 1990 REQUIRES the federal government to import 700,000 mostly third world immigrants EACH AND EVERY year? And then those immigrants have the right to bring their dependents and family members here. And then the family members and dependents have the right to bring THEIR family members and dependents here…etc etc etc. And that isn’t even counting special categories of refugees.

    The “pass was sold” when the Immigration Acts of 1965/1986/1990 were passed. Since then, The Left has a built-in demographic base that increases each year, through immigration as well as the high birth rate of immigrants already here.

    Hillary got 45% of the vote in ARIZONA. How many more election cycles do you think it will be before Arizona is permanently and irreversibly a Blue state due to having a Hispanic majority?

    I am seriously confused at how any intelligent person could think that Trump could ever be anything other than simply a temporary obstacle for The Left.

    Seriously. I’d like to hear from people like Mtnforge, socabill, Knuckdm and Rainman, who think that The Left is on the verge of defeat and on their last legs, and FREEFOR is about to win.

    Do you think that Trump will somehow convince the non-whites to vote Republican? Nixon, Reagan, Bush, McCain, Romney and other cucks have been trying that for years, ever since Eisenhower sent the Army to integrate Little Rock High School. How has that worked out?

    Or do you think that Trump will somehow repeal the Immigration Acts of 1965/1986/1990? That will need legislation passed by congress, and you will need 60 votes to end a Democrat filibuster. Currently, there are 52 Republican senators, including amnesty fanatics like McCain, Graham, Flake, Collins, and others.

    Even during his most hardcore anti-immigration moments during the campaign, Trump never said a SINGLE WORD about repealing the Immigration Acts. Do you think he will suddenly do that? How do you see a repeal passing Congress? And besides, even if the Immigration Acts were repealed TOMORROW, that would only delay a nationwide nonwhite majority by maybe 10 years, since already barely 60% of America is white (and those are the official government figures).

    In 10 years at most, the USA will have a permanent, irreversible non-white majority. And that non-white majority will get bigger every year, due to constant immigration and the high nonwhite birthrate.

    When America is majority nonwhite in 2025 or 2027, how will conservative candidates win elections?

    It seems to me that The Left can simply bide their time and run out the clock, and they are assured of victory within 15 years.

    So tell me Rainman, Mtnforge, and other Trump supporters: how exactly do you see The Left being defeated? What do you think will stop them from simply picking up right where they left off on Jan. 21, 2020 or Jan. 21 2024?

    • If they were off licking their wounds, biding their time, and quietly plotting until their foreign horde can hold sway, you’d have a point.
      If they were tuning their message to try and triangulate their way back to political power, that’d be a problem.

      But that isn’t what they’re doing at all.
      They’ve doubled and even trebled down on Teh Stoopid, and are now proceeding towards the iceberg at flank speed for another try at it.
      Because it worked so well last year, apparently.

      Meantime, every day, the financial realities build towards an inevitable crest, and more and more people on our side are red-pilled, and building up skills and resources for a day of reckoning.

      I’ve seen them up close, and I’ve seen us.
      Short-term, things are going to be grim.
      Long-term, I like our odds.

        • Wow! They’re now up to 19,000 members, almost as large as the boosters club for Plano High School in Texas.
          If they only get 740,000 more members, all in CA, and they all petitioned, they could qualify for the CA ballot. So at this rate, that’ll be in about 375 years.

          But they’re bigger than the Pirate party, which only has about 3000 members. So the DSA has probably rocketed from 214 out of 214 nationwide, to maybe 202.

          For pity’s sake, there are more annual passholders for Sea World of Florida than that. If they tripled in size three more times, they might be able to get on the ballot in Alaska, or Rhode Island.

          C’mon, seriously, Chicken Little was a kid’s story, not a manual.

    • The Great Plains,

      Well, well, well. You rear your ugly leftist head again.

      “….self-serving opportunist….”

      Don’t ever recall reading you mother-fucking the half-breed, usurping Marxist soetoro-obama. But, you’ll proudly post your bullshit attacking POTUS TRUMP after having ignored the attacks by the left and the illegal Kenyan.

      Time is coming. Perhaps in our lifetimes, where Trump-type believers will have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting your ilk out of our misery.

      How much do you earn from George and Michael posting and attacking Patriots and Nationalists ?

      I’d tell you to fuck yourself. But, can’t do it to your blasphemous face, so this time I’ll refrain.

    • Welcome to the alt-right, if you weren’t already a member 😉

      The formation of an ethnostate is the only solution to saving what is good about America. Whether you call it conservatism, classical liberalism, western culture, libertarianism, or whatever, the only race that can internalize these things at a high rate are whites.

      As you say, all non-white groups vote for big government/ Leftist politics at a 70+% rate, while whites vote for small government/ Rightist politics at a 60%+ rate. If one values the ideals listed above, explain how you preserve those values in a society where whites are a minority?

  12. ALCON,

    While we argue Right v Left as I succumb to do, the fact is the country as it was known in 1960 is in it’s death throes courtesy Free Trade and unlimited invasion by non-American peoples.

    Manufacturing creates wealth. Look how the ChiComs have become wealthy via PNTR, GATT, MFN and other trade agreements that have destroyed the Amerikan middle class. This destruction courtesy the Left AND the Right. Eventually, few folks will ever be able to have a meaningful, family-sustaining wage job unless they toil for government, as more than 50% of the population does now.

    Amerika is on life support. Young adults are living with Mom & Dad and working at Walmart for $9/hour. They took out student loans for more loot than it costs to mortgage a house. Can’t find a good-paying job. Can’t buy a house. Regression. Economic depression. This is Amerika’s future. We are living it.