Which Is The Real Story?

Above or below?

NYPost: FBI finds Hillary emails on Weiner’s laptop, and they’re not duplicates

Hint: This guy knows.

32 responses to “Which Is The Real Story?

  1. Why can’t they both be true?

    PizzaGate, meet Klinton Krime Family, meet treason, meet prison time.

    Lots of it. For all involved, except for Anthony, of course.

    If Bubba doesn’t sing as well he will find a different sort of Bubba in some deep, dark Federal Pen, preferably in the South.

    Pass the Prep H.

    And there’s a whole lotta shaken’ goin’ on. 

  2. sessions is a scumbag just like the rest of trumps team.

    they’re all scumbags.

    yet those at WRS love them some scumbags.

    anyone who supports that lump of shit as well as mattis is seriously fucked in the head. best thing is to remove yourself from the cancerous blob of shit that is fusa. if you remain, you deserve everything you get. you don’t have much time. like the “wall” is meant to keep people out… tax slaves will not be permitted to leave their assigned duty of funding the beast.

    own it.

    • If you would only take all the shit you write, Tfat, and maybe post it once a week then we could start calling you the Fred of the North. Both of you quit and left and spend countless hours trying to sell some sort of fucked up justification to total strangers on the internet.

      • Freds got it right

        truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

        • “Oh, Canada…” Time to go to Ottawa and fix your adopted homeland, “real american zero”. (yeah, your shit has found you out)
          And when I do start fighting, bitch, you’ll hear it on your “island” .
          Warlord… what a joke.
          Don’t tell me you really believe your bullshit, or do you?
          You’re as disillusioned as kerodin. Although you may be taller.
          Mom says come upstairs, your spaghettios are ready. And speaking of swallow, tell your mom ‘thanks’.
          There’s the truth, motard. And for fuck’s sake, learn punctuation. You write like a fucking 3rd grader. Which is another ‘tell’.

      • Mayor,

        You do understand that addressing the lying, POS, ass clown tfA-t is just a waste of bandwidth, correct ? Your remarks are certainly accurate. This “northern” Fred isn’t worth the time or effort.

        tfAt simply needs to be put down like a rabid dog.

        • funny hat.

          i’ll die of old age.

          you’ll die by the hands of the federal gubbmint.

          go trump!

        • I agree with you entirely. Most of the stuff I post to Tfat is to amuse myself.
          I’m not independently wealthy, so I have to wing a shot, harassing fire, when I get the chance.
          When I’ve got better shit to do I’m absent. Unlike our resident, rich, island fortified Plan Having Warlord. Who spends hours commenting on damn near everything posted here and God knows where else.
          I still consider that he might be bedfast, shitting in a bag. I suspect hummusAbe is him, too. He had a whole sock puppet squad for a weekend but boss dropped the boom on him. I try to not actively engage him, but it’s hard, so hard because as you said he needs the piss kicked out of him. You know, just like his crew used to do on the pitiless skreets of the Motor City….(eyeroll here)

      • Mayor,

        I try. Honestly. I do.

      • hummus abedin

        He shits on my comments without
        provocation, but he is correct.

        • somewhere way back you pissed me off…

          i never forget when someone does that.

        • “…but he is correct.”

          Lol, like there’s such a thing as facts. My guess was you’re D out west. C’mon, spill it if that’s right; I had a lot of bad guesses at the dice table. Compassion, man.

    • tfA-t,

      Bring it bitch.


    • Another keyboard warrior…

  3. I’m having a hard time understanding how anyone can have 650,000 emails on his computer.

    • His “wife” forwarded them there.
      In a file labeled “Insurance”.

    • Wanker..Poster boy for porn addiction.Huma was munchin clinton carpet. Anthony had to get some. 650,000 is one months worth.

    • Randolph Scott

      All it takes is to have the exchange database. If you are concerned about the size and number of emails, that is easy to understand as well.

      1)The average size of an email is 75KB(kilobyte). Source – https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-the-average-size-of-an-email-message-1171208

      2)75 KB is about 7000 words or 37 pages. In reality after looking at Wikileaks pizzagate files/emails I do not think Klinton, Podesta or anyone else on that staff to be capable of writing anything longer than 1 page. Usually they communicated in 3 to 5 sentences broken up into 2 paragraphs on average. The Klinton crew is devious, mean and evil but intelligence is NOT their strong suit.

      3) Most laptops have a 1TB HDD. A1TB HDD will hold 1,073,741,824 KB. The same HDD would hold 14,316,557.653333334 average emails. More than enough disk space.

      • A 75KB outlook email is usually less than 100 words long, depending on if it’s text or HTML, a signature is attached or not, links included, etc…

        • Randolph Scott

          Whatever, clearly 70% most of the klinton crew emails are smaller than than 100 words. A 1 TB disk with compression of the Exchange database will easily hold the files.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Move to Canukistan like you, ya POS !

  5. That’s not a Wiener! That’s a Penisaurous!

  6. Grey Ghost

    Let’s see if I have this right… Weiner (a jew) was married to a Team Mo woman Huma Abedin (Muslim Brotherhood) who emailed a “zipped” email file to him regarding “insurance.” Just exactly what type of insurance we don’t know but supposedly NYPD knows. THEN Weiner was arrested for sending pictures of his prick to a 15 year old while another even younger child was in the bed with him. And this guy is still walking around free.


    Weiner is friends with Podesta, the fixer and provider for all these slimy degenerates.

    Grey Ghost

  7. It was the Russians.

  8. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    We find ourselves in a mexican stand off……….Deep State has their finger on the false flag button, Trump has his finger on the pedogate button. Things are about to go HOT!

    • Trump has his finger on nothing, and nothing will happen. He himself visited (((Epstein)))’s PedoIsland 4X.

      this is, incidentally, the 53rd day in the Reign of the alt-Right’s God-Emperor. During this span c. 370,000 legal/illegal non-Whites have crossed ‘Murka’s disappeared borders. And the White die-off has continued.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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