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  1. This Woodpile cretin loves to show the destruction of Europe. Like we gain motivation from “R brave trups” who done whupped them nazi’s. Go jump down your privy well, Woodpile—head first.

    • I like his blog and I think he has made great strides in becoming red-pilled, but at heart he is still a WW2-era/ early boomer cuck.

      If he still thinks we were the Good Guys, he should check out
      interview of author:

      • I’ve just skimmed Woodpile so far, all I saw was the photo and caption at the end that are relevant. I’m not worried, Remus seems to be an honest guy and isn’t pussyfooting, whether people agree with him or not.

        I would like to point out for anyone new to some of this stuff that it’s almost certain redice is controlled opposition considering how they seem to have the least reputable sources (as in fake historians like vk clark, not because they raciss), and many of the most gay and attention-whoring figures of the alt-right. If you look at their oldest videos on youtube you will see it’s almost entirely fringe ayy stuff, and I don’t imagine they suddenly saw the light of rationality.

        I do not know enough about Other Losses to speak on it, I have not read it yet or checked sources. Just because Ambrose dismissed doesn’t mean it might not be true. Likewise Hellstorm the book might be good (I have no idea), but the video you are linking was made by Renegade, who are notorious for attacking everyone (including Trump right before the election) and for having a variety of fake personas and groups of shills for muddying the waters.

        If the people you are getting info from are an incestuous clique that varies between promoting each other and attacking each other, it’s likely their information is perverted as well.

      • Randall Flagg

        Interestingly, I didn’t see any interviews of the Poles. Don’t they count for anything? I mean, one day you’re your own sovereign country minding your own business, and a month later completely taken over by unprovoked attacks from your neighbors on both sides.

        War is hell. I hold no visions of grandiose of it, nor think that what the Allied forces–sans the Soviets–did in response were all angelic. Unless, of course, you want to argue against all logic that Germany was not the aggressor, and that it was provoked in invading and/or taking over (1) Austria, (2) Czech Republic, (3) Poland, (4) France, (5) Netherlands and (6) Great Britain, then I’d say stay out of the kitchen if you don’t want a few eggs broken.

        • Randall Flagg is what happens when you get your “history” from lying plagiarists like Ambrose and the rest of the Academy.

          1) Schushnigg attempted to rig the Anschluss plebiscite by excluding all voters 25 and under, where Nazi support was concentrated. Hitler said, “no you don’t” and sent in the troops. Vienna welcomed him as the Prodigal Son returned:

          2) what “Czech Republic”? In 1938 Hitler took back the Sudetenland, an almost entirely German-populated province hijacked at Versailles, 1919, by the “victorious” Encirclement Powers and handed over to the newly-minted, fake nation-state called :Czechoslovakia”. The German troops were welcomed as what they were (again): liberators. In the spring of 1939, the Slovaks – rural, catholic, conservative – seceded from the urbane, liberal Czechs and set up their own State. The “Czechs”, now reduced to a rump consisting of Bohemia-Moravia, did nothing. Then Hitler seized the rump, and the Czechs…did…nothing. Decades later, “Czechoslovakia” is once again off the map, the Slovaks having taken a hike again when the Soviets went home. Looks like Hitler had it right in the first place.

          3) in the late summner of 1939, Hitler offered the Poles a good deal: “give us a corridor to Danzig, and we will compensate you with land the Czechs hijacked from Poland at Versailles. Also, let’s renew our 10 Year Alliance”. But the Poles, egged on by [[[Churchill]]] and his shadow government in Britain, mobilized and chose War.

          4) a war between Germany and Poland…is just a War between Germany and Poland. But Britain, seconded by France, then forced the European War by declaring on Germany. The French Army then invaded western Germany and was stopped by the Siegfried Line. Oddly, though Russia also attacked Poland, the Encircement did not declare against Russia.

          5) Netherlands. That’s right: Hitler wanted no repetition of a ’14-18 Western Front bloodbath, so he did a wide end-around through Holland-Belgium.

          6) Great Britain. Wrong. Hitler – an anglophile – spent 6 weeks, after defeating France, in an attempt to make peace with the English. Churchill – wirepulled by Rothschild and the S. African Jew diamond magnates who owned his debt, and wanted a massacre of European Jews to grease the skids on their Zion-in-Palestine Project – said “No”. And then proceeded to escalate the war at every opportunity.

          • Interesting. Any references on #3 for further reading?

          • Randall Flagg

            Holy. Cow. Someone just went full-retard. Don’t even know where to begin.

            “[T]ook back the Sudetenland?” I guess there need not have been a plebiscite, which apparently -was- needed in connection with point #1?

            Gave the Poles a “good deal?” Good for who? Ihr Führer?

            Treaty of Versailles? Just a piece of parchment, I guess. No legal ramifications whatsoever. Or just a ruse so that ‘das Vaterland’ can take a 20-year time-out to resupply? WTF?

            And now the Netherlands was a pre-emptive strike, ya know, to save lives and such. Dude…. if you only knew the compassion of das Führer. A saint, I tell ya. A SAINT!

            And the Battle of Britain… again, it was a pre-emptive strike by the Nazis? Wow…. I guess I was really lied to in school all these years. How could I be so stupid?

            You’re so full of shit.

    • “Brendan”

      Ain’t that the name two lezzies give their sperm donation ?

  2. teh lurker

    You really should try again. Somehow you’ve misread everything Ol’ Remus is about.

    I’ve yet to make a serious comment about anything ever…but this one is.
    How about getting with the program, why don’t you jump on the team and come on in for the big win…

    the lurker

    • even so, if they still believe 911 was done by cavedwelling “terrorists” they’re nothing more than useful idiots.

      granted, some may be playing dumb, but why? none of it matters besides the truth. and the truth is the US gubmint was “all in” on it.

      damn. “some people, you just can’t reach”.

      fuck the poLICE and fuck the gubmint.

      join the team of ignorance and willful denial? no thanks.

      • So far, it’s the only team that’ll have you.
        Last I looked, you were not only angling for team captain, but leading all the polls.

        But thanks for being a negative example for everything you touch.

  3. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

  4. Yeah I agree. I’m tired of reading ole Remus and his rantings. Always supporting more white on white wars against people we could be working with to destroy the real threat which is Zionism, Islam and Globalism.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I’m sure the day is coming soon where not one country will ally itself to the US, since we hate everything that isn’t USA!, USA!, USA!
      Even the Canadians have had enough of our arrogance.

      • you (murkins)cannot emigrate to Canada unless you have at least $500,000. in cash, a clean record, or a critical skill, and are sponsored.

        they just don’t want white trash. who could blame them?

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Pretty much the same rules my folks had to follow when we came to the US in ’56.
          Now the lower you are, the more they want you.
          Been dealing with VA Hosp for last 2 weeks, makes me wish I was a porch monkey or refugee, I could be on welfare tomorrow instead of having to fight for benefits for next 2-3 yrs.
          Fukn crooked from the top down.

        • tfat,

          Common Law Sponsorship….that’s how you got in….Same Sex couple. Your “husband” sponsored you ! Hahahaha…what a douche. You’re a fag !

          • didn’t you just say you were “weaning” yourself off of WRS?

            you POS your word is like a turd circling the bowl…

            you punk ass nobody who did nothing but add to the fucked up gene pool.

  5. Sad that there are those ‘out there’ that can not take many presented views and coalesce them into one view (that for the low IQ folks would be ‘their own’ view) – this is what makes (IMHO) the internet a great or at least alternative to any ‘main line’ news source (and if anyone can point me in the direction of a non-basis/truthful news source – go ahead). Do not like him?: don’t read him – free choice and all that. Only want to read views similar to your own? again, free choice but ……. for those who have been brought up in the ‘public education system’, I know that creative thinking went out a long time ago (full disclosure: I’m 70 and a product of [at the time] of a fairly good primary and secondary education) and to that end, for those low IQ folks out there, spin the bottle (hopefully not full of beer or other ETOH) – throw a dart or whatever means you have in making a choice and take your chances. As an aside, have you (that would be the ‘many’ out there, have you ever had (truly) an original thought in your life and if so, what was it? – food for thought – if you can connect the dots).
    Maybe in the end, it is safer and less stressful (God only knows that the stress level is high these days – or at least that’s what I hear from the MSM) to hear what you (that would be me also) chose to hear and blank out all other views. Jesus – freedom – what’s that all about anyway?

  6. The Usual Suspect

    Yeah that Woodpile cretin done ripped the dirty ‘white’ sheet
    offen the transgressions dem peoples done to win da war.
    We all should feel property embare assed about all that
    winning .
    We owe everybody in da whole world a sincere apology, so
    here it be ” sorry bout dat “.
    I too am broken hearted gazing upon the devastation that
    total war visited on dese gentle people who just wanted to
    conquer the world.
    I can’t wait until we have a war here in Murica so we can one
    day gaze over the destruction and commiserate together and
    hold hands.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Very well written.
      What I find amazing is how many Americans, especially those under the age of 90, or even 50, who actually believe they somehow had a role in the overthrow of Nazi Germany, the rage and venom they spew from all that PTSD they’ve been holding in all these yrs, and a complete lack of any actual historical knowledge of what happened, except for what they learned from Rat Patrol, Combat, and Hogan’s Heroes.
      It’s actually quite an accomplishment, considering the low IQ it took to get there.

      • SF0321,

        You most likely know that 85% of all German casualties during the war,were incurred on the Eastern Front, fighting the Soviets.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yes, very aware.
          90% of WW2 took place on Soviet soil. Most folks don’t understand that on a human level, 90% of all the divisions fielded in WW2 were employed against each other on the Eastern Front. That’s why I bitch so much about how the Americans think they won WW2 single handedly, they barely took part in the other 10% of the war (look up the US casualty rates vs the other combatants) What fighting they did against the German army in N. Afrika, Sicily, Italy and France was but a small portion of the entire army (less than 20%?). If Germany had had 100% of it’s army to throw against the Allies in France, we would have seen a completely different end to the war, and not so many tall tales either.
          Both my uncles are still laying there, somewhere in Leningrad and Moscow. My dad made it out alive from Moscow region, only to be captured south of Normandy.