The Coming Retribution

The latest from Jesse James.

The Reds are not defeated.

They have not yet even been hit.

Believers otherwise are delusional.

As are those who do not see (or cannot accept) that both incumbent political parties want the Dirt People crushed.

Doubters should read this Breitbart story:

Exclusive — Audio Emerges of When Paul Ryan Abandoned Donald Trump: ‘I Am Not Going to Defend Donald Trump—Not Now, Not in the Future’

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Feds out.

Commies dead.

Non-citizens back to their homeland.

51 responses to “The Coming Retribution

  1. Yeah, yeah things ain’t looking good for team Lucy, I mean FREEDOM FORCE. Anyone who voted for paula rhino is plain kookoo. Freaking fill in the blank packer’s fans, cheese head, bar on every corner, numbskulls. What is that, a Napolitan icecream jibe at der Trumpster?

  2. Learn how to live in a denied area./ S//

    • ha ha

      the murkins are so fucking stupid.

      they have to learn to live in a denied area in their own country.

      i have more freedom in Canada than any of you in the land of the free.

      still haven’t SEEN a cop in over 5 months here….


      • If you have it so snug in Canada what do you care about here and why do you bother posting? It’s an honest question./ S//

        • i’ve said it before. i have substantial investments in fusa.

          what do you have besides a welfare check?

          • Jimmy the Saint

            So…America sucks and is doomed, and you have substantial investments in it?

            I have some Confederate bonds you may be interested in purchasing.

            • if you had any $ you would understand.
              but alas. you’re as broke as the other 325 million idiots\.

              let me guess. you work too?

              real smart guy. can’t figure out how to get rich in the land o plenty.

  3. Quote: “If I never thought or had to deal with the US government again, it would be too soon”. Amen to that. Right now, the Elites are hand wringing over Trump cutting the Fed employment to pre WW2. All I can say is Happy Day! Yes, it will take longer to get passports, permits, or whatevers; but maybe we just need to stop getting permission for every damned puzzle in our lives. I have no doubt that the Leftists/et all, salivate at any opportunity to put us in a UN designed prison. I just don’t think that they will get the chance. I feel that CW2, or something similar will take place beforehand.

    • lastmanstanding

      “we just need to stop getting permission for every damned puzzle in our lives”…would have been sufficient.

      Living as/like a globalist is just not earthly. (I hate the word sustainable.)
      Hell, even nationally is a stretch and costly as fuck.

      Try to stay at/near home and support your own like-minded community. It won’t take all that long to get rid of the riff-raff. They are easy to spot right now, make the fuckers hurt. Let them know in an uncertain way that they have been outed…or not. “Progs” think they are so damn smug and under the radar.

      Know what you need, get what you need and do the best you can at keeping it local.

  4. Sorry, but the Reds have been defeated, and suffered a major hit. Hence the screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth non-stop since last November 9th.

    What the Reds have not been is exterminated.
    Hence the screaming, wailing, and gnashing of teeth non-stop since last November 9th.

    Now they’re relegated to being a municipal power only, and the coin of the realm in their world, power, influence, and presumed moral authority, have been stripped from them, and their false prophets in the media, their Hollywood lackwit stars, their intellectually bankrupt lying academicians, and their criminally corrupt politicians.
    All of whom stand naked beneath the gaze of all of society. Ponder the fact that Colin Kaperdick’s asinine antics alone cost the NFL million$ last year.

    The jig, in short, is up, and red pill comes in the water now, from coast to coast.

    How long that will last is an open question.
    1) Trump himself is no spring chicken. Any day after seventy can be your last. Though I suspect he’ll hang around out of sheer spite and NYFC attitude long past his freshness date.
    2) The quislings in the GOP leadership stand poised to yet again shoot themselves in both feet, over Obamacare, immigration, and a dozen other issues, all of which could lead to revulsion and a turning at the next midterms. Or in 2020. Or 2022. They are nothing if not predictably spineless losers.
    3) The economy could crash (or get pushed), and turn today’s revelry into biblically epic depression, on a worldwide scale. At which point, revolutions and world war is generally back in season, and served fresh every day.

    The difference is, unlike the communists among us, we have more foresight than baby ducks, to whom every day is a New Thing, so we can see all that coming.

    Which makes Jesse’s money quote this one:
    Consider that, and ask yourself what would you do if you only had roughly 1400 days until it was open season on you and yours? We will pay dearly for this respite, whether it is four years or eight, so I suggest you make it worth it when the bill comes due.

    This is why it’s always a good day to prepare for a bad day.

    • Great points.
      Republicans have a massive majority of elected positions at state and federal level. Unfortunately many Republicans are semi-openly playing for the other team. If you wonder why Reps vote at odds w/ their voters, remember that after Eric Cantor lost his election he was immediately hired as a lobbyist for $3.4M

      To mangle Jim Morrison’s lyrics, “we’ve got the guns and the numbers, but they’ve got the money.” Unfortunately money can be used to buy guns as well as numbers. As a democratic boss of the 19th century once said, “the great thing about poor people is you can always hire half of them to kill the other half.”

    • you’re delusional.

      don’t you have a job?

      • Those who reliably work to lower the morale of our side rather than the morale of the enemy should not be tolerated, even if their pessimism and despair happen to be honest. Everyone is prone to moments of doubt, and sometimes doubt is merited, but it is both foolish and counterproductive to tolerate those who pride themselves in wallowing in the expectation of failure and defeat. -Vox Day

        • you’re stoned.

          if you haven’t noticed, half the crowd here disagree with you. and your trump bullshit.
          he’s just amnother in a long line of scumbags.

          and who gives a fuck about what vox gay says- whoever it is?

          you’re just another sheep being led to slaughter.

          trump. ha ha

          • no, VoxDay is worth a look . He does a sort of live – then clickable – backandforth with some of his peanutgallery every day or two at his site, and these are worth watching. And some of his political/philosophical writing is luminous. And I say this despite being banned by him for laughing at his infatuation with the National-Black-Felons-League-Owned-by-Open-Borders-Jew-Billionaires.

        • I second your statement.

        • Thank you. Just so.

          Makes you wonder who’s side they’re on.

          • There’s no wonder in someone who contributes nothing but undisguised trolling to every post, regardless of the subject matter.
            50/50 he’s really just a teenager in his mommie’s basement, and just bases his online persona on his missing daddy.

    • You are among my favorite contributors, in large part because you hold an optimistic view, always backed by well articulated thoughtfulness. In short, I want to adopt your viewpoint on many subjects. I have, however, niggling doubts…perhaps due to my less than optimistic leanings.

      While I read ANP with a healthy grain of salt, they sometimes hit the nail on the head. The following presentation is one example.

      While the REDS may be defeated, it appears they are last to know. As a side note, with such specificity related to the “who, where, when, why and how” I ponder the lack of specific response…from any and all interested parties.

      • lol

        stay positive people.

      • How about this then Ice26. I find it very interesting these two obviously educated intelligent people can’t see the obvious, in fact they ignore the obvious. How can that be? More than 50 million people voted for him as NOT status quo selected next regime place holder.
        It wasn’t Trump, or irrationality in the election process, it was us dirt people.
        Dirt People. Even when the greatest fuck you to the status quo in modern history smacks them upside the head, a color revolution in living color prime time, they still don’t grok it:

        Comment on ‘Irrationality in the election process’
        “Dr Pournelle
        Donald Trump’s primary run and election shocked me. By shocked, I mean more than surprised. So much so that I changed my views on politics. Where before I believed in making a choice of candidate based on reason, Trump showed me that I was mistaken. (In this sense Trump followed Hitler, and I do not mean that as an insult. Like Hitler, Trump treated the election as irrational and acted accordingly. The result validated his approach.)
        IMO Trump’s primary run demonstrated that the electoral process is not rational. If he ever showed consistency in his approach to different candidates, I failed to see it. Instead, it seemed to me that he shifted with the winds and worked to project an image that would garner the most votes at the moment. Opportunistic populism, if you will.
        Trump’s approach in the general election changed again. Trump’s attacked Hillary Clinton by echoing the perceptions of the people of Middle America. She never answered his attacks, possibly because she thought a response to be beneath her dignity, possibly because she had no answer; but in either case, Trump damaged her. Clinton played well in California. Trump played well in the swing states that decided the election.
        Anyway, that is my view of the election. I shall be grateful to hear yours.
        Live long and prosper
        h lynn keith”

        Jerry Pournelle replies:
        “That may be the first use of Hitler in rational discourse I have seen in some time. I am not sure I have a complete understanding of the Trump strategy; like nearly everyone else not already in the Trump camp, I thought he had no path to the White House.”

        -excerpted from

    • lastmanstanding

      Regarding the money quote…I been preparing for it since 2007. Being on borrowed time is a good thing. Until it isn’t.

      “Every day that we’re not at war is another day we get to sharpen our hatchets.” – danmorgan76.

    • Well said Aesop couldn’t agree more.
      Appreciate you saying all that.

  5. CA,

    It is so obvious how BOTH parties want dirt people, Freedom-lovers, eliminated, that even Stevie Wonder can see it !

  6. ALCON,

    I just received GOP mailout from the RNC out of District of Criminals, asking me to send money to them because Paul Ryan wants to “help” POTUS. The arrogance of these people is simply astounding. Needless to say, I wrote a nasty message in black Sharpie and returned it to the RNC. Effin’ Ryan and assorted co-weasels like homo Graham, Kasich, Bushes I, II, & III all deserve to meet tne Tree of Liberty.

    These RNC weasels (No offense Mr. DtheW) are just as JJ writes….’pubs & Dems both deserve the rope.

    BTW….long since denounced the RNC and registered as Independent.


      Dan III: No offense taken, sir. Maybe I need to change my screen name to something less pejorative. Addressing this article and the comments I would like to just remind everyone that JJ is right when he talks about the timeline. The Donald could infarc tomorrow and then Pence and his RINO-Illuminati, rat-bastard Wall Street buddies would own the night. Stay on course with your plans, preps and networking. There are piles of ammo, firearms, survival supplies, and other needful things aplenty right now. Blieb ubrig, my friends.

  7. Virgil Kane

    “Politics, encompasses matters of life or death. Healthcare means a chance to save lives, abortion is a chance to prevent poverty and empower women, climate change is a chance to save the entire planet! Given that these are emotional arguments that have been made, when you disagree on such a matter it cuts to the core of who they are. You disagree with their personhood, their worldview, them in toto.”

    You’re still only dealing with the symptoms, the useful idiots. As evidenced by Pizzagate (and even the argument for abortion), the ones at the top don’t care about lives.

    “The reason I don’t show the Berkley people what a real riot looks like from the perspective of a chemistry whiz is because I have a family, the responsibility to provide for them and the immorality of wanton murder prevents me from making the emotional choice. ”

    Was it “Unintended Consequences” that broached this subject? Young men are too busy chasing tail (female and their own), middle-aged men are hamstrung with families and after that are too old to be effective. Our comfort may be our worst enemy.

    • Old men may choose to go out like Vikings and berserkers. When that chimp out moment in social history arrives, we will be in wholly new territory.

      • “Old men may choose to go out like Vikings and berserkers. When that chimp out moment in social history arrives, we will be in wholly new territory.”

        Quote of the month right there. When the reds and chimpout step off the x, make the 300 magnum sing from a 1000 yards. Its a matter of how many reds can an old man take with em. Train for the chimpout every weekend.

  8. As the deep state splinters into factions the likelihood of open strife increases.

  9. This quote from one of the comments sums it up pretty well:

    “The individual is handicapped, by coming face-to-face, with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists. The American mind, simply has not come to a realization of the evil, which has been introduced into our midst . . . It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy, which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” — FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, 1956

    I’m assuming Hoover was referencing Communism but this quote applies to all the Hilliarys and Soeteros yet to come. Think Sharpton, Van Jones, Maddow, Wasserman-Shultz, Abedin, Sarsour and Luis Gutierrez-types with real power. 

    They will have their revenge on us.

    J.J. is right. I fear what’s coming after Trump. Boot, meet face

    Think tens of thousands of Negans from the Feds on down to local dog catchers. Everywhere. 

    Buy more ammo while you still can.

    (oh, side note: gun confiscation didn’t work out too well in OZ. So what are they gonna do about the rising crime rate? More “Gun Control” is being proposed as we speak. Yeah, that outta work out real well.)

  10. Fire In The Hole

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. Everyone knows Terminator II was better than the first one. What makes you think whoever follows Trump will be Commie-pig-left-winged-democrat? It could happen.

  12. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t you ??????

  13. Left/Right-Red/Blue, their is no fucking difference. They are—— what they are. Nothing personal, these shit bags are eyes wide open blinded by the light, common socialists/ Marxist/ Fascists/ Communists. Their words, their actions tell us this truth.

    Everyday I take the time to write Trump, and tell him to drive a stake thru Clintons heart, cut her head off mount it on a pike, same with Obama, I know I’m wasting my time, who cares. I Do.

    As much as I can’t stand that sack of shit,, Beck, he’s doing a very important history lesson. ” Beck excels ” on putting historical events together for those of us who still care, and demand the truth.

    His team is outstanding in this venture.

    He clearly puts the Nazi, Socialist, Communist, Fascist, turd in the Lefts pocket, they fucking own it, yet they spin it Right, and the sheep believe it.

    What a fucked up way to do business.

    Someone above points out we have to beat higher education down, to regain our nation. I disagree. We need to beat down EDUCATION across the board, the indoc, starts in kindergarten. It’s not the teachers, it’s the administrators, who hang their hats on this indoc.

    AND, the MEDIA has to go. Education and Media, are the enemy of freedom, and truth.

    While I’m begging Trump,to wack heads off, I always throw in a few Media personalities.

    Off to drown a few worms. Saw a guy catch a 9/12 pound trout about fifty foot away from my sailboat, yesterday afternoon. Right in the Marina.


    • POd American

      Off to drown a few worms. Saw a guy catch a 9/12 pound trout about fifty foot away from my sailboat, yesterday afternoon. Right in the Marina.

      Dirk, you mean bastard.

    • “[Beck] clearly puts the Nazi, Socialist, Communist, Fascist, turd in the Lefts pocket…”

      Not rodeo clown Beck’s idea; he stole it from Piekoff, who also got it wrong — on purpose.

      National Socialism was uniquely German; it was an updated version of the rise of German political/economic determinism of the late 19th early 20th Centuries. (Even “Nazis” — eeeeeK! — said it could not be done anyplace else.)

      Socialism is just the necessary logical evolution of Capitalism. Marx got that one right. If one actually studies the subject both Capitalism and Socialism are “Left.”

      Communism is uniquely Jewish. It is not a political or economic thing, it is a social thing.

      Fascism is (was) a reaction against both Capitalism and Socialism. It was different in every country because it was a corporatist national economy. It was (is) a move toward the “Right” backward out the false Capitalist/Socialist dichotomy of the “Left.” The word Fascism is only terrifying when hissed through clenched teeth in Yiddish.

      In the spectrum of cartoon shows on Saturday morning Beck should be slotted between Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.


  14. Uh, you guys do know that the Left, known only now for its’ caterwauling and bullshit without end, will make the decision, suddenly, to go all Cheka, at some time in the future? It’s what they do, the decision to go that way probably made by the Lefts’ higher ups, Soros, Clintons, Obongo, et al, when it suits them, and they believe they have the muscle and enough apathy on the right. Another Black Swan, or some other such bullshit, used as a cover and excuse to get started. There is a coup in the air.

    • I believe that they have already made that decision, and will execute on it when they have sufficient political capital to carry it out. Keep working your files at the local and county level, folks. Know what you are dealing with.

    • Tet ’68 turned out pretty well for everyone except those who launched it.
      Just don’t be the hapless fools inside Hue expecting someone else to keep you out of a mass grave.

      If the Left tries a coup, it will be open season on them all, coast to coast, and no bag limit, and paid doormen and guards in gated communities will all call in sick.

      So will most cops.

      Plan accordingly.

  15. 10,000 military weapon stash found in Spain

    Gotta wonder how many of theses Ops are happening here in CONUS

    • Fools.

      The lesson there is to have twenty separate 500-weapon stashes, and better yet, a thousand 10-weapon stashes.

      Then you can afford to plant three or four in your enemies’ back yard, call them in anonymously, and thus still have 996 stashes, and four less enemies.

      F**king amateurs.

  16. The Usual Suspect

    Me either, so I will just badger you on occasion.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. The Reds ain’t dead, not even close. The Commies have retreated re-trenched and recruited, now is the time that all those Job-Fair assets collected and trained during OWS, Ferguson, et al will be pushed to the front in an American Spring. I expect even Drug Cartels and Outlaw Bikers to be drafted into the coming war. I won’t be surprised to see Cubans.MXicans/VZuelans in the fight for CONUS. We’ve won D-Day but as in Europe circa 1944/45 the coming months will be the deadliest ever encountered.