Welcome To 2030. I Own Nothing.

H/t to Curtis for this look into the brave new future..

Choose to be one of the lost.

If you can still choose.

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  1. Bitch looks like the end-product of Mk-ultra / monarch programming. Her ancestors would be unimpressed. Sadly many dopes are buying into this tripe.

  2. I read a financial blog, and here is the right now for a 25yro single white woman in DC.
    ” I graduated from a Big Ten school in the Midwest in 2013 with a degree in a combination of sociology, political science, and gender studies.

    To save money, I live in a small basement bedroom in a row-house with two roommates, walk to work, pack my lunch every day, split Netflix and Spotify accounts with friends, forego car ownership, host game nights with friends to replace some (but not all) bar and restaurant nights, and track my spending using the You Need A Budget (YNAB) method. I’m an outdoorsy beer and personal finance nerd. Working out, reading, and spending time with friends are my favorite pastimes.

    Travel, education, and giving back are my three priorities that require a significant financial investment. I set aside money each month towards future travel plans and in 2016 I spent $2,700 on travel.

    I’m currently a program analyst at a social policy research firm in DC. I enjoy my job, but I also foresee the ceiling I’ll hit without a Master’s degree. I was promoted from within the company to my current position, but if I’d been hired from the outside, a Master’s degree would’ve been required. I recently applied to three graduate programs and was accepted to all of them with varying levels of funding. My parents have generously offered to help pay for my graduate education.My parents are incredibly generous when it comes to education and they paid for private Christian schooling through high school and then fully funded my undergraduate degree as well.

    Where I Want To Be In 10 Years:

    Finances: I’d like to own a home, double my salary, and be well on the way to having enough money set aside to make unconventional choices when it comes to life and my career. This might be quitting my job to travel for awhile, retiring early, working remotely from abroad, having the flexibility to volunteer, etc. I’m not sure exactly what my life will look like (which does make setting and achieving lofty goals difficult), but I want to create the financial flexibility to follow my own path.
    Lifestyle: I want to be happy, healthy, and enjoying life with those I’m close to. Maybe I’ll be married and have (or be thinking about having) kids. Maybe I’ll be traveling, investing in close friendships, and still on the lookout for Mr. or Mrs. Right. I want to be financially flexible enough, and have a flexible enough career, that I don’t need to put “working for other people and a paycheck” above investing in my own happiness and the happiness of those around me.
    Career: I’d like my skill-set and experience to be worth twice as much as they are now (see “double my salary” above), be highly respected in my field, and be doing new, creative, and innovative things. My current career goal would have 35-year-old me designing and testing behavioral interventions in the public policy context to save taxpayer dollars, improve social services, and increase government efficiency.”

    There you have it folks. Living it up, getting someone-any one-to pay as much as possible so YOU can advance in life, while deciding which side of the aisle you MIGHT possibly walk down. No wonder the Hillary supporters are screaming! These people have dreams! This is the reality of Washington DC and how it bastardizes the entire nation. Drain the swamp? Hell, blow it up!!

    • My current career goal would have 35-year-old me designing and testing behavioral interventions in the public policy context to save taxpayer dollars, improve social services, and increase government efficiency.

      Concentration camp warden?

    • Randall Flagg

      “Lifestyle: I want to be happy, healthy, and enjoying life with those I’m close to. Maybe I’ll be married and have (or be thinking about having) kids.”

      More than likely won’t be married. Mos def won’t have any kids. Why? Because she (and many, many others like her) don’t see children as a means to the future, but a drag on the present. Just another narcissist. Move along.

    • I’m well on my way to shelling out for another 7 years of “private Christian schooling” for Baby Warpig, and there is no way in Hell that will result in a “Mrs. Right” for my child.

      And, if Baby Warpig wants to major in “sociology, political science, and gender studies” then I failed, obviously.

      I think the Reds might have already won.

      Stealth Spanel: “These people have dreams!” LOL

    • Spent 12 years in “Christian” school and didn’t learn a single convention of the Christ. Either a liar or should seek a refund w/ damages. No, not damages for you but damages to all those you will be harming all the while thinking that you’re a good person.

      Camp warden indeed, or gas chamber operator, if it pays of course.

    • “I’m an outdoorsy beer and personal finance nerd.”
      That’s why I exist in DC and complain endlessly about money.

      You go gurl!

  3. That’s not even a brave new future – it’s just fantasy level bullshit.

    It’s the same utopian stick your head up your ass and avoid reality crap that’s been getting spewed out by lefties who are in denial of reality for hundreds of years now – but repackaged into some unobtainable point in the future.

    The keyword is “free” “free” “free”

    Nothing in life is free. That’s how you know they’re full of crap.

    • That’s not even a brave new future – it’s just fantasy level bullshit.

      It doesn’t matter what you believe it is. What matters, is they BELIEVE. And THEY ARE true believers. And not only are they true believers, they are way ahead of you. And not only are they way ahead of you, they expect you to carry your head up your ass believing they are full of shit. It’s not their shit you see… it is your own shit… because it is not their ass you have your head in. Not only is it your own shit, it is you living in a fantasy calling their “brave new future” fantasy level bullshit.

      But see… that is the problem. No one takes these people seriously. Because… ya know… the patriot bowel movement won’t let it get… that far. Yet… here we are. Imagine where we will be?

      Here is the one thing the “patriot movement” dismisses, in their ongoing and never-ending quest for freedumb:


      I just started this new page a couple of days ago. And I haven’t even touched 1% of it.

      Technology is going to be your… scratch… your posterity’s undoing.

      And here is another thing to think about. Technology is so rapidly expanding in genetics/robotics field, it will put most people out of work. Ya know, like worthless eaters. What to do with all that excess?

      See, what you read in that article, is but small peek of the whole picture. And the TRUE BELIEVERS are… deadly serious.

      • Ok, first – I understand what you’re saying.

        But – what I’m saying is – there is nothing that is “free” no matter how they try to talk around it. There are things that come at a much reduced cost in human labor in this day and age of technology – but that still doesn’t make them “free”. Socialism and big government and public schooling conspire to hide the costs – so that people like the woman in that article get to run around yelling ” in the new world all this shit will be free!” – but the truth is different.

        We recently had a go around about this very topic at the lunch table. One of my coworkers is Filipino immigrant – who is not a bad guy, but during a conversation about schools – he said one of the reasons why he came to this country – is for the “free” schools. I asked him what he meant – and he responded with something like : ” You know – the schools are free”. I said no – they are not . His response was ” I don’t get a bill for the school”. I said ” Yes you do – it’s called a property tax bill”.

        He persisted and continued to argue that simply because he didn’t receive a bill in the mail that said “school charges” – then it was free.

        This is the kind of stupid shit level thinking that we’re dealing with here. It’s the same level of thinking that the woman in that article is engaging in. NONE of this shit is free. Some people might call this argument a ‘technicality’ – but you can’t run away from it and have a good argument – no matter how serious the other side is about engaging in their bullshit arguments.

        Yes – you are correct – they are likely deadly serious, and have been for a long time – going as far back as the French Revolution. But my point was this – they’ve been making these same arguments for that long – and nothing has changed the underlying reality – which is why for all of their deadly seriousness – their schemes always come around to collapse and destruction in the end. The lefties have been spinning these fantasy yarns for hundreds of years now – with the underlying dream being always pretty much the same (they’ll put different twists on it based on the times) – but the end result is always predictable.

        They’re like one of those doomsday cults where the end time is always some date in the future – when the date comes to pass , and nothing happens – they just spin the tale a different way – with another date off in the future – and go back to spewing their bullshit.

        • Of course it’s not “free”. I mean, in exchange for all this, all that is required is your labor and your soul. And welcome to the cashless new world. And… we’ll only tolerate so many outliers.

          I understand the propensity to be stuck in the old world, but really man, you need to get with the times and the future.

  4. They mention all these great innovation and inventions, but they don’t mention the one they used to completely change their human natures. As that is the only way something like that would work. There will always someone who wants more than he has, those who want to keep what they have earned, and those who want others to have less than them.

  5. The look on the woman’s face says it all… behind the sightless eyes, is an empty head.

  6. sure they do.

    they own a smart phone with lots of pictures and vids of them and their 1 million facefuck friends having FUN! and a cable bill…


    • Are there pictures of proof of contrails in those collections?
      I’m sure you can find them somewhere out there. It’s almost like a law or something that the truth has to be out there

      Or am I remembering a dusty series from the nineties?

  7. The clueless bint in the pic… looks like the xtasy is kicking in. The article does not draw the parallel between the person in that city and the role of livestock… they have the same meaning in life.

  8. Free food . Free Housing. Free clothing. Free Transport. Free Health care. Its called Prison numb nuts.

    • LOL. This one needs to go on the site banner. I might make a bumper sticker out of it.


  9. Tfat doesn’t really own his slice of island paradise, either. White man can’t own tribal lands. Riff raff rentier

    • when have i ever said i was white?

      • Detroit III

        Would you please STFU.

        • you morons just can’t believe you don’t have everything figured out.

          i always can tell who is sharp. it’s the guy who doesn’t have to slave to feed and house himself. i bet you have a job too. huh?

          nothing but successful geniuses here. how could anything go wrong?

      • tfat,

        “White” ?

        It’s what runs down the middle of your back

        • you headed off to the slave factory too?

          must suck to be you.

          i just awoke to a beautiful sunrise overlooking the water and mountains and am sipping coffee.

    • Mayor,

      The tfat is a poser. A bullshit artist. You point that out.

      • Detroit III

        Why CA tolerates him is what i want to know.

        • Same as you.

          It’s a spicy mix here.

          • BullShit does not equate to “spicy.”

            Utter negativity, attacking and ridiculing any one and everything with any possibility for hope or right action is “a plan” alright… for defeat.

            • Then you got righteous babyboomer odd-six, ie typical bb bs…

              • Well, who squeezed your head?

              • these dumbasses odd six, LF, dan, aesop, dtg, flag,suspect, blah blah blah et al. never have anything to add. NEVER.

                they can’t see the truth because their heads are shoved so far up their asses. just once i’d like to see one of these floating turds add something to actually stimulate thought and expansion of intelligence.

                won’t happen, because their so invested in their pathetic brainwashed version of reality. they simply don’t possess any critical thinking skills.

                it’s always

                USA USA USA USA

                #1 #1 #1 #1 #1

                what a joke.

                • Well, at least I demonstrate I have the grammatical skill to capitalize and punctuate my writing, unlike yourself. So much for ‘dumb ass,’ right, dumb ass? Your keyboarding is reminiscent of a first year typist. Your thought pattern is an entertaining mixture of Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, and Rachel Maddow.

                  Now, you may continue your endless pusillanimous diatribe (look it up) against any and all others who don’t necessarily think you are correct with your opinions.

                  Interesting aside: When you write, you always seem to bring to mind this character from the movie, ‘The Postman,’ “General Bethlehem”:

                  I wonder why…

          • You have eclectic tastes boss, I’ll give you that!

          • CA

            Fact is, most here can’t accept that their entire concept of reality is false.
            Flag wavers and tax payers.
            Then they bitch about what they are so proud of.
            The truth is what I bring here.
            Harsh. but nonetheless the truth.
            The left is dead?
            ha ha ha
            No. They won a long time ago. I think you understand that much.
            These folks here are the resistance- not the Vanguard of Victory.

            • IT. IS. COMPLETE.

            • Hence my reference to “spicy mix”.


            • SemperFi, 0321

              The level of ignorance and dogmatic thinking is unthinkable! More a matter of recycling brain cells rather than expanding them.

            • Gas is what you bring here.
              At it’s best, it’s noxious and obnoxious.
              Kudos on your predictability.
              Most people would just light a match and leave the fan on, not spread it out for everyone to look at.

              I’m guessing your momma put your diapers up on the refrigerator and told everyone they were art.

              Start your own site, and see what shows up there.
              When you come back because no one wants to play, doubtless the indulgent host here will leave the lid up for you to crawl back out.

              Maybe even surprise hell out of everyone, just once, and see if you can scare up an original and contributory thought.
              Just for the novelty of the exercise.
              Against all evidence, I’m spotting you the notion that you have the bare capability.

              Failing that, take your underpants sousaphone back to the thinking room, and amuse yourself.
              I’m sure you’ll love it more than anyone else ever has, or will.

          • On the radio best response to a QRM’er has been & remains:
            Ignore; do not acknowledge, and continue to communicate with who you need to communicate with. 🙂

            • FOOLS.

              all you idiots with no desire or capacity to learn need to die together. that’s exactly what i hope for. you make good speed bumps.
              get the morons out the fucking way first. then the men can operate without idiots fucking everything up.

              • Learn what from you, exactly?

                That you are a superior human being, Homo Magnificunt? and that we are all useless dead men walking?

                That about it?

                Got it. Your work here is done.

                Enjoy Eternity, all alone, no one left to place or take the blame…………. Just you.

                You and Fred should get together. You’re both cowards having run into hiding yet somehow qualified to snipe from cover at everyone still trying to live and fight the enemy. You serve the enemy.

                • no we just want to live without the fucking lowlife idiots that make up fusa.

                  if you could afford it, you ‘d leave too.

                  once the great purge has taken place, we’ll both be back.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. > What If: Privacy Becomes a Luxury Good?

    > Once in awhile I get annoyed about the fact that
    > I have no real privacy. No where I can go and not
    > be registered. I know that, somewhere, everything
    > I do, think and dream of is recorded. I just hope
    > that nobody will use it against me.

    New Bill Would Let Companies Force Workers To Get Genetic Tests, Share Results

    Under guise of “voluntary” wellness programs, employees’ genetics could be exposed.
    by Beth Mole – 3/10/2017, 10:14 AM

    It’s hard to imagine a more sensitive type of personal information than your own genetic blueprints. With varying degrees of accuracy, the four-base code can reveal bits of your family’s past, explain some of your current traits and health, and may provide a glimpse into your future with possible conditions and health problems you could face. And that information doesn’t just apply to you but potentially your blood relatives, too.

    Most people would likely want to keep the results of genetic tests highly guarded—if they want their genetic code deciphered at all. But, as STAT reports, a new bill that is quietly moving through the House would allow companies to strong-arm their employees into taking genetic tests and then sharing that data with unregulated third parties as well as the employer. Employees that resist could face penalties of thousands of dollars. …

    read the whole thing at

    reader comments

    “In Trump’s America, corporations are people and people are products.”

    “If we can’t get a coporation’s genetic code, it should not get ours. Problem solved. Sick and tired of our government giving super-human rights to businesses.”

    “Oh hell no. One data breach and you’re fucked. It’s not like you can reset your DNA sequence, once it’s out there, it’s out there forever.“

    “The second you hear lack of privacy and pro company – you know without a doubt it is Republican sponsored. Don’t even need to look at the name. Heck without even looking up who they are – you also know without a moments hesitation that these Republicans were bribed either by genetic companies or corporations who hate paying high insurance costs.”

    “We have got to get employers out of the health care loop. It’s inevitably perverse and does not optimally serve to produce a healthy populace.”

    “LOL… if the government wanted to make you submit to genetic testing, Republicans would be apoplectic. But it’s OK if your employer is forcing you to do it. WTF??”

    “The Republican party has long held that you don’t need to work if you don’t want to. Wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right.”

    “Don’t forget your parents, your children, your cousins, your… Yeah, it isn’t just you who is fucked.”

    “Republicans have this weird view of the world that the government is the only entity with outsized power. All other people/entities are assumed to have equal power, such that anything that happens between them must prima facie be mutually agreeable. The government’s outsized power should never be utilized to interfere with that ‘mutual agreement’ (in quotes because in the real world employers have more power than employees when it comes to things like this).”

    • I have a possible solution for the wellness genetic test thing. You, yourself go out and get a genetic screening/readout. You then file for a copyright on yourself using the results.

      ‘They’ want a wellness genetic test? Oh baby! Be glad to oblige. First you need to sign this contract as I/me am copyrighted. Single issue license is $10mil. By the way that is right to use. You try to sell it to someone else, that’s another $10mil per instance.

      Have not tried it yet but that is the very basis of most digital rights today. Genetics merely a unique for of code.

    • The root of this problem is still people’s expectation that they’re going to receive free shit.

      Money quote:
      Republicans were bribed either by genetic companies or corporations who hate paying high insurance costs.”

      Well what if they weren’t paying any insurance costs at all? What if “health insurance” was like car insurance and you only needed it for true emergencies?

      Karl Denninger has been covering this for years how: the health care industry is out of control – and the costs are crazy. Largely because the whole thing is riddled with fraud and overcharging. The government does NOTHING to fix this core problem, and in fact anything they do, seems to be intent on just dumping more money into the hole. Then we have bills like this – which are just another excuse for more control – all in the name of continually pumping more resources into the system.

      I know a lot of people are all high on the alt-right lately. But quite frankly they’re really starting to piss me off , because they seem to be completely tempermentally unfit to handle any of the real issues – like this one – that are really screwing us all over. And adding to the power structure – that the lefties use to screw us over.

      • “The government does NOTHING to fix this core problem,”

        The government IS the problem. Created the problem(s)

        The problem is masquerading as solution.

        Same as it ever was.

    • The laughable reader comments from that link you included are telling enough. Many of their comments indicate that they can’t be bothered to follow a link & locate the “bill quietly moving” through the House is going to be roped in to Speaker Paul Rino’s Obamacare Lite. Yo, Mon! Power to the corporation dontcha know.

      Train. Do you own wellness program.

  12. All those nanotech Brave New Word stories presume none of the humans who are competent mechanics of that tech will want to implement any different vision using the tech. This attitude is what we should extrapolate from the present world of libertarian-tending-anarchist programmers who built pgp and tor and bitcoin. Right?

    The people in this future city are the ones who carried their cell phones everywhere and used Windows.

  13. All is wonderful until the power goes out and at that point in time what they call civilization will become a bloodbath. No more food & heat and no well stocked pantry to fall back on. Anarchy will run rampant as hungry people start looking for something to loot for their next meal.
    Thanks but NO thanks. I prefer to live my life the way I want and will do what I need to maintain my own privacy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “All is wonderful until the power goes out and at that point in time what they call civilization will become a bloodbath. No more food & heat and no well stocked pantry to fall back on. Anarchy will run rampant as hungry people start looking for something to loot for their next meal.”

      I guess I missed the part where all of human history was pure A Boy And His Dog/Mad Max up until the installation of global electricity. Yes, there would be some violence as things readjust, but people are pretty good at figuring stuff out. Rumor has it that there was even food for people back in the days of yore, too.

      • Bear in mind that in the last Great Depression, the entire population of the US was just 123M, not 320M, and that then, 25% lived on farms, whereas now <2% do, that might introduce a wee bit of change to your sunny outlook, Jimmy.

        Almost enough of a difference to account for Fathead's oft-repeated wish for 250M dead, though the idea of a massive die-off is hardly original to him.

        I suspect starvation and disease will kill far more people than bullets ever do though. That's how it always works.

  14. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    …………..and the rich own everything and your ass!

  15. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

  16. This is the fantasy of gullible lemmings running toward a holograph of utopia that is actually a gate to a death camp.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Ya nailed it, Matt! With AI and the robots “doing all,” there’s really no need for humans. The utopian dreamer here does not make, mine, farm, fish, grow, or sell anything! How is he permitted to stay alive? He’s an oxygen thief say TPTB.

      Maybe he initially services the robots, eh? After the ‘bots are programmed to do PM and upgrades themselves–this human is detritus. Off to the ash can.

    • Now THAT is a quote of the month!

  17. John Denney

    The late 70’s movie, “Logan’s Run”, comes to mind.

  18. Penny Pincher

    Reminds me of this:
    Drop-kick that woman through the goal posts of life!

  19. “[y]ou only have power over people as long as you don’t take everything away from them. But when you’ve robbed a man of everything, he’s no longer in your power–he’s free again.”
    — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    For the above alone the TPTB will never allow that kind of world come to pass as indicated in the article. Lack of freedom is the power they hold over people. That is usually represented in the West by debt.

    The observation is — is little bitchy’s time free?? Didn’t think so, neither is anyone elses. Hence the paradigm collapses again.


    Even if they are not running towards the gate of the death camp, it is running towards them. Zero Hedge is reporting that the Deep State Obama-followers at Treasury have eaten all of the seed corn. We hit the “lawful” debt ceiling tomorrow(03/15). These mooks have evidently paid off all of the maturing T-Bills and there is only enough in the till to get us through May.
    Now, maybe The Donald knows what is about to slap him in the face like a wet towel and will use this situation to FIRE a substantial number of FEDGOV bureaucrats from ALL departments. The fallout would certainly impact little Molly Airhead, pictured above. I am sure that, if she did not make it out of there and back to the warm safety of mommy and daddy, she would end up pulling the train for Tyrone, Mondre, Tony, and the rest of the FSA recon platoons. Waiting in Rawles Land to see what shakes out. Bleib ubrig.

  21. Randall Flagg

    Did ‘The Onion’ open up another mirror site? No way this can be real. Can it?

    • I heard about her a few weeks ago on Infowars. Couldn’t believe it either. It’s real . This is what 70yrs of deep-state treasury draining and secret doings gets you. Change is coming though – but at what cost? As Martin Armstrong says – ‘the tree has already been cut, we just don’t know yet where it will land’

      • >>>‘the tree has already been cut, we just don’t know yet where it will land’

        That’s what happens when you don’t know what the fuck you’re doing Even worse is when you don’t know why you’re doing it.

        Now a savvy pro drops that tree right on the spot he wishes. But then he, like a good soldier even, understands that he’s got to do it himself. But no, instead we’ll figure out what everyone else ought to do.

        And then call the piles of corpses Righteous. Yawn.

      • The Austrian economists talk of “The Great Default” – which they KNOW is coming. That tree is already cut – they just don’t know * exactly * when it’s going to start to topple.

        We do know however – that the date is getting closer and closer.

  22. Confederate miner

    Yeah that is definitely insanity staring straight at you. Seriously that woman creeps me out.

  23. these rainbow Utopics are going to have to do something about the unsocial White primitives out there in the Wilderness. (NPR has been subjecting one such pet White aboriginal – some Appalachian guy named Vance – to advanced anthropological study for awhile now, so there is hope.) Otherwise, I fear they may come violently marauding into the cities just to get some of the free goodies.

    “keep your capitalist pig snouts our of our socialist garden”

    J. Stalin, 1934

  24. Science fantasy.

    Unfortunately, it runs headfirst into the concrete wall of actual human nature since before writing existed, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s being sold as utopia or dystopia at that point: it’s simply farcically unreal.

    • you’re so fucking dumb.

      i bet they laughed at Orwells 1984 way back when too.

      go change a band-aid or something useful. idiot.

  25. Oh gee what a surprise.

    Can anyone identify the problem?

    Top Marine grilled by senators over nude photo scandal – Fox News

    • The

      “Can anyone identify the problem?”

      Yep. Simple. Women in the military. Get them the fuck OUT of the military and back in the kitchen where they belong. Stevie Wonder could see the problem.

      It ain’t about winning wars. It is about social justice.

  26. NorthGunner

    Behold, the eyes of a ‘True Believer’.
    I’ve seen those eyes before in others, they betray that
    the soul is dead behind them.

    Beware of those who have eyes like that for they are fully
    capable of the most imaginable evil in ruthless direction of
    their purposes and goals.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  27. 10 billion people on cess pool planet if business as usual continues. Babyboomers, get your grandkids excited, parents get your kids excited.

    That young lady’s essay is a great read. Someone is going to put a homing drone on her ass just to laugh at her when her reality vanishes and she’s turns into a typical chicken head. Human nature…

    There is a lot private funded scientific and technology research being performed that may catch the world by surprise beside ai, eg biotec. Far away from big corps. The knowledge gain and acceleration is crazy, plus very user friendly. Not everyone is in it to get rich. Either way, if things go to shit first or other, it will be interesting. But going to suck for bunches of people.

    Born too late to explore the world, born to early to explore space, just in time for.,,

  28. Sauls_AR15

    LOL. She forgot the whole part about praying to Mecca five times a day and being forced to stay indoors to be bred by her Musselman conqueror. Silly leftist white woman.

  29. Here’s a good starting point: Shoot the fucking TV.

  30. You guys go figure this shit out. I’m going to the range.