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Salon: Open Borders ‘Only Way to Defeat Trump’

Of course.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Can there be any doubt where these ‘poor, but honest’, dreamers will come-from? Africans are stacked 100 deep on the MX border now.

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  4. Grey Ghost

    The open borders “policy” has been the left’s plan to overrun and transform the country ever since the murdering communist known as Ted Kennedy got his immigration bill passed in 1965. Reagan tried to stop it but the left lied as usual. W said he was going to build a wall but never had any intentions so he lied.

    Either the invasion stops or it ends in the big breakup which it might anyway if the invasion tipping point has already been reached.

    Grey Ghost

    P.S. Yellen raised the interest rate .25 point because of inflation… WHAT fucking inflation, retail sales are down, manufacturing is down, and service industry is down so all is proceeding as planned. Hell all the Hannity and Limbaugh listeners think all is well because the stock market is up since Trump won. Boy are they in for a shock.

    • Ted Kennedy may have been a piece of garbage, but he was just the Shabbos Goy public face for that bill. The forces behind that Act were as kosher as every other nation-destroying phenomenon that plagues our civilization.

      Maybe these eternal victims should stop doing the sort of shit that makes people want to eternally victimize them.

      • as I have pointed out before, (((Manny Celler))) and his staff of Red Jewish boys and girls wrote the White Exclusion Act. Kennedy, whose family’s wealth/debt was/is entirely under (((bankster))) control – like the rest of the ‘Murkan political class – then signed on as Goy frontman.

        and no, (((they))) cannot stop. It is their Tikkun Olam. Also, this time they think they are going to win. Utterly and completely.

    • The stupid is strong in us. The current caterwauling from the left against ANY immigration laws proves it. They will only be satisfied when there is not a stone upon another stone.

  5. Holy shit, they’ve gone so far off the deep end they’re actually writing what they *really* think… They’re closer to breaking down than I thought….


  6. Sovereignty is indeed a bad idea. No person or group or persons should be beyond punishment for their hurtful actions.

  7. (((Derrick Watson))))

    Hawaii fed judge.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    Perez painting signs as we speak:

    • Funny thing is, the “fence ’em out” crowd always comes off looking like defenders of “socialism and welfare for me, but not for thee”. They never quite want to get rid of the free shit that attracts so many undesirables, as much as they want to prevent the undesirables from getting access to it. To me, that is backward. The invasion should motivate us to get rid of the free shit for anybody, including Americans. Then see what kind of an immigration problem we have left afterward (probably not much of one).

      Americans on the dole are no better than Mexicans on the dole. They are both recipients of plunder, scrambling after crumbs from the tables of the rulers.

  9. You ARE going to learn that “voting is Collectivism”.

    There is no salvation at the Ballot Box.

    • When collectives are arrayed against you, failing to form a countervailing collective is asinine.

      Your body is made of billions of cells — do they function in a strictly atomistic way or do they perform functions collectively?

      This is a glaring blindspot of the Libertarian Right — they have such a hard-on for individualism they fail to see how that plays right into the hands of various collectives who are keenly interested in replacing you at a biological level.

      Agreed on the ballot box though.

      • Sometimes stating the obvious becomes glaringly necessary –
        the opposite (or absence) of collectivism is NOT more collectivism of a more palatable strain, but individualism.

        This is not a failure, it is a benefit.

      • Your body is made of billions of cells — do they function in a strictly atomistic way or do they perform functions collectively?

        Those cells are unable to function in small groups, but humans are; the comparison is false. Likewise, elected politicians are not placeholders like intestinal bacteria, to prevent worse from colonizing. Humans are not centrally controlled like ants, human cities are not anthills, human workers are not like bees. Humans have monkey/ape instincts which evolved to work in tribes of 200 members or less. Yet, there are 7 billion humans on the planet and half of them can pick up the phone and talk to each other. The human ecosystem domination/success has outrun the evolution of instincts. Like racism/sexism instincts which tell us lies, we need to intellectually stop believing what political instincts tell us.

        • Yes, but: Small groups != individualism. Small groups == collectivism.

          And that is entirely my point. No matter how small you make the example for the sake of your argument, the very second multiple people are needed you are dealing with a collective. The single man, island unto himself, is barely more than a speedbump in the times ahead. Don’t be that guy. You can bet your ass the enemy isn’t.

  10. lon a follower

    T fat and CA good to see a real connection. Every one has a part?
    And as you both seem to see it is,difficult for those who are experiencing the rug being pulled out from under them. My self included..
    Check out this and the related sights. They do seem to make the many connections, however I am not sure yet if they understand prophecy will happen. Persevere.

  11. They may get their wish. If the government collapses, there will be open borders (at least in the South. At that point, their decision process and ideology will be drastically changed.

  12. Virgil Kane

    “by any means necessary” The left has chosen this slogan. Even if it means their own destruction.

    It’s like the grunts in a Communist revolution. Do they think that by being first in they will get special treatment? The Barbarians won’t care who opened the door. They aim to kill us all.

  13. The Salon author:

  14. Like most rape victims, the productive citizenry affected by the the theft of their wealth through taxation funding and supporting communists cheering the destruction and forced extinguishing of American values and ideals, keeps screaming, “NO, STOP!,” all the while laying submissively while the rapist continues, unabated. The outcome is predictable.

    • Most of those productive citizens expect to get their own shot at free shit in time.

      “The state is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”
      — Frederic Bastiat

      Almost everybody is a believer in the Government Religion.

  15. I’m done with all this bickering in America. I’m going to Switzerland where they’ll give me a free chalet and subsidize my chocolate for life. And the paperwork to get all this free stuff from the Swiss had better be in English when I get there.

  16. Mark Matis

    Then it’s time to kill these invaders.

  17. VooDoo6Actual

    You can’t fix stupid & there is only one solution to this locust virus of Hijrah – Liberialism Trotsky’s entitlement Hive Mind. Then still have to deal w/ the Zionist’s – Neocons behind the curtain Deep State & International Bankers that manipulate them & all of us.

  18. Implementation of rule 308 is in order.

  19. Not nit picking here, but you really need to live on the boarder to know what (has in the past happened) and is happening. Been going on for years (opps, I mean decades). Maybe part of the good news for the boarder States is that ‘they’ (and you know who/whom the ‘they’ are) move northward for the most part …. and disappear into the great ‘blended’ cities and such. BTW, what is the difference (beyond law and label) between ‘refugees’ and illegal aliens (there, I said it)? Seems like both meet the needs of a voting block (not to mention the welfare issue). As an aside, since BHO is now gone (hopefully), what do we call the free stuff? No more ‘Obama Phones’, no more ‘Obama Money’ – inquiring mind would like to know ……………

  20. Watched a C-SPAN program one day when they had a panel of “progressives” on. They were bragging that they had changed the demographics of the US so much that no conservative could ever be elected President again. And while some of us laugh at Europe and their migrant crisis, I would like to remind everyone that most of the migrants that make it to Europe, eventually come here. This isn’t going to end well.

  21. I assume that these “open borders” advocates are consistent and apply that to their own dwellings. So why they’re out, anyone can go in and be welcomed as “undocumented residents” having free access to all their accoutrements? Oh yeah.

  22. Wait 45 million illegal hispanics and cent ams weren’t enough?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given that the Left aborted more than that domestically, no. They have to replace the voters they never had somehow.

  23. The Usual Suspect

    Remember the old 60’s hippie saying, ” What if they gave
    a war and everybody came “.