More On “Moocher States”

Worth the read for those who are thinking after-the-split.

No matter the nature of the split.

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  1. interesting.

    my state doesn’t appear to be shown.


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    • Detroit III

      For the love of GOD STFU!!!!!!!

      CA…boot his ass.

    • But all 57 states were on the list.

  2. This graph doesn’t appear to include Food Stamps or any of the other Federal welfare programs…..if so, it’s nonsense.

  3. The more important question is which states are going to need more govt aid. The horrific public pension crisis is far worse in the big blue states that receive lesser monies from the feds. Illinois is basically bankrupt now and Connecticut isn’t far behind. Kalifornia is a trillion in the whole, based on their own bad math stats. New York and New Jersey are equally bad. In five years none of these states can stay solvent without massive attention from the feds. Illinois could go any day now. Like I’ve said before, if you don’t wanna slit your wrists, don’t spend anytime over at

    • Spot on there.
      ’bout 20-30 states gonna have a comeuppance.

      Me, I’m waiting for Stalinism to fail here, so I can watch the statues of him get pulled down in Sacramento.
      But beware: when the EBT cards run out, everyone’s toothless banjo-playing kinfolk here now will be moving back home.

      • Well, they’ll be moving south, but more likely, due south, in the case of CA. From what I hear, the border could be moved just north of San Diego and no one would notice.

        Won’t do any good whatsoever to head east, southeast. The EBT outage will take out half the population of most states in that general direction.

    • Will uncle sugar be there to catch them when they fall? Also please note that the pension “crisis” is money owed to ORCs, state ORCs, county ORC’s and even local ORCs. When the financial “crisis” (also known as the planned shove down) occurred in 07/08 the ORC’s as a class did not suffer much change, They quietly went about their make work jobs pretending to suffer alongside all those poor laid off shlubs who pay their bloated salaries. FTITEWRR.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ya, sure…this is from a reader at the bottom ‘o the heap– been workin’ all day for no sugar in me tea for lo these 50 years, while the moochers cart is full ‘o surf, turf and gourmet stuff. it’s been ranklin’ my hackles a wee bit.

    Well, Unka Sugar will keep on a printing until he can’t. we all know dat de “Cupboard is bare” and Old Mother Hubbard will (eventually) come up short.

    Question being: “What will “the hungry dog” turn to, eh?”

    Them canine incisors can not only put a hurt upon you, but the blasted lockjaw ain’t any bonus neither. My own cupboard is gettin’ full these days: M193–it’s “For the Velocity, Children!”

    • >>>Well, Unka Sugar will keep on a printing until he can’t. we all know dat de “Cupboard is bare” and Old Mother Hubbard will (eventually) come up short.

      You got the whole key, right there. It’s the way out, the Great Compromise. Let ’em have all the money…it was theirs all along anyway and they’re gonna snatch it in any event, one way or t’other.

      But the wealth? That which fills the cupboard? When peeps are tough enough to keep that, it’s game over.

  5. Kind of a shocker for all you folks who thought CA was sooooo dependent on the feds. Reality is a bit different.
    The statistical takeaway is that this in relation to total state revenue though.
    41% of #1 MS’s state take is still going to be one helluva lot less than 26% of #43 CA’s, because CA has 10x the population.
    A better breakdown would rank the states by federal $ per capita, which would let you compare apples to apples.

    • Heh, there you go with that pesky logic thing again (and roger about the EBT cards). 🙂

      Returning from a 5-branched rabbit hole of links, here is one of the source tables for the Per Capita information. It will open as an Excel spreadsheet if you have that or you can save it to a file. Cleared hot.

    • Another consideration is that the figures are pegged to the state revenue. TX doesn’t have a state income tax, for instance. Should they elect to do what VA does now and hike it to 5.75% on top of the 11.5% food tax in my city as well as 6% sales tax in NOVA (5.3% for rest of the state), the ratio would drastically change. Given the median income and the total taxpayers (neither of which are exact figures but give a ballpark idea) a state tax in TX concurrent with other states, at around 5-6% would dwarf the income from the sales tax and add another ~$35B to the revenues, dropping the ratio into the mid-20s. It’s one of the reasons you see states like IL in yellow. There is also nothing that indicates whether military spending is included or not that I could find. If that is indeed the case it throws off the figures even further because states like CA, TX and others have a significantly larger military presence than say, Nebraska. Does federal spending include .gov K like B&W or Raytheon? Did they take into account the differences in cost of living, wages, goods & services between MS and NYC? Basically, it doesn’t tell you anything but the gross ratio of state revenue to fed revenue. It’s generally why I hate statistics because there are a whole lot of them that don’t actually illustrate anything approaching correlation. The pensions are going to be fun, I know my wife laughs about her getting anything from her mandatory contributions to the teacher’s pensions here in VA. At least bullets keep up with inflation…

    • Neither is “federal” money the entire picture. People and businesses have left and are still leaving CA for a variety of reasons—among those reasons, CA’s penchant for theft and control-freak micromanagement. It has been well over a decade since CA moochers have outnumbered CA workers. Debt-based/theft-based “economy” will end in its just desserts—and not only in CA.

      • CA’s got the highest and/or top three highest personal, business, vehicle reg., and gasoline taxes in the country, when last I checked.
        I could take a 10% pay cut and work in NV for the same take-home (no state personal income tax), but I don’t want to live in an effing desert.
        There are plenty of great places hereabouts for reasonable money, as long as you avoid the coast, which generally spares you intrusive lefty local government as well.

        Like I said, I’m waiting for the pension problem to crush the state budget.
        When they literally cannot pay welfare anymore, they won’t.
        And then politics and life in general here will be interesting, in a Chinese curse sort of way.

        It also bears noting that the feds claim 47% of all land in the state, like in a lot of western states.
        That camel’s back is going to break soon too, and it isn’t going to go well for Uncle.

  6. ALCON,

    Wait a minute here, Marxist McCauliffe’s Virginia is rated as only receiving 22.8% of Fedgov aid and the Fed stronghold of Maryland only having 29.4% Fedgov aid ? Bullshit.

    Both of those cauldrons of tyranny have the greatest number of Fedgov employees both .mil & citizen, than any other 1/2 dozen combined states in the Union.

    I guess centuries of families and friends riding the Fedgov gravy train of Fedgov paychecks, via Fedgov cronyism and nepotism, doesn’t qualify as “Federal Aid”, eh ?

    Words have meaning. And charts supporting an agenda need to be taken with a large grain of salt. Especially this posted chart.

    Fedgov jobs = Fedgov aid in MY dictionary.

    For details go here:

    • Publius X Maul

      This!!!!!!!!!!!! Times 1488 trillion.


      Completely ridiculous.

      Must include federal make work jobs.

      This is as clueless as that article by the milleni-fag the other day.

      No all “economic activity” is created equal. For example, folks in Tennessee can eat their crops, but (((folks))) in NYC cannot eat their digital (((derivatives))) and (((options))).

      Folks in Florida can use their 5.56 cartridges. (((Folks)))) in DC cannot use their fiat digital (((dollars))). (Not after the collapse, that is.)

    • “Fedgov jobs = Fedgov aid in MY dictionary.”

      How could it be any other way?

  7. So maybe the Trump victory served as a relief valve in America.Then what? No one can “fix” in 4 even 8 years what it’s taken decades to “achieve”.Sooner or later the more progressives will take charge,with their own “remedies”.
    America has strengths,eg.,R&D,innovation,IT,robotics,Brand,stability,and must build on those strengths,and that includes attracting the very best of post-grad students,specialists and entrepreneurs worldwide.
    When Springsteen sung “And they ain’t coming back” about the good paying blue collar hometown jobs he knew what he was talking about.Yesterday,you could leave high school and walk into a line job at the mill or plant that enabled you to marry your sweetheart,buy a home,a car,the fridge and TV and support a family,knowing your kids could expect as good or better.Today,after graduation,you can walk into a fast food joint and get a job that can’t pay for your rent,much less anything else.
    That is not to downplay the importance of the service industry in our economy.It is multi-billion or more and a vital segment of the economy.But our kids need to be better prepared for those occupations and jobs that will make America great again,and that means skills training,coding,team player,good work ethic,etc.Even then,America will benefit from remaining an attractive destination for the brightest and most skilled of immigrants around the world.

    • Grant,

      You’re a Kanuckistan weasel. Go engage your socialism with your fellow Kanuckistanis. Go fellate your Marxist leader Trudeau II. Concern yourself with all those Syrians you love so much.


      • Another ignorant Asshole.You have to wonder what kind of credibility the likes of you have,even here,comparing Canada to a failed state like Afghanistan.
        Tell a member of our PPCLI who fought beside American troops in Afghanistan.Or tell one of those American soldiers who fought beside them.I dare you.
        Plan a trip to Gander,NFLD,and tell someone there what you think of Canada.Or,closer to home,go to NYC,where Americans are attending “Come From Away”,a Broadway show celebrating that little town in Newfoundland and her people who welcomed 6,560 passengers and crew into their homes and community from over 30 Intercontinental planes diverted on 911.
        The wonder is how you can live in such misery in America knowing that at least half your citizens are more or less like me,liberal.

        • that reminds me to discard the princess patricia’s award that came with my service to the 187th Inf.

          oh wait. already did that.

        • Grey Ghost

          Ron Grant you, sir, are an ignorant Globalist and I’d rather be an asshole than a globalist. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been called an asshole so I guess I’ll wear that as a badge of honor. Keep bringing the ad hominum attacks as I need a good laugh everyday and you provide it. You can take your Canadian leftist ideas and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, not that it shines much up there but you get the drift.

          You’ll keep spouting off your pro immigrant globalist BS here and it won’t make one bit of difference and you won’t change anyone’s mind. If you decide to hang out here for awhile (and you are most welcome to do so) YOU may actually come to see the folly of your ways… or not. Don’t expect too many converts to your “liberal” ramblings as it has been my experience that a “liberal” is just another word for avowed socialist and soon to be communist if he picks up a gun.

          Finally, you can keep your “sensible gun control” socialist country who routinely bootlicks the Queen of England and her cabal of pedophiles. Further, don’t bother coming south as I suspect your womanly sensitivities will be offended… and you might not like what you find. I’ve been to Canada once and don’t ever want to go back to that rotting cesspool. We’ll be sure to “drive” more Team Mo and “illegal American” immigrants your way. Let me know how that works out for you up there.

          Grey Ghost

    • >>> No one can “fix” in 4 even 8 years what it’s taken decades to “achieve”

      That’s false. It takes a microsecond to change something like that. You just gotta accept that you can only do it for one person. Everything else is a distraction, pretending that others control us. The bad news is that it takes courage; the good news is that it takes courage.

    • trump is a fat fuck
      (((springsteen))) sucks
      and you’re on abduls hit list

      ron grant is a 3 time loser.

      • (((Springsteen))) is a misuse of punctuation. He’s not Jewish. He’s Dutch, Irish and Italian.

  8. Interesting. While Michigan is in the bottom half (#27) that 32.3% is most likely swallowed up by Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, possibly Grand Rapids, northern Michigan (in many places) and most of the UP (no offense to the folks north of Midland or the Yoopers – has to do with very little non-government industry there and people not moving to where the jobs are)…can’t wait until that part of the state budget is gone. The reaction will be interesting, to say the least. First thing it will show is who the real whores are in the State Legislature and governor’s administration because they’ll call for HUGE tax increases to make up the difference in “their revenue” (that phrase has been used to describe taxation, and implies they’re a ‘money making enterprise’) so that entitlement recipients don’t ‘suffer’ rather than saying something like, “sorry, you have to get a job.” That statement alone, followed by inaction by the state legislature would get the dance started here, I’d be willing to bet….

  9. Penny Pincher

    How much of that federal money is military benefits? If that figure includes that, it’s painting states with more people in the military as being “needy”.

    • PP,

      There isn’t a soul in today’s US military that’s needy. A part-time Private walks in the door and is paid $15/hour. An active duty Private with no experience is being paid $400+/week PLUS his work clothes, tools, room, board, utilities and meals…plus other fringes.

      I shed no tears for the 21st Century mercenaries of the fUSA military.

      • Wrong answer douchebag.

        One, the military is paid on a 24 hour scale, not an 8 hour day because we have to be ready and on call 24/7. When you’re laying on your fat ass, farting into your couch, WE are standing duty and damn proud of it.
        Two, WE have to buy our uniforms, to include all the stuff that goes with them, i.e., ribbons, badges, medals, etc. My dress blues alone were over 500 bucks, not counting alterations, etc. Room and board? Yeah, trying living 2-3 to a room, eating in the chow hall (which you pay for by not getting SepRats). And if you’re married and on SepRats, the Corps takes that back because THEY are feeding you in the field.

        So take a leap at a rolling donut fuckhead.

    • That’s one of the things that often doesn’t get broken down by the Calexit crowd as an example. They like to cherry-pick that figure for the back-end when talking about taxes paid but must be backed into a corner to discuss things like “economic impact” to a community on those wages when spent. They probably can get copies of any base’s Resource Mgmt office’s EI statement – which they are required to produce annually – and then pitch it because it doesn’t say what they want.

      • Immaterial.
        If pigs fly, and there was a CalExit (I’m simply tired of fisking the stupidity of that on the merits) CA would simply increase its taxes to cover what DC used to get directly through income tax, and the net result would be a boost to state tax revenues. Hell, they could probably even drop the bite a few points, and provide the same services, including funding a state military.

        DC, OTOH, would suddenly take an immediate 10% drop in revenue, which would be catastrophic, and collapse the whole house of cards, whether they ate it, and cut their budget, or jacked the rate on the other 290M of you all 10% across the board to make up the shortfall. Plan A would wipe out discretionary spending (every cabinet agency including Defense would become an unfunded non-profit corp.), Plan B would suck the economy under like a gopher going through your carrots.

        That wouldn’t be the Titanic hitting an iceberg, it would be dropping an iceberg on it from altitude.
        Reason #7,021 on Why It Ain’t Never Gonna Happen.

        • Aesop,

          Perhaps a fedgov tax increase of the magnitude you hypothesis of, would be the kickstarter for armed resistance.

        • Agreed. Just pointing out one of the vagaries of statistics.

        • Grey Ghost

          When the CALEXIT prop makes it on the ballot in Cali, I’m going to actually drive all the fucking way out there… get a Cali drivers license on one day and the next day go vote FOR CALEXIT. In fact, I like that idea so much I may start a group to do exactly that just to help it along. Beside motor voting in Cali is legal. I’ll do it because I detest and don’t want to have anything to do with that socialist sanctuary shithole state known as California. Besides all my toothless banjo picking kin will be coming back home now that they’ve helped screw up your state. At this point, I’d rather have toothless banjo picking kin in my state than continue supporting Cali with my federal tax dollars.

          As usual the only thing Aesop seems to have in abundance is a knack for satyric comparisons about things which he thinks impossible, which is like blue cheese farts in a hurricane. I’d be happy to fight shoulder to shoulder with you Aesop, just not to keep that fully invaded socialist state of yours.

          Grey Ghost

  10. You don’t have to squint too hard to see the major interstates on that map. I live a few miles from where I-80, I-90 and I-94 come together under Lake Michigan, and from what I’m seeing most of the trucks are just passing through. Fuel tax on this stretch doesn’t come close to covering maintenance costs.

  11. The so called ‘aid’ is regulatory burden. Please stop giving the ‘aid’ to my state, keep your dirty money, we don’t want. I assure you fedgov, we will prosper mightily without you. Oh, but that’s problem isn’t it. Can’t let those dumb redneck hillbilly’s alone now can you.

  12. 34 Red Bull

    It would be more interesting to see each state broken down by urban and rural areas to see where the money flows. I think the picture would be much more clear and certain assumptions would be validated if we could zero in on who the real moochers are.

  13. Strip the Fed funding from some of these states, mine included, and most of what you’d see is an outflux of Fed employees and programs. Wouldn’t bother us a bit.

  14. This is after Fed income taxes are “extracted” from the citizens of such states, right? So 20-30% is probably break even if states could keep the money in state (not that I support income taxes or this level of spending, just pointing out the simple math).

    It is also after FedGov incentivizes and even advertises sloth/mooching. “Don’t work, don’t eat” would drop those percentages real quick.

  15. Do these statistics mean we are getting closer to the shooting part? For decades we’ve been allowing the can to be kicked down the road. Could it be a “Dead End” sign I see?

  16. I was fine with the premise until I got to following; “…as in the case of many conservative seniors on Social Security and military personnel who live off the taxpayer dime.”

    First, we pay the fricking SS. If we don’t like to, we can consider it to be stolen by the feds, and maybe it is. But we pay it knowing that we will get some of it back. But apparently that constitutes living off the taxpayer dime. Or maybe we, as taxpayers, paid the dime and we will be getting our nickel back. Taxpayer dime? Maybe not, unless the statement is about us, the taxpayer.

    The retirement issue is just as bad. If the company/organization that I work for offers retirement as part of the deal, I am not living off the company dime if I take advantage of it. I earned it based on the agreement the employers made with me. That is the deal made with the military after 20-30 (whatever is required to retire) of moving all the time, making less than the public market place pays, etc. So my non-miltary retirement is earned but military retirees are deadbeats?

    First, let me say that I don’t live in Florida and have never lived in Florida. A lot of Caribbean and Latin Americans move there and probably suck up a lot of welfare, certain out of proportion to my current neighborhood. That being said, the state ranking is also suspect. Florida, for example, ranks in the top 50% of the states. Guess what? A lot of those people are retired and are happy to get away from the snow you yankees are currently enjoying. Or not. So all of these retired people who live in Florida and receive SS are welfare chiselers? Maybe they earned their retirement and their SS.

    SS might be a bad deal, but it is a required deal. It’s sucks up a significant part of my pre-tax income.

    Of the two states that I am most interested in, one is also in the top half, lower than Florida. it is not a popular retirement state. If the report was based on true welfare spending, the one in the top half would likely be a lot closer to the top, certainly above Florida. And that would be more accurate than lumping earned benefits in with welfare benefits.

    • Scott,

      “…..making less than the public market place pays.”

      Provide citations. Folks in the private sector haven’t had a pay raise in 10 years.

      That whining you cite about paid less, moving all the time, is bullshit. You VOLUNTEERED for it. Further, you don’t defend anything except your excessive pay, benefits and retirement.

      Fuck the US Military !

  17. I’m always suspicious of these claims. You can slice things almost any way to “prove” what you want.

    As some others have pointed out, there doesn’t seem to be an inclusion of unfunded liabilities like pensions included or the massive subsidy provided by the Federal Government to the various Progressive State Governments through the allowed deduction of State Taxes, which is huge to most if not all of the Progressive havens.

  18. You also have to factor in various regulatory type laws that affect states. How much of that aid in the Northwest/timber producing states is due to the Feds restricting or banning timber harvesting? I’ve heard liberals for years bitch about timber subsidies/welfare despite them doing damn everything they could to restrict redevelopment into other income sources. Nevermind it was their save the earth laws by letting the government control/own 50%+ of the land in a state.

  19. SemperFi, 0321

    I understand why Wyoming is where it is on the chart.
    Wyoming is a massive energy producer, and when the oil and coal fields got shut down by the communist climate changers, many workers left for other places of employment. We became a ghost town, as people moved to N. Dakota to chase the energy boom, and then that slowed down. Many of my friends are home now, no work here or in N. Dakota, hence the federal aid.
    But it looks like this summer we’ll be seeing an energy boom again, folks are anxious to get back to work once the snow and mud dry up.

    • SF0321,
      FYI – This helps!… KTTAPE dot com

      semper vivium

    • NorthGunner

      I hear what you’re saying Semper Fi, 0321.

      Where energy, food and other resources are concerned, Wyoming is definitely far ahead of the pack…it’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed
      taking a serious look at the state when I visited the Worland area back
      in 2007 (Freestate Wyoming Jamboree – met lots of great people up
      there as well as traveling across the state to get there!).

      Definitely still have a deep desire to return and call Wyoming ‘Home’.
      The area I’m thinking of is up in the Newcastle/Gillette area.
      Currently have a good job here in Western Az that I’m trying to use to
      build up/save for a serviceable Class A RV with built in solar capacity as well as a bit of a grubstake to tide me over til I find work there (shouldn’t be too difficult, got a ‘can do!’ attitude and willing to make it work.

      Feel free to have Pete put you in touch with me if you like, a kindred
      friend is always gold to me!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I was at the Worland shoot in July ’05 (pre-Appleseed), got a few books from Boston, never met Pete and several others here who were also there.
        Did 4 archaeology trips to Worland area last yr and still consider it the asshole of Wyoming (after Shoshoni). 🙂
        I do know the NE corner somewhat, logged in the Black Hills around ’97 and visited the surrounding areas also.
        I’m in the NW area, where the mtn’s and pine trees start. Wyoming has a lot to offer, I came here from Idaho 23 yrs ago this month! Had to get away from the liberals moving in from Bay Area, following the computer boom to Boise and suburbs.
        This place is still one of the last remaining remnants of the old west, in spite of all the liberal wolf and tree huggers that infest every town here, where I live is so far from anywhere it is considered one of the most remote corners of the US!
        I drive 75-110 miles to go to town for a hospital or major shopping at Walmart, which is extremely fun when it’s all black ice and a blizzard, sometimes you have no idea if the highway is still open when it’s time to drive home!
        Hunting and fishing are out of this world, we have many dude ranches and hunting outfitters here, the elk hunting is tough however, in spite of my persistence, they still elude me every yr or 3.
        Yeah, have Pete give you my email, would love to talk more.

  20. As ashamed as I am to say it, my Commonwealth of Kentucky figures prominently on that map.

    Not gonna make excuses, but the previous Administration did it’s evil work well. We’re largely agrarian – but coal pretty much supported the eastern half of the Commonwealth.

    If memory serves, CA ran an article called The War on Coal on this very site. Plenty of mines and power plants been shuttered over the last 8 years, coupled with actual billboards telling folks to get on the dole… I saw them personally. They even had their cronies going door to door in those mountain communities trying to get folks to sign up for government assistance.

    That puts A LOT of people out of work. And also affects the secondary and tertiary businesses that the coal industry supported. The previous Administration did it’s work well – Eastern Kentucky’s economy is… well, I don’t even think it exists as an actual thing anymore.

    Make it impossible for a man to earn a living, putting everything he ever had at risk, then offer him public assistance everywhere he turns – billboards, radio, TV, even people coming to his home… take the King’s Shilling or else…

    Shaking my head… we can’t earn a living doing each other’s laundry…

    Regardless of the fault behind it, a hard lesson will be learned. Folks will either learn to make do or do without once again, or they won’t… it’s that simple.

  21. A guy I know went to the Illinois Secretary of States’ office, the other day, to renew his drivers license. He didn’t have to take the test, just renew it. It took him 3 hours for something that usually takes 45 minutes. The place was loaded with hispanics, mostly Mexicans getting licenses for the first time. Why? Real ID laws. The State of Illinois had been giving drivers licenses to illegals with no proof of ID. The Feds are cracking down on states that hadn’t complied. Now activist groups are bringing in the illegals to get good drivers licenses. In all likelihood, with phony birth certificates or no paper work at all. The rush is on to get them ready to vote in the next election. Illinois has “motor/voter” laws. You register to vote at the same time you get your DL. No questions asked.

  22. Those stats are, naturally, statist lies. If you remove negro parasites from the southern states numbers, they become excessive contributors. Of the 1.5 million negroes in South Carolina, one third are on direct welfare payments, and if you add in all other forms of government largess, it becomes over two-thirds of their numbers on payments.

    We actual South Carolinians don’t want them on welfare of any kind, we want them to leave. We have no need for negroes here.

    This is true for all southern states.

    • Uh huh.
      You might maybe want to research the number of white trailer trash on welfare, both in your state, and nationwide.
      You’ll find they probably outnumber the number of non-whites in your state and every other one by a hefty tally of parasites.

      Welfare is always toxic, and you’re about 50 years behind the curve in identifying the problem.

      • Mr. Frosty

        Negroes are 13% of the population and use 33% of the welfare budget.
        Whites are 60% of the population and use 33% of the welfare budget.

        Negroes are cancer to civilization

      • Aesop,

        Hold on a moment….

        The POTUS usurper endorsed a moslem invasion of nearly a million, poverty-bringing parasites during his 8 year illegitimacy. How many of those invaders are contributing to the economy and not sponging off what’s left of the working class ?

        Why you challenge Hines, you provide no proof of your own that Caucasians outnumber the non-white parasites.

        How about YOU provide citattons to support YOUR claim ? i doubt you an refute the below, non-productive entities:

        1. Generational Negro parasites.
        2. Non-citizen Hispanic invaders via open southern border = 10s of millions.
        3. 1,000,000 poverty bring moslem invaders/8 years.

        Citations please re: Them “crackers” sponging more.

    • 1/3?

      70% of all niggers on food stamps. The other 30% have government jobs given to them by (((affirmative action))).

  23. name (required)

    Federal spending mostly flows from the Blue states to the Red. It’s almost like a program to keep potentially rebellious Red states dependent.

  24. just waiting

    One major factor not considered is federal “ownership” of states’ lands, and their control of the utilization of resources. Oregon may get 30%+ in fed money, but the feds claim sovereignty over well over half the state. Nevada they control even more.
    Let states utilize their resources as they see fit and things would change a lot.

  25. Amusing how some of the chicken little’s run… then point at the usual “suspects”. LMAO. Anyhow, every state on that map has governors, legislatures, and citizens that can say, “No”.

    But, but, but… I pay my fair share of federal taxes in the state that I reside in! So it’s only fair that we get our fair share!

    Don’t blame me! I live in the freedumb state!

    Anyhow. Re: Calif. pensions. Raised the price of cigs to 9$ a pack.


  26. hummus abedin

    Federal judge blocks Trump’s second travel ban nationwide: A federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide halt to President Trump’s attempts to temporarily ban travel from six majority-Muslim countries on Wednesday, delivering a stinging rebuke to Trump in his second attempt to institute the travel order.

    Suck it!
    The rule of law and equality of justice
    is as dead as your Republic.
    But if you are of the dirt people, we are
    going to law and order the fuck out
    of you.
    How many times must we grudge fuck
    you before you learn?

    • I wish Trump knew how to dig up dirt on people like Obama did. Ask John Roberts or many others Obama strong armed. And there ain’t no dem in a position of power who isn’t dirty somewhere.

    • Start hanging fedgov judges.

  27. CA

    Correct me if I’m wrong.
    The folks who show up here daily seem to be stuck in their own vision of how things are. I rarely see anyone try to expand their understanding of the way the world really turns. They insist on clinging o their pre-programmed notions of reality and nothing is going to change that.


    They appear to believe if they just hold on long enough, hard enough, and vote with all their might, people and events will finally fall back into their personal view of reality and everything will be alright once again. The brainwashing is so deep and thorough, that nothing short of a bullet to the head will wake them up. I could name a dozen here right off the top of my head that just don’t have the cognitive means to move up to the next level of thought. For people who supposedly have woken-up, they are still fast asleep.
    FFS. They still think they are winning. I honestly don’t believe they even understand they already lost decades ago. When I said they are the resistance, I used to the term very, very, lightly. Is it the medication, drink, severe mental distress, or is it something else? And what can be done to remedy the dissonance we see here? Watching the endless circle of bullshit gets old. They don’t even offer a reasonable rebuttal. They patently refuse to even consider another possibily… And for anyone who butts in on my serious question to CA, you only prove what I am pointing out.

    I would like your sincere opinion.

    • As a recovering alcoholic, lawyer, Yankee, and general asshole (and I am not being coyly self-deprecating with any of those descriptions), I have learned that in my own life, even with all of the work on myself that I have done, denial/wishful thinking is a terribly powerful force.

      I believe that the large majority of folks here (remember, commenters are a tiny fraction of the 7000+ daily unique visitors who open WRSA every day) are doing the level best that they can — really and truly with not even an iota of snark.

      The task before each of us is very, very difficult — sorting through the chaff from all sides and sources to find the wheat of reality. I am blessed in that I have had to reorient my beliefs in a major way on multiple occasions– e.g., as a narcissistic drunk who didn’t want to live that way any more, as a person trained and experienced in “the law” who learned there was no such thing as I believed, as a history nerd read only in the Northern view of the Late Unpleasantness, and as a smartass who chose far too often to be cruel with my tongue rather than kind. Those experiences give me an advantage that others may not have.

      Simply put, it is a bitch to have to accept and then rebuild from the conclusion that “(nearly) everything I know is wrong”. I look at heaps of my former beliefs and shudder in appalled silence at how wrong I was about so much.

      Punch line: all we can do is what we can do. Hopefully, each of us is trying to find a few more kernels of wheat as Western Civ sputters to a halt around us. Even more hopefully, something at WRSA is helpful in that endeavor.

      I hope that was responsive.

      • Yeah.

        We all have or had our vices. The lucky among us found a way to overcome and prevail. Even luckier, are those among us who by Gods grace escaped the long arm of the just-us system and made good on the second chance. You’re being a lawyer gives you a qualified opinion on character.
        You met me-twice. I’m not that bad a guy, amirite? I may come across as a wildly huge asshole here, but in my defense, I usually add citations and links to at least explore the possibility that what we have been force fed all our lives is complete BS. I see Curtis’ situation as the same level of frustration I encounter. I just wish some of these well-meaning folks would expand their horizons just a bit and explore the alt. side of information. After-all, they claim being of alt.right persuasion… In the coming days, months? there will be many revelations that come to light and to not grasp the opportunity to reflect and absorb new ideas and understandings is a disservice to those who strive to bring truth to those living in the darkness of lies and deceit. Christ, there’s a thing called the internet these days… he worlds information is at your fingertips. Only the absolute most ignorant and stubborn will disregard and continue in their ways of misguided and low information ways of thinking.

        ps. the new avatar looks like me- yes? lol

        It should. I not only stood on line and wore that patch, I still wear my hair like that.

        • LOL re hair style.

          You and several others I have had the pleasure to meet and break bread – I wish, as others have said, there could be a WRSA BBQ & Tall Tale Fest, so that folks could know each other better. It’ll have to wait until after the victory parade, I fear.

          Here’s the thing – all of the search tools of the Five Eyes will avail me nothing if I am more committed to my intellectual/emotional status quo than I am to checking on the quality of my world view.

          I’m no Scott Adams, but here’s what I do know about persuasion:

          1) Water drip by drip cuts the hardest stone. Patient, fact-based-and-cited discussion cuts even the hardest of denial – gradually.

          2) It is utterly human to want to avoid pain – especially the pain of having been lied to all one’s life. My Greenwood snarks are an outlet for the pain I still feel over learning what I have so damned late in life.

          3) Courage is not the absence of pain or fear — it is ongoing action in spite of those weaknesses.

          I wish courage and strength for all here.

          We’re gonna need it.

          FWIW, I commend you for showing the real you here in this arena.

          • It’s worth my loyalty.


            Ann says hi 🙂
            She just had a knee replacement and is recovering nicely.
            It blew our winter travel plan and we’re muddling thru one of the coldest winters I have ever experienced. I mean top of the world COLD. We did manage a boat ride today through the ice of Lake Superior on a 120 footer.

            Soo cool.

            • Regards to her and you both. It was ugly wind chill here in the Souf today (25F ambient and 15s gusting to 20+ out of the NW), but that’s nothing to what you two are enduring.

              Good news?

              Spring is here in 6 days. 🙂

              • SemperFi, 0321

                And I too have said many times, I’m willing to sit down around a campfire and share a Guinness or Laphroig with anyone here (including recovering alcoholics who crave their ice tea or water) because we share a common ground, this web site! We all owe you a debt of gratitude and a hearty hug of appreciation. There’s not one of us who would be able to still hold a grudge at the end of the evening, in spite of all the name calling and supposed hatred, we’re all still very much alike and have a common cause, human freedom!
                Well almost…. that guy in the crewcut already hates me, because of my beard and long hair, but I’m kinda partial to my Ragnar look and I’ll forgive him.

                • SemperFi, 0321

                  And as a follow up, IF ANY OF YOU are considering a trip to the Yellowstone NP area this summer, please contact me here, I’d love to help you out with any travel advice, or if any of you are crazy enough to want a backpack trip in the area, I still have some time open this summer to advise or tag along.
                  Here’s a friend of mine, Joey, check out his adventures in the area;


          • asi sea

      • Amen

  28. Now we have appointed judges single-handedly running the nation from tne bench ?

  29. Alfred E. Neuman

    You know at one time I really looked forward to the replies on the different subjects of this blog. If these replies, recently, are any comparison of how we will deal TOGETHER the coming apocalypse , we are doomed. No where are there any exhortations of how we will deal with these problems. Just back biting and worse I was hoping that the administrators would reel this in but he/they seem to enjoy the internecine. I notice, if you haven’t noticed more and more of the freefor blogs are shutting down. Are they giving up because of all the negativity? So be it……..

    We seem to only want to demean each other and not try to find solutions. We have no leaders. Who in their right mind would want to lead people like this? We need to get a grip on our thoughts and motives. Otherwise, we are doomed to be slaughtered BY our supposedly brothers and sisters…….

    CIVILITY is no where to be found in these parts……….

    Customs, traditions, moral values and rules of etiquette are behavioral norms, transmitted mostly by example, word of mouth and religious teachings. As such, they represent a body of wisdom distilled through the ages by experience and trial and error. The nation’s liberals — along with the education establishment, pseudo-intellectuals and the courts — have waged war on traditions, customs and moral values. Many people have been counseled to believe that there are no moral absolutes. Instead, what’s moral or immoral is a matter of personal convenience, personal opinion, what feels good or what is or is not criminal. — Walter E. Williams

    • Intentional decentralization. A proven tactic that insulates all entities from all adjacent players. Central command[Bracken] is a floating center always changing zip codes.Command structure ebbs and flows with the tide.Overlapping NPT’s serve their purpose when the participants are disciplined. The number of participants in -place, where they need to be at all times varies. A Force Protection System is always in effect. The FPCON system is monitored 24/7 by CA and a crack team of WRSA contributors. Situational awareness is always on. Living life to the fullest,every day.

  30. Tax farm sycophants pining about how their
    tax farm, debtbux are spent.
    Viva La Resistance!
    A central bank on every table and migrant cancer in every home!
    Tax farm mandates will make MAGA!
    The new Goldman cabinet > The last Goldman
    cabinet! “The Swamp” is a closed loop, shit spicket, stuck open.
    Keep preppin’, double time.
    Math wins.
    Do your homework and prepare for absolutes.
    Binary and whatnot.


    The pissing matches in the commentariat of late are becoming reason to skip what used to be a generally informative, extra step.

    Wasted energy.

  31. Oh yeah!
    One more thing!
    Buy all the things!
    One more MAGA #hashtag will freeze the #USURY!