‘We are also winners’ — Wilders admits DEFEAT to Rutte but hopes for coalition government

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23 responses to “‘We are also winners’ — Wilders admits DEFEAT to Rutte but hopes for coalition government

  1. As if there was another outcome…

  2. A ghastly doom settles over Europe

  3. I guess the only upside is that a few months after the last Dutch guy in the Netherlands is murdered by muslims, the dikes will eventually fail from lack of maintenance, and most of the muslims will drown like rats.

  4. Grey Ghost

    The Netherlands is NOW officially lost. Resolving their problem will require blood and nothing less.

    Grey Ghost

    • <–this

      And all we did here was buy 4 years.

      • Grey Ghost

        Maybe 8 years, depends on how many Trump voters die off is MI, PA and other blue states that he flipped by close margins. The flip side to that is if Trump doesn’t stop the invasion it won’t matter how many of his supporters die off.

        Either way, the next LEFTIST Dictator of the US will bring blood this country… count on it.

        Grey Ghost

  5. Funny thing about life: the test comes first, and then the lesson. Dutch voters apparently need a little more “education” in the school of hard knocks before they come to their senses….. Learn now or learn later – but they’re going to learn. Team Mo will see to that.

  6. It will take that gay commie all of 2 minutes to dimiss Geert as as nazi, White supremacist and order his arrest for hate speach against the muzzies.
    Wilders should hop the fastest aeroplane he can find and come to the USA.
    We have a few more years before muslims begin ethnic cleansing over here.
    Europe is toast.

  7. Some needed relief here,maybe partly thanks to Erdogan and his idiotic attacks on the Dutch.Given the nature of Dutch politics,a coalition involving Wilder is unlikely,thus keeping him out of power.Still,no one can deny his influence,and the challenges the Dutch and Europe generally face.How much the effects of post WWll contributed to the challenges faced today is uncertain but interesting.Next Germany and France.

    • Nyet

      The Erdogan/Rutte affair was theatre, intended to boost voting for both in Netherlands; Rutte the poseur looks tough to the ignorati amongst native Dutch voters, Erdogan incites the voting muslim horde to vote against Wilders while gaining support in his own homeland.


      • Would the Muslim vote have been so significant as to make any difference?

        • Evidently so.

          • “Evidently so”

            That doesn’t square with him leading in the later polls.But often times it’s not the committed who swing the vote.Maybe some second thoughts by Dutch citizens uneasy with outright racism.I know Amsterdam is different historically and liberal in a way different from the rest of Holland.Still,the left need to somehow address the Anti-immigrant concerns and fears of the right.I guess no different than in the States,both left and right need to realize that America is great because of the ideas,ideals,values,and policies of both ideologies.In that sense,diversity of ideas,even in America,has been a mixed blessing,but a blessing never-the-less.

            God Bless America and all who serve.

            • islam is not a race, symptomatic of a diseased mind perhaps but not a race. Nor is turkish a race, or dutch for that matter.

              No matter – whether race/religion/creed/etc when those practitioners are demonstrated to be an existential threat to others – it must be eradicated, or at least contained.

              If concern for the life & well-being of ones family, neighbors & culture is “anti immigrant concerns and fears of the right” of being genocided out of ones own country, then it is a very well placed concern.

              Yay for diversity is a mindless platitude, sufficient for those informed through jingo, chant & slogan. Like “thanks for your service”, it’s a Greenwoodian understanding of events, cause & effect.

  8. The ‘winner’ loses seats; the ‘loser’ gains seats; another unheeded lesson for the Dutch in “scattering” their votes. Thinking back to CA’s fine post regarding denial, it is evident in the voting. They’ve not yet reached their tipping point, displayed in the hesitancy to do anything regarded as impolite in defense of the coming blood-letting. A decision to take action requires a surrender to the reality that’s in your face.

  9. VooDoo6Actual

    Hurdle the dead – trample the weak…
    Deus Vult

  10. Detroit III

    Win or lose this vote, Europe was.doomed.

    • probably so. It’s the usual cuck/red open-borders alliance, taking their cue from the (((Central Bank))). Same w France, Germany, whatever the election results. Russia and Hungary might make it, though, maybe Bulgaria and a couple others. We’ll see.

  11. I suppose one can look back to 1930’s Britain, pointing to Churchill’s sudden climb to power when all seemed lost. This time there is no Churchill, there is no Britain and even the English Channel has disappeared as a barrier. Further there is (hopefully) no America riding to the rescue (again) to save Socialist Europe/Australia/NZ and the rest from their folly. Europe must be scourged of it’s socialist insanity, it must see the fruits of it’s r~vs~K game plan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8N3FF_3KvU

  12. yeah…just what we need: another warmongering, neo-con, Zionist stooge riding to the rescue of Western Civilization. Only this time, the Russians get to be the “evil Germans”. We’ve seen your (((movie))) before. Shove it.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    The Netherlands is the guy dressed in a orange jumpsuit, kneeling
    on a beach, hands bound behind him while a 12yr old fumbles
    with the Glock he will shoot him in the head with.

  14. There is a victim account on youtube from a lady from the netherlands who was pizszagated. She said Gert was present during one of the rape/snuff events at a fancy country estate. That piece of her story didn’t make total sense to me until now. He’s controlled opposition.