What Are The Consequences Of Multigenerational Low-T?

A good question from Chateau Heartiste.

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  1. Socialism pushes Low T production, in the UK/EU their male movie stars look like tooth picks that Twiggy could trounce, and have for decades

  2. CA,

    Low-T….is that like ED ?

    • lon a follower

      Well yes that seems to be the claim of this article. Because of low testosterone, Men now need porn and super models as bait or a pill from our medical professionals etc.
      Do you remember when the elderly spoke and looked forward to the Golden years, and this did not seem. to include a magic purple pill?
      Oh yes and we should be afraid of all these invaders coming to drag off our women who dress like sluts simply to entice us.
      Articles such a this are very disturbing. The world is very deceiving.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        There are also studies that show men have turned more and more to porn because it is easier than dealing with modern Western women. Videos aren’t overly demanding.

        • It’s more than that. It’s something I got some insight into more than 30 years ago when I was in college – and spent a good amount of time reading thru the stacks in the library in the psychological journals and in particular stuff about “feminism”. During that time – I ran across some of Andrea Dworkin’s more obscure writings – which really gave me a few WTF moments.

          Recently – I’ve run across videos on Youtube from a few people in the MGTOW (Men Going There Own Way) subculture. What was interesting – was that these guys were talking about things that I picked up on all those decades ago – and also on things I’ve seen over the years.

          They’re talking about human nature – and in particular FEMALE human nature – which isn’t necessarily in your best interest (as a man). The Chateau Hartiste guys cover a lot of this same stuff.

          These two guys are the ones I’ve paid the most attention to – and some of their stuff is off the wall , but – they’ve got some real insight you’re not going to hear anywhere else.

          Howard Dare – here’s a good one:

          And Sandman – lots of good stuff, but you’ve got to be willing to listen thru his entire videos to really get all the pieces. He ties together a lot of the stuff that is going on in the world around us in the larger world of politics – and how women function and take advantage of men.
          Intro video:

          I have to say – some of what these guys have said have really made things clearer and have made a lot of the crazy shit going on these days – make sense.

  3. Clarification:


    • LOL.

      E – D is a result of low T.

      And I’m not sure what the problem is with women becoming sluttier. I’ve noticed they definitely are over the last few decades – and I don’t have a problem with it. Just sayin……..

  4. lon a follower

    Reaching for new lows? “Chateau Heartiste,” James c word Mann.
    Sixteen commandments of Poon?
    A name says a lot.
    Right mind and and a hard heart? Is that really what you should seek?
    Has anyone ever heard the pen is mightier than the sword? Consider why?

    • the sooner this religious nut meets the Great Nutcracker, the better for White Western Civilization. Estrogen in the food/water supply + kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, Judeo-feminism = collapse of White birthrate. Then factor in Judeo-globalist open borders insourcing of 7,000 non-Whites per day, and you get White extinction in ‘Murka well before 2100. It’s this…or an exterminative RaceWar against the invasives and their sponsors.

  5. Lots of firemen and police have low testosterone mainly because they don’t get enough regular sleep. You must get at least 7 hours of sleep per night and on a regular basis. Also, take 100mcg of zinc per day. This prevents a percentage of what testosterone you have from converting to estrogen.

    Important side note… Don’t take zinc on an empty stomach! It’s a mineral and will stick to the lining of you’re stomach and make you want to puke for a while. Be smart. Take it with food.

    • Hey Doc,
      For the past couple of months, have added Ionic Magnesium
      in liquid form to daily intake and let me tell you, it packs a
      wallop. Also, Chrorophyll in liquid form. From research gathered,
      the deficiency is so high, that once the intake happens, energy
      takes its action, so best early in the morning.
      Doc, check it out. First hand testimony from friend said that even
      high blood pressure is aided and even blood pressure meds
      not needed anymore by him.
      From my novice view – Minerals sure do help the electrical flow!
      Further counsel?

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Been There, Done That

      Lack of sleep due to stupid work/activity hours, staring at the blue spectrum light emitted by the screens all around us which disrupts your circadian rhythm , eating high processed carb & sugar diets and becoming morbidly obese, endemic and undiagnosed/untreated gut & whole body Candida yeast infections, total lack of any sort of exercise, Glyphosate (round Up) herbicide contamination of the grain and other food supplies, widespread contamination of the food supply and many other things by Bromine compounds are all things that are destroying the testosterone levels of modern day Americans.

      There are a number of OTC supplements and nutrients that can help with Low-T or help you deal with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). Zinc as mentioned previously is essential. Every time you ejaculate you lose about 350 micrograms of zinc according to what I have read. It’s something to think about if you have a porn addiction problem. Zinc is essential for many other things besides your mojo. A deficiency will wreck your immune response amongst other issues. If you take zinc you may want to take a copper supplement with it. Like many essential minerals your body requires a balanced intake. If you take to much of one it can cause bigger problems down the road.

      Iodine as in potasium iodide/iodate or Lugol’s Solution will help you with T production, thyroid problems, and help you purge your body of endocrine disrupting & psuedo-estrogenic Bromine compounds. Take it with 250mcg of Selenium unless you want a ferocious headache for the first two weeks due to Bromine detox. Google Dr. Brownstein for books & more info. Your regular Dr. will probably give you a dumb look or just tell you you’re going to poison yourself. According to mine I should have died of iodine poisoning 3 years ago.

      Don’t eat processed grain products. If you can stand it don’t eat any damned grain products. There are many reasons for this. Highly processed carbohydrates from grain products are murder for your blood sugar levels. They make you fat and diabetic. Any grain products have numerous inflammatory compounds in them that lead to the root causes of a ton of human disease processes. Gluten is the most well known but there are many others. Read the books Grain Brain and Wheat Belly for way more information.

      A dirty little secret in the Ag industry is Glyphosate herbicide, originally developed and marketed by Monsanto as Round Up!. With the advent of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops about 20 years ago it’s usage has skyrocketed. It was initially thought to be about as toxic as water and have very little persistence in the environment breaking down into harmless metabolites and residue compounds. Weeeeelllll that ain’t the case. There is a significant body of evidence now showing that it’s carcinogenic. Some countries in the E.U and other parts of the world have imposed much tighter use restrictions or outright bans on its use due to this. This information has been systematically suppressed, down played, and disputed by Monsanto and other chemical companies. The EPA has a committee that is/has been debating the science and whether or not to reclassify it as a carcinogen in the US. The chemical industry is fighting this tooth and nail because it might lead to a ban on glyphosate and will most certainly lead to massive, I mean MASSIVE, class action civil liability lawsuits.

      Another way glyphosate is bad for you is the known fact that it is in a class of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors. In English it screws up your hormone production and metabolization. This can lead to cancer, organ system pathologies, sexual function problems, etc… It has been shown to act like estrogen & estrogen metabolites in the human body. This is bad for men and women as to much E screws with a number of other things beside sexual function. It actually will destroy testosterone and turn it into estrogen compounds magnifying the problems.

      Another secret is how many grain farmers are using glyphosate and illegally contaminating the grain supply with stupid high levels of glyphosate residue. If you have ever been out to Kansas an the Great plains you’ve seen the gigantic grain fields. Well when it comes time to harvest the grain it’s hard to get all of the grain to mature and dry out all at the same time in these field where the plants on one side of the field are two or three weeks older than the plants on the other side because it takes so long to plant the huge fields. A lot of these farmers will take a shortcut to kill the wheat plants at the same time by spraying it with glyphosate herbicide. This is illegal and not an approved use for the product according to the EPA approved label. This creates high concentrations of glyphosate residues on and inside the grain that can not be metabolized out of the now dead plants. Then in a few weeks the farmer hires a harvesting contractor crew to come in and they bring a fleet of combines and harvest the field all at once so the crop quality is at it’s optimum peak condition. That way the farmer maximizes his profit margins. Everybody thinks its fine because glyphosate is presumed to be harmless. This residue finds its way into EVERYTHING produced from this grain which includes not only bread products but every single grain based highly processed food additive.

      If you do find yourself diagnosed with Low-T find a doctor who is competent in MALE hormone replacement therapy. A huge majority are not and quite frankly they, being arrogant bastards, aren’t interesting in learning in my experience. You want your T-level between 500-1200. Some docs will tell you 300-350 is just hunky dory when you feel like a listless depressed whiny little bitch. Make sure they check your estrogen levels as well. Everything has to be in balance.

      Skip the implanted pellets. They do not work for as long or as well as they say and they are literally a big lumpy pain in the ass.

      Skip the creams too. They smell like hell, are expensive, and they are dangerous to women and children if they come into contact with you while you are using it.

      Injections of testosterone are the way to go. Find a doctor who will prescribe weekly or twice weekly injections AND who will teach you how to administer them yourself or by your significant other at home. Do NOT let the lab coat wearing jackass talk you into once a month or once every two week injections. If they mention it that is a HUGE clue that they are incompetent and/or ignorant jackasses. You want a nice steady supply of testosterone in your body. With monthly or bi-weekly injections you will feel like superman for a week and then things will feel like they are going downhill rapidly until it’s injection time again. You’ll gain weight, break out, and become a moody depressed bitch every week before your next injection. Some docs will freak out if you suggest you want to inject yourself or have your wife do it. This is bullshit unless you are a complete moron who is unsafe around sharp objects. There are tons of youtube videos that show you how to do it safely. Many of them have been posted by doctors or other medical professionals. Some docs just want the extra money they’ll get from having you come in and pay for an office visit every week/two weeks/month.

      When you go on TRT here are some things your doc may or may not tell you. A certain amount of testosterone will metabolize into estrogen compounds. Another percentage will metabolize into dehydrotestosterone also know as DHT.

      The estrogen, estriol, and estrodiol will make you moody and break out in acne like you are 14 years old. If you have a lot of body fat more of the T will turn into E. There are a few things you can do about this. First unless you are a cripple, get off your lazy fat ass and do exercise regularly for at least one hour 3-6 days a week. Two, go on Amazon and search for a supplement called Di-Indol Methane or DIM. It’s a compound found in broccoli and cruciferous vegetables that will bind to the estrogen compounds in your body and cause them to be excreted in your urine. Take 100-300 milligrams twice a day depending on your body weight and metabolism. Drink plenty of water. It will make your pee neon orange at first as you excrete the excess estrogen. if you take to high a dose it will take all the estrogen out of your joint cartilage and you will have whole body ache like you have the flu. Take an aleve, drink lots of water, and lower your dose of DIM. The symptoms will pass in 4-12 hours.

      Dehydrotestosterone also know as DHT is bad for you in a couple of ways. Outwardly visible effects are hair loss on your head and excess hair growth everywhere else. Rogaine/minoxidil will fix that. Inside your body high DHT levels screws with your prostate leading to prostatitis and even prostate cancer eventually. Regular, as in at least weekly, sex or masturbation helps and can be enjoyable. There are also several nutritional supplements that help lower DHT levels in the body. Stinging Nettle Extract, Saw palmetto Extract aka Betasitosterol, and Pumpkin Seed Oil both lower DHT levels. Taken daily they will lower your PSA blood test score and reduce male pattern hair loss. I have long term personal experience with this.

      Be wary of your doc prescribing you medications for E & DHT problems. they work but have harsh effects and serious side effects. Propecia is bad BAD news. Do NOT take that shit. Try the natural stuff first and don’t be afraid to play around with the dosing within reason.

      In summary don’t put toxic crap in your body, don’t be a lazy lard ass, and educate yourself and your doc if need be on what works best for you.

      • finally.

        someone with research behind his comment.

        unlike most here who are dumber than shit.

        • I see you are excluding yourself from that comment.

          “Everybody on this planet is fucked up except for me!”

          • Sarge, my shit is wired so tight, it’s hard to move sometimes.

            I’m an exception. not the rule.
            Maybe that why I retired so fucking young. hmm

        • Grey Ghost

          Exactly right. Thanks BTDT.

          I had a Dr. tell me to stay away from Dr.s if you want to remain healthy as they will always find SOMETHING wrong with you. And that has been my experience except that I did not get that info until it was too late.

          Grey Ghost

  6. Most of that is just looking at the past 40 years, and “predicting” a lot of what’s already occurred, much of it long since, before half the country was even born.

    To wit:
    women will dress and act sluttier to capture the attention of increasingly benumbed men who need the services of the hardest of hardcore porn to feel aroused.
    Too late. That was the 1980s.
    Now, even that doesn’t work, because porn doesn’t divorce you and take your kids, house, and half your shit forever. Feminism for the win.

    team sports will disappear.
    Too late. cf: steroid sports scandals from the 1990s onwards.
    This is why the number of white men who watch the NBA is only slightly higher than the number of white men who play in the NBA.
    Sports used to be regular guys with some skillz; now they’re pampered overpaid cheaters. My time is too precious for that twaddle.

    drama club will be a required class.
    Only for those who stay in school.
    politics will intensify its shift leftward because low T men will vote more like women.
    Um, have you looked at the eastern seaboard results since 1970?
    the national (and psychological) borders protecting the low T men from predation will remain, for all practical purposes, open to the sewer world until, inevitably, higher T conquerors arrive in sufficient number to wipe out the low T White submissivists.
    Not so much, because apparently red pill counteracts low T.
    inventiveness and entrepreneurship will stagnate, and contract.
    Not so much. Government interference takes a far bigger toll.
    any big job or goal will demand more oversight, more paper pushing, more regulatory hurdles to overcome. the days when men gathered and made shit happen on a reasonable time frame will be over. it’ll be an HR dystopia of endless meetings all the way down to the musty cellar of the gossip mill.
    corporations will turn into ghettos of bickering crones, slutty college girls, and yes-manlets. nothing will be produced but social media apps and articles about online dating. the resulting economic collapse will create a run on arable urban land as millions of useless SWPLs fight to the death for patches of communal gardens to plant their sad kale and heirloom tomatoes.
    Yes, but only at Big Corporate Makework Jobs. Most people will open their own biz. That’s been the trend for 40+ years.
    therapy and self-medication will shoot through the roof.
    Did you not read about the 1970s??
    heart disease, cancer, and obesity will rise again (or continue the general upwards rise) among men.
    So what? Everyone dies of something. Currently we die from diseases of plenty, rather than want. You want utopia, write a manifesto.
    the rate of infidelity will increase.
    That’s a feature, not a bug. Feminism for the win.
    the rate of divorce will hold steady or increase (we may have hit the divorce industrial complex saturation point).
    Already there.
    The contract was, one wife, for life.
    When women threw out the “for life” part of the contract, men stopped wanting to play. No sense giving up your home, your kids, and half your shit forever to someone who’d be taking you to the cleaners, when you can get sex without the hassle. Feminism for the win. Men weren’t going to stay stupid forever.

    marriage will increasingly be platforms for brides to take selfies and grooms to blubber during the vows. jerkboy best men will be tasked with the job of deflowering any virgin brides remaining in the wilds as the soyfatted grooms recite lines from their favorite feminist poets.
    That’s all they ever were. And the best men are usually already gay, so not so much of that. But good luck finding a virgin bride in the first place.
    fertility will continue declining.
    No. Clearly, the birth rate of women on welfare is news here.
    the rate of cuckoldry will increase.
    That’s what government welfare is all about anyways.
    cat ownership will increase among men.
    Cats are a thing at all primarily because they clean up their own shit, and can be ignored near endlessly other than feeding them. But ownership isn’t going to increase, unless you can teach them to claw the holy fuck out of burglars. When I can own a mountain lion as a pet cat, give a holler.
    muscle cars will become a distant relic.
    Yeah, not so much.
    there will be vanishingly little entertainment made with a straight male sensibility in mind.
    You probably thought James Dean and Paul Lynde were straight, right? Hollywood went gay in the 1960s, and was out about it by the 1970s. Go down to the Gay Men’s Health Clinic and ask them about how that worked out in the long run.
    weird sexual paraphilias and fetishes will rise (those afflicted with declining libido will compensate with outlandish substitutes to bring back that lovin’ feeling).
    Weird according to whom? Pointy-bearded men who obsess about their mommy and daddy issues??
    But seriously, the uber-soft-porn of 50 Shades Of Grey is toned down to the point of pablum, not up. Then again, dragging women back to the cave by the hair used to be a high T pastime for Thag and Og, right?

    the prevalence of sexual dysfunctions will increase.
    I think this is projection, not prediction.
    feminism will get increasingly shrill, and male feminists increasingly servile and pathetic.
    You were born after 1980, weren’t you? The current crop just has more social media outlets. They aren’t any more shrill, nor pathetic, just more noticeable.
    the population of basement bachelors, cat ladies and bitter spinsters will explode.
    Again, you’re way behind the curve on this. Feminism for the win. You’re also overlooking the number of never-married straight guys who get laid and still keep all hobbies and all their stuff has exploded. Nature seeks a balance.
    sexbots will be the only romantic companionship for half the population.
    Nope. You can just be a straight in San Francisco, and find all the romantic companionship you want. Or stay where more traditional forms of behavior never went out of style. Dude, get out of West Hollywood, fer cripes sake!
    high libido men — cads — will reign supreme in the actual sexual market (what’s left of it) as opposed to the pretend sexual market that lonely feminists jabber about during their intersectionality bullshit sessions.
    Just like since the dawn of time.
    androgyny will become the norm.
    Dude, get out of West Hollywood, fer cripes sake!
    polyandry will be common.
    Dude, get out of West Hollywood, fer cripes sake!
    polygyny will be rare, but more entrenched. (the few high T men who aren’t eunuchs will have no trouble keeping de facto harems of smitten lovers satisfied and compliant)
    Salt Lake City calling. And hey, didja ever wonder why every other state had laws against polygamy? Or notice that now -since 1970 or so – you don’t have to marry them all? Or at all?
    balls, penises, jawlines, chins, noses, and musculature will literally shrink in men. ears may become floppy.
    Dude, get out of West Hollywood, fer cripes sake!
    a million sociologists with shitty research papers no one has any intention of replicating will claim that beta male orbiters are our strength. they will write of the virtues of polygamy and the matriarchy, as their civilization burns down around them.
    And stop watching Bravo on cable, and reading the NYTimes.
    no one will ever again speak anything close to the truth about the world, about the sexes, about the races. equalist self-delusion will be taught in schools under the subject “everything but math”.
    Hey, there’s this thing called the Internet. You should totally check it out.
    math will succumb soon afterward.
    That has more to do with calculators and computers which turn most math not used daily and personally into the functional equivalent of Latin and Greek.
    art will suck. music will suck. architecture will suck. literature will suck. this will continue a trend long evident. houellebecq may very well be our last great author.
    Too late. Too late. Too late. Too late. And WTF? The last guy to talk about Houellebecq had his guitar beaten into the wall by Blutto at a toga party. Homo.
    tissue boxes will be handed out in movie theaters so that the 70-30 male-female audience may dab their eyes sitting through a full line-up of sappy rom-coms.
    Not so much. Are you perhaps familiar with the literature of Stan Lee?
    Mars? Uh, no. More like, the space program will be dead and the androgynes of the future will come to remember the moon landing as a myth promulgated by ancient hirsute men imprisoned in a strictly binary sexuality, who possessed a vestigial feature called a “jawline” and squinted a lot.
    Space-X called; were you still looking for a reservation?
    infrastructure will continue crumbling. instead of doing something about it, everyone will wait for the next tragedy when a bridge fails and then participate in a candlelight vigil and cry a lot. they will repeat this process until everyone is dead from preventable tragedies.
    Not so much. Most of us will watch with beer and pretzels, and laugh.
    John Scalzi will be Premier of this Empire of Aromatase. His rule will not last long. Muslims, blacks, and black Muslims will overrun the Femme West and every capital will ring out with the dulcet ululations of muhammed’s flock.
    Be still, my beating heart. A Crusade/jihad we can drive our pick-ups to? Stop, I’m getting a woody.

  7. “John Scalzi will be Premier of this Empire of Aromatase. His rule will not last long. Muslims, blacks, and black Muslims will overrun the Femme West and every capital will ring out with the dulcet ululations of muhammed’s flock.
    Be still, my beating heart. A Crusade/jihad we can drive our pick-ups to? Stop, I’m getting a woody.

    Actually, that’d be great! Dearbornistan breaking out and moving into the suburbs with damage on their minds?? REALLY?!?!? The mind boggles!!! Talk about your testosterone boost!!

    • Any college campus or hipster paradise in this country. Well, scratch that. The whole country.

      In Austin tx the wimin are more manly then the “men”.

  8. What a complete load of utter hooey.

  9. at 54 i still wake up with morning wood.

    must suck to have your balls snipped.

    • That morning things, called a piss hard on!.

      Look it up on the net


    • Randall Flagg

      If you were twice the man you could be, you still wouldn’t be half of what your ego needs.

    • tfA-t,

      “….i still wake up with morning wood.”

      As your hubby spoons you with his black member grazing your buttocks, eh.

    • My last daughter was born when I was 54. Now I’m 83 and things like that are just pleasant memories.
      Sometime in the past few months I read that Monsanto and its GMO program is to blame for much of the lower sperm counts among American men. Interestingly enough, Russia has outlawed Monsanto GMO crops and seeds and their reproduction rate doesn’t seem to have dropped appreciably.
      Perhaps when the new revolution gets here Monsanto should be treated with the same “care” as that new NSA storage facility in Utah.
      We (my wife and I) have a small garden in which we grow some of our own veggies. Non-GMO seeds are all we plant.

    • Dreams of My Fathers?

    • Yeah, but can you still hit the headboard 4 times a week?

  10. tfat, but, your morning wood is looking down, not proud like it used to be, and that is more in line with a morning piss woodie…

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Don’t they have a pill for that ?

  12. There is a recent study, that I cited last month in a different venue, that shows that Swedish men have 20% lower testosterone than So Korean men. I can’t find that source ATM so you’ll just have to believe me. BTW this is not the site to go looking for Low-T men, they hang-out on liberal sites 🙂

  13. lon a follower

    Isaiah 3:12 My people! Youths exert pressure on them, and women rule over them. O My people! Your leaders lead you astray, and swallow the way of your paths.”

  14. Arugula. Spinach. Watermelon and its skin. Beets. Garlic. L-Arginine powder. Eggs. Dark Chocolate. Oranges with skin. Pineapple. Walnuts. I – 2 cups of your favorite protein mix and whatever vitamins you take including D. Grape and cranberry concentrate. Cinnamon. Ginger. Milk.

    Put in blender. Blend. Enough to make 2 8 ounce (make it) thick glasses. Guzzle.

    That fat on your steak? Eat it.

    The first couple weeks, you’ll get a head rush.

    I’m 58. I do have my physical injuries and so my limitations. But I also have the blood pressure and (T (close) of a teenager.