Brimelow On Canada, US: “We May See Boundaries Redrawn Across North America”

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    In short, Straus, Howe, and Xenakis argued that the world would be exhibiting many of the symptoms of an unfolding Crisis period, and this certainly seems to be the case. Among the developed nations of the world, people have begun to express a higher degree of dissatisfaction with the status quo and overall lack of confidence in their leaders, while financial and political instability abounds, and post-WWII institutions are no longer able to keep apace as the Twenty-First Century winds through its second decade. This collective discontent confirms the assertion of Xenakis; “One stock market commentator defines a bear market as a time when ‘investors are looking for reasons to sell,’ and a bull market as a time when ‘investors are looking for reasons to buy…’ during an unraveling period, people ‘look for reasons to compromise,’ but during a crisis period, people ‘look for reasons to confront.’”

    While this model has been criticized by some for the particular assignment of the years identifying generational cohorts or disregarding the free will of the individual, many in the corporate sector have taken to the explanatory power of it, and have adapted their practices to demographics accordingly. Terms such as “Boomer,” “Gen-X,” and “Millennial” are now part of regular discourse among both ourselves and Normies. There are even those in the modern American political establishment who have adopted the model.

    People like Steve Bannon.

    In 2010, while at Citizen United, Bannon wrote, produced, and directed Generation Zero. The documentary sought to explore “the causes of the global economic crisis which began in 2008, studying how decades of social changes have influenced financial systems and practices.” One of its primary themes was examining how such change unfolded and affected the various generations, even going so far as to feature Howe and Xenakis themselves for commentary.

    This matters in that President Trump’s chief strategist believes (correctly, I think) that we are in the middle of an unfolding Crisis period. He believes it so strongly that he went out of his way and made a documentary about it. And it is not far-fetched in any way to suppose that he has advised Mr. Trump accordingly.

    While Crisis periods are the harbinger of a new order yet waiting to be born, they are by their very definition fraught with peril. What if something goes wrong? What could go wrong; not just in theory-land but in the real world where people live and die?…

  2. Transcripts good. I can’t skim a video and I can read faster than a person can talk.

    • +100.

      If WRSA ever goes multimedia, transcripts will be obligatory.

    • questionable

      That’s exactly why I close 95% of infowars posts. I’ve told them several times if they’d post transcripts I’d stay and read but I guess they’d rather lose me than the monetization of their video feeds.

    • Virgil Kane

      Same with instructional videos on youtube. I guess they get paid more for longer intros. Another reason I don’t watch TV too.

      The internet has given me the attention span of a chicken. I want info and I want it now.


    I agree that this current period of turmoil and change will end with significant demographic and geographic realignments we can’t envision from our current field of view.

    The removal of a visa requirement for Mexicans to travel to Canada will be a mistake, however, Canada lacks the legislative and legal history of the US WRT to “rights” of illegal aliens to commonweal services. Illegal aliens are not eligible to register their children in the public school system, for example, and are not eligible for a health card or access to the health care system. This has caused some confusion among recent Mexican illegal alien arrivals who are confused why they are not “allowed” to access the same benefits in Canada that they grew accustomed to in the US. In fact, attempting to access these services is sufficient to trigger a call to immigration enforcement and apprehension. So I don’t see the illegal alien wave into Canada as a real problem, because the magnets that attract and keep the illegal alien population in the US don’t exist for them.

    This will however, heighten calls for a border cordon with greater alignment between US and Canadian ports of entry. Already, Canadians are alarmed at the additional costs this small initial wave of illegal migrants have created, and they haven’t seen anything yet. It is easy to be smug and hectoring when illegal migration isn’t a real threat to your pocketbook, but watch and wait when the Liberals who dictate social policy are forced to translate unicorns and skittles into hard dollars to be extracted from the resident population. You will also see renewed calls from the revocation of “jus soli” – citizenship by virtue of birth on Canadian soil – if the trend continues in even a modest uptick.

  4. A lot of meat here,and too much to debate on the many points raised in the interview.No doubt racist,but no reason why racism shouldn’t be debated.
    A few points raised that I would like to address.

    Firstly;”You can see why the Democrats are doing it, You can see why the Canadian Liberals are doing it. They think they are going to be able to colonize these Third World people who are coming in for votes.”

    Many immigrants from third world countries/societies share and bring to this country very conservative values,eg.,sexual mores,(they would be opposed to homosexuality,same-sex marriages).Certainly,many voted Liberal because they remembered Trudeau’s more “liberal” immigration policies.Later,third world immigrants were attracted to Harpers more conservative ideals/policies on these same issues.First and second generation Canadians may/may not have shared their parents opinions here.

    ” This refugee stuff is just a bunch of bunk.”

    I have two things to say here.Firstly,try walking in their shoes,and secondly,”Do unto others……”

    ” it’s very hard for an observant Muslim to tolerate living in a non-Sharia society.”

    Bullshit and prove it.This may very well apply to a Fundamentalist and almost certainly to a religious Fanatic,but no less so than a Christian Fundamentalist who have a difficult time living in a society where we practice “Pro-Choice”.

    “So, on the whole, I think it would be much better if we’d kept the White population of the U.S. at 90%. It would be a much happier society.”

    WASP colonizers should have thought of this before they brought in slaves from Africa by the boatload.

    “I personally think The Bell Curve is right: race does matter. So if you import people from very different racial traditions, you’re asking for trouble. Diversity is not strength, it’s weakness.”

    Trying to be fair to both sides of the argument,your choice between “two evils”.I would sooner stay out of the argument,given my history.

    “I think we are headed for Civil War in this country, Bruce. I think the divisions are so profound now, and the American Left has become increasingly extreme and totalitarian, I don’t see any way to resolve it.”

    Love it how the right places all the blame on the left.You lost me right there.

    • Agreed. The situation is exactly the same in Canada. It is essentially a rural urban line with the libs being city critters. Further I agree on your civil war comment. It’ll cross the border too and it’ll be ugly.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Things in Canada are just like here. My friends in central B.C. hate their eastern gov’t in the same way we do. They hate the gun laws, they hate the liberal policies and above all, they too are ready for a separation from their communist leaders.
    There are rock solid people north of the border, tough hard working people, gun owners and hunters, Canadian streets are 10x cleaner than those in the US, and instead of embracing fellow patriots, Americans can do nothing but heap ridicule on those we can only wish we truly had as neighbors.
    The only thing wrong with Canada is they’ve been led by communist fags longer than we have. Their desire to kill and gain freedom is as strong as ours.

    • Agreed. We are far more alike than different. However there is a significant group in the cities that love to virtue signal by disliking Americans

  6. ” I personally think The Bell Curve is right: race does matter. So if you import people from very different racial traditions, you’re asking for trouble. Diversity is not strength, it’s weakness.”

    Personal experiences alone,I have found bright,capable,decent men and women of all races that would tend to negate the above observation.I think there is more evidence that diversity is more strength than weakness,and diversity embraces not only race,language,culture but ideology,gender and politics.

  7. Pretty fair observation and conclusions about Canada. I rather expect that there will be violence very soon in the US, I figure it’ll start when the weather warms up and the Inner City riot season starts. What’ll happen next will be the migration across the border into Canada. Trudeau will make some stupid policy move and piss off a significant part of rural Canada. I’d probably say some gun control nonsense. After that expect about 2 to 5 years of civil war certainly in Canada. The borders will be re-drawn and likely the West will separate. I also think a couple of the provinces will Balkanize into 2 or more entities

  8. “If we withdraw from these areas, in Africa and the Middle East, and people start eating each other and so on, there’s nothing we can do about these humanitarian problems unless we want to go back in—which we don’t. We just have to let them work their problems out.”

    Some merit in that analysis,but surely we have some responsibility where our interference contributed to the instability/conflicts.The UN,Western Democracies including America condoned/supported the Zionist,ie European, occupation of the Palestinian Homeland.As to Africa,etc.,we support the moderate regimes where we can,maybe support credible NGO’s. Some countries like Tunisia,where the Arab Spring began,are trying hard to succeed in becoming a moderate democratic state,but are battling ISIS who are targeting tourism from within.They deserve our support,and we may be able to make a difference there.

    “I think in terms of Executive Action, he’s done the best he can. There’s obviously a huge clash coming in this country between the Judiciary and the Executive Branch. The American Judiciary has become increasingly unrestrained and has seized more and more power, really going back 60 years now. At some point, there is going to be a huge fist fight over this between the Executive Branch and the Judiciary,”

    The Founding Fathers were wise in choosing the governing bodies,and their independence from one another.One of the important pillars of Democracy is an independent Judiciary.No matter what one thinks of Trump,the fact that the courts are strong in opposing what they believe to be unconstitutional acts is just what the courts were meant to do,stand up to a strong Executive that they believe to be overstepping their authority.

  9. Grant,

    Let me get this straight….you’re a Kanuck citizen telling Americans how our government, court system and Founding Fathers intended the aforementioned to function ?

    You need to keep your nose is the antics of your liberal government in Ottawa. Not be spreading your liberal bullshit south of your Kanuckistan border.

  10. ron grant

    i’d like to pound your fucking face in until it turns to a black and blue and red mush.

    get the fuck out of here and go back to whatever septic tank you crawled out of. g’damn you’re dumb.