Signs Of The Times

Backgrounder on graphic.

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4 responses to “Signs Of The Times

  1. Good one, just received 110 pounds of dehydrated potatoes from big brown for the preps. 20 year shelf life, I’ll be 80. I pray nighty over dinner with my wife my son and his family, that we never need them.

    Tic Toc.


  2. What’s the rehydrated yield on those, Dirk? I use 3 to 1 on dried rice for planning purposes…

    • No idea, this was veggie month, I used the months freeze drid money on spuds. Next month, back to cases of main meals, then fruit the following month.

      These dehydrated spuds come in large buckets, in a box. We’re pretty serious about prepping. Committed to one or two cases of number 10 cans a month. I purchase off of amazon. Love that one click shopping.

      All trump did was buy us time.


  3. nu-ku-lur weapons are way, way overrated:

    in fact, our (((neo-conz))) hope to test some of the littler ones on Iran. That should be interesting.