Speech Regulation, NY Style

(Remember this guy)

Volokh: N.Y. bill would require people to remove ‘inaccurate,’ ‘irrelevant,’ ‘inadequate’ or ‘excessive’ statements about others


Net-net: I will listen to discussions about “right to be forgotten” just as soon as I can get, via a simple online FOIA request, all information held about me of any nature by Federal, state, local, and allied government law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

I am not holding my breath.

There is no end to Red appetites.

Remember that when you encounter them.

21 responses to “Speech Regulation, NY Style

  1. so to find out that the NY Red Jews (((Weprin)))…are acting like NY Red Jews…I clicked on (((Bezos))) Washington Compost? Another waste of scarce electrons.

  2. You ain’t kidding about that hungry hippo. Enough is apparently not enough, at least not anytime soon.

  3. aint it time to start tossing some tea into the ocean ?
    figuratively speaking

    • Nope. That would be illegal, unless of course you have the proper permits. It’s highly regulated however.

  4. Perfect for censoring books discussing the two great Islamic conquests of Europe, if there any history books left that include that except for home schooling text books. Correction. The three great Islamic conquests of Europe.

  5. people are too well fed in this country the only thing lacking for a full blown civil war is for folks to go hungry for a week

  6. Another abortion bill disregarding considerations of the father. I wager military posers are gonna love this one.

    CA, I will second your net-net, including your expectations. Transparency? You betcha; gimme some like the Sergeant pouring lighter fluid in Will Stockdale’s drink at the Purple Grotto.

  7. As top of article says,”Remember him”.

  8. Experiencing an Al Swearengen moment..hoople comes to mind. Al and the china-mans pigs.. Volokh becomes pig food. Fucking hooplehead!

    • This is what Al said about this sort of shit:

      “Pain or damage don’t end the world, or despair or fuckin’ beatins’..
      The world ends when you’re dead.
      Until then, you got more punishment in store.
      Stand it like a man.
      And give some back.”

      ~Al Swearengen Deadwood S.2, E.6

  9. Grey Ghost

    Well it looks to me like NY wants to impose the “fairness” doctrine on their citizens so they have control of the “narrative”. I guess NY LEO could enforce websites, blogs, etc that “originate” in NY but if the offending “speech” originates elsewhere, I don’t see how they will be able to enforce anything outside NY. I am not saying they won’t try but I don’t think it will pass legal scrutiny. If it does pass in NY then I could see it passing in Cali, OR, WA and other blue controlled states. One of the unintended consequences will be for “hosting” companies to move out of these oppressive freedom of speech states. Someone might sue the state of NY or any other state that may pass it first on violation of 1A. SCOTUS will likely side with the state and not the Constitution as has been the modus operandi from the beginning.

    Grey Ghost

    Grey Ghost

  10. “fake american”

  11. Randall Flagg

    Question re: the photo: If that be a ‘state’ legislative body, why so many Federal flags? (I would guess that this is not exclusive to NY)

  12. NY state is a combination of Mafia and Gov working together. These shitlib pols you see in the image are lower than whale dung on the totem pole. The criminals use .gov as a veil. Soooooo the people we will be fighting won’t just be these pillsbury politishuns you see in the photos, it will be the criminals behind them.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Anybody ever read ‘ Unintended Consequences ‘ ?

  14. Eh, this bill does not concern me. My plan is to shoot any enforcers who turn up. That is all. Many laws just cry out to be ignored.