Stand Strong Sends

Stand Strong sends:




Pinocchio fan? You will love this patch… Fake news or no news, we are all tired of the same lies day in and day out. The media is not what it use to be, fairness? Can reporters and other media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and the NY Times really talk about all views? Do you believe they can leave their own bias opinions out? We are swayed by Left-Wing Liberal Pansy Propaganda 24-7. It’s time to wake the heck up!!!

This patch was created with the partnership of WRSA to stay vigilant, hold to your faith and morals, and draw your line in the sand. These are the days where we have to STAND STRONG, even if we are the only ones standing. Don’t believe everything you hear – do your homework and stay frosty.



Measures 2.5″x3″ in.

Hook and loop backing

Glow in the dark

4 responses to “Stand Strong Sends

  1. Awwww sheet. Bout time I’m seeing this one come to fruition.

  2. Glows in the dark? That’s kind of outrageously cool!

  3. I’m in for two, now who’ll lend me $10?

  4. The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column