These Girls Mean Us No Harm

Coulter: Let’s Make Russia Our Sister Country

You know what that “POP” sound was…

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  1. Sorry, I would like to not disrust Putin, but I think he might be just fine with nuking us if he could get away with it.

    • As things currently stand, I don’t blame him if he did feel that way.

      Which one is true?

      Note: Don’t let the “Objective” deceive you.

      And by the way, this whole “biblical” idea that Russia is Gog/Magog is hogwash. Putting it into actual biblical historical (rather than modern) B.C. context, look at Turkey and environs. Now, if one grasps that, what I just said, you will understand why US-NATO has Russia “buffered”.


      • Well, we shall see. My view is to not take anything for granted. Primarely, the belief that the U.S. is invulnerable to catastrophic attack by the combined forces of Russia, China, and a 5th column. Whether or not we deserve it, is not much consolation to the suffering and death that such a plan would reap.

  2. “Christophobic 5th column”. Coulter means Jews, of course. But won’t go there again, unless she wants to lose her NY book contract. And a whole lot else. Of course the Jews – both Reds and neo-conz – hate on Russia. First, it sloughed off Judeo-communism. Then it refused to submit to open-borders, anti-White, Judeo-globalization. And now Putin attacks the kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism – in an effort to restore the White birthrate. Simply intolerable.

  3. “…(and two especially showboating Republicans)”…

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham. There Ann, I said it out loud for you.

    • McCain is now pushing to expand NATO into Montenegro. anyone want to die for Montenegro? or Syria/ or Ukraine? McCain’s other Neocon NWO attempts at igniting Wars of Profit and Defeat.
      The foreign policy of the USSA hasn’t changed a bit since Bush the Elder proclaimed the NWO. Clinton, Bush the Younger, Obamy all followed with Wars that cost valuable resources of men and money then were abandoned after sufficient losses were attained. This started way back before WW I when Gen. Smedley Butler proclaimed it a Racket, but of course TPTB weren’t concerned so it continued through Vietnam to today.
      War with Russia isn’t going to be as easy as the recent ones with the mooslem ragheads, and the endgame? Is it prearranged to end in our losing once again?
      That certainly would make the installation of a NWO much easier.

  4. She also said last year i believe that radiation is good for you.

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    My grandfather fought against the Czar’s soldiers in WW1 as a German cavalryman, becoming a POW on several occasions.
    My father fought on the eastern front, losing both his brothers there, and then his entire family as the Soviet onslaught ravaged it’s way thru Ostpreussen.
    And yet, on the day I went into the USMC in 1972, he told me the Russians were good people, do not fear them, only their gov’t was evil.
    Not much different than what we have here today.

    • NorthGunner

      We have met the enemy..and he is us!” (Pogo)
      The enemy is collectivism, whether one wants to call it
      communism, fascism, democracy, etc. etc…
      If you want to see the enemy, just look for the person or group that
      wants to control your ability to defend yourself and your family, etc,
      want’s to control what you can say (let alone think) and what property
      you can or can’t own and how you can use that property.
      You’ll find that the enemy is much closer to home than you resides in
      one’s ‘town council/board of supervisors’, one’s ‘state legislature’ and the badged thugs that they call forth to do their bidding.

      If one is free between one’s ears, one is free in the most important sense.
      Proceed from that and act accordingly!

      The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose (FREE PDF copy)

      And from where I sit here in Arizona, ‘mc’shitstain’ (aka ‘songbird’) has NOTHING to say for me! (same for the rest of the parasite class both locally and in their thug hive in Phoenix).

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III
      P.S. I’d be happy to escort any of those Russian ladies to a fine dinner and a night of dancing afterwards!

      • I bet they’d say yes NG.

        • That’d be damn skippy with me! ;^D

          If any of them wanted, I’d also share range time with them to enjoy my Fn-Fal and new AR15 too! Definitely fun for all…beautiful women and fine guns, a winning combo!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
          NorthGunner III