And Could I Have Some?

CHS: On Money, Discipline, And Disaster

Whatever can’t go on, won’t.

Even if predictions to date have missed the mark.

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  1. When the US(and world’s) debt bubble pops, it’s going to be like a nuke went off in the tristate area. The immediate destruction will wipe out tens of millions forever and leave the country(and the world) in complete devastation for years.
    I’m pretty knowledgeable but I cannot understand how once the debt got to 50% of annual GDP, that there was not an effort to get it under control. the elite banksters should know that there is a point to where controlling the public and ruling over it is gone and collapse for all if the only future and we past that point probably before GW came in.

    • danielkday

      Cougar, Does “the tristate area” refer to Washington, Idaho and Oregon?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Everyone knew it would never be repaid. Given that, why should any of the major players worry about the amount of it? Yeah, if/when things go belly up, there might be a few empty seats at the club dinners, but for the most part,the elite will ride it all out safely. The rabble? Well, they exist just to be expendable anyway, so why should the major players worry about what happens to them?

  2. “Along with the student loan debt bubble and other major financial factors, the looming pensions crisis is bound to be the death of us all.
    Because it’s based on a future promise to pay, it has long been a benefit dangled to solve strikes and union disputes – because, in the end, it is just more debt, whether private or public.
    With tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities, the weight of an avalanche remains dangling over our heads. An aging population is cashing in on needed retirement benefits while the younger generations must support multiples that are unsustainable financially.
    Somewhere between the retiree that needs clothing, food and lodging, and the bankruptcy of cities and state governments is the makings of the next economic crisis.” ~Marc Salvo

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s the nice thing about pensioners. They’re easy to cull (and popular, too, since they’re a net drain on the economic system; people in their productive years will likely approve).

  3. The unit in graph is “million dollars”.
    The current amount is 20 million (of that unit of 1 million)
    So if you had a stack of one million dollars —
    you would need 19,999,999 more stacks just like that equal this amount.

    Or, to visualize it: you’d need 20,000 stacks like this:

    Or 20 like football fields full of cash:

  4. Gee if the bubble popped under Trump then conservatism could be/will be cursed forever by all and blamed for ending the world as we knew it.

    • good. Since, from Eisenhower on, “conservatives” have done nothing but consolidate and expand (((debt-financed))) socialism.

    • Grey Ghost

      <– THE word.

      Already the Ryan/McConnell leadership and CONservatives have said Trumps cuts are not going to make it. But what do these asswipes campaign on every time? Smaller govt, less spending and CONservative values… until they are in charge and then… not so much. Just like they said they would halt illegal immigration and did not. CONservatives are just Schumer and Pelosi bootlickers.

      I find it very suspicious that Obama comes to power with a "financial crisis" and interest rates drop to the basement and STAY there for 8 years… all the while the .gov says the economy is improving and fantastic. Trump is elected and already the bankster FEDRES has increased interest rates TWICE in less than 6 months. That with Trump facing a $20T debt and increasing. Make of it what you will but for me it speaks to a rigged system with those "defeated Reds" in charge of the FedRes and judiciary. When the worldwide sovereign debt bubble busts it's going to be a wild ride to the bottom and thence to world war.

      Grey Ghost


    Things may be bad in Greece, but folks still get up, have some toast and coffee and go to work. This is because EVERYONE believes in following the rules of the game. As long as EVERYONE, from the pols and banksters to the dumbass that cannot see any further than his Domino’s pizza, Mickey Big Mouth, and Happy Meals for his whelps, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!
    There is too much at stake for all concerned for this debt buck system to collapse. The elites know this. They can keep the bread and circuses going and the sheeple will tow the line. These morons up here in Rawles Land just voted a huge long-term school bond tax on themselves. There was dancing in the streets. Now think.How could this have happened if there was not some group out there ready to purchase these “bonds”?
    Unless some group or country such as North Korea or the Muzzies goes completely off the reservation and vaporizes San Francisco, or cooks off a dirty bomb at the Forum during a Lakers game, life will continue. It’s absolute madness and I have no more answers.

    • School bonds should be illegal, because all they do is fund the teachers union and teacher/admin salaries. Too many California Liberals have moved into Idaho and Montana. I am thinking that dirty bomb is a lot closer than most want to imagine. And yes, to have real effect, it will need to be SF, LA, or NYC. Other places will be so sad, too bad, in the Elites eyes.


        SS: To pour gasoline on the fire, there was an article on WND today about a: “…secret gay club at a charter school up in Sandpoint”. I have yet to see any info on this in the CDA Daily Fish Wrap. There is no escaping these Cosmic White Marxist Deviates and their useful idiots in the MSM. Stay prepped. Stay safe in Kalifornia. Bleib ubrig.