To all our Irish mates.

16 responses to “Banzai!

  1. WTF is the point of the posted picture?

  2. Treason Hunter

    Government stupidity circa 1989:

    Fed gov finds training to keep finger ON the trigger is “logical.”

    Gov solution is 12 pound pull on first shot to mimick 19th century revolver technology followed by surprisingly light pull for second shot.

    Don’t make decisions by copying our communist government’s decisions.

    I’ll stick with my superior Glocks when it comes to handguns.

    • Remember this one? Strong pound pull 🙂

      • this is gonna buthurt some.

        but if i get within reach of long hair in a fight, i’m pulling your head off by the tail and like a pitbull i’m not letting go… then i’m taking your scalp.

  3. Treason Hunter

    55 stoppages. Zero stoppages.

  4. Can that gal spilt firewood with a splittin maul?

  5. The Pot o’ Gold at the End of the Rainbow is definitely a nice touch.

  6. “The age of argument is over. We’re now in the age of riot batons.” — SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    this old dinosaur barry is nothing but a cop worshiping statist. he loves him the taste of cop. mmmm badge. he’ll learn the hard way they don’t give a flying fuck about his girl scout hat. they’ll surely kill him first- i know i would. you’ve had ample warning and time to re-locate away from the X. if you live anywhere near a place where batons are being used instead of rifles and booby traps, you deserve being beaten to death by a cop. i sincerely hope the cities burn to the ground along with everyone in them. i can tell you with absolute certainty no one wants any city scum moving in their rural retreats. you’ll only be “jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire”.

    200 million just for starters…

    • danielkday

      By the way, what’s your recipe for veal scaloppini?

    • lon a follower

      What are you doing to make a change? By the way, the Sorca faal, sight is deception ,sorcery etc.
      You state over and over you can not wait for the end, yet this time allotted is a Gift, for those who wake up. People in the city are also not a collective.
      Not all of them. Individuals exist in many venues.
      Conquering the enemy within ourselves is the first task, and seemingly one of the most difficult. Sarcasm is one, that does not translate well. And yes I am speaking of myself.

  7. This economy and stawk market are as fake as her boobs. In 07/08 the planned shove down was so violent that it actually woke the sheeple for a moment or two. Then .gov sprung into action at the prodding of Hank Tanks Paulson and “saved the entire US economy”. In fact what was saved was the politocriminal cabal of .gov and the Wall Street banks (for extra credit look up how Steve Munchkin profited during the fin crisis). One large problem resulting from the planned demolition of the real estate bubble was that it threatened to pull down the whole shebang. Had stawks and bonds and other “financial assets” been allowed to collapse fully there would have been tanks in the streets and they would have been pointed toward the Mariner Eccles building. In any event to further the ponzi a stick save was ginned up for the banks to allow them to continue to pursue hookers and blow. Joe Sheeple went back to sleep knowing all was well even though his home was foreclosed and he was homeless. At least he had an Iphone to fill out his false disability claim to survive a few more months, er years…..

  8. The Usual Suspect

    FATTTTTEEEEEEE a broken record, broken record, broken record.
    Kill the cops, kill the cops, kill the cops, kill the cops, kill the cops,
    You first !!!! Yeah that’s what I thought, crickets, crickets, crickets !