DTG: For Your SHTF Set Up, Consider LOSING the Drop Leg Holster for Your Own Benefit

Thoughts on your holster when geared-up.


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  1. The old flap holster. In the small of my back tucked under my butt-pack on my LBE. Not cool. But it got the thing out of the way./ S//

  2. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    Drop holsters have no practical or tactical uses.
    They suck in vehicles.
    They suck on rucks.
    They suck sitting in a chair one guard duty.
    They suck walking through woods and vines.
    I have seen them get ripped off(nearly)
    They suck. Period.
    Maybe the only use is doing light foot work in an urban environment.

    • Rock star, I posted below, but need to modify for specific application. A good solid drop leg strapped down Tight, is the shit, for CQB, as noted by the other guys this allows your back up kit, to sag, away from your plates.

      The problem I had is I use to,do,a lot of squats, and have, well had huge upper legs. I found it difficult to get the kit buckled down sufficiently to keep the set up absolutely stable.

      I could if I had the fucker tight enough to be a tourniquet , but then a entire set of issues arrived.

      Keep in mind the SAS, of old developed this for tactical application, their learning curve was steep, they melted more then one plastic, or nylon holster in real time training. In fact they initially went back to leather as leather could take the hi temps encountered. That was back in the P-35 days.

      Pagoda Team was their CQB back then, until they could get the boys up to speed. Again wasn’t involved with them, just had a couple of their guys teach several MP-5 classes I took at LAPD and LASD back in the late 80s and 90s.

      Even then the boys were calling the 9mm a poor tool, and we’re working with colt commandos, with 10 and 12 inch barrels. I did enjoy my SD, with practice, it ran like a fuckimg Swiss clock.

      I observed some pics of what I believe to be SBS, troops using Kydex recently. Im hardly up to speed on any of that today.

      I’ll shut my soup kooks now.

      While we may disagree on some things, the advise your getting from the other guys is solid.

      Also read Mosby’s shit. While I don’t always agree, he’s always on the right track. That oughta get me a solid ” fuck you”


  3. ALCON,

    Here’s an extremely reasonable compromise between a waist height holster and a drop leg:

    GCA30 RTI Duty Mount Kydex belt slide from http://www.tacticalholsters.com (G-Code)

    Although I’ve become disgusted with their piss-poor customer service, I remain enamored of rmany of their innovative products based on their RTI Wheel design/invention.

    The GCA30 belt slide holster mount drops the mounting point of the holster about 4 inches below the belt line. This puts your weapon out of the way of body armor or a chest rig. The GCA30 is attached at your waist. Not your leg. It is a pretty darn unique concept providing the user with attributes of a lowered holster and none of the detriments. However, nothing is perfect. You need a G-Code holster that has the RTI mount. OR….Safariland offers their holsters with mounting points for the G-CODE Safariland RTI adaptor. With the Safariland RTI option you can find a holster for almost any pistol that can be used with the RTI mount. Hell, I think they even make a holster for a Makarov !

    There you go pistoleros. If you agree with Mr. Dodge but loves you some drop leg, then consider the G-Code GCA30. Make the investment. You won’t regret it.

  4. That ancient GI leather shoulder holster has a lot going for it. I still occasionally use my 1943 dated one I got as a kid. Cost me a whole $5.

  5. DTG is right .. drop leg is not a good choice .. ever.

    Though a chest rig is not what I would run as an alternative.

  6. thesouthwasrght

    Was advised long ago by someone in the know that drop leg rigs are crap. I like a fobus paddle over a good belt myself. Also just picked up a neat reproduction M-7 chest rig from Pacific Leather and Canvas that I would take over a drop leg set up.

  7. But, but, but… all the cool guys are doin’ it!

  8. Sound advice. I’ve picked up a few pistols and entire drop leg/pistol assemblies off the range in the past. Ones gear doesn’t work if it all turns into a yard sale trailing behind you.

  9. This is what the UMH is for.

  10. I view the drop leg holster as one for a special purpose, which I’m unlikely to participate in.

    Yet, I have one. It’s a Blackhawk Serpa 2, retention holster. If I’m “geared up”, my armored vest is already carrying 8 magazines, an ABD, and a compass. A handgun and magazines have to be carried by my hips, my shoulders are already loaded.

    For EDC a index belt holster is what I use. I left all of my leather holsters behind when I realized that they wouldn’t stay open for reholstering the side arm.

    I still have yet to acquire a holster for driving, that’s next.

  11. glad somebody gets it and writes it down. ai always view folks that are wearing drop leg holsters as PPL who are not mentally flexible enough o recognize he GWOT specific kit for what it is.
    Drop leg holster= not a serious infantryman, in my mind its just as embarrassing a huge beergut.

  12. Grenadier1

    I use one of the mag pouches on my regular rig. Primary side but within reach of the opposite hand if I need to get it. That was something that DTG didnt mention.
    With a drop leg can you get to it with your opposite hand? Maybe maybe not.

  13. keith park

    Suck they do. I don’t like having a pistol anywhere on my chest because it interferes with low crawling and using micro terrain, and I don’t like having anything that would prevent me from going full-frontal prone on the ground if the bullets started flying. Keep my pistol on my web belt in a holster that has a thumb-break retaining strap, a flap, and a lanyard to keep from losing the pistol if it falls out of the holster. I don’t much like losing that real estate on my web belt, but it is what it is.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    I would rather have an extra 200 rounds distributed in pack,
    high on shoulders for the weight.

  15. Mission?. Longevity, Comfort. I carried a pistol daily for the better part of thirty plus years. Mostly a 1911, but some Glocks for special duties.

    Anybody who carries professionally daily will have sorted out what works specifically works for them. In the 80s I carried high quality belt slides ” Blockers, Andrews” custom leather.

    I carried my fair share of inside the pants, ” sparks” and others. These years were the true development years for pistol holster development. Jordan, Col, Cooper, were the true innovators of the day, they had a zero non sense approach about what was working what wasn’t.

    Trust me their was some funky shit being marketed at the time, and a lot ot truly trash holsters.

    I’ve been thru the leather, plastic, kydex circus at least a dozen times. Still have the shit holsters. I went back to leather, it works best FOR ME.

    If asked I would tell everybody to find what the fuck works for you, your body frame, define the mission, define the objective, define what your tools your going to need to,achieve both.

    As a police sniper working cartel grows in the ding weeds, I used to do a lot of creeping, and watching. Often requiring 100s and 100s of yards of low crawling.
    Took one creep to learn that the thigh holster was a fucking shovel, and left a snail trail leaving a ” tell” as to my point of entry, my direction and just the fact that some one was their observing.

    Mexican mopes, who tend these massive gardens routinely scout the parimeter, looking for sign or spore, of intruders. Could be patch pirates or even worse the poo poo.

    Lessons learned FOR ME was a high holster on my right hip. Open top, easily accessible, for quick recovery if needed. ” only once” with a 338 bolt action and snoop kit, your pistol WAS your offensive, and defensive weapon.

    I’ve tried virtually everything on the market.ive spent between 6 and 10k on the latest greates shit on the market. Most was kool guy shit, totally non functional excelt in a very narrow application.

    I found myself going back to my early holsters, the holsters from the 80s, they were just simply practical, zero glamor holster, they just functioned for my needs.

    On the streets my last seven years I did go to a scooter cop drop holster, with a 3 inch drop, had Blocker in Portland Oregon custom build it for me. It swiveled forwards, but not backwards. When I exited my unit, I pushed a large bottom that locked the holster tight. ” I was throwing a hip” and was hurting bad. Getting the pistol off the hip saved me a ton of pain.

    I tried kydex, not to,my liking. Again a holster is a persomal thing, it’s got to work specifically for you. Who gives a fuck what anybody not carrying it thinks.

    I spent a great deal of time working deep deep undercover, months at a time. I’ve used string wrapped around a belt loop an the other loop dropped deep into my pants to carry pistols. Actually worked well, again the goal was zero detection, if scrutinized. This was old OSS trade craft, it works.

    I always carried a concealed pistol and two mags, plus a fighting knife. The knife was razor sharp, it’s sole purpose was as a fighter, it was never used for cutting stuff, or mumbly peg kinda shit.

    Over my 30 years I learned a lot. These days I have a custom holster maker, build me very high end holsters, out of exotic animal hides, these holsters are 350.00 and up, the 1911 mag holsters match and hold three chip McCormick 10 rounders. With a matching belt. It’s pimp, but I like them, their sharp, their exotic, their wicked fast and look good on a pair of Levi’s or a nice dress suit. Most importantly their functional in almost every environment I’m going to be in.

    This holster maker makes holsters for Hollywood shit birds, ” Exodus Holsters.com” .if your board have a look. Should you decide you owe yourself a high end pimp rig, tell Carl and Amy I sent you.

    Don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks, identify your needs, narrow the scope of possible tools” holsters” determine your price range, and make your own choice.

    How fucking stupid is it to let a fad, or some fucking peacock tell you, what’s going to work for you.

    Lots of great choices these days. Have a look at the kydex and determine if they are going to fit your needs. ” I found them to be too stiff, and pokey. If your goin g to wear a gun, it has to be truly comfortable, other wise at some point you just stop wearing it.

    Plastic holster, some here have stated they like them, good on you. Personally I’ve thrown EVERY plastic holster I’ve ever owned away. I wouldn’t even consider giving them to a friend, or an enemy.

    I’ve seen those things snap in the cold, and pop rivets under stress. I’ve seen ADs, when the pistol was recover at speed. Yes that’s the shooters fault, but their are contributing factors to every AD. End of investigation the guy driving the pistol is at fault, always.

    I,went back to high grade leather, fits like a glove, when it stretchs, soak the holster in hot water, and shrink it back up. No worries.

    I hope this helps some of you. Don’t mean to sound condescending or overly important, I’m just another guy with an informed long term observation, trying perhaps to help a fellow patriot out.



  16. For someone carrying an M4 or equivalent, I wonder why a pistol is needed at all? Maybe some more rifle mags would make more sense. If you have a big heavy bolt gun, yeah I could see having a pistol somewhere.

  17. Timely posting re: holsters.

    Was re-reading Capt. McBride’s A Rifleman Went to War last week. During night-time trench raids in the bombed-out No-Mans-Land of France, pistols were highly prized for this sort of work.

    The good Captain and his friends ran into the same problems 100 years ago as today: You wear a hip holster and crawl through mud and water, then the pistol migrates forward into the mud and water. You wear a shoulder rig and crawl through the muck and ooze? Then it gets smooshed into the muck and ooze…

    So, what did those warriors of old do back then when faced with the exact same problem?

    Moved the pistol to just behind the shoulder in a field expedient rig. Right shoulder for righties, left shoulder for lefties.

    It is literally the only place that won’t migrate, won’t get smooshed into the mud and is high enough so if you ford deep water it won’t be submerged…

    Stupid, but it worked… which means it wasn’t stupid. Crawl through hundreds of yards of deep mud like pudding, pools of water… didn’t matter. Pistol stayed put, stayed out of the mud and was good to hook when it came time to use it…

    Might want to look to that… just sayin’…

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Grey Ghost

    Well I’m with Dirk… I like the leather, maybe not full custom but leather nonetheless.

    The real problem is a pistol that will really function in the “shit” so to speak…
    These guys have put a new twist on torture testing pistols. All you guys with sigs may want something with a flap to help keep the dirt, sand, and mud out.

    The above series of “torture” tests probably explain why SOCOM just went to the Glock 19.

    Grey Ghost

  20. My days of crawling through shit with fish hooks in it are hopefully over.Sewer style warfare. The smellier,the better. Rusty barb wire,punji pits,mines,t-post caltrops,khukuri in your teeth and a grenade in your hand.