UK Daily Mail: Frantic search for stolen Secret Service agent’s laptop that has ‘sensitive’ documents on it including Trump Tower floor plans and information on the Hillary Clinton email scandal

Moar power over moar things to moar government = moar security


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  1. Leaves sensitive information in her car parked in her driveway. Let me guess, another pussy hat wearing EEOC agent not willing to take a bullet for her president.

    • POd American

      Total BullShit story….To begin with, why would the SS tell everyone in the world that an agent left a laptop in HER car, in HER driveway, that it was stolen, and what files were on HER laptop??? I’m laughing at the remarks on this blog that are calling for HER and HER supervisor’s immediate removal, prosecution, “execution” and finally their imprisonment.

      Believe none of what you read in the MSM, none of what you hear from the braying crowds, and only about 10% of what you see with your own eyes…….Here’s the real headline: FALSE FLAG Exercise by US Secret Service.

  2. Some Guy in WA

    C’mon, CA, why be such a drag? Laptops weigh up to five pounds. That’s, like, such a pain to haul back and forth every day.

  3. And the SS agent won’t be prosecuted for mishandling (losing) classified information I’m sure. What kind of idiot leaves a laptop with classified information in their car?

    • Virgil Kane

      Of course not, she can use the HIllary defense.

      I hope he still has his private security.

    • The same kind as the cops that are too stupid/lazy and get pistols and rifles stolen out of their cars. While parked in their driveways.

  4. “Left in car” Stolen? Let me guess the political leanings of said female agent..Deep State. She should be treated as the main suspect

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, off to Gitmo for you!
      Every fukn one of these people should be hauled away and left in isolation, so nobody knows what happened to them, make the others think twice before they go traitor on the boss.
      I never left firearms laying around or my armory unlocked, even if she’s proven innocent of espionage or treason, she should be severely punished for extreme negligence.

      • SF 0321,

        Deep State it is that simple. SS agent and her supervisor need 5 years, no parole, in fedgov lockup.

        There was no reason for that info to be in her possession off duty. I’m betting you 500, 77 grain Noslers her possession of now gone laptop, was an SS security violation.

        Now, when was the last time YOUR POV or mine was broken into ? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

        The breakin-laptop in car-theft of laptop was no coincidence.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          You can’t break into my car, the key’s in it 24/7. Nobody here locks anything, lot’s of my friends haven’t seen their house key in decades.
          Actually, some local school punk did steal a Glock23 from my truck about 9 yrs ago, but a buddy of mine figured out who did it and took it from him.

          You can keep your 77 grainers, they don’t fit anything of mine, but I get your point.
          I’m so fucking sick of this media circus, I should just smash all my electronics and go dark. Every day they throw us out more bait, and every day nothing happens to the crooks, FUCKING NOTHING!

          Read some history, the same exact shit was happening 50 yrs ago, and 100 yrs ago, and as always, the elites just keep on doing what they do, bulletproof and invisible to the law.

          • SF0321,

            Can’t argue with anything you stated. Myself, I’ve given up on the media too. Watch a little of FAUX News, no newspaper, no local TeeVee, gun magazines only, Drudge of course and a couple links from WRSA blogroll. All on a sporadic basis.

            Rereading Martino’s Resistance to Tyranny. Amazing book in a scary sort of way.

            Take care.

  5. Hey, other agencies “gunwalked”. All she did was “laptop walk”. Any competent IT department could trace the device to it’s new home. I would assume that FBI could do that if they WANTED to.

  6. I’m sure the information was backed up somewhere (Anthony Weiner’s computer maybe?). Anyway, it probably was the Russian’s fault anyway …

  7. Probably stolen by a meth-head and sold to some street urchin by now. Life in Weimerica just goes that way. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when he/she/it connects to the web to watch some porno or maybe download some new rap tracks and 45 minutes later a full SWAT team busts in. Ha ha ha.

    On a related note: why would a Secret Service agent’s computer have anything about Hillary’s emails on them? That’s just weird. What does that have to do the the Secret Service’s mission ‘in the current year’ (as those alt-right types are so fond of saying)

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hillary still has a protection detail, so there could be some reason for having e-mails, depending on what sort, archeived.

  8. Ooh the horror. Look squirrel.


    I’ll give you $20 trillion reasons America is in trouble.

  9. help me understand why, if this laptop had sensitive data on it, would you publicize what information is on it. thinking fake news.

    • Grey Ghost

      That was my first thought too… especially since they released WHAT in hell was on the laptop. But then I thought never underestimate the incompetency of the SS.

      Grey Ghost

  10. alaskapaul

    My friend who is retired from SOCOM texted me this:

    Ok, this is bullshit. Let me explain. If she gave it up, she is covering her ass and the secrets are out. If she was targeted, it was a good job but I doubt it. If it was a random theft they can put a worm on the Internet to cause the computer to literally catch on fire and burn up the disc. So let’s look at it from this perspective. They will know immediately if it was a pink that stole it. That is if they put protective measures out there. Otherwise they need to determine if she was targeted, and that happens. Or if she gave it away a lie detector will pull that out of her. And she can not refuse one. It’s a two hour investigation.

    • Paul,

      At this point who can be trusted in the SS or FBI to give a legitimate polygraph test or conduct a thorough and proper investigation ?

      We are ever closer to armed confrontation with fedgov traitors.

  11. So right here we have the “excuse” for all those pedo emails to hit the webz?

    Maybe it was meant to be, folks?

    • Sound nice, I love unicorns!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      So there was actually no “female” agent who left “her” laptop in the car, but in reality, a planted hard drive with everything the media needs to go public. If it’s true, an act of genius on someones part.
      And the MSM will squash it dead in an hour.

  12. the US gumint is over due for dis-banding.

  13. Lightninbolt

    Yes, sounds too “Hollywierd”, doesn’t it? Read another comment and agree, why would they blatantly announce what is on a Federal Secret Service laptop? In an unlocked vehicle at that…doesn’t compute.

  14. It certainly smells funny. Set up, or like LFMayor says….all the PEDO emails will be up on the net.

  15. If it was a Pro-job and it sounds like it was set-up ahead of time they would have waited till she had the latest-bestest down loads. the LT would have been placed into a shielded pack, taken to a shielded room, like a walk in cooler, it would have been dismantled w/battery removal as step #1 then the guts would have been hacked to a data storage system and forensically examined by assets far away

    • E …. agreed. System doesn’t have to be turned on. Pull the disc drive and mine it

  16. How about them deep state pigs standing at the front of that door?

  17. The Usual Suspect

    Trump should consider federalizing his private security,
    the SS is a disaster waiting to happen.

  18. Dick Summers

    No, no. The line should read “Secret Service agent’s laptop with SENSITIVE info is “stolen”. There, that’s better.

  19. Treason Hunter

    Hire a woman hire a problem.

  20. So what has become of Miss Incompetent? Is she still employed? If so, why? There is so much bullcrap buried so deep that it will take a plow the size of a Mastadon to scrape the surface. Keep your “non digital” lists up to date. Just sayin’.

  21. “Is it safe?” Rip her fucking teeth out with pliers. She will tell you everything.

  22. Fasterpill

    All classified portable device drives are encrypted.
    No one should have said what was on that laptop. This smells fake.

  23. Got clove oil?