Food For Thought

Not just for our Canadian readers.

The Hill: Peterson – “Canadian gender-neutral pronoun bill is a warning for Americans”

Key quote:

“There is nothing in the absence of freedom of speech but tyranny and slavery.”


Progressive “fact-check” on Peterson’s claims about Canadian speech-limitation law


H/t Vlad Tepes

7 responses to “Food For Thought

  1. Fuck these palace princesses. Change the definition, change the dialog. Change the dialog, the law changes. Who wins?

    It’s like Probable Cause.
    Rules of Evidence.

    It’s going to get alot worse, before it gets better. Earlier this week we chatted about the role of Education and I wanted the roll of the Media attached, for obvious reasons. They are working harmoniously to corrupt our world. Bought and paid for.

    Trumps systematically taking the tools of the left away. If the republicans don’t back his play, their will be a blood bath in DC, which I’m convinced is the intent of Repuocrats,

    Their like hermaphadites half republican and half democrat, More pussy then balls.

    Tic Toc.


    • Treason Hunter

      Trump has done precisely dick to stop (((them))).

      Nobody loves Israel more than Trump.

  2. I consider the guy an asset. He’s putting his neck out there at the detriment of his family and livelihood. He’s not a psuedo-intellectual but the real deal. I don’t know all the details, but his employer (Toronto U. ?) suspended him some time last year because he ruffled someone’s feathers with free speech and truth. He has since been reinstated. Very refreshing to say the least.

  3. Kinda hard to take this seriously. Anyway, someone who tries to arrest me for using the wrong pronoun is going to end up gut-shot.

  4. At about thirty-one minutes, he makes the argument that an Atheist might go to Christianity and then to Socialism. That shows me he doesn’t have a firm philosophical grasp on the material. It is Atheism which leads to Socialism, not the other way around.

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